Condoms and Walmart


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"What the hell is that?" Brian asked with obvious disgust as he pointed to a rack of clothing.

"They're called pants, Brian. Maybe you've heard of them?" Justin replied with laughter.

"But they're…they're…"

"The expression is off the rack. Millions of people buy clothing off the rack every day."

"But why?" Brian asked seriously.

"Because they can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a suit that they'll only wear a handful of times before they toss it in the trash. Welcome to the real world, Brian."

"Let's just get what we need and get out of here," Brian said as he picked up his pace. "I still don't understand why I'm here."

"We're here because you forgot to buy condoms the last time you went to the store and the convenience store down the street from the loft is closed. This is the only place that's open at two in the morning."

"No, I understand why you're here. I just don't understand why I'm here."

"Oh, well you're here because I wasn't in the mood to leave the warmth of the loft and make my way across town while you stayed curled up in our big warm bed and waited for me."

"My bed," Brian mumbled softly.

Justin stopped walking immediately. "What was that?"

"What?" Brian asked innocently.

"Did you just say my bed?"

"No," Brian lied.

"Yes you did. I heard you," Justin insisted.

"Then why did you ask? You know, it drives me crazy when you do that. You ask me to repeat something I've said when you actually know exactly what I said because you heard me the first time. I don't understand the point of asking me to repeat myself," Brian replied. "Now let's go. I see some shampoo displays over that way. I bet that's where the condoms are."

Justin didn't move. "Brian, do you remember the conversation we had on the day you came to visit me in New York?"

Brian sighed, knowing what was coming next. "Vaguely."

"Then let me refresh your memory. You said that you missed me and that when I was ready to come back to Pittsburgh, I had a loft there waiting for me. You said that once I moved back, we would finally be together as equal partners; that since my art was taking off and I was making more than triple what I was while shaking my ass at the diner, that we would share everything 50/50."

"I don't know if those were my exact words…"

"That was over ten years ago, Brian," Justin continued.

"Has it really been that long? Wow, it seems like just yesterday…"

"I moved back to Pittsburgh two weeks after that declaration, Brian. More than ten years ago. And yet you still call the loft your loft and you still call the bed your bed." Justin's anger was obvious in his tone. "This was a wasted trip since we're not having sex tonight."

"Wait, what?" Brian asked in confusion. It always drove him nuts when Justin changed gears so quickly. "Why aren't we having sex? We always have sex."

"I'm not having sex with you in your bed," Justin explained indignantly.

"Okay, then we'll have sex on the chaise. Or in the shower. Maybe we can just do it up against the column. You always love that."

"Ughhhh," Justin grunted in frustration. "You're missing my point. Look Brian, we've been together on and off for more than fifteen years. We're been living together as partners steadily for more than ten. We are not having sex again until you start acknowledging that we are committed partners and that what we have is ours. The loft, the bed, the shower, hell even the appliances are ours."

"Fine, everything we have is ours," Brian replied unenthusiastically. "You can even have half the toilet. Okay? Now can we go get the condoms and go home and fuck?"

"You are completely missing my point."

"Ughhhh!" Now it was Brian's turn to grunt in frustration. He grabbed Justin by the arm and dragged him down the aisle and into the public restroom they had passed only moments before. Brian looked around to make sure they were alone. Once he was satisfied, he gently shoved Justin up against the wall, placing his hands on opposite sides of Justin's head, effectively trapping him where he stood. "Let me explain something to you, Sunshine. Now I want you to listen to me closely because I'm not going to repeat it. Understand?"

"Yes," Justin whispered softly.

"I may have a hard time openly admitting that the loft and what's inside is ours, and I'm sure any shrink with a degree hanging on the wall will tell you that it's because I was raised by a man who told me daily that I should be thankful that he let me live in his house and wear what he called his clothes."

"Oh Brian, I'm…"

"Stop talking. I know I have some issues with giving up control. I guess I don't see thinking of all the stuff in the loft as mine as a problem. Maybe it's because I know that I'd give you the shirt off my back if you needed it. What's mine is yours anyway, regardless of how I say it."

Justin looked into Brian's hazel eyes and saw nothing but sincerity and love staring back at him. At that moment he knew that it didn't matter if Brian called the bed his. What mattered was that he wanted Justin in it every night. He wanted Justin in his loft and his life and after so many years of denial, openly admitted it. "Let's go get those condoms."

"What? You mean…"

"I mean it's time to go back to your loft so you can fuck me in your bed, in your shower, and up against your column. I love you Brian."

"Yeah…well, you know…"

"Yeah, I know Brian. I know."

Justin kissed Brian deeply and then grabbed his hand and led him out of the bathroom. They had condoms to buy and quickly. Justin suddenly couldn't wait to get back to Brian's place.

The End

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