Sometimes it's Fun

"Ahhh!" Gus yelled, his voice a mixture of fright, surprise and even a little joy. He knew he wasn't supposed to jump on beds, but it really was fun and nothing ever happened before. Maybe because there were two of them jumping…that's what it was, he was sure. At least no one was hurt and Gus decided it was okay to laugh. Soon his partner-in-crime joined in.

The laughter felt good and each time they tried to stop one or the other would start all over again. They weren't sure how long they sat on the caved in mattress, but soon the loft door opened and a voice yelled, "I'm home!"

"Uh-oh," they said in unison.

Gus climbed out of the bed and went down the stairs to the living room trying to look innocent, but he couldn't fool anyone.

"Hey, little man, what have you been doing?"

"Nothing." The look wasn't working and he knew it. "It's all his fault," Gus said pointing to the bedroom.

"Whose fault? Who's in my bedroom with you? You know you're not supposed to play in there."

"But Justin, Daddy was with me."

Justin was at the top of the stairs when he saw Brian sitting on the caved in mattress with a coy smile on his face.

"Brian!" Justin stood at the foot of the bed with both hands on his hips surveying the damage.

"Gus and I heard a big crash and came running up the stairs to see what happened and the bed was…broke. We were just checking for damage."

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