"Remember when we started this?" Justin asked Brian as they sat on the floor in front of the fireplace, their backs against the sofa.

Brian quirked his lips in a smile and nodded. "Eight years ago. When you came back from New York for good."


Brian had moved into BriTin when Justin had left for New York, three months before. He had sold his loft. He was finally ready to admit that he had changed. That he had grown up. It was Christmas Eve. Christmas morning, to be exact. Midnight on the dot. He was sitting on the floor, in front of the fireplace, on a blanket. He looked at the wrapped gift that was sitting on the coffee table. He had bought Justin a gift. He hadn't sent it. He and Justin hadn't talked in a month and he was missing him. Terribly.

Shaking his head, he whispered with exasperation, "Quit it! You're getting more lesbianic everyday."

The doorbell rang. Brian cast a suspicious look at the door. He wasn't expecting anyone. And he most definitely wasn't in the mood for company. He stood up and walked to the door.

Opening it, he started to speak. "Who the fu--" He cut himself off when he saw who was looking back at him. "Sunshine," he breathed out.

Justin smiled, a little unsurely. "Hi, Brian." They stood staring at each other for a full minute.

Brian, realizing how cold it was outside, broke the stare and ushered Justin inside. "So... What are you doing here?"

Justin licked his lips. "I'm home. Permanently."

"Why?" was the only thing that Brian could utter.

Justin sighed and spoke with sincerity, blue eyes looking straight into hazel. "I missed you. I missed everyone, even Michael." That got a chuckle from Brian. "I tried New York and I came to realize that I can be an artist anywhere. Even here. I don't want to be in New York. I don't want to be without you. I want to come home."

"Are you sure?"

Justin nodded as Brian searched Justin's eyes for doubt. There was none.

Brian smiled. "Welcome home."

They cuddled (in spite of Brian's many definite statements of "I don't cuddle.") and made love with the fire blazing. Then they exchanged gifts. Brian received a portrait of himself, Justin and Gus all together. Brian handed Justin the gift from the coffee table. Justin slowly opened it. When he saw what was inside, he smiled as his eyes teared up with joy. Inside was a key to BriTin, with the ring, that Brian had used to propose with months before, as a keychain.

Brian pulled his own ring out of his pocket and slipped it on to his left ring finger.

Justin unhooked the key and slipped his own ring on. He grabbed Brian. "I love you."

"I love you, too," Brian whispered right before their lips met in a heated kiss.


As the fire roared and the Christmas tree lights blinked, Brian and Justin did the same thing that they had been doing every Christmas at midnight for the past eight years. They made love, cuddled and exchanged gifts.


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