Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?


Justin smiled when he saw that the incoming call on his cell phone was from Brian. He shouldn’t have.

“What the hell have you done now?” came Brian’s exasperated voice when he clicked it on.

“On what particular subject are you inquiring?” Justin asked in return. “I’ve been doing a lot of things.”

“All bad too,” Brian presumed. “But the one I’m interested in right now is why you told Hunter he could stay with us since he’s mad at Mikey.”

“Well, that’s one bad thing I didn’t do, Honey,” Justin proclaimed his innocence.

“Mikey just called me and started to complain, because we’re supposed to be taking Hunter in when he leaves home because Mikey yelled at him,” Brian complained.

“So didn’t Mikey also tell you why Hunter is leaving – or why Michael was yelling even?” Justin wondered.

“No he did not,” Brian replied. “Because I told him I was on a long distance call to Namibia and would have to get back to him – and you may wish you were in Namibia if this is all your doing….”

“Well it isn’t my doing, Bri,” Justin smiled to himself. “Not at all. But I can let you in on some of the background all right. I think you know that Mikey was at a comic book convention in Kansas City and Ben is at a literature conference in Atlanta. They wanted Hunter to stay with Debbie while they were both gone, but he wanted to stay at home. His computer’s there and all his stuff, and he said he was old enough to be trusted and Ben agreed with Hunter - but you know Mikey….”

“There’s a point to this?” Brian interrupted. “Not that you ever do anything without a point, Sweetheart….”

“Of course there’s a point to it, Kinney.” It was Justin’s turn to be exasperated. “OK, Hunter won this one and he got to stay home by himself. So he’s lying on his bed working a sudoku puzzle – Hunter loves sudoku – and he hits a hard spot in the puzzle and he gets mad and he punches the mattress and the bed falls in.”

“Geez, Baby,” Brian was laughing. “Now that sounds like something that would happen to you.”

“Cut it out, Brian,” Justin insisted. “Of course Hunter wants to get the bed fixed before Mikey and Ben get home – so I’m supposed to stop over there this afternoon to help him fix it – but Mikey comes home a day early.”

“Sorry, Baby,” Brian laughed harder. “This really sounds like something that would happen to you.”

“Well you can guess what Mikey thought about Hunter’s broken bed.” Justin ignored Brian’s provocation.

“Yep,” Brian agreed. “I know Mikey at least as well as you do, so I can guess all right.”

“So Hunter got mad and said he was leaving – and Mikey asked him where he’d find a place to stay,” Justin went on. “And Hunter just said he could stay at our place. Like - it was the first place he thought of - and I had nothing at all to do with it.”

“So he’s gonna be on our couch for an indefinite period?” Brian asked. “I hope you know we don’t do threesomes in our loft.”

“Nope,” Justin answered. “No threesomes. No couch. He won’t be at the loft at all. Not even for one night. They’ll get the whole thing settled tomorrow when Ben gets home and I’ll find him a safe place for tonight. I know how to fix stuff, Brian.”

“He could stay in the loft, Sweetheart,” Brian supposedly offered. “I used to take in strays but then I got this one who wouldn’t leave….”

“OK, Kinney,” Justin admonished him. “It is not nice at all to have fun about somebody else’s misfortune. and it’s not nice to try to insult people who love you and would do anything for you….”

“And who are really full of it too,” Brian laughed. “But Brian Kinney can fix stuff too. Tell Hunter he can stay where he is. I’ll get Michael settled down. There was this time long ago when me and Mikey were lying on his bed reading comic books and the bed just fell in. No help from us at all. It just fell in. Debbie suspected something else but that’s all that happened. I’ll remind Mikey about that. I’ll fix things this time. You can leave it to me….”

“And like – you and Mikey didn’t do anything to make that bed cave in?” Justin teased. “And it fell in all by itself? Seems a little suspicious to me too.”

“Jealous, Baby?” Brian teased back. “You’re really cute when you’re jealous.”

“Well maybe so - and if I thought something was going on there – besides the comic book reading that is,” Justin threatened. “I might just stay over at Mikey’s tonight and sleep in Hunter’s bed. So there….”

“In a broken bed?” Brian laughed. “You wanna sleep in a broken bed?”

“Yeah, Mr. Kinney,” Justin came back at him. “In a broken bed if necessary. A broken bed might be fun some time. Worth a try anyhow.”

“Well, JT,” Brian whispered. “If it’s a broken bed you want, I could try to get you one of those right here in your own loft. No guarantee but I could like - do my best.”

“Gee whiz, Brian Kinney,” Justin grinned as he feigned surprise. “That sounds like bribery to me. It really does. Can’t believe that you’d resort to bribery. So I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

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