A Sentinel Sensible Gift






While Jim Ellison, the Sentinel of the Great City was out on his early morning run, Blair Sandburg, Guide to his Sentinel and Shaman of the Great City was busy preparing a special Christmas gift for him.





Blair checked the ribbon attached to his gift, nothing too flashy.  No risk of sending Jim into a zone even before his gift was unwrapped.  That would put a damper on Christmas day.




Soft music in the background, loud enough to be heard but not damaging to Sentinel delicate ears.  Holiday music but nothing too corny.




No unnatural odors to harm or distract his Sentinel.  Blair’s gift was thoroughly prepared for the Sentinel’s discerning nose.  As was the special breakfast Blair prepared for his returning Sentinel whom he knew would be famished after his run.




His gift was soft and smooth where it counted.  The rough parts were visible to Jim.  Blair made sure there were no surprises that could hurt Jim’s sensitive fingertips.  And yet Blair’s gift held challenges that he knew would pique his Sentinel to touch and feel.




Blair had all of Jim’s favorites on the table including Jim’s gift.



It didn’t take the hearing of a Sentinel to recognize the sounds of their building’s rickety elevator ascending to their floor.  Blair smiled as the loft door swung open.


“What’s all this, Chief?” Jim asked with a bright handsome smile that lit up his Guide’s heart.


“Merry Christmas, Jim!  I made all your favorites,” Blair stated the obvious as he held his arms open wide.  Jim had smelled Blair’s cooking a mile away.  It spurred the Sentinel to run home faster.


With pantherlike grace, Jim walked to the kitchen.


“Do I get to open my gift now or later?” Jim asked.  His gift was wearing only a bright blue bow and nothing else as he sat on the edge of the table.


“Well, that’s a difficult question to answer,” Blair replied with a coy smile, swinging his legs.  “I think breakfast is best eaten hot, don’t you?”


“Yes, I do,” the panther growled.  “And you look good enough to eat too.  But I think I should take the sensible position and save the best for last,” Jim said while he wrapped his arms around Blair’s waist.


“You can take any position you want,” Blair purred as his arms went around Jim’s neck for a kiss.


“Looking forward to it,” Jim murmured against Blair’s inviting lips.


The sensible Sentinel of the Great City indeed had his breakfast and his present too, much to the Guide’s thrill and satisfaction.



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