Brian would never get used to the sound of a small child playing in his living room. Rubbing the bridge of his nose as he made his way downstairs, he shook his head at how loud one little boy could be. He couldn’t help but smile the moment he caught sight of the little tyke who was busy coloring with Justin on the floor.

Leaning against the door jamb Brian thought back to when his own son had been that small, and he smiled. Gus had been hard to get used to at first but once Justin had helped him see that being a dad wasn’t so bad, Brian had actually enjoyed the time he’d gotten to spend with his son.

“You doing okay there, gramps?”

Brian turned, ready to raise hell for being called that horrible word but stopped himself and smiled at Gus. “Yeah, but we’re going to have a long talk about this whole gramps thing. Again.”

Both men chuckled and made their way into the room, Gus picking up his son and Brian offering a hand to his partner.

Ruffling his grandson’s hair, Brian took him from Gus and kissed the top of his head like he’d always done with Gus. “So, sonny boy, are you ready to go see some fireworks?”

The little boy squealed happily and Justin laughed when Brian winced at the noise. “Come on, Gus, let’s get little Kinney’s shoes and sunscreen and let your dad gather what he needs for the day.”

Gus took his son from Brian and just a few hours later they were all seated on a blanket on the grass at the park to enjoy the Fourth of July festivities.

Brian and Justin spoiled their grandson with cotton candy, glow sticks and American flags. The night passed quickly and they found themselves taking turns holding a scared but fascinated Kinney as the colorful display exploded overhead.

Justin helped Gus carry the boy and all of his paraphernalia into the house while Brian took his time. He’d just made it into the house when Justin came back down the stairs. Taking the cane that Brian used fulltime now to help with his balance, Justin rested it against the wall and tenderly kissed his partner. They’d come a long way from the manwhore and twink that used to frequent Babylon.

Brian wrapped his arms around the love of his life and held him close letting the kiss deepen and turn passionate. Breathless, Justin looked up into the eyes of his partner and grinned as Brian whispered in his ear.

“Let’s go make some fireworks of our own, Sunshine.”

Hand in hand they made their way up the stairs, and for that night they were both young and beautiful. And nothing could compare to the fireworks that Brian and Justin Taylor-Kinney could cause for one another.


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