Chapter 4

Did he just say what I think he just said?

No way.

"You want me to what?" I ask him, smoothing his blond hair against his head.

"I want to suck your dick. I want to taste you."

How could I say no to that?

"Are you sure?" I ask him. He nods exuberantly and I laugh. "It's a big day of firsts for you." He smiles radiantly and I kiss his lips. He is so fucking gorgeous. His skin is so pale, so smooth. And that mouth. That mouth is about to…

No. I can't think about it. If I think about it, I'll cum on the spot. Shit, and I need to make it through teaching him how?

Oh man.

"Ok, time for cock sucking 101. Are you ready Mr. Taylor?" I lay down on his bed, my dick leaving pre-cum on my stomach. I swallow hard. I can't believe this is happening.

He climbs between my legs and licks the cum from my stomach. He moans at the taste and I almost fucking lose it. Oh god. I'm never going to last.

I sit up and lean against the headboard, so I can watch him, guide him. He sits back on his heels between my legs, watching me intently. He looks like he's about to whip out a fucking notebook. I stifle a laugh and sigh. Where do I begin?

"Rule number one," I start, my voice strong. "Cover your teeth. Always cover your teeth." He nods. "Everyone has their own technique. You just have to find yours."

Oh my god, he's practicing covering his teeth. Ok, I can't laugh. He's so fucking adorable.

He leans forward and tentatively grabs my hand. He brings it up to his mouth and slides my index and middle fingers in between his lips. I don't feel any teeth. Good boy.

He starts sucking on my fingers, letting them slide in and out of his luscious mouth. As he practices, I feel my eyes roll back into my head a little. If he can do that to my fingers, what is he going to do to my dick?

Oh god.

He lets my fingers slip from his mouth and he grins at me. I'm not sure what I'm doing. Grinning like an idiot, maybe.

"Ok, what next?" Did he say something? Oh right. I'm giving a lesson.

"Do you want me to show you?" I ask, leaning forward to grab his dick.

"No. Tell me what you want me to do." Ooh, assertiveness. I love that in a man.

"Ok, well, I'm too far gone to teach you. Just, um, do what you were doing to my fingers to my dick." He smiles and leans down to kiss my thigh.

"Will you tell me if I'm doing anything wrong?" He asks. I nod, not being able to manage anything else. He smiles and runs his tongue along my shaft. My cock twitches and I sigh. His tongue slides over the head, broad and wet. He licks the pre-cum up and moans. Then he presses the tip of his tongue into my slit and I gasp as a jolt of pleasure runs through me. He smiles and takes the head of my cock into his mouth, sucking softly. He flicks his tongue across the underside, hitting a bundle of nerves. My hips jerk and I moan.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" I gasp out. He's fucking amazing.

"Just going with my instincts," he mumbles around the head of my cock. He starts to suck harder and he takes more of me into his mouth. I groan and slide my fingers into his hair. It's so soft I can barely feel it.

"You were born for this…oh god." He's bobbing up and down now, and you would never guess this was his first time. It takes all I have not to thrust my hips into his mouth. I don't want to surprise him or choke him.

God, I'd hate to ruin this kid for cock sucking. He's going to be a master.

"Play with my balls, Justin." That really gets me. He doesn't even slow down and his hand is right there, cupping, fondling. I groan again and tug slightly on his hair. He lifts up off of my cock and starts licking my balls, over and over. My hips jerk up and I moan. My cock is dripping and he slides back up to catch the juices. I feel him take more of me, and then more, and more…and then he gags.

He pulls off of my cock and sputters and coughs, and his whole face is red. I start laughing. I can't help it. I sit up and rub his back, trying to calm myself down. He looks at me and looks so embarrassed that I sober up immediately.

"Hey, it's ok. You were just a little too eager to deep throat me. You were doing fucking great." He smiles a little and I kiss him softly. God, I am absolutely smitten with this kid.

Yeah, I said it. Smitten.

"Can I try again?" He asks timidly, and for a moment I feel like I'm taking away this perfect innocence. That's hard to come by these days. He kisses me again, pushing his perfect pink little tongue into my mouth, and all those thoughts disappear.

"Sure," I tell him after he pulls away. I lean back against the headboard again.

"Tell me how." He is so awesome.

"Well, it's like you're swallowing it. You have to relax your throat and take it in slowly." He licks his lips.

God, I can't wait to suck him. I can't wait to fuck him.

He takes my dick back into his mouth and I feel the head hit the back of his throat. I place my hands on his shoulders and rub them soothingly. I expect him to gag again, but he doesn't. I feel myself slide down his throat. It's so tight, wet, and oh god.

I can't take it.

"Justin," I grunt out. "Oh fuck yeah, Justin." He starts bobbing up and down, sucking hard and fast. It's too much. "I'm gonna shoot, Justin. You can swallow it if you want." He starts sucking faster.

And I'm gone.

I pull on his hair as my balls empty into his mouth and all I see is a bright white light as I orgasm. I vaguely hear myself scream his name and I slump back on the bed, gasping for breath.

When I open my eyes, Justin has the biggest fucking grin on his face. I pull him onto my lap and kiss him intensely, tasting myself on his tongue.

"How did I do?" He asks. I smirk at him.

"Fishing for compliments, are we?" I tease as I run my hands up his porcelain skin. He blushes and I kiss his cheek. "You were fucking fabulous," I whisper into his ear, and I feel him smile against my neck.

I want to taste him, so bad.

"Hey Justin, do you know what rimming is?"

He pulls back a little and gives me a confused look. He shakes his head and my tongue finds it's way into my cheek. I slide my hands down onto his perfect, pert little bubble butt and squeeze.

"Do you want to learn?"

"What is it?"

"I'll show you. Lay down on your stomach." He gives me a questionable look but climbs off of my lap and lies down. He crosses his arms above his head and rests his cheek on them. I climb on top of him, straddling his thighs. I feel him tense up a little and I lean down, inadvertently pressing my cock between the cheeks of his ass. It hardens again immediately. I lean down and press my lips against his ear. "Relax, you'll love it."

"Ok." I smile and kiss the back of his neck, and then his shoulders. His skin is so flawless. I suck and lick along his shoulders before sliding my tongue along his spine. I run my index finger up and down the crack of his ass as I suck a dark purple mark into the skin at the base of his spine.

My cock is leaking. His ass is perfect.

I slide my tongue down and barely brush it against his hole. I moan at the taste and close my eyes as I begin to suck and nibble on the succulent bud. I lose myself in the sensations.

That's when I hear it.

My eyes pop open and my dick softens. My tongue stops, mid probe.

"Brian!" It's my fucking dad. I hear him calling me through Justin's open window.


Cock blocked!

I sit up and sigh, mourning the loss of my hard on. Justin is still pushing his ass back. He's lost. I laugh and slap his ass lightly. He shakes his head and rolls over.

"Why'd you stop?"

His cock is so perfect. Big, thick, pink.

"My dad is calling me." I hear him yell my name again. Hey look, it made Justin's cock soft too.

"Shit." I climb on top of him and kiss him softly.

"When will your parents be home?" I ask him.

"Late, really late. They're with my sister at some thing in Harrisburg." I smile wickedly.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, and we'll finish this."

"I like rimming." He tells me and I laugh out loud. I stroke his cheek and kiss him again. I lean towards the window.

"Coming!" I scream. I hop off of the bed and put my clothes back on quickly. I kiss Justin one more time.

I realize I really don't want to leave him.

"Be back soon." He smiles and I let myself out. As soon as I step off of his porch I pull my cigarettes from my pocket and light one. I walk over to my house and walk around the moving van to see my dad standing in the driveway. I lean against the van and take another pull of my cigarette. He raises his eyebrow.

"I just want you to know," I start, turning to face him. "You just totally cock blocked me." The fucker laughs.

"You found someone to fuck your skinny ass already?" He asks, amusement in his voice. He sets the box down and walks over to me.

"Actually, I found an amazing ass to fuck." I tell him smugly.

"Same thing."

"No, it so isn't."

"Don't let your mother see you smoking," he tells me. I laugh and take another drag. He looks around and holds out his hand. "Give me a drag."

I love my dad.

"Don't let mother see!" I say in a falsetto voice as I hand my cigarette over. He takes a long pull and hands it back.

"So, what's his name?"

"Justin." Ah, Justin.

"Where is he? Where were you when I blocked your cock, as you say?" I laugh and take another drag.

"Well dad, this house is awesome. It comes with a pool, spa, and hot gay blond boy right next door."

"Right next door? Convenient." I smile and pass him the cigarette.

"He was out here earlier. I went to kiss him but I remembered you were walking around wanting me to work and shit." He laughs and crushes the butt of the smoke under his shoe. "I don't want to move boxes. I want to go play with the boy next door. Can I daddy? Please?" I make my eyes all big and clasp my hands together. He laughs louder and cocks his head towards Justin's house.

"Play safe now. And be home before midnight."


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