Author's Note:  Lot of thanks to my wonderful beta Kris.

Brian's POV

Getting out of the taxi, I make my way up to the munchers' house, holding Gus' birthday gift in one hand and my travel bag in the other. I put my bag down and knock on the door, not surprised when Melanie opens it with an angry glare. "Well it's about time you made it, Gus has been asking about his daddy all night. Can't you even fucking show up on time?"

"Well it's good to see you too, Melanie," I snarl as I push past her. "It`s nice to know some things never change."

She gasps and then straightens her shoulders. "Well, what's your excuse this time? Something came up?"

I know I'm late, but Jesus, it's not my fault they moved away from everyone to fucking Canada. I clear my throat and speak nonchalantly. "The flight was delayed. Now if you don't mind, I would like to see Gus."

She shakes her head and speaks sternly. "Oh no you don't; he's sleeping. You can come back tomorrow." Suddenly her face softens and I notice she is looking down at the gift I have in my hand. She bites her lower lip, trying to suppress the smile that is spreading across her lips. She points to the Glow Worm. "Is that Gus' birthday gift?"

I shrug my shoulders and wonder why she seems so amused. "Yeah, do you have a problem with it?" I ask harshly.

She shakes her head, still smiling. "No, not at all. Gus is sleeping, but I think it's okay for you to go up and see him." She points her finger at me, "Just don't wake him."

"Yes mother," I reply sarcastically.

As I make my way up the stairs I see Lindsay walking out of Gus' room. She smiles as she gives me a big hug. God, I have missed her so much. I wrap my arms around her tightly, inhaling her essence, then kiss her soundly on the lips .

Lindsay rubs my back gently and smiles up at me. "Hi, Bri."

We step out of our embrace. "Hi." I look past her shoulder. "How is our sonny boy doing?"

"Good. He misses you, though."

"I know. I wanted to be here sooner but the flight was delayed."

She nods her head and then points to the gift I have for Gus, giving me a questioning look. She doesn't say anything though, and I wonder what the big fucking deal is about it. She steps aside so I can enter the room, then she speaks in a hushed tone. "He just fell asleep, but you can look in on him if you want to. Why don't you leave his gift by his bed so he can have it first thing in the morning?"

When I walk inside I feel my breath hitch when I see the orange glow of the night light shining on my sonny boy. I see that he is no longer a baby, but a little man. I walk closer, feeling my emotions begin to rise. When the hell did he get so big? I hold up the small baby Glow Worm in my hand and I can't believe I got him a glow worm...a fucking baby glow worm. No wonder the munchers gave me odd looks. How was I to know he was so big and growing up so fast when he lives a country away from me?

Carefully I kneel down next to his bed and softly caress his hair, remembering the past. When Lindsay asked me all those years ago to be the father of her child I laughed. Me, a father? I never thought I could care for a small child, but now that he is here I miss not seeing him around every day. I am glad Lindsay and Melanie are making a good home for him, a better home life than I ever had. That is what I wish for my son, for him to be happy and loved.

Carefully I stand back up and look down at my son. My emotions get the better of me as a small tear threatens to leave my lashes. Delicately I set the glow worm on the dresser next to his bed, accidentally pressing the small button in its belly. A nursery rhyme sings from the small toy and casts a glow upon its little face.

I look back over at Gus and I'm startled when I see two small eyes looking up at me. Gus smiles really big. "Hi, daddy."

"Hey, Sonny Boy."

He sits up at the side of the bed in his blue and white striped Pajamas, dangling his legs back and forth, reaching his arms out to me. I lean over and pick him up, giving him a big hug. I whisper in his ear. "When did you grow up and get so big?"

Gus laughs. "I don't know; it just happened." He cradles my face with his small hands. "I missed you, daddy."

"I missed you too, Sonny Boy."

He wraps his small arms around my neck and nuzzles his head in my neck, reminding me that he is still a little boy and not quite as grown up as I previously thought. He pulls back enthusiastically. "So what did you bring me?"

I can't help but laugh as I sit him back down on his bed. "And what makes you think I would bring you anything?" I ask him teasingly.

He shrugs his shoulders and laughs, throwing his hands in the air. "Because it's my Birthday, that's why Daddy."

I kneel back down in front of him. "That's right, it's your birthday, and how old are you now?"

He looks at me in shock. "You're my daddy. You should know that."

I don't know about that. When I last saw you were five, and that was six months ago, but look at you, now you're twelve," I tease.

He grins brightly. "You're so silly daddy. Now take away six from twelve and you have my age." He sits up straight and tall, proud of his response.

"And you're smart too."

He nods his head excitedly. "So what did you get me?"

Suddenly I feel a little embarrassed getting him a baby toy. "Well, Sonny Boy, it's right next to you, but if you don't want it I will take you to the store tomorrow and we can get you something that a big boy might like."

He looks over at the Glow worm and picks it up thoughtfully with tears in his eyes. He looks up at me and I feel bad that I may have upset him. He looks back down at the glow worm and presses the little belly, lighting up the face as it plays music. He looks back up at me, wiping the little tears from his eyes. "Thank you, Daddy, I love it. Can I keep it?"

Gently, I reach over and brush a stray hair from his eyes. "If you want to keep it, I am okay with that, but you don't have keep it just to make me happy. I understand if you want something else."

"I love it, I really do, Daddy. Can I tell you a secret?"

I feel my emotions rise in my chest at the idea my sonny boy wants to share something about his life with me. "Of course."

He holds the small toy close, lighting up the face again. "Sometimes I get scared of the dark. I know I shouldn't, I'm a big boy, big boys are not afraid of the dark, but I am. I don't like the dark." He smiles brightly. "But now all I have to do is hold this close and all the darkness will go away. Thank you, daddy."

"You're very welcome, Sonny Boy. You know you never need to be ashamed of being afraid of the dark." I look around the room and make sure Lindsay and Mel are not listening, and I whisper softly. "Daddy doesn't like the dark either. In-fact that's why I have all those pretty lights above my bed. "


"Yeah, really."

"And I thought you just had those lights because it looked fashionable with your loft."

I can't help but chuckle. "Well, that too."

"No worries, Daddy. I won't tell anyone; your secret is safe with me," he says proudly.

"Good. Now go back to sleep and I'll see you in the morning. "


He lays back down holding the toy close. I stand back and pull his blue blanket over him, kissing him on the forehead. "Goodnight, Sonny Boy.'

"Night, night, Daddy."

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