Some Light on the Subject






“Damn,” Brian complained as he and the twink approached the entrance of K&D Light Emporium.  “The only reason I even keep you around is so you’ll get all the presents I need for my mother.  I hate buying Christmas gifts.”


“The only reason eh?” the kid laughed.  “I bet I’ll be reminding you about that – probably before the day is over.”


“Well it’s one of the reasons anyhow,” Brian revised.  “There might just be a couple of others – but it’s an important one – and now here I am …..”


“Hey, Kinney,” Justin reminded him.  “I did most of the work here.  I was the one who figured out what she really wanted for Christmas.  I shopped around a bunch of places and now all you have to do is come to this one place and help pick it out – so it’ll really be your choice – your gift for your mother.”


“And how did you find out she wanted a table lamp for her bedroom anyhow, JT?” Brian wondered.  “I don’t ever remember hearing anything about any table lamp.”

“You don’t listen when we’re talking to your mother, Brian,” Justin grinned at him.  “If you did, you’d pick up lots of hints.”

“I picked up lots of hints from my mother in my life, Taylor,” Brian pointed out, “And I don’t remember liking any of them.”


“But that was before she decided you were pretty smart to trap me, BK,” Justin informed him.  “Now she knows how smart you are.”

“And lucky too, I guess?” Brian laughed.


“That too,” Justin laughed back at him.


It was only about a half-hour later when the guys emerged from K&D – Brian carrying a relatively large box and Justin sporting a big smile.


“Now wasn’t that easy?” Justin asked.


“You didn’t want me to help pick out that lamp at all, Twink,” Brian told him.  “You just wanted me to carry this monster crate back to the car.  I bet that was the only reason you trapped me in the first place – to carry packages.”


“Not the only reason, Bri,” Justin grinned.  “One of the reasons maybe - but not the only one.  So don’t you like the lamp we picked?”


“Well I liked that nice blue one better, I think,” Brian informed him.


“It was too big, Bri,” Justin informed him back.  “That was a beautiful lamp all right but it was just too big for where it’s gonna be.  There were about a hundred lamps for you to pick from that would fit.  And you’re such a stickler for detail.  You wouldn’t want a lamp that was too big.  Look how neat you decorated the loft – before I even got there….”


“Yeah,” Brian agreed, “I did have about a hundred lamps to pick from – but somehow I think I picked the exact one you wanted me to pick.  Any comment?”

“Nope,” Justin replied.  “No comment at all.’


“No comment – from Justin Taylor?  I guess there must be a first time for everything, Baby,” Brian told him.  “So Merry Christmas, Kiddo – and thanks.”


“Thanks for what, BK?” Justin laughed.  “Thanks for what?”


“No comment,” Brian told him.


Actually – between those guys – no comment was ever needed.

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