Chapter 8

When I wake up we are in a pile of sweaty, tangled limbs and heat soaked skin. Blond hair tickles my nose and I feel soft lips resting against my neck. I'm afraid to open my eyes, afraid it's all a dream.

I've never felt this content.

I run my fingers along soft, pure, pale skin. It's so smooth, so perfect. His body is a glorious weight on top of mine.

I take a chance and open my eyes. He's still there. I'm still holding him. I sigh happily.

I look out the window and see the moon high in the sky. It must be late. I snuggle back against my blond and close my eyes.

Wait a minute. My eyes pop open. It's late.

His parents are supposed to be home late.


"Justin." I run my fingers through his hair and kiss his forehead. "Wake up."

"Hmm." He shakes his head against my neck and moans a little. I smile. He's adorable.

"Wake up." He lifts his head and stares at me sleepily. He smiles and kisses me gently. My heart beats faster. I love how he can do that to me. "When are your parents supposed to be coming home?" He gets a big grin on his face.

"They called while you were on the great condom hunt."

Fucker. I smirk, tongue in cheek.

"They aren't coming home until late Sunday night." Ooh, that's interesting. He climbs on top of me and kisses up my neck. God, that feels good. He takes my earlobe into his mouth and nibbles on it.

"How will you ever keep yourself busy?" I ask him as I run my hands up his back. He kisses my lips and pulls away slightly. I can still feel his breath on my lips. I feel them brush against mine as he speaks, so soft, so low.

"Wanna have a sleepover?"

Hell fucking yeah I do.

"That's a wonderful idea, Sunshine. I should stay to make sure you don't get yourself into any trouble."

Unless I'm the one causing it.

"Yaye." He fucking purrs and spoons up against me. I hold him tighter.

I've never kissed anyone the way I kiss him.

I've never held anyone the way I hold him.

I've never fucked anyone the way I fuck him.

I feel like I should be scared by that, but I'm not. It's comforting. This is all going so fast. Zero to sixty in no seconds flat. Warp speed.

The weird thing is, I like it that way. Being with him was incredible. I've never felt like that before, ever. I slide my hand up between his shoulder blades and inhale his scent deeply. He smells like cotton, sugar, and me.

"Mmm, we're all sticky." We are. I feel glued to him. My hair is stuck to my forehead. It's nice, laying here all wet and sticky.

"Want to take a shower?"

Ooh, I want to fuck him in the shower. I want to press his wet, soapy body against the glass and lick drops of water from his creamy skin.

Most of all, I want to be inside of him again.

"A shower sounds like an excellent idea." He gets off of the bed and grabs my hand. I lean down and grab a condom from the small pile of them on the floor. When I threw the box down earlier, they all scattered.

They're just screaming, "Use me!"

He leads me through what I presume is his parents' bedroom. He closes the bathroom door behind us and lays two fluffy blue towels out on the counter. He wiggles his ass enticingly as he steps into the large, open shower. I growl deep in my through.

That ass is so mine.

Steam fills the shower as the hot water beats down on us relentlessly. I watch his pale white skin turn red from the heat. I pull him against my body and kiss him hard, right under the spray. This kiss is harder, needier, than any of our others. He kisses me with such fierceness that I feel like he is trying to crawl inside of me and stay safe and warm forever.

And I want him to.

I match his kiss with equal vigor, battling with his tongue for dominance. I suck on his tongue so hard that I think I might swallow it. When I can no longer breathe, I pull away from the airtight lock he has on my lips. His face follows mine and we pant into each other's mouths, breathing each other's oxygen. I hold him so tight against me for a moment. I turn our bodies and push him into a sitting position on the built in shower seat. He stares up at me, looking so fucking beautiful.

I pour some shampoo onto his mop of hair and work it thoroughly, feeling the blond strands slip through my fingers. I position him under the spray and watch in awe as the water rinses him clean.

I'm jealous of the water. It gets to touch him so closely. So close, it seeps inside of him.

We trade places and he returns the favor. His hands feel so good on my scalp. When he's all done, I stand and tilt my head back against the spray. I feel his hands slip and slide along my body, and my dick grows harder. I softly push him against the shower wall and kiss along his neck. I pull away and watch his eyes widen as I stroke him slowly. He moans and I squeeze tighter.

"Do you want to do it again?" I ask him. He nods and I grin. I reach out of the shower stall and grab the condom. This time I waste no time in rolling it down my achingly hard cock. I switch our positions and gently push him against the glass next to the door. He gasps as his hard dick comes in contact with the hard, cold glass. I spread his legs and kiss his neck as I slide two fingers into his tight little hole. He cries out in pleasure and I prepare him quickly, using the water as lubrication. I scissor my fingers back and forth and pull them out fast. He moans in protest.

"Ready?" I ask him, nudging his puckered opening with the head of my cock. His head falls back against my shoulder.

"Yes. Please," he mumbles against my chin. I intertwine my fingers with his and hold our hands against his stomach as I push in slowly, pausing after just the head is inside. My eyelashes flutter and my jaw goes slack.

It's so fucking good.

I hold his hip and take a deep breath. I feel him shaking again. It's so sexy when he does that. His whole body shudders when something feels really intense. I feel his skin tremble beneath my hand on his hip. He pushes back against me and I slide in all the way, so slowly.

I want to go fast, I want to take him and fuck him wildly. But I can't. I have to go slow with him, and that's amazing, too. I'm going to teach him everything, one step at a time. I don't want to hurt him. I want him to feel amazing. I want him to love every second of it.

There will be plenty of time to fuck the shit out of him in the future.

I press in as deep as I can go and place both hands on his slim hips. I press my cheek against his hair and will myself to calm down. At this rate, I'll never last. I listen to him whimper, listen to him moan and pant. I feel him writhe and shake.

I do this to him. All of this.

He slides his hand back and clasps it over mine on his hip. His other hand is resting against the glass, keeping him steady. I take a deep breath and start to move in and out slowly.

He is so fucking tight. It's never felt like this. Oh god.

We move together in perfect sync. He knows what I want. I know what he wants.

We're dancing together, our bodies responding to the beat of our hearts. This is a dance only we know, only we can see.

I want to dance like this forever.

I look up and moan as I see us in the mirror above the sink. Steam is swirling around our bodies and we look so fucking good together. I watch us in the mirror. We're so hot. I watch his expressions. His eyes are closed and he's biting his lip.

I want him to scream.

"Look at us, Justin." I lick and bite his ear as I whisper to him, thrusting long and deep. "Look how beautiful we are. See how fucking hot you are?"

He looks up and we lock eyes in the mirror. We moan and groan, I thrust and he pushes back, but we never break the gaze we have on each other in the mirror.

This is the most erotic moment of my entire life.

"Please go faster." I barely hear his raspy plea, but I obey it without question. My thrusts get harder, faster, deeper. His moans get louder. "Oh yes."

"Oh fuck, Justin. You're amazing. I'm so close." I don't take my eyes off of the mirror. I watch his face closely as I rotate my hips so I nudge his prostate on each thrust. His face is so beautiful, especially while he's moaning.

"Brian!" My name sounds so good coming out of his mouth. I readjust my eyes, taking in the whole picture. He screams out in pleasure and I watch in the mirror as cum shoots from his dick and splatters against the glass.

Fuck, that's hot.

I feel his hole spasm around my dick I'm gone. I cum so hard I literally see stars. White, black, and blue stars. My orgasm makes my whole body spasm with the intensity.

Holy shit.

My legs turn into gel and I lean against Justin. We sink down to the tile floor, our knees coming in contact with the floor. I slip out of his ass and remove the condom. He sighs as he feels me leave him.

Believe me, it made me sad too.

He turns around in my arms and I hold him so tight. I kiss his lips softly. I can feel his heart beating against my chest. Our heartbeats are perfectly in sync.

We just sit there, holding each other, kissing each other, and breathing. The water runs cold and we leave the shower in a daze, drying each other off. We walk back to his room hand in hand and collapse on the bed. His body immediately molds against mine, his curves lining up with my dips like two pieces of a puzzle.

God, this feels good.

"Brian?" His voice is quiet, spilling from his mouth into the hollow of my ear hesitantly.


"Are we…never mind."

I hate when people do that. He's not getting away with it.

"Are we what?" I ask him, lifting his chin up so he meets my eyes.

"Are we…?" He pauses. His eyes are big and round, so full of wonder. I want to climb inside of them. "Are we boyfriends now?"

What's this feeling? Ah yes, panic.

I've never had a boyfriend. I've never had anything even remotely resembling a boyfriend. I've never wanted one, never needed one. But now…I think I might.

I blink and let out a deep breath. I open my eyes and gaze at him.

"Do you want to be?" I whisper. Now I sound hesitant. He brings his hand up and cups the side of my face. His thumb travels across my bottom lip and I kiss the digit softly.

"Yes," he replies. I smile and kiss the tip of nose.

"I guess that makes us boyfriends." He gets the smile, that smile, and my heart melts. He kisses me with such adoration that I have to close my eyes from the intensity of it all.

Wow. Boyfriends.

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