Queer As Folk

Individual Stories

Thanks so much to lucel, Arwensong and Thyme for all their beta and formatting help.



Brian is getting taxed in a very unique way.  Written for Moonshadow's Taxed to the Max Challenge.


It's been almost 25 years since Michael Novotny was a harassed kid in school. Such a past leaves scars, and every now and then something makes the scars ache. This time, a news article about a campus shooting pokes at Michael's scars. He finds himself wanting a little too much to avenge the old hurts and injustices. With the help of his best friend, Brian Kinney, Michael fights against the pull of his past.

After Dinner Nightmares

Even though H. Windover lives in Pittsburgh and works close to Liberty Avenue, his name has never been mentioned in the stories about the people of the area. He's a friend to a number of our favorite people around there, and without him one of them wouldn't be the queer he is.

 One night H. Windover's partner has trouble waking him up, and the next day, a perfect dinner turns into a nightmare. It takes more than just those two incidences to make the stubborn man admit, even to himself, that something might be wrong. Of course, he won't admit to needing help either. His path out of the trouble forces him to face such scary things as gay people, evil twins, greasy foods, and pissed off girls, but he has the courage needed for such a journey. One day, he swears, he will be able to sit back and just enjoy a meal again!


Since Christmas is not about material things, the gang decided not to buy expensive and abundant gifts for each other. At Brian's suggestion, they decided to give the exact opposite of a gift. In addition, Rage is in trouble and in need of a hero.  Written for the Christmas Gift Challenge.


Joan Kinney suffers a great loss. Afterwards, she is taken on a quest for wisdom and peace of mind. For travel companions she gets two
people she never expected to find close to her heart. 
Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

Irregularities In Dimension

  QAF, LEXX, Sapphire and Steel Crossover: Written for the Tribe's Fifth Anniversary Challenge.

Queer As Queen

Queer As Folk/Black Jewels Crossover Written for the Crossover Challenge.

Trick or Truth

One trick leaves a lasting impression on Brian Kinney.

Spread Your Wings and Fly Away

In episode 513, we did not see Justin leaving, he just vanished from the screen. This is a story about how it happened.

Black Sun Rising

Brian's stuck somewhere he never wanted to be.

The editor of these four stories, lucel, has been of great help to me in the forming of them.  Thank you lucel!

A Professional of Love

A Friday night is not a night of leisure for all the men crowding Liberty Avenue. For some of the men the dimming daylight is a sign of the rapidly nearing time to begin their job. One of these men has chosen Woody's for his favorite stage to perform in his profession. On that particular Friday night he found his job quite challenging.


After Stockwell lost the mayoral election, BK and JT had agreed to be partners. A year later and Justin wants to celebrate. Even though Brian has other plans for the day, Justin is not fazed; he knows how to lure his " big fish" to the hook. At least he thinks he does.

Bears & Ghosts & the Perils of Halloween

Something happens to Brian in the Halloween night, something he has yearned for will be offered. Something his friends have been afraid of is about to happen.

Beery Busy Night on Liberty Avenue

A stand alone - story from Borrowed Feathers - series

Suitably Stout

A stand alone -story from Borrowed Feathers - series

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