Tis the Season

Written for the Moonshadow Nostalgia Holiday Challenge.

Z is for Zone Out

Written for Moonshadow's Alphabet Challenge.

Jim and Blair

Winter camping can be interesting. Written for Moonshadow's Winter Blues Challenge.


Halloween boos can be scary or fun. Written for Moonshadow's Scary Things Challenge.

A Sensational 4th

A very special Fourth for Blair. Written for Moonshadow's Fireworks Challenge.

Dead Drop: The Aftermath

The Sentinel: Dead Drop gap-filler. Written for the Moonshadow Aftermath Challenge.

Cut It Out

Jim and Blair find that an unexpected sacrifice is necessary. Written for the tribe's 2012 Holiday Challenge.

Close But No Cigar!

Blair and Jim find that a good deed can go awry. Written for The Worst Holiday Ever Challenge at Moonshadow.

In Between The Hell

Blair and Jim discuss war experiences. Written for Moonshadow's War Is... Challenge.

Sentinel Rules

The Sentinel has strict rules that he lives by. Written for the Life Lessons Challenge at Moonshadow.

The Magic Bullet!

Be careful with those kitchen gadgets. Written for the It Seemed Like a Good Idea...Challenge.

For the Gipper

Jim and Blair take one for the Gipper. Written for the St. Patrick's Day Challenge.

A Sentimental Sentinel

What do you want for Christmas - a Jim/Blair discussion. Written for the 2010 Holiday Challenge.

A Mystical Trip Into the Sandburg Zone

A 'first time' fic.  Blair meditates to find the answers he needs. Written for the Tripping Challenge.

In Between The Hell

Blair and Jim discuss war experiencesWritten for Moonshadow's 8th Anniversary Challenge.

That Thing

A Sentinel valentine. Written for Moonshadow's 2010 Valentine Challenge.

A Sentinel Sensible Gift

Blair prepares a gift for his sentinel. Written for the Christmas Gift Challenge.

Let Me Count the Ways

Blair and Jim go camping.  Written for the One in a Million Challenge.

Life Isn't Like a Box of Chocolates

Hot peppers have their consequences.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

How Much Deeper Would the Ocean Be Without Sponges?

Jim and Blair spend a day at the beach.  Written for the 'Something to Think About' Challenge

Not Happy

Never Get in the Way of a Sentinel and his Donut! Written for the Junk Food Challenge.

It's Not Nice to Fool With Your Sentinel

Strange things are happening on a Sunday at the Major Crimes unit. Written for the April Fool's Challenge.

First Times

Blair is a PhD and a detective, and he knows a thing or two about splinters as well. Written for the Broken Bed Challenge.

A Sentinel and His Hat, um, Guide

A stakeout has Blair freezing his parts off. Written for The Hat Challenge.

More Than a Tradition

Jim and Blair take a moment to reflect on their true blessings. Written for The Christmas Traditions Challenge.

Blair O' Lantern

Pumpkin carving and lectures.

"See Ya!"

Jim and Blair meet unexpectedly years before they work together. Written for the Tribe's Prequel Challenge.

The Magic Balloons

A Sentinel Fairy Tale. Written for the Tribe's Balloon Challenge.

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