Chapter 5

This was so not what I expected when I woke up this morning.

Let's review. I was handcuffed to my locker, and there I met the very pretty Brian. He rescued me, and kissed me. Then I find out he's my new neighbor. He comes over, and we make out. He gives me a hand job. I give him a blowjob. He rims me. It's quite possible that I could lose my virginity tonight.

First kiss to first fuck in less than eight hours.

This will be a day for the record books.

I'm standing at the stove, stirring some pasta. I wanted to make us dinner. I hope he likes pasta. I hope he comes back soon.

I'm wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms. It's the first time that I haven't felt self-conscious of my body. Brian makes me feel…beautiful.

I stir the sauce and set the lid on the pan so it can simmer. I hear a knock on the door and try my hardest not to squeal in excitement.

I fail.

I skip, yes, skip to the door and pull it open with a big smile on my face. Brian smiles back and steps inside. I throw my arms around him and kiss him hard. He kisses back and picks me up, spinning me around in a circle.

I'm falling fast.

"Hey," he whispers. How can he make one word so sexy?

"Hey. What did your dad want?" I ask him as I shut the door and lead him into the living room.

"Well I was supposed to be helping them unpack." He slides his hands up and down my back as he keeps me pressed up against him.

"How'd you get out of it?" His skin is so soft. My lips can't get enough.

"I asked him if I could come back over here and be with you instead. Sharing my cigarette with him probably didn't hurt either."

Haha. Very funny. Wait, he doesn't look like he's kidding.

"You told your dad about me?" He kisses the tip of my nose.

"Yeah." He kisses my cheek.

"What did you say?" He kisses my chin.

That's really fucking distracting.

"I told him that a cute boy lived next door, and that I like him." I pull back from him, my eyes wide in surprise.

"Shut up."

"What?" He furrows his brows like he's confused. He's out to his parents? And just tells them about boys?

Wait…he said he likes me. More on that later.

"Your dad is cool with you being gay?"

"Oh. Yeah. I came out when I was fourteen. They're really supportive." He slides his hand up into my hair and I sigh. My parents would kill me.

"I thought you said your dad made you play football?" I ask, running my hand up his forearm.

"He did. He wanted me to show everyone that fags could be just as manly and macho as straight guys."

Good point.

"That's really awesome," I tell him. "My parents would kill me. My dad is totally homophobic." He smiles sadly and cups my cheek in his hand. Then he leans in and kisses me, softly, tenderly. I swoon.

"Fuck 'em," he mumbles against my lips. Good advice.

"I'm making us some dinner." I turn away and start to walk into the kitchen. He follows me.

"Aw, what a good little wife," he teases. I blush profusely.

This does feel a little domestic.

He comes up behind me as I stir the sauce. He slips his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on my shoulder. I feel so safe and warm in his arms.

Fuck, he makes me feel mushy.

"What are we having?" He asks me as he smoothes his hands along my abs, or lack there of.

"Just some linguini in seven herb sauce. Nothing special." I love to cook, so it really isn't.

"Well aren't you my little chef." He kisses the side of my neck softly and I sigh.

With the way we're acting, I half expect our kids to come running around the corner at any moment, demanding dessert first.

That's a sobering thought.

It quickly goes away as Brian circles my belly button with his finger and dips it in and out as he licks my neck. He kisses down my back and crouches down until he reaches the top of my sweats. He pulls them down a little and kisses and licks my ass. I have to grip the edges of the stove.

I wince as he bites my skin and sucks harder. Fucker is leaving another hickey. While he was gone I counted. He's left four. Four!

And that's just in places I can see without the use of a mirror.

Not that I mind. I just want to talk about my awesome new hickeys.

His tongue circles my hole and I moan. My head falls forward and I open my eyes and stare into the boiling pans of water and sauce.

Well, this can't be safe. He's turning my legs into jelly over super hot objects. We must relocate, for my safety.

"Brian, we need to move. I'm concerned for my well being." He slides back up my body and laughs softly.

"How much time until dinner is done?" His voice is deep with lust. His eyes are almost black. I pick up the timer and set it.

"Fifteen minutes," I inform him. He smiles and picks me up, carrying me to the living room. He lays me down on the rug and places a throw pillow from the sofa under my hips. He climbs in between my legs and pulls my pants off quickly.

"I am so fucking determined to finish this rim job," he laughs. I laugh too until he lifts my hips and leans down, returning his wet tongue to my puckered hole. The laughs die and are reincarnated as moans, emanating from deep in my throat.

I didn't know I could make sounds like this.

I didn't know I could tremble like this.

I didn't know I could feel like this.

And it's all thanks to Brian.

His tongue stiffens and slides slowly inside of me. I cry out his name and slide my fingers into his shaggy, chestnut hair. He places my legs on his shoulders and thrusts his wet tongue in and out of me.

Say good-bye to all coherent thought, Justin.

My body shakes, my hips jerk. I feel my lips moving but I don't have any clue what I'm saying. My eyes roll back into my head and my back arches up. This is fucking amazing.

His tongue pushes deeper and I feel a jolt of pleasure surge through my body. Oh my god.

I'm pretty sure I just screamed, but right now all I'm aware of is his tongue in my ass, so warm, so wet, and so oh, right there.

I feel his hand wrap around my cock and he strokes it time with the strokes of his tongue.

Oh no. Oh please. So close.

Don't stop.

My body is writhing, and I feel so wanton. I'm shaking, pleading, begging. That's it. Right there. Don't stop. More.

I see white spots. I can't breath. I can't think. But oh my god I can feel. At this moment, I never want to feel anything else. Ever.

He stabs my hole with his tongue and squeezes my dick tighter.

Here's where I completely lose it.

I scream so loud that for a fleeting second, I'm afraid the neighbors might hear. I cum harder than ever before and my vision, my hearing, my everything goes blank. I lie there on my living room floor, in a puddle of quivering flesh.

My coherency comes back to me slowly as I feel his strong arms wrap around my torso. He kisses my chest, my neck, and then my lips. I feel his tongue penetrate my mouth and I can taste myself.

I taste good. I wonder what he tastes like. I'll find out.

"Justin," I hear him whisper into my ear. He tucks my hair behind it and kisses the lobe. "I want to be inside of you. Can I?"

Suddenly, the sleepy veil everything was shrouded in with my post-coital bliss is lifted and I'm very fucking alert.

Oh my god. This is it.

I get up and go into the kitchen. I turn off the stove and put lids on everything with very shaky hands. I feel Brian's eyes burning a hole into my back.

"Brian," I call over my shoulder.


"I hope you're getting naked." I laugh as I walk back into the living room. Brian kicks his jeans aside and leads me back up to my bedroom. I'm shaking, and I swear I can hear my heartbeat. I'm so fucking terrified.

But I want this.

Brian lays me down on my bed and climbs on top of me. He kisses me softly and looks into my eyes with such tenderness that I nearly cry. I lean up to kiss him again.

"Fuck!" He mumbles against my lips.

Now what?

"What?" I ask. He shakes his head.

"I don't suppose you have any condoms," he says. I've never even touched a condom.

"That would be a no."

"Shit." He climbs off of me and it finally hits me.

No condom, no sex.

For the love of god!

I have to laugh, because Brian looks like he's going to cry.

"I'll go get some. I'll be right back. Again." He sighs and I smile. "Don't you dare put your clothes back on. Stay here. Naked."

With that, he runs from the room and I collapse back against my pillows, a small smile on my face.

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