Better to Burn Out

"Mikey, that was fucking great!" Brian kisses Michael sloppily and spins out of his embrace.

"They fucking loved us!" He waves his arms in drunken circles then stops abruptly to announce that he has to piss like a motherfucker.

Michael tries to steer him into the alley but Brian twists away, jerks down his jeans and proceeds to urinate against the nearest wall. Michael decides to forget about public decency laws and watches happily instead.

"We were great, huh, Mikey?" Brian grins crookedly over his shoulder.

"Solid gold." Michael smiles at the memory.

"How about when we did that Blue Oyster Cult riff?" Brian, finished pissing, turns around, falls to his knees and starts playing air guitar on his dick.

Michael bursts out laughing at the sight. Brian’s on the sidewalk, jeans halfway around his thighs, cranking out a solo on his cock. It’s certainly long enough - Brian can hold chords with his left hand while he strums with his right.

Singing along loudly, Michael dances with the parking meter. He’s about to pull out his own instrument when the world strobes too-bright blue and a voice booms over a loudspeaker.

"Free concert tonight, boys? I'm sure the guys at the station will want to hear an encore."

"This cock rocks!" Brian yells as he attempts to stand. He trips on his pants and Michael catches him before he hits the floor. He’s struggling to zip Brian’s jeans when a redheaded cop and his partner flank them.

"Show's over. Let's go."

It takes the three of them to wrestle Brian into the back seat. Michael wants to go with him, but the prick-of-a-redhead says, ‘Sorry, no groupies’ and pushes him away.

Michael watches Brian kick at the bulletproof partition in true celebrity style until the cruiser turns the corner and disappears out of sight.

There goes another good night's sleep thanks to Mr. Brian Kinney. Michael is sure the tally’s in the thousands by now. He’ll spend the rest of the night on the phone and down at the station posting bail.

Fucking, fucking Brian and his fucking rock star dreams.

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