The First Time





A Natural 


Brian and Justin had been kissing for several minutes, tongues dueling, arms and legs entwined, though they were both fully clothed. Justin said he didn’t want to move on to sex just yet.


“So you want to make out like a couple of teenagers?” Brian asked with a smirk.


“In case you’ve forgotten, I am a teenager,” Justin reminded him, matching his smirk. Brian simply nodded and the makeout session began. That’d been an hour ago and they were still going as if they just started. Justin was practically sitting in Brian’s lap and could feel the older man’s erection against his leg. After a couple of minutes, he stopped. Brian simply looked at him with a raised eyebrow.


“I want to try something,” Justin said with an innocent smile as he started to untangle his limbs from Brian’s.


“Oh?” Brian asked. He was always up for experimenting, especially where sex was concerned. It was at that moment that he remembered that Justin was practically a virgin so it was probably something he’d already done a million times. He kept his eyes locked on Justin as the blond got down on his knees in front of Brian.


“I want to suck your dick,” Justin answered with a mischievous grin. Brian’s dick responded by getting even harder than it already was. While he'd had his dick sucked probably hundreds of times by then, he’d never really had the opportunity to teach someone how to do it just the way he liked it.


“You sure?” Brian asked. As much as he wanted to get his dick sucked by Justin’s full, luscious lips, he knew the kid had an as yet virgin mouth and he didn’t want to force him into anything. Justin simply nodded, then reached up to unzip Brian’s pants. The older man spread his legs so Justin could move closer. He gasped slightly when his hardened shaft was exposed to the cool air of the loft. Justin pulled it out gently and stroked it a couple of times before he started to move toward it. As much as Brian didn’t want to, he reached up and put both hands on each side of Justin’s head, stopping the movement.


“What?” Justin asked, looking confused.


“First rule, cover your teeth,” Brian said. He did like the occasional graze of teeth every now and then, but only from someone that was far more experienced than Justin. Amateurs using their teeth usually ended badly at best. “Second rule, don’t worry about taking all of it in. It takes time and experience to get there. You have to gradually lose your gag reflex to get it down your throat.” Justin nodded. He licked his lips as he watched a drop of precum form on the tip of Brian’s dick. He leaned down and licked it up, causing Brian to moan. Since that seemed to get a good reaction, Justin did it again.


“I’m gonna tell you when I’m close.” Brian tried very hard to stay focused but Justin wasn’t making it easy. “It’s up to you whether you swallow or not. Some people say you shouldn’t until you’re used to it.”


“What do you suggest?” Justin asked before moving down and licking Brian’s shaft from base to tip.


“Do what you feel comfortable with,” Brian answered. He couldn’t believe he was being so patient with a twink. Usually he would apply the “throw them in the lake and see if they sink or swim” method when it came to amateurs. With Justin, he wanted to teach him.  Brian wanted to guide the blond in how to give the perfect blowjob.


“Anything else?” Justin asked before once again licking from base to tip. As he did this, he reached up and started playing with Brian’s balls. The older man lost all coherent thought at that point. He simply shook his head and Justin grinned evilly before dipping down and taking the head of Brian’s dick into his mouth alternating between sucking and licking. One hand stroked the shaft while the other hand played with Brian’s balls.


“Oh!” Brian exclaimed before he could stop himself. One hand went to the back of Justin’s head though he tried very hard not to push down as the other hand grabbed onto the couch. He had to use a great deal of self-control to keep from thrusting up into Justin’s mouth.


Justin continued to suck as he started to slowly move down on the shaft, taking it in a little at a time. He stopped when he had about half of the length in his mouth and sucked hard. Brian groaned and tugged on his hair gently. Justin continued to suck as he moved one finger up, slipping it into his mouth alongside Brian’s dick. Brian moaned louder and squirmed to keep from thrusting.


When the finger was thoroughly coated with saliva, Justin let it slip out of his mouth and moved it down to inch along the skin between Brian’s balls and his hole. Though he knew that Brian was a notorious top, he figured that Brian, like every other gay man, liked having something shoved up his ass every now and again. He played around the opening to the hole as he slowly made his way further down Brian’s dick, taking more into his mouth as he continued to suck.


Brian moaned loudly and almost whimpered at the feel of Justin’s finger near his hole. He normally wouldn’t have given a trick the slightest clue that it was okay to play around his hole, but something in him craved it at the moment. Besides, Justin had lost the title of trick after the third or fourth time they'd fucked. Brian tangled his fingers in the blond locks and had to fight even harder to keep from forcing his dick down Justin’s throat. At the moment that the blond had taken him in entirely, Justin shoved his finger into Brian’s ass and started swallowing around the head. Before Brian had a chance to say anything a low groan escaped from deep in his throat and he came hard. Justin continued to swallow, milking every last drop from Brian before letting the softening dick slip from his lips. Brian was still shuddering from the force of the orgasm as Justin sat back.


“Did I do good?” Justin asked sweetly, though he knew the answer. Brian responded by pulling Justin into a heated kiss, moaning as he tasted himself on Justin’s tongue. They parted only when the need for air became desperate.


“Are you sure you’ve never given head before?” Brian asked. Justin nodded and smiled.


“I’ve never really had a gag reflex and I found this book online….” Justin stopped when Brian started to laugh.


“You couldn’t have learned THAT from a book,” he said. “You’re a natural, Justin. That’s all there is to it. You were born to suck dick.” At that Justin joined in Brian’s laughter.



A Lazy Day


Brian woke up with a serious hangover. He looked at his clock and saw that it was seven in the morning. He was starting to wonder why he was up that early on a Saturday when his brain finally registered the offensive beeping of the alarm. He picked up the clock and threw it across the room. It smashed against the wall before falling to the ground. Brian knew he was going to have to buy a new alarm clock, but at least the damn thing was quiet. He made sure to call Cynthia and let her know he wouldn’t be coming into work so she could have the day off, then went back to sleep.


It seemed like it was only about five minutes later that someone was pounding on his door. He got up, not bothering to put on so much as a pair of underwear, and made his way into the living room. He stopped to look at the clock on the microwave to see that it was actually half past noon. The knocking continued, reminding him of his initial reason for being out of bed. He threw the door open and scowled at the blond standing there with an annoying smile on his face.


“I can see you’re in a good mood,” Justin said. Brian simply continued to scowl at him as he made his way into the loft.


“What are you doing here?” Brian asked. He watched as Justin started to get undressed on his way to the bedroom.


“What am I always doing here?” Justin asked. He started pulling off his shirt.


“Not today.” Brian said, making Justin stop mid motion.


“What?” Justin asked, confused.


“I said, not today.” Brian’s head was pounding so bad that he wouldn’t have been able to get it up if he wanted to. He made his way into the bedroom and started getting dressed, deciding to shower later. Justin looked at him a minute, then sighed and started getting redressed. After he had all his things, he started to leave. Brian watched him head for the door and suddenly didn’t want him to leave. He didn’t feel like spending the day alone, but he wanted more mature company than Gus, or to be honest Mikey. Justin was right about one thing; he was the most mature person Brian knew. “Wait,” he said just as the door slid open.


“What?” Justin looked back at him.


“You don’t….have to go.” Brian was looking at his nose, avoiding direct eye contact.


“But you said….”


“That doesn’t mean you have to leave,” Brian interrupted. Justin got a smirk on his face.


“You want me to just hang out?” he asked. Brian rolled his eyes, suddenly regretting it.


“Don’t read more into it than it is. I don’t want to be alone right now and everybody else is busy.”


“Oh. Okay.” Justin nodded and tried not to smile. He had that “I am so onto you” look on his face.


“So what do you want to do?” Brian asked, silently praying he wouldn’t regret asking.





“No,” Brian said.


“Yes,” Justin replied, smiling.


“No. How dare you?” Brian stood and started to walk to the door.


“You’re wrong, Brian,” Justin answered.


“You know what? Get the fuck out!” He looked at Justin as he pointed at the door.




“No! No one is going to sit there and tell me that Luke is better than Han,” Brian answered with a serious expression.


“He is.” Justin was trying to keep the smirk off his face. He decided that they would watch movies all afternoon. Brian told him he could pick and that’s how they ended up watching the Star Wars trilogy back to back, which then started the argument.


“How can you possibly say that? Luke is a whiney ass bitch that can’t do anything on his own. ‘I have to save the universe? Oh, let me see if it’s okay with my aunt and uncle first.’ And that whole thing with Obi-Wan? No, Luke is a pussy.”


“Luke saved the universe. He blew up the first Death Star.”


“Yeah, fat lot of good that did. They just built another one.” Brian rolled his eyes.


“He still saved the universe,” Justin responded.


“Okay, first of all, how many times did Han save his ass? If it hadn’t been for Han, Luke never would have made it off Tatooine in the first place. Then Han’s the one that kept Luke from getting blown out of the sky when he went to destroy the first Death Star.”


“Han also got frozen in carbonite,” Justin argued.


“As a trap for Luke!” Brian was pacing at this point. “Han led the strike team that got Luke down to Endore to turn himself over to the Emperor. Han got the shields down so the second Death Star could be destroyed.”


“Luke saved the universe.” Justin was smirking at this point.


“Luke did exactly shit! He lay there crying like a little pussy while daddy saved the universe. And what was all that crying over his father? He didn’t even know the man and he’s crying.”


“That’s personal bias,” Justin said.


“Fuck personal bias. Luke was a fucking whiney ass pussy and Han was the shit.”


“Full of shit, more like.” Justin giggled, then let out a squeal as Brian tackled him and started tickling him.


“You just like Luke because he’s blond, admit it.”


“No!” Justin said as he tried to get away. Brian was being merciless.


“Say that Han is better,” Brian demanded.


“NEVER!” Justin yelled in reply.


“Say it.” Brian continued to tickle him. Justin thought he was going to laugh himself to death. He was laughing so hard he couldn’t breathe.


“Alright! Alright. Han is better,” Justin said. Brian stopped and sat back. Justin stood as if to straighten his clothes, then smirked. “Not!”


“Why you…” Brian started to get up. Justin took off running and Brian followed. He managed to escape the older man by ducking around furniture and things like that. Their fatal error was when they both ran into the bedroom, Brian going in one door as Justin went into the other. Neither was really paying attention to where they were going and they collided in the middle, both falling back onto their asses. Brian shook his head to clear it, then looked at Justin. “You okay?” he asked as he moved to lean back against the bed.


“Yeah. You?” Justin replied as he moved to sit beside Brian. Brian nodded his reply and they sat there in silence for a minute. They turned to look at each other and immediately burst into laughter. The only sound in the loft for several minutes was their laughter echoing off the walls.


“Did we really just fight about Star Wars?” Brian asked when he finally calmed down enough to speak.


“Yeah.” Justin nodded, still suffering from residual giggles. He turned to see what time it was, then looked at Brian. “Where’s your alarm clock?”


“Somewhere over there,” Brian said as he pointed in the general direction in which he’d thrown the clock. Justin looked that direction and saw the clock in pieces on the floor.


“You threw it?” he asked.


“Yeah,” Brian nodded. That got them both laughing again. They spent the rest of the evening watching a couple more movies, discussing them a bit more maturely than they had earlier that afternoon. Brian enjoyed the conversations because they went deeper than just the hot guys and the cool special effects, which was normally the case when discussing movies with Michael. It was the first time in a long time that Brian felt he was having an actual intelligent conversation. When the time came for Justin to leave, Brian had a hard time hiding his disappointment.


“Today was really fun,” Justin said as he slipped on his jacket.


“Yeah, it was,” Brian admitted.


“We should do it again sometime.” Justin knew that he was stepping into dangerous territory, but he had to try. Brian was quiet for a minute before looking up at Justin and smiling slightly.


“Yeah, we should,” he said. Justin’s smile brightened considerably before he left and Brian felt really good that he could make the kid so happy



A Moment of Truth


Brian and Justin were sitting on the couch watching a particularly sappy movie. Brian hadn’t wanted to watch it at first but when Justin promised him a blowjob after the movie if he sat still and didn’t make any snide remarks, he agreed. It was one of those tragic love stories where you know the end is going to be sad but you can’t keep from watching it. Justin brought the movie over saying that he’d always wanted to see it but he didn’t want to watch it alone and he certainly didn’t want to watch it with Daphne or his mom.


About halfway through the movie, Justin started sniffling. Brian made sure to have a box of tissues handy. Though it had only been about four months since that first night, Brian knew the kid well enough to prepare for the water works. He watched Justin dab at his eyes for a minute before looking back at the screen. He found himself actually enjoying the movie even though it was depressing and he wondered if he too would be crying were he not so emotionally fucked up. It was times like this that Brian actually envied Justin his emotional openness. The ability to empathize and feel someone else’s pain right along with them was not one that Brian possessed. Brian did find himself misting up a little at the end, though it was more a tightening of his throat than anything else. When the credits started rolling, Justin grabbed the remote and turned it off, then turned the TV off. They sat there quietly for a minute before Justin stood and took Brian’s hand, pulling gently. Brian got to his feet and Justin started to head to the bedroom.


“You don’t have to,” Brian said. He didn’t want to take advantage of Justin’s emotional vulnerability right then. He was also teetering on an emotional edge himself and he wasn’t sure how he would react.


“I want to,” Justin said with a smile as he lay down on the bed. Brian lay down beside him. They were both lying on their sides facing each other. Justin took Brian’s hands in his, lacing their fingers together as they stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment.


Brian leaned in and lightly kissed Justin’s lips at first, then the kiss deepened slightly. He knew at that moment this wasn’t just a fuck. They continued to kiss, fingers tightening their grip for several minutes. Justin pushed slightly on Brian’s side, the older man taking the cue and rolling onto his back. Justin moved so he was lying on top of Brian and started kissing his neck. The kisses were slow and lingering, sending electric shocks through Brian’s body. He sat up just enough to remove his shirt, then lay back, moaning slightly as Justin latched onto his nipple. He reached up and threaded his fingers through Justin’s soft hair.


Justin reached down and started to unbutton Brian’s jeans as he kissed his way down the older man’s body. He made sure to pay careful attention to each of the spots he knew drove Brian crazy. He intended to prove to Brian that there were advantages to sleeping with someone more than once. He slid the jeans off as he made his way down, tossing them aside when they were completely off. Justin locked eyes with Brian for a moment before taking just the head into his mouth and sucking gently. He reached one hand up to slowly massage Brian’s balls as he took more of the shaft into his mouth.


Brian couldn’t keep the moan from escaping his lips, nor did he want to. Justin was good at giving head, phenomenal even, and he deserved to be rewarded with any sound that Brian might be inspired to make. Justin continued to slowly worship Brian’s cock, wanting it to last as long as possible. He used his tongue to lick around the head before driving the tip into Brian’s slit. Brian’s back arched off the bed and he tightened his grip on Justin’s hair, letting out a noise that was a combination between a gasp and a moan.


“Wait….” Brian finally managed to find his voice. He was really close and he didn’t want to cum just yet. Justin looked up at him and was confused until he saw the smile on Brian’s face. He slowly kissed his way back up Brian’s body before their lips came together. Brian rolled so that he was on top of Justin and started undressing him. He took his time, slowly licking and kissing and sucking each inch of flesh that was exposed. Justin was writhing beneath him, letting out a kind of mewling sound that he only made when he was really turned on.


Brian purposely bypassed Justin’s cock, kissing each ball before taking them into his mouth and sucking gently. After a few minutes, Brian moved further down, licking along the skin before driving his tongue into Justin’s hole. The blond gasped and arched off the bed, grabbing the sheets. Brian shoved his tongue in further, trying to go as deep as he could. When he could tell that Justin was close, he started kissing his way back up to those beautiful lips.


They kissed leisurely, taking their time, hands slowly roaming each other’s bodies. Each movement, each touch held a depth of emotion Brian didn’t know he was capable of feeling. Justin was assaulting his barriers and they were crumbling as if they were made of papier mache. He couldn’t believe that it took an eighteen-year-old twink to get him to actually care about someone other than himself.


Justin reached over and grabbed a condom from the bowl, tearing it open and rolling it slowly onto Brian’s dick. He then grabbed the lube and applied a liberal amount to the turgid shaft. When Brian tried to take the lube so he could prepare Justin, the blond moved it so that it was out of reach. He looked Brian in the eye and smiled slightly. Brian indicated his understanding with a nod. He leaned down and kissed Justin passionately as he slowly started to slide in. He took it slow, just about an inch at a time, allowing Justin time to adjust before sliding in further.


When he was all the way in he just stayed there for a minute. They continued to kiss as Brian reveled in the feeling of being inside Justin. He would stay there forever if it were possible. That thought alone terrified him. After a couple of minutes, Justin moved his hips and Brian started thrusting. His movements were slow at first. They moved in sync with each other, Justin thrusting his hips up to take Brian even deeper. Brian looked into Justin’s eyes as he kept thrusting. The love and trust he saw in those blue eyes went straight through him and he almost cried out at the intense emotions that suddenly overwhelmed him. He moved down as if to lick and kiss Justin’s neck but he was actually hoping to hide the tears that had suddenly come to his eyes. He’d never felt anything like what he was feeling at that moment.


Brian’s thrusts started getting faster and he wished he could make the moment last longer. He reached up and started stroking Justin’s cock in time with his thrusts. He leaned down and kissed Justin as they came together, moaning into each other’s mouths. The kiss broke and Brian collapsed on top of the younger man, burying his face against Justin’s neck. Justin smiled slightly as they lay there trying to calm their pounding hearts. The smile faded when he heard Brian sniffle. He started gently rubbing the older man’s back.


“Brian?” he asked, suddenly worried.


“I’m okay,” Brian said, his voice thick with emotion. Brian pulled out, receiving a groan of protest from Justin. Brian rolled onto his side so his back was to Justin. He didn’t want the blond to be able to look into his eyes. He was extremely vulnerable at the moment and he didn’t want Justin to know it. Justin rubbed Brian’s back slowly before moving up to spoon behind him. He kissed Brian’s shoulder, his hand going around to lightly rub Brian’s stomach. Brian tried very hard to get his feelings under control. It’d been a very long time since he’d had an emotional reaction that intense. Brian realized in that moment that he really was in love with Justin. He only wished he had the strength to tell him.



A complete education  


Justin made his way to the loft after school. He’d had an idea in his head for the past several weeks and he wanted to see if he could get Brian’s help. It was going to take a lot of convincing but he figured he’d come up with a sound argument. This was the ultimate test, though. Could he sell his point to a man that made a living selling things to people that they neither needed nor could afford? It was going to be very interesting.


Brian wasn’t home yet when Justin got there, but the super was working on the elevator. He knew Justin from seeing him before so he let him in. Justin did know the code to Brian’s alarm, though Brian didn’t know that he knew, so he turned it off and thanked the super, then shut and locked the door. He started doing his homework, hoping to be done and able to start cooking dinner by the time Brian got home. He wanted to try to butter Brian up for what he was going to ask him.


When Brian got home he was more than a little shocked to see Justin standing in the kitchen cooking. He knew that Justin didn’t have a key and he was pretty sure Justin didn’t know the code to his alarm. He put his briefcase down by the door and made his way around to the other side of the island. He watched Justin cooking for a minute, noticing that the blond had on a set of headphones which explained his not realizing Brian was home. Brian made his way into the bedroom to change clothes, intent on scaring the shit out of Justin when he came out.


“HOLY SHIT!” Justin practically screamed as Brian came out of the bedroom while he was setting the table. Fortunately, quick reflexes kept him from dropping one of Brian’s plates. The last thing he needed was to break the dish and get Brian angry before trying to make his point. Brian smirked, mission accomplished.


“How’d you get in?” Brian asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Super let me in. And you really need to cover yourself a little better when you’re entering your code. It was easy to learn it just by looking over your shoulder.” Justin smirked a little.


“I’m going to have to have a talk with Charlie later,” Brian muttered more to himself than to Justin. “So, what’s for dinner?”


“Baked chicken, green beans and corn. It was all I could find,” Justin answered. Brian nodded and took a seat.


They ate dinner in relative silence. Justin talked about school and Brian ranted about Bob and Brad and what idiots they were. When dinner was finished they rinsed the dishes together and Justin put them in the dishwasher. They moved over to the couch and sat down. Brian sat long ways on the couch and Justin had no choice but to sit in his lap. They shared a smile before Justin leaned in and kissed Brian on the lips.


“You’ve got something on your little twink mind,” Brian said with a raised eyebrow. He could practically see the wheels turning behind the gorgeous blue eyes.


“Possibly,” Justin said, blushing a little. He loved and hated the fact that Brian could read him so well, even though it’d only been about seven months since they met.


“So...” Brian normally wouldn’t have cared but for some reason he was very interested in what Justin was thinking about. Caring about what the other person thinks was something that everyone did when in a relationship. Brian was shocked that he didn’t have a heart attack and die simply from the thought he’d just had.


“Well, I’ve been thinking...”


“Never a good sign,” Brian smirked. Justin chuckled.


“Anyway. I was thinking about the fact that you said you want me to be the best homosexual I could possibly be,” Justin said. He was afraid to look Brian in the eye.


“Yes,” Brian answered, wondering where this was going.


“And, that would mean a complete sexual education, so to speak, don’t you agree?” He tried to look as sweet and innocent and cute as possible in the hopes that it would sway Brian.


“I’d say so.”


“And you and I have done just about everything that is physically possible to be done in bed with another man.” Justin finally looked Brian in the eye.


“Just about?” Brian arched an eyebrow.


“Well, there are two things that I have yet to be taught.”


“And they are?”


“Rimming and topping,” Justin said. He kept his eyes locked with Brian’s and wouldn’t let anything sway him from his objective.


“No,” Brian responded, getting up. Justin tumbled to the floor as he did so and stood, rubbing his ass.


“But don’t you agree those are important things for every gay man to know?”


“I don’t bottom,” Brian responded. It was a blatant lie. Until about four years ago all he did was bottom. Justin didn’t need to know that, though.


“I’m only asking for one time.” Justin tried the puppy dog look.


“Don’t look at me like that. If you want to top so bad, go find someone else to top.” Brian went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water.


“I already tried that.”


“And?” Brian asked, despite himself. He was feeling something in the pit of his stomach that could very possibly be construed as jealousy, but that’s not an emotion he allowed himself to have.


“It didn’t go very well,” Justin admitted, blushing. He then looked at Brian. “Look, don’t you think it’s important that I be taught the right way to do it by someone that will guide me and teach me instead of getting pissed off and kicking me out when I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing?” He was looking Brian in the eye again. He’d gotten him. He could tell by the way Brian’s expression softened. He was starting to give in. Justin simply waited, not wanting to say something that might keep Brian from agreeing. Justin knew he’d won when Brian sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.


The kid was right. It was important that he actually be taught what to do rather than just being thrown in and expected to know. He couldn’t believe he was actually getting ready to agree to this. It was going to be rather interesting since he hadn’t been topped in years so he was probably as tight as a virgin, and Justin did have a rather large dick. Of course, a good rimming would help with that. He shook his head at the thoughts that were running through his mind. He was starting to sound like the bottom boy he used to be. Part of him was scared, though. The whole reason he stopped bottoming was because he couldn’t control the emotions that would form from letting someone inside like that. He’d found himself getting emotionally attached to the men that topped him, even if it was a one night stand, and he’d had to work very hard to keep from following them the way Justin followed him. This was different, though. He was older, more mature, and had better control over his emotions. He could handle this. With a deep breath, he looked Justin in the eye.


“You will tell no one, do you understand me? If word of this gets out I will personally castrate you and feed you your own balls.” Brian gave Justin that “I am extremely serious” look.


“I promise,” Justin said softly, nodding his head.


Brian downed the rest of his water, then headed into the bedroom. Justin followed. He knew what he wanted to do but he would let Brian be in control of the situation or the older man might decide he didn’t want to do it after all. Justin stood in the bedroom doorway and watched as Brian slowly undressed himself. He just about came in his pants as Brian lay naked on his stomach on the bed. Justin got his clothes off quickly and lay down next to Brian, placing a hand on his back and rubbing gently. He could tell from the feel of the muscles in Brian’s back that he was tense. Was Brian actually scared? Justin doubted that was the case. Brian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out as he grabbed his pillow, hugging it to his chest.


“Let’s start with the rimming,” Brian said, trying very hard to keep his voice from shaking. He hadn’t been this nervous since he was a virgin and he was mentally cursing himself for feeling this way. It was no big deal. He used to do this all the time. “Now, start just above my ass.” Brian said. Justin moved his hand down to the dip in Brian’s back.




“Right there,” Brian said. Justin nodded and leaned down, kissing the base of Brian’s spine, sucking on the skin just above his crack for a minute.


“Start moving down.” Brian’s voice was suddenly raspy with lust. Justin did as he was told. He slid the tip of his tongue down between Brian’s cheeks, moaning a little himself as he made his way down. Brian had to try hard to keep from fidgeting. A little moan escaped his lips as Justin started to get closer to his hole. Justin smirked and kept going. He swirled his tongue around Brian’s hole for a second before going down and licking the skin between his hole and his balls, then coming back up to his hole again. Justin teased Brian, putting just a little bit of pressure but never actually entering the older man with his tongue. Brian started breathing heavier, moaning more as he closed his eyes and hugged the pillow tighter to his chest.


“Now what?” Justin teased. He had an idea what to do from the times that Brian rimmed him, but he wanted to see how much instruction Brian would actually give.


“Now you fuck me with your tongue,” was about as eloquent as Brian could get in his current state. Justin smiled and leaned down, teasing the hole once again before stiffening his tongue and shoving it inside. Brian gasped and arched his back a little. He’d forgotten how good it felt to get rimmed. Even by an amateur like Justin. He moaned loudly as Justin started moving his tongue in and out like a miniature dick. Finally, he couldn’t take it. “Fuck me,” Brian practically screamed. He needed something more than Justin’s tongue up his ass and he needed it now. Justin sat up and looked at Brian a minute, then reached over and grabbed a condom and the lube. He slid the condom on easily and lubed up his dick, then coated his fingers and slid one into Brian.


Brian moaned and arched his back again. It wasn’t what he was looking for but he knew he needed to be stretched out before Justin fucked him. Soon Justin added a second finger and Brian winced a little, managing to hide it from Justin. Brian gasped slightly from the pain as Justin added a third finger but he managed to turn it into a moan so Justin wouldn’t notice. He started fucking himself on Justin’s fingers, moaning at the feel of the fingers in his ass and the friction of the sheets on his dick. Justin couldn’t keep from smiling. Brian was really getting into this.


“Just fuck me already,” Brian managed to moan. Justin nodded and removed his fingers. Brian bit back a groan of protest at being left empty. Justin moved and got himself into position, putting the head of his dick against Brian’s hole. When Justin didn’t continue Brian remembered he was supposed to be teaching the boy. “Don’t try to go in all at once. Just push the head in at first, okay?” Brian asked.


“Okay,” Justin nodded and he started to slowly push in. Brian started breathing a lot heavier and Justin figured it was from pleasure so he continued until just the head was inside the older man. Justin was in heaven. Brian’s hole was so tight and it felt amazing.


“Fuck....” Brian was unable to keep it from coming out of his mouth. His eyes were shut tight and he was panting. It seriously hurt. He hadn’t realized exactly how big Justin’s dick really was.


“Brian....” Justin was suddenly worried. He reached up and rubbed Brian’s lower back. “I can stop if you want...” The last thing he wanted to do was hurt Brian.


“’s okay.....just......just give me a minute.” He was trying to relax. To calm down. The last thing he needed was to freak Justin out and turn him off of topping forever. He was a natural at a rim job and could make a great top given the right instruction. Although with that ass he was born to be a bottom. Finally, Brian managed to calm down enough to continue. “Okay.....but.....go slow,” Brian said, hugging the pillow even tighter.


“Okay,” Justin said. He started to slowly inch his way into Brian. It took everything Justin had to keep from cumming just from the feeling of being inside Brian. He was tight, that was for sure, and the heat was amazing. Finally, when he was all the way in, he paused, giving Brian time to adjust. He noticed that Brian was taking slow, deep breaths, obviously trying to keep himself calm. Brian pushed back with his hips and Justin took that as his cue to continue. He pulled out slowly and pushed back in just as slowly. He didn’t want to try anything too fancy at first. Just simple thrusting in and out slowly.


Brian moaned loudly as Justin pushed back in. He knew that most of the art of topping was pure instinct so he tried to keep his instructions to a minimum. Not that he could have found a coherent thought at the moment anyway. Brian knew there was a reason he’d stopped bottoming but he couldn’t remember what that was as Justin continued to slowly move in and out of him. He thrust his hips back in an attempt to get Justin deeper and in the hopes of spurring the younger man on to a faster pace. Justin did pick up the pace, moaning himself as he continued to thrust.


It wasn’t long before the thrusts became hurried and they both knew that Justin was near his orgasm. He reached down and started to stroke Brian’s dick in time with his thrusts. They came in unison. Brian screamed and threw his head back, hands with a white knuckled grip on his pillow, back arched. It was one of the most intense orgasms he’d had in a long time. Justin moaned Brian’s name as he filled the condom. They collapsed together on the bed, Justin still inside Brian, panting and sweaty. After a couple of minutes, Justin slowly pulled out, receiving a groan from Brian. He disposed of the condom and lay down on his back. Brian turned his head to look at him a minute. Brian rolled over onto his back as well, wincing slightly as he did so.


“I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Justin asked, suddenly worried now that the effects of the orgasm were starting to wear off.


“Nothing I can’t handle,” Brian said, wanting to reassure Justin.


“Brian.....” Justin wasn’t buying it. Brian sighed and ran his hands over his face before looking at Justin again.


“It’s been about four years or so since the last time I was topped and you do have a seriously large dick,” Brian explained. “But, from what I can tell, there was no serious damage caused.” Brian smiled warmly at Justin, causing Justin to smile back.


“That really was amazing,” Justin said after a couple of minutes. He was content getting this one time to top Brian. He could just imagine the looks on everyone’s face if they ever found out. They never would, though, because he could keep a secret. Brian simply nodded to Justin’s statement. “So.....I guess that completes my education,” Justin started.


“Not quite,” Brian said.


“Huh?” Justin asked.


“All of the positions that you’ve experienced, you’ve only experienced as a bottom,” Brian found himself saying before he could stop himself. Before this all started he’d convinced himself that this would be the only time he would allow Justin to fuck him. That, of course, changed during the act itself.


“You don’t have to...” Justin started.


“Now, what kind of a teacher would I be if I didn’t give you the benefit of a complete education?” Brian smirked. Justin smiled and kissed Brian on the lips before curling up with his head on Brian’s chest.


What are you doing to me, kid, Brian thought as he watched Justin slowly drift off to sleep. Things were definitely going to start getting very interesting, very soon.


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