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Talking To Yourself

Written for the Gusmas drabble challenge on IJ. Prompt: Smells like snow

24 Drabbles for the Rimming vs. Blowjobs Challenge

Written for the drabble challenge on IJ.

Greatest Reunification

Written for Cuddle Day over on IJ.  This is set S3 shortly after Brian and Justin get back together.

Gusmas Drabbles II

Written for the 37 Days of Gusmas over on IJ. There's a drabble for every major character and pairing as well as quite a few minor characters. There are happy drabbles, angsty drabbles and funny drabbles.

Bunny's Birthday Ficlet

Brian and Justin have a disagreement.

Take Care, My Love

A ficlet originally intended for the Hair Challenge at [info]qaf_drabbles.

Gusmas Drabbles

All these drabbles were written for the 37 Days of Gusmas which [info]xie_xie_xie ran over at [info]qaf_drabbles to raise money for the Trevor Project.

The Good Kind of Crazy

Gus and JR always thought their family was crazy. Sometimes they were right.

Winter's Morning

Written for [info]happier_bunny's birthday.  A porny little fic.


Written for the bj_action Caught in the Act Challenge.

Here to Stay

Written for [info]qaf_scavenger's 2010 Fall Fest

Halloween Drabble & Halloween Snippet


In a Book in a Box High Upon a Shelf

Not all anniversaries are cause for celebration. Written for the QAF Anniversary Gala at [info]qaf_scavenger.

Our Graffiti Love

Justin finds a surprising way to reassure Brian.

Another Quiet Evening

A little piece of fluff written for Happy Cuddle Day on IJ.

See Me Through

Written for [info]qafmaniac in [info]qaf_giftxchnge.

Jan. 29th 2010

Three Autumns

Written for the [info]qaf_scavenger Fall Challenge at IJ - categories Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Leaves

Seventh and Liberty

A little piece of harmless fluff.

The Shadows and the Frame

Written for the Moving Prompt Mini-Challenge at [info]qaf_prompts. The title comes from a k.d. lang song.

Rimming Drabbles

Written for the Rimming Prompt on IJ


Written for Clusterf#ck Challenge - Complications - at IJ

Tempt and Taunt Me Drabbles

Written for Clusterf#ck Challenge at IJ

Opposites Drabbles

Written for Clusterf#ck Challenge at IJ

All I Want

Title taken from the U2 song "All I Want Is You." Inspiration from the amazing [info]happier_bunny . Written for Cuddle Day 2009.


For [info]happier_bunny who wanted kisses in the rain.

Loyalty Drabbles

Written for Challenge #116: Loyalty over at IJ

Angst Drabbles

A few really angsty drabbles.  Be warned about the angst (but no deaths).

Mother's Day Drabbles

In celebration, a few drabbles for favorite QAF moms.

All That There Is

Justin has a fit of anger.

To the Rhythm That Yearns

Brian and Justin are out of sorts.

Like a Roller On the Ocean

How important is the right tie?

For Art's Sake

Brian/Justin PWP with toppy!Justin.  Sometimes you need a hands on approach.

I'll Point You Home

QAF Ted/Emmett
[info]mosca's request: Ted/Emmett, the happy ending they both always deserved, more of a musical than an opera.

The Age of Aquarius

Brian would never call them pets.

It Won't Be Out There, It Can't Be Far

Birthdays have never been simple for Brian.

Six Kisses That Changed Everything

Six Drabbles for Six Kisses.

'Til the Lights Go Down in New York City

In the summer of 1985, Brian joins Michael for the annual Novotny vacation in the Poconos and meets Vic for the first time.

Nothing More Than You Can Feel Now

Brian Kinney has a unique way of dealing with the heat.

Variations on a Theme: Cuddling or Something Like It

Three Drabbles about Brian Kinney cuddling.

The Magical Land of Liberty

Michael tells JR a bedtime story.

A Brand New Sun

Hunterís 21st birthday isn't what he expected .

Son and Heir

Written for the Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges .

Life is an Exodus

Written for the Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges .


Written for the Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges .

Falling on Through to Emotion

Written for the Challenge in Two Parts at [info]qaf_challenges .

Picture Perfect

Written for the Anti-Valentine's Day Challenge at Insane Journal.

4 Friendship Drabbles

4 unrelated drabbles for the Friendship theme at the InsaneJournal drabble community.

High Upon the Magic That You Weave

Written for the Justin Love Challenge.  Brian looks at Justin and suddenly it all makes sense.

All'amor Mio T'affida

Written for the qaf giftxchnge.  Ted/Blake pairing - not every opera is a tragedy.

Trying to Show Affection

Written for the Tribe's Fluff Challenge.

Understanding in the Snow

Written for the Christmas Challenge based on a Christmas movie.

Wear No Disguise for Me

Written for the Vacation Challenge.

In the Space Between Sleep and Sleeplessness

Some things are easier to say in the dark, or six conversations Brian and Justin might have had.

Sweetness Follows

What if Michael hadn’t been seriously injured in the bombing and after retuning to Babylon, Brian took Justin back to the loft.

And You're the One Vanishing - Part 1

Love can bring great joy and great pain. Sometimes it’s easier to forget the pain.

And You're the One Vanishing - Part 2

Love can bring great joy and great pain. Sometimes it’s easier to forget the pain.

The World Makes Sense

They might not be perfect, but Brian and Justin were always better together.

Here I Go Impossible Again

Takes place about 5 years in the future, but breaks from canon after Season 4. Brian is in an accident and Justin is asked to look after him.

I'm Not About to Wish You Free

Five years after 513, Brian has a special Christmas present for Justin.

And Who Do You Think I Am

Justin's been in L.A. for a few years when he gets a surprise visitor.

Slipping Below the Waterline

Sequel: How did Brian end up in L.A. and what is Justin's decision?

Envy Makes Them Cry

Pointless smut

How Indiscreet

It's Brian and Justin told from Hunter's POV.

Sun Meltdown

Summer Memories.

You're Still Here

Post 410 scene

Strange Ways How We Fly

Justin left Pittsburgh years ago. What happens when Gus finds him?

Touch My Heart

Sequal to Strange Ways How We Fly. On Gus's eleventh birthday, Brian lets Justin know he feels.

Won't You Make It Go Away

Brian and Justin need to face the past before they can move forward.

Love is a Rage

A different ending to the Rage Party.

Suffering From Soul Fatigue

Although they are not together, Justin tries to give Brian a special Christmas.

Grab Your Things I've Come to Take You Home

After the Rage party Brian goes after what he really wants.

Love Is Blindness

Written for Secret Admirer Fic Challenge. Brian thoughts about his feelings for Justin.

In the Dream I Refuse to Have

Why Brian doesn't dream.


Justin wants to make some changes in his life. How will Brian react?



After the Rage party Brian and Justin have given up on each other. Are they really prepared to walk away?


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