Christmas Eve at the Liberty Baths

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Author's Note:  This story was originally written for QueerasChristmas on LJ.




Brian pulled the towel around his hips and tucked a corner in at his waist. That would hold the towel in place for all the time he would be wearing it. For a second Brian stared into the locker thinking of someone who wasn’t there, who should be there.

Then drawing in a breath Brian put that thought aside, closed the locker door and headed down the hallway of the Liberty Baths. He glanced into each room with an open door. Some men were waiting, lying on the bare mattresses, their asses elevated, waiting for the right person to come along and fuck them.

Brian snorted to himself. Like you could find the right person at the baths. That would be the day! And who the hell said there was any such thing as the right person?

He continued to saunter down the hall. In one cubicle he saw a slim but muscular black man who was stroking himself and staring out into the hallway. Brian met his gaze and then looked away. The guy would do … if he didn’t find anything better, that was.

Three men passed him in the hallway going in the opposite direction. Maybe they had been in the orgy room. That’s where Brian was heading. One of the men gave him that look that said he might have been fucked already, but he still was ready, willing and able to take plenty more. Brian felt the corners of his mouth turn up slightly. He always liked an enthusiastic fuck, especially one with stamina. There was a certain blond that had lots of stamina. Brian shook his head trying to drive that thought away.

As the men passed Brian, one of them squeezed his ass. The enthusiastic fellow brushed the palm of his hand against Brian’s cock. Brian felt it stir in response. At least that was still in working order.

Moving right along, Brian took in the occupants of the next couple of rooms. They both contained trolls. He wouldn’t be visiting either of them. He’d rather go home. Brian kept walking, trying not to think about what he was doing and why. And speaking of trolls…

“Marty, how the fuck are you?” Brian said with a forced smile for the biggest sleaze that inhabited the Liberty Baths.

“Just hunky dory,” Marty said with his slimy grin. His eyes wandered down to Brian’s dick.

“Can’t escape from the Seventh Circle of Hell, I see,” Brian observed. He leaned against the door jamb and crossed his arms on his chest.

“Seems to be my destiny to be trapped here,” Marty chuckled, but Marty didn’t seem to mind his fate at all. Brian was sure Marty secretly loved the baths. The man was willing to take whatever anyone would give him or let him participate in. His slightly corpulent body was not attractive, yet he always managed to find someone that would allow him some part in their sexual activity. Since he would do absolutely anything, he seemed to be in demand by some of the kinkier clientele.

At least Marty had a brain which was more than Brian could say for most of the patrons of the Liberty Baths. But then it wasn’t brains that people were seeking when they came there.

“Nice hat,” Brian said with a smirk.

Marty grinned wider. “My little homage to Christmas,” he replied straightening the rather grungy looking Santa hat that sat atop his large head.

Brian gave a fleeting thought to what those stains on it might be, but then decided it was better not to know. “I haven’t seen you wear that hat on Christmas Eve before,” he said.

“I was never here on Christmas Eve until a couple of years ago. My fucking wife always hosted a party that night.”

“Your wife?” Brian asked taken aback.

“Yeah, till she divorced me three years ago. Been coming here every Christmas Eve since.”

“No shit,” Brian said.

“Haven’t seen you here on Christmas Eve the last few years.”

“Been busy,” Brian said thinking of a certain blond who was no longer in Pittsburgh for the holidays … or probably fucking ever. That’s why Brian was at the baths, picking up on his old tradition of spending Christmas Eve there, getting wasted and fucking everything that moved.

“What better place to spend this special day?” Marty asked with what he obviously thought was a suggestive leer. It made Brian’s skin crawl.

“Yeah, special,” Brian snarked.

“Are you celebrating tonight?”

“What’s to celebrate? Christmas is for heteros and kids. It means nothing to me,” Brian spat out. Then he stood up straight, no longer leaning on the door jamb. He realized he had said more than he intended to and he was wasting perfectly good fuck time talking to this man.

“No Christmas spirit for you apparently,” Marty observed with a snort. “I’d be happy to help you celebrate any way that I can. I’m pretty handy with a dildo or my fingers or...”

“Yeah,” Brian interrupted. “Maybe later.” It was time to get away from Marty and his less than appealing suggestions. Brian had places to go and men to do. He started to walk down the hall.

“Hey, Brian, Merry Christmas anyway,” Marty called after him.

“You too,” Brian muttered without turning around. “Merry fucking Christmas.” He strode more purposefully towards the orgy room. Surely he could find something worthwhile in there. How else was he going to get through this fucking Christmas Eve? Not alone in his loft, that was for fuck sure.

Brian stepped into the orgy room. It was dimly lit, but enough light to see many bodies, some locked in the throes of sex, many watching and stroking themselves. Apparently there were a lot of other men who had no better place to go on Christmas Eve. Brian glanced around, not at all impressed with the brigade of men that confronted him. There were several that he spotted whom he thought he had done before. They were definitely out. A few others were too forgettable looking to be worth his time. Christmas Eve seemed to bring the dregs of humanity to the baths. And apparently he could now be classified as one of those dregs too.

With a grimace he continued to scan the room. He saw one man who seemed a bit older, but had a nice body. He even looked somewhat intelligent. Brian felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up. The memory of Dr. Dave Cameron shot through his brain. He took a closer look at the man. It wasn’t Dr. Dave, but there was enough of a resemblance to give him a creepy feeling. He turned away, looking for someone else, someone young and dark haired and not too muscular. That would be about as different from Dr. Dave as he could get.

Instead his eyes fell on a youngish blond with a slim body. “Shit,” Brian mumbled to himself. Too much like someone else who was far away in California making a fucking movie. But not really like him at all if you looked closely. It didn’t make much difference though. Brian felt his interest in anyone in the room drain away. This was a mistake. He should have stayed in the loft … alone. He didn’t need this crap.

Brian turned, about to leave the room. Before he could take a step a man placed himself in Brian’s path. Brian was about to step around him when he realized that it was Hotlanta.

“What do you want?” Brian scowled.

“Hey,” the man grinned. “I thought I recognized you.”

“I choose not to recognize you,” Brian stated and made to go around the man.

Hotlanta grabbed his arm. “Hey, we had a good time that night. It’s the holidays. We could hook up again?” he said hopefully, ignoring Brian’s rudeness.

“I don’t do charity,” Brian snarled.

“Fuck you!” Hotlanta replied offended by Brian’s continuing nasty rebuff.

“Not tonight,” Brian snapped.

“Asshole,” the man said as he wheeled around and left the room.

Brian wanted to follow because that was the route that would get him out of the baths. This had been a total mistake. However, Brian wasn’t up for another confrontation with Hotlanta. He waited, hoping that the man would leave the baths or find someone else to fuck. Then Brian could make his getaway.

Just as Brian had decided enough time had passed and was about to leave the orgy room, another man slid his arm across Brian’s shoulder and rubbed his semi-hard dick against Brian’s ass. Brian was about to throw off the arm and tell the guy to fuck off. He turned his head to do just that and saw a good looking face smiling back at him.

“I have some … friends waiting,” the guy said suggestively.

“No shit,” Brian said with a grin. That meant a four-way or more. That might be the perfect answer of how to spend his Christmas Eve. “Where are they?”

The guy cocked his head and moved towards the back of the room. Brian followed. Two men were sucking each other off as they approached.

“Hey, the guy said. “I’ve got another one.”

The men looked up and grinned at Brian. He nodded in return before sitting down on the bench where the men were already perched. The men stroked themselves, keeping their cocks hard and ready. One of them rolled onto his knees and leaned over to suck on one of Brian’s nipples. Brian let out a little groan at the sensation. This was what he had been needing. One of them handed him a bump and he took a snort. He leaned his head back against the half-wall at his back and closed his eyes. Yes, this could work. He hoped this would get rid of the malaise he had felt ever since Justin’s phone call from California a couple of days earlier.

The budding “stah” had explained that he was working on some background sketches for Rage’s lair that were going to be needed right after the Christmas break. He had to get them drawn up and to the set builders before Christmas so that they could have them ready when the movie returned to production in the new year. As a result it didn’t look like he’d be able to come back to Pittsburgh for the holidays. That had been the icing on the fucking cake. He and Brian hadn’t seen each other for over two months, and Brian knew right then the likelihood was that Justin would never return to Pittsburgh at all.

Brian could imagine the holiday parties that Justin would get invited to. New Year’s in Hollywood had to be far more attractive than freezing your ass off in downtown Pittsburgh. Brian had put a brave face on it, saying that Justin should do whatever he needed to in order to become a big, fat, fucking success. That was how they had left things. Brian knew Justin wouldn’t be coming home, and he did his best to convince Justin that it was just fine with him. Too bad he couldn’t convince himself.

Brian felt his towel tugged open and a warm mouth engulfed his cock. He let out a soft sigh as he felt himself harden under the experienced mouth that held him in its wet cavern.

A hand reached under him and played with his balls. A mouth descended onto his lips, initiating a long and very hot kiss. Brian responded at first. The mouth was warm and inviting. The guy knew how to kiss. But … it wasn’t Justin. Brian felt his whole body fade as that realization struck him. He couldn’t open his eyes, because he knew the face he would see would be the wrong face.

“Hey man, work with me,” the guy on his knees said looking up at Brian.

“Yeah,” Brian muttered, keeping his eyes closed but trying to concentrate on the guy’s mediocre blowjob. He willed his dick to stiffen. This night was turning out to be a total disaster. He took another bump.

Brian felt movement around him and was tempted to look, but he was focused on his cock. He didn’t want it to go soft. Someone latched onto his nipple again. That was better, he thought. He let the sensation flow through him.

“That’s good, man,” the guy on his knees mumbled around his cock.

Brian smiled slightly, as the man who had his nipple in his mouth rolled his tongue around the stiffened nub and then sucked hard. Brian gasped. That was the way Justin always did that. His smile broadened as his dick got really hard and he felt his orgasm building.

Suddenly the man let go of his nipple and he groaned at the loss of contact. The man playing with his balls had stopped too. Then someone straddled his hips rubbing up against his groin, while one guy continued to suck on his dick. A sharp nip to the tender spot where his shoulder met his neck made Brian groan with pleasure. That was something Justin often did. Then the guy started to suck on that spot and Brian felt his dick spring into action. It was about to explode even though the mouth that had been sucking him off was no longer there.

“Ahhhhh,” Brian moaned as sparks of electricity shot through his body.

“That’s it,” a voice whispered against his ear.

Brian’s eyes flew open. He stared into the smiling face of Justin Taylor. Justin’s nearly naked body was the one straddling his hips.

“Wha…?” Brian gasped. “How?”

“I missed you,” Justin said kissing Brian long and hard. “I had to come.”

“I was about to come too,” Brian said when Justin’s lips let him speak.

“Why didn’t you?”

“Someone’s voice startled me.”

Justin laughed and Brian thought he’d never heard anything so lovely in such a long time. “I can help you with that,” Justin said reaching down to grasp Brian’s softening dick.

Brian batted the hand away. “Not here,” he said. “Let’s go home.”

“Sure,” Justin replied standing up and adjusting the towel that had nearly fallen from his hips. Brian tied his towel back around himself as he stood up too. He noted that all the men who had been working on him had disappeared. He frowned wondering how that had happened, but then he realized he didn’t give a fuck about them. He had exactly what he wanted right here beside him. He pulled Justin against him and kissed him again.

“You better stop that,” Justin laughed, “or we’ll have to do it here.”

“Let them get their own show,” Brian said as he headed towards the exit of the orgy room.

Near the door stood Marty still wearing his grungy Santa hat and his less than haute couture towel. He winked at them as they neared him.

“Thanks, Marty,” Justin said genuinely.

“No problem,” Marty grinned. “I was glad to help. It was fun to be a Christmas fairy even here in the Seventh Circle of Hell.”

“I appreciate it,” Justin replied.

Brian gave the man a half smile but kept on going. He wanted to get Justin home and into his bed. What he wanted to do to Justin Taylor was not for public consumption. It was all his. He took Justin’s hand and led him quickly down the hall to the locker room.

“How did you get Marty to help you?” he asked as they quickly donned their clothes.

“I was looking for you and he told me you were in the orgy room. He said he’d call the other guys away and leave you all to me.”

“Who would have thought…?”

“That Marty had a heart?”


“I guess the Christmas spirit can be found in the most unexpected places.”

“Like the Liberty Baths on Christmas Eve?”

“Exactly! Merry Christmas, Brian.”

“Merry fucking Christmas to you too,” Brian said as they pushed open the door of the baths and headed out into the snowy night. Brian placed his arm firmly around Justin’s shoulders. He couldn’t get close enough to the young man, the right young man that he had found at the Liberty Baths. He laughed out loud with the joy of going home with Justin Taylor. Sometimes Christmas miracles did happen, even at the baths.

The loft and their warm bed awaited the lovers on this very special Christmas Eve.


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