Aka Brandnewloser87

Individual Stories


Something More

There is nothing like a fuck buddy, but sometime's you just need something more.

New! Jan. 24th

Bleeding Emotions

Brian is a high school senior with a hidden talent. Justin is in his senior year of college with hopes of becoming an artist. What happens when they cross paths?

New! Oct. 6th

Through the Rain

A tragic event brings Brian and Justin together in an entirely different way. They have one substantially important thing in common, Gus.

New! Oct. 6th


After the handcuffs are unlocked, the boys remain bound together.  Sequel to Handcuffed.  

New! Oct. 6th


Justin meets the new boy at school while trying to find his way out of an awkward situation.

New! July 16th

Feedback for Carly

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