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New - April 8th 2016



HWY. 281

These stories will be from the inspiration I got while travelling on H-281 in Central Texas and listening to my favorite SXM stations The Bridge, Love Songs, and the 70ís. These will not be song fics, as I really donít like them. I have a feeling most of them will be QAF related, but donít be surprised if other fandoms appear occasionally. They will be slash but not really explicit.

New Apr. 23rd 2015


Yellow Ribbons

Two wars, two different reactions. Written for Moonshadow's War Is... Challenge.

It's What Happens Afterwards

What does war do to those who fight? Written for Moonshadow's War Is... Challenge.

When Things Go Wrong

If one thing can go wrong, so can twelve others. Written for the Tripping Challenge.


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