Just Between Friends






Justin was walking around town trying to figure out what he was going to do next. He had just walked out on Ethan after his little outburst over the drooling admirer that showed up at the apartment. He still couldn't believe that he trusted Ethan to be faithful. He had even walked away from Brian, hoping that he would be able to find the love he was looking for. Now here he was a couple of months later, alone and wandering the streets, trying to figure out a way to get his life back. The life that he so carelessly threw away.


After about an hour, Justin found himself at the door to Woody's and decided to go inside. He felt as if he could use a few drinks to help him forget what a mess he had made, and ordered a double beam. As he raised his glass, he caught sight of Ben out of the corner of his eye. He sauntered over, drink in hand, to say hello.


"Hey Ben, where's your worse half?" Justin joked as he took the seat Ben had motioned to with his hand.


"I don't know, why don't you ask Brian?" Ben answered sarcastically.


Justin took a sip of his drink, unsure of what his reaction should be.


"Sorry, Justin. I didn't mean to snap at you. I am just so tired of this whole Brian and Mikey thing." Ben apologized, hating the way he had been feeling lately.


"It's okay, Ben. What do you mean, this whole Brian and Mikey thing?" Justin asked, feeling something resembling jealousy in the pit of his stomach. Wouldn't he have heard if Brian and Michael were together?


"If I have to hear…but he's my best friend…one more time, I am going to kill them both and no one will ever find the bodies!" Ben exclaimed, downing another shot of tequila.


"Okay, Ben. You lost me. What's going on?" Justin felt a little better after Ben's last comment. It was apparent that he and Michael were still together.


"I don't know how much you know, Justin, but ever since you walked out on Brian, he's been a mess. He's drinking and doing drugs like I've never seen before, not even at the white party. And the tricking? It's reached an all time high, but that's not my problem. My problem is that he's dragging Michael with him. He hasn't slept at home in almost two weeks, always using the excuse that Brian is too messed up to be alone." Ben explained, signaling for another drink.


"Brian is really that upset? Why? He's the one who pushed me away!" Justin exclaimed, unable to wrap his mind around the fact that Brian obviously missed him.


"Justin, he loves you. He may not be able to express it, but he definitely loves you. Now that you are gone, he's lost, and using Michael to pass the time. I know Michael has cheated at least once." Ben admitted, trying to keep the sadness out of his voice.


"Ben, Brian and Michael would never…" Justin tried to say past the lump in his throat. His mind was trying to decide if it believed what Ben was saying.


"Oh, I know it wasn't with Brian. Even if he is heartbroken over you, he would never sleep with Michael. No, Michael was with someone else," Ben assured him.


Justin couldn't help the feeling of relief that washed over him at the knowledge that Brian and Michael hadn't crossed that line. "What are you going to do now?"


"I don't know. I love him, Justin. I know everyone thinks he's a little goofy, but he's such a sweet, caring man. I don't want to lose him." Ben could feel his heart break a little more at the thought of letting Michael go.


"I know what you mean. I was so determined to have what I thought I wanted, that I lost what I really wanted. I miss Brian so much, Ben. I don't know how to go on without him. I left Ethan tonight. Now I don't even have a place to stay," Justin said, sadly.


"Well, you can crash at our place tonight. Chances are that Michael won't be home, anyway." Ben assured him.


Justin accepted Ben's offer, and the two men continued to drown their sorrows until neither one of them could see straight. The bartender called them a cab and they stumbled out of the bar and headed home.


It took three tries before Ben managed to get the door unlocked, both of them giggling the whole time. They made their way inside and fell on the couch, trying to catch their breath.


"I don't think I've laughed that hard in years," Ben admitted, finally feeling his breathing returning to normal.


"I know what you mean. I almost wet my pants. Thank God, the cab driver was willing to stop at that gas station." Justin couldn't imagine the embarrassment he would have suffered if he didn't get the driver to stop.


"I would have tossed your ass out of the cab if you started peeing in the back." Ben chuckled, wiping away a stray tear.


"It would have been all your fault. Telling me about the night Michael got himself locked out in the hall naked…what did you expect?" Justin replied, still laughing at the image of Michael, curled up naked in the corner waiting for Ben to get home from work.


The laughter seemed to stop and they were both sitting in silence, each one aware of the other. Ben looked into Justin's face and felt a familiar sensation stir in his groin. At that moment, Brian and Michael were far from his thoughts. "Justin…I think…"


"I know," Justin replied, suddenly feeling a need that he never experienced with Ben. 'This is crazy,' he thought to himself.


"We shouldn't," Ben said without conviction.


"No, we shouldn't," Justin answered, feeling himself being drawn towards Ben.


In the next instant, they were in each other's arms, mouths hungrily attacking each other. The passion was deep and powerful, their need for each other more than they could comprehend. Within a matter of minutes, they were undressed and heading towards the bedroom, rational thoughts no where in sight. They fell together on the bed, continuing their assault, kissing and licking all available areas. Ben pulled back and looked into Justin's eyes.


"Justin, are you sure you want this?"


"Yeah…that is unless you don't want to. What about Michael?" Justin asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty. Even though he had every intention of trying to win Brian back, at least he was single with no attachments.


"I wasn't thinking about Michael, Justin. He's not here. I was thinking about my HIV. Some people don't feel comfortable being with someone who is infected." Ben explained, wanting to make sure Justin understood what he meant.


"Ben, I take a chance every time I trick. We know the situation up front, so we will make sure to be careful. I don't know exactly what's happening here, but I know that I want this. I want you," Justin admitted.


Ben responded by taking Justin's mouth again, gently forcing his tongue between the younger man's lips. Hearing a low moan coming from beneath him only fed his desire and Ben ended the kiss, using his tongue to lick his way down Justin's well toned body, stopping only when he reached his leaking cock. He licked his lips before taking the throbbing member into his mouth. He began pumping in a steady rhythm, relishing in the sounds he was provoking from Justin. When he heard him speak, he knew he was lost.


"Ben, I need you inside of me." Justin spoke in a weak voice.


Ben looked up at Justin and saw unbridled lust in his face. He reached over to the nightstand, grabbing the lube and a condom. He didn't waste any time preparing himself and Justin and placing the younger man's legs on his shoulders. Positioning himself at Justin's waiting hole, he felt the need to offer him one more chance to say no. "Justin, are you sure?"


"Fuck me, Ben," Justin gasped.


That was all Ben needed to hear before slowly slipping inside. Feeling the tightness engulf him, he knew he wouldn't last long. He began thrusting in wild abandon, lost in the pleasure he was experiencing. "Touch yourself for me, Justin."


From somewhere in the distance, Justin heard Ben's command and began stroking himself, matching the rhythm that the older man was using. He could feel his balls begin to tighten as he approached orgasm, and wanted Ben to come with him. "Ben, oh God…I'm going to…"


"That's it, Justin. Let it go…" Ben replied, feeling Justin's orgasm take hold. The tightening of Justin's hole brought Ben to the edge and he fell over the top, buried deep inside the younger man.


After a few moments, Ben pulled out of Justin and rolled away to dispose of the condom. He returned a minute later with a towel and wiped Justin clean. Then he laid down beside him and took him in his arms, trying not to think about the line they had just crossed.


"Ben…" Justin tried to say something to defuse the tension that was beginning to build in the small room.


"It's okay, Justin. Let's just go to sleep. We can talk in the morning." Ben assured him.


"Good night, Ben."


"Good night, Justin."


They were asleep in minutes, locked in each other's arms.


Justin woke up the next morning to find Ben watching him. It only took a second for his mind to register what had happened the night before. Justin was overcome with feelings of guilt and remorse. "Good morning."


"Good morning, Justin. Did you sleep well?" Ben asked, uncomfortable thinking about the conversation they needed to have.


"Yeah, actually I did. Have you been awake long?" Justin asked.


"Only a few minutes. Look, Justin. About last night…" Ben wanted to apologize for letting things go too far.


"It's okay, Ben. We were both lonely, needing someone who understood. You're with Michael and you need to work things out with him. I have to try to fix things with Brian. This never should have happened, but I am not going to let guilt and regrets ruin our friendship. We can put it behind us and no one will ever know. I like you, Ben. I want you to be happy with Michael. Dwelling on this would only cause pain to the people we love," Justin explained, sitting up and looking around for his clothes.


"You're right. There is no need for anyone to find out, and I think we are both mature enough to put this in the past and move on. I like you, too, Justin. I hope you can work things out with Brian. Give him a chance. He really does love you," Ben assured him.


"I know that now, Ben, and I will make it work. No matter what it takes," Justin said with renewed confidence.


They both got up and got dressed, the room filled with a comfortable silence. Once Justin was dressed and presentable, he headed for the door with Ben trailing close behind him. He turned at the door and leaned in to place a soft kiss on Ben's lips.


"Thank you for everything, Ben. Last night, even though it was a mistake, was very special to me," Justin admitted.


"It was special for me, too, Justin. Now go find Brian and make things right again," Ben stated with a smile.


"You do the same with Michael. See you later, friend," Justin offered as he started to walk away.


"Later, friend," Ben replied as he watched him walk away. He closed the door and couldn't help the one thought that kept running through his mind. Brian Kinney was a lucky man.


The End


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