Queer Ass Tribbles

It’s possible. That nasty patch of hair on Michael's chest vaguely resembles a mangy Tribble if you squint real hard and drink lots of Cuervo.

The delivery room would be downright dangerous: Mel on her back, feet in stirrups, shooting out Tribbles in rapid succession (picture butthole bingo without the butthole).

They sail through the air - fuchsia, teal, and marigold-yellow. Duck! There goes an extra big one!

Michael’s so proud - it’s obvious they take after his father, the drag queen.

Gus is over the moon with all his little brothers and sisters. They’re soft and mute just like him!

Brian cannot believe his son has hairballs for relatives. Designer colors, his white ass!

Justin tries to sneak one into the loft, and Brian immediately puts it down the garbage disposal.

Debbie gets a new T-shirt which says, "I Love My Little Furry Balls".

Lindsey never performs cunnilingus again without wearing safety goggles. And a mouth guard.

Can you blame her?

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