Brian looked at the newspaper's arts section and sighed. Looking back at him was a picture of a smiling Justin Taylor. Brian ran his index finger slowly over the picture, imagining he could feel Justin's soft skin. It had been three months since he had been able to feel his man's soft, unblemished skin. Justin was in London, at a showcase of his work, while Brian had had to stay behind for Kinnetik. Even after six years, Justin's skin was still as baby soft as it had been at seventeen.


Brian smiled as he folded the newspaper up and put it in his desk drawer. Setting his briefcase onto his desk, he opened it. He took out a small black box, and sat and stared at it.


Inside was the same ring that he had given Justin when he had first proposed to him a year ago. Before Justin had left for New York. After six months, Justin was ready to leave the Big Apple. Brian had tried to talk him into staying in New York a little while longer. For his own good. But Justin had told him point blank that he was a man and would do what he wanted. And he wanted to be in Pittsburgh with Brian. Brian couldn't have been happier and, for once, he had told Justin exactly that. But Justin's art career, that had started to really take off in New York, hadn't been affected by his move.


"Even if it will be, I don't care. You're my once in a lifetime, Brian. I love you and I can paint from anywhere." Brian remembered Justin telling him that the night he had arrived back at the loft.


A month later, they had moved to Britin and were keeping the loft as a place to stay when they were in the city. Opening the small ring box, Brian stared at the gold band. It was time. Tonight, Justin would be receiving the ring again. Looking at the clock, he saw that it was five in the evening. Justin's plane would be getting in at eight. Brian quickly grabbed his briefcase, walked out of his office and locked the door. He was going to have to hurry. He had a lot to do before picking his partner up at the airport.


"Perfect," Brian murmured as he looked around his and Justin's bedroom. He looked at his watch and saw that it was seven-fifteen. Grabbing his black leather jacket, he walked out to his Corvette and headed toward the Liberty Air terminal at the airport.


At eight-thirty, Brian was sitting in an airport chair. On the outside, he was the picture of calm. On the inside, he was jumping for joy that Justin was finally getting home. He was also irritated that the flight was late. 'Stupid planes. Never on time!' he groused silently. Closing his hazel eyes for a few minutes, he reopened them and was met with a beautiful sight. Justin was walking towards him, suitcase in hand, and a huge sunshine smile on his face.


Brian stood up and opened his arms. Blue eyes met hazel as they were both transported back to when Brian had done the same thing on Liberty Avenue, while trying to help Justin get used to crowds after the bashing. And, just as he had done four years ago, Justin walked straight into Brian's opened arms.


Wrapping him in a tight hug, Brian softly kissed Justin on the side of his neck. After pulling back, Brian asked, "Ready to head home?"


Justin eagerly nodded. "Definitely! It's been too long."


Twenty-five minutes later, they were walking into their beautiful country manor. Justin set his suitcase down on the floor beside the door and hung up his jacket on the coat rack. Turning around, Justin wrapped his arms around Brian's neck, looking into his eyes. "I'm so glad to be home. Glad to be in your arms. This is so much better than talking on the phone."


Brian smirked in his usual Brian Kinney way. "And we won't have those large phone bills that came from phone sex. Even over the phone, you're fucking insatiable."


Justin smiled. "What can I say? I have a great teacher."


Brian and Justin's lips met in a soft kiss that soon turned passionate. Pulling back to catch his breath, Brian said, "Let's take this to the bedroom."


"Since when do you care where we do it?" Justin asked with raised eyebrows.


"I just do tonight."


Brian led Justin to their bedroom and opened the door. The room was dark, except for a couple of strands of lights. There was a rose (silk because of Justin's allergies) laying on Justin's pillow. The sheets were green satin. Sitting on the end table was a tray of crackers and cheese. In an ice bucket, Justin could see a bottle of champagne. Pushing a button on a remote control, soft music started playing from the stereo.


Justin gasped in surprise and delight. He couldn't believe that Brian had done this. Even though Brian had gotten considerably better at showing his true feelings, he still had a problem with obvious romantic displays. He always told Justin that he didn't possess one romantic bone in his body. But Justin had always known better. In his own subtle way, Brian had always been very romantic. Smiling a huge smile, Justin looked at Brian. He grabbed Brian and engulfed him in a hug.


"I take it you like this, Sunshine?" Brian whispered against his ear.


Justin nodded. "I love it, Brian. I love you," Justin whispered back.


The song changed and Brian asked, "May I have this dance?"


"Of course, kind sir," Justin said as he took Brian's hand.


"Listen to the lyrics, Sunshine," said Brian as they started to slowly move. And Justin did as he had been told.


Yea, yea

Dancin' in the dark, middle of the night

Takin' your heart and holdin' it tight

Emotional touch, touchin' my skin

And asking you to do what you've been doin' all over again


Oh it's a beautiful thing, don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know what it is that won't let me go


It's your love

It just does something to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

Oh it's your love


As Justin listened to the song, he felt tears entering his eyes. He leaned his head against Brian's shoulder and snuggled up closer to him.



Better than I was, more than I am

And all of this happened by taking your hand

And who I am now is who I wanted to be

And now that we're together,

I'm stronger than ever

I'm happy and free


Oh it's a beautiful thing,

Don't think I can keep it all in

If you asked me why I've changed,

All I gotta do is say your sweet name


It's your love

It just does something to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under

Oh, it's your love


Justin couldn't help the tear that rolled down his cheek.


Baby, Oh oh, oh,


Oh it's a beautiful thing,

Don't think I can keep it all in

I just gotta let you know what it is that won't let me go


It's your love

It just does something to me

It sends a shock right through me

I can't get enough

And if you wonder

About the spell I'm under,

Oh it's your love

It's your love, it's your love, it's your love



Every little thing that you do

I'm so in love with you

It just keeps getting better

I wanna spend the rest of my life with you by my side

Forever and ever

Every little thing that you do



When the song faded away, Justin pulled back enough so that he could meet beautiful hazel eyes with his own glistening blue ones. "That was beautiful, Bri." Looking around at everything, he smiled. He had the best lover in the world. It had taken them a while to get to where they were now. There had been a lot of mistakes and regrets on both parts. But Justin wouldn't change a thing, except for the bashing, because every obstacle had brought him and Brian closer together. And had led them to where they were.


Reaching into his pants pocket, Brian pulled out a small black box as he dropped to one knee. Justin covered his mouth with his hand, his eyes wide. Brian opened the ring box and presented it to Justin.


"Justin, Sunshine, I love you. I want you around for a long time. For forever. Will you marry me?"


Justin looked at the ring and saw that it was the same one from a year ago. He smiled, tears running down his face. "Yes! Yes!" Brian stood up and slipped the ring on Justin's left ring finger. Using the pads of his thumbs, Brian gently wiped away the tears.


Their lips met in a heated, passionate, kiss. Their tongues dueled for dominance. Brian carefully walked Justin backwards until his knees hit the side of the king size bed. They fell onto it, Brian on top of Justin. They could each feel the other's hardened shaft poking into them.


It had been too long since they had felt each other's touch. They were quickly losing control. They took turns ripping each others clothes off, until they were both naked. Brian started kissing Justin's pale neck, trailing kisses downwards until he reached Justin's engorged cock. He gave the head two licks, feeling Justin shudder in pleasure. Smiling, Brian took the cock into his mouth, all the way to the root, in one swoop. Justin bucked up and moaned. Deciding to take things to their natural conclusion, Brian continued to deep-throat Justin until he felt the creamy substance enter his mouth. He swallowed everything his man had to offer.


Raising up, he licked his lips and smirked. Justin was still drifting in post-orgasmic bliss. Leaning back down, Brian gently turned Justin and started rimming Justin's hole with his tongue. Within a minute, Justin was completely hard again.


"Oh, shit, Bri! C'mon, I need you in me. NOW!"


Brian knew he needed to be inside of Justin too, so he gave into Justin's pleas. He quickly, but efficiently, opened Justin's hole with his lubed fingers. Donning a condom, he carefully, inch by inch, sank into Justin's tight hole. When he was all the way in, he stayed still so Justin would have time to adjust. When Justin bucked his hips upwards, Brian knew that was the signal to move. He started slow, savoring the feel of being back inside his baby.


But, soon, he wasn't able to hold off. He started to move harder and faster, hitting Justin's prostate every time. Before he knew it, Justin was shooting onto his stomach. Brian hadn't even had to touch his cock. It always gave Brian a very satisfied feeling, when that happened.


"Fuck," Brian groaned when he shot into the condom.


"We just did," Justin teased.


"Brat," Brian said with affection.


Brian rolled off of Justin, so that he didn't crush him. Justin hated that. So did Brian. But, they had to have bloodwork done in a week. If everything was okay, and Brian was confidant it was, they could go without condoms. A fact they were both looking forward to.


After throwing the condom away and cleaning them up, Brian lay back down next to Justin. Justin was looking at his ring and beaming.


"This was a great night. I'm glad to be home. I love you, Brian Kinney."


"I love you, too, Justin Taylor."



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