Meredeth's Individual Stories

Condoms and Walmart

An empty condom box turns into a quick trip to the 24 hour Walmart…

Dec. 27th 2011

So Much More

Justin Taylor inherited his parents’ fortune when they were killed in a car accident and lives the life that most people dream about with the exception of one major flaw. His partner is dying of AIDS. One night in a desperate attempt to get away from the sickness surrounding him, he inadvertently picks up a hustler. He never expected to form a bond with someone who is so completely different from him. Then again, he never met anyone like Brian before.

Not Just an Investment

Justin finds himself in a bad situation, and has no where else to turn. Or does he?

Lost and Found

Brian and Justin meet in a different way.

Summer Lovin

Brian and Justin are both seventeen and from different worlds. What happens when they meet during summer break?

A Golden Opportunity

Brian is a film star who hires Justin as his assistant and they become friends. Can Brian help Justin out of a difficult situation?

The Real Issues

Takes place after the Rage party. Brian thinks about what it means to lose Justin.

Just Between Friends

Justin connects with a special friend after Brian kicks him out.

Promise Me

Brian and Justin's reactions to what the Trick had found.

A Brighter Future

What does the future hold for Brian and Justin?

A Very Good New Year

A little holiday fic.

The Easy Way Out

Sometimes the only choice left is the easy way out.

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