Broken Vows


“You broke the damn bed?” Brian was amazed. “That unbreakable platform bed with the lifetime guarantee that I never broke in like – all my years of trying ….”

“Gee whiz, Brian,” Justin told him. “I was just maybe dancing a little bit – listening to Moby on my earphones – and I lost my balance and fell on the bed. I must have just hit it at the wrong angle.”

“I guess I should have let you do that dancing gig at Babylon a few years back, JT,” Brian grinned at him. “You might have got all danced out down there and saved the furniture here ….”

“I’m sorry, Brian,” Justin laughed, “And I, Justin Taylor, hereby vow never again to break the bed in this loft – so help me ….”

“Shut up, Twink,” Brian laughed back at him. “It’s a bad idea to make vows you aren’t sure you can keep. And it’s even worse to make vows maybe I don’t want you to try to keep.”

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