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Geography For Beginners

How high did you have to go before you could see the curve of the earth?

New January 3rd

The Last Ride

Written for the Kiltaki Virus Challenge.  People are dying ... or are they?


Live Action Short

Three scenes and an epilogue post 513


Willow Hill, PA, Pop. 317

What if the Jeep had broken down on the way back from New York?


A Nocturne in Two Variations

A B/J centric fic set shortly after Episode 110.

Romance with Liquids

Brian has had it up to here with this year's cold weather.


Catching Fire

One night at Debbie's and the morning after.

 My Favorite Damn Disease

Just how did the chair in Episode 403 end up at the loft anyway?



Sometime during season 6.



Justin decides to lead a life in drag.


Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Emmett keeps a promise to Ted.


The Baths

Brian takes Justin to the baths for the first time.


More Than I Can Say

Brian "shows" Justin that he loves him.


The Hired Help

Justin meets Rosa - Brian's cleaning lady.


Club Justin

It's opening night at Club Justin, and Brian is in for a treat!


Sense and Sensuality

A Non-Vanilla Justin is up to no good while waiting for Brian to come home, and he does come home.


The Pitts

Written for the Bad Fic Challenge.


Off the Cuff

(dashed off quickly and just for laughs)

Queer Ass Tribbles

What if Mel had given birth to Tribbles instead of Jenny Rebecca?


Live Wire

How Todd came to be.


Better to Burn Out

Brian plays air guitar.



How the Universe began.


Grower or Shower

Woody's has a Grower or Shower Contest.


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