The Pitts

The minute Justin saw Brian he knew he wasn't blind. Brian was tall, dark, and hanged. Christ! Justin had been dreaming of this since he became puberty.

He saw him on the queer street in Pittsburgh and he knew he had to prey because that man was like god. He said to Daphne, "I just saw the face of dog."

Daphne googled. She was a fag hag who knew what rimming was. She grew up with Justin in the PITTS! since they were little. They used to trade panties they were so close.

"Are you sure Justin? He sounds like trouble!" Justin rolled his eyes around.

Daphne glared at Justin's butt. She was going to medical school to learn more about male anusses.

The next day, Justin went to the shoe store and bought some new sneakers that had more bottom soles than the old ones cuz he wanted to stalk Brian without being looked at. He was a sneaker blonde.

The first day, he stalked all day. He didn't see nothing too much except in the morning when Brian went to his car.

He looked hot in his coat.

Then at lunch, he followed Broan to the corner but the jeep was too fast. He tried to catch it, but he was full from lunch.

Later, he stayed in the lobby waiting for the panther-like man.

He was not disappointed as Brian Fucking Kinney came out. He stopped when he saw Justin twitching.

Justin whimpered at the big load in Brian's pants. Brian's pants were not from the Big Q.

"Hey you ook like sunshine."

Justin's smile split his face.

"I like sunshine. It makes me hard. Ever since I was a teenager and the sun would hit me in the pubic bone. Since then, I like sunshine near my pubic bone."

Justin gave a pant. "I'm a virgin! Fuck me!! I have fake ID!"

"Fuck the ID!" Brian growled and nipped.

Like a rocket, he launched into Justin's mouth. Justin almost gagged his tongue was so insistent. It battled for supremacy of his mouth. With a sigh, he let it win.

Brian growled, "You taste like ham."

Justin said breathlessly, "I had a ham sandwich for lunch."

Justin was so excited he was nauseaus. His stomach was going crazy. Maybe he was pregnant.

Brian swirled his tongue in Justin's throat and gnawed on the smaller's man's gums.


"I'll fuck you Sunshine now and some more later. Tonight only, because when the sun comes up Sunshine, it's another day and I don't do fucking REPEATS. Okay Sunshine?"

"Okaay." Justin was blacking out.

Brian pulled Justin by the nipple into the closet. They went in and he jerked off Justin's pants. Justin bleated and banged his head into his hands.

"FUuuukkkk!" Yelled the blonde in the closet.

Brian shoved his condom and his dick into the hidden prostate.  Justin huffed and spat. Not even his ART was so hot.

Justin 's precum dripped like ice cream. He came with a hiss.  Brian co-came when the first muscle ring of Justin's hole began to clench.

He pulled out and Justin broke AIR from the loss.

Brian tied it and threw it against the wall.

Justin started crying. It was the best day of his life. He wanted to move into the loft. That night Brian helped him pack at Jennifer's. Jennifer was a wasp who didn't queen out when she saw the age of Brian. She demanded at the ad exec, "Use extra lube!"

"That's hot!" Brian moaned to himself, "Jennifer is hot, I'd fuck her." Then he saw she was a breeder and he was allergic. He quirked an eyebrow and frowned.

Justin gasped. "What's wrong?" he said.


"Oh my god! I have allergies too! Oh my god! See mom? Fuck all you know about gays! We're hole mates!"

Justin pushed his forehead into Brian's forehead. Brian smirked. His tongue firmly in his cheeks.

They went to the diner and Debbie shrieked and her gum smacked Justin on the head.

Brian whispered, "You have a wad in your hair."

Justin blushed and snapped his hips furiously.

He shyly told Debbie he liked her T shirt. It said, "Fuck Me in the Ass."

Brian yelled, "Lemon bras for every one. I'm paying! Kiki make me a turkey sandwich with no bread. I don't do crabs after 7."

Justin really liked Emmutt - he was pink and tall. Maybe he could Powerpuff with him.

Emmett touched his clear plastic shirt. He said to Justin, "Sweetie, your nipples were made for this shirt."

Brian, not knowing where the feeling came from, was suddenly jealous.

"Ted, you pathetic dickless fuck!" Brian joked. Then he gave him a serious look and gave a chuckle. Deep in his inside, he liked the account man.

Ted poured a glass of water over his head and yelled because it was cold! It was cold because it was January and it was the PITTS!

"God!!" Justin felt he had gone to high school with everyone.

Hunter pinched Justin and said, "I may be a prostitute, but you are blonde trash."

Debbie smacked Hunter on the head and nipped his ear.

Brian tugged Justin and said, "Never eat the Pink Plate Special. I want you safe, and I want you around for a long time."

Mickey growled and scowled at Justin. "Brian glued my dick to my hand in chemistry class. Has he ever done that to you??"

Brian shuddered. That was hot. Brian ground his hips into the seat. He was a stiff pole from Justin's nearness. He told this to Justin.

Justin blushed through his lashes. His hole was wet.

They ran to the bathroom to relieve themselves. Brian rimmed the kid in the stall.

"Your ass smells like Sunshine," Brian heaved into the teenage butt. Justin's knees became jello.

The lovers did not hear the kidnapper in the next unused stall. He was watching through the well-used gory hole.

They left and went with the gang to Babylon. Brian and Justin humped each other to the beat. The other gays were jealous of the royal couple. Brian was the king, but Justin was one too. It was amazing.

Justin cooed to Brian, "You're the best dancer!" He was a little bit blind from his love.

Brian said, "Later" and went to the back room. Later, Justin went there too. He saw Brian on the top of six guys. It looked like a human octopus. With the suckers! Justin beamed. Brian was so creative!

They went home and took a shower. Justin told Brian about the SAT.  Brian said, "Fuck that! Can you cook?"

Justin said proudly, "I can cook chili. Your cock is fat, but you're too skinny!"

Brian scratched his ass affectionately. His actions were loudest but not his words.

Later, they were in bed. Brian thought that Justin's eyes were almost as blue as the duvet. But he also had blue lights, so he wasn't sure. Maybe he should drink some more Beam and then look again.

When he got to the kitchen, he freaked out because he was out of Beam. Christ!

He snorted Special K instead. He went back to bed and looked at Justin. Brian got hard when he saw the boy's pink anus. He began to pull his pud. He came on top of the blonde angel who was snoring.

Brian looked at all the used condoms lying on the wood floor and gave a sly grin.

He WAS the best fucking homosexual in the PITTS!

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