Meeting...The First Time

Ten year old Justin was sitting on a bench at the park, sketching various people and things when he felt a bump against his lower leg. He jumped a little and looked down. There was a soccer ball sitting by his foot.

"Hey, kid, can you throw that to me?" a voice called.

Justin looked up and saw a tall, lanky, brunette walking toward him. Justin's first thought was, 'He's cute!' When Justin's blue eyes locked with the stranger's, Justin's world fell away. He was brought back to reality by a high-pitched voice.

"Kiiid! Throw Brian the ball!"

Justin tried not to cringe when he looked at a short dark-haired guy next to the stranger. His father would kill him if he ever dared whine like that guy had. The two men came over to him. The taller one looked at Justin's sketch of a young couple sitting on the grass.

"Nice picture, kid." A pause. "I'm Brian, by the way."

Justin gave Brian a bright smile. "I'm Justin. Um, here's your soccer ball."

Brian took the ball back from him thinking that the blond was going to be a heartbreaker when he was older.

"Briiian! Let's go!" Brian fought to not roll his eyes at his best friend's whine. He smirked, hiding a laugh, when he saw the blond scrunch up his nose and cringe.

"Later, Kid," Brian said as he and Michael walked away.

"Later!" Justin called back, feeling as if his future had just walked away. Even though he didn't know why and couldn't understand it, Justin had a feeling that he'd be seeing Brian again. One day. Quickly, he flipped the page in his sketchbook and started sketching the face of the mysterious Brian.

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