Chapter 3

Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.

I have a boy on my bed. A very, very hot boy. And I'm in his lap, and he's kissing my neck. Oh my god. Breathe, Justin.

Oh my god.

He pulls his head away from my neck and kisses along my jawbone. His tongue licks at my skin and I shiver. Each kiss makes me feel more alive than the last. My entire body is tingling and warm. He kisses my chin and I part my lips, waiting for contact.

There it is. His lips are warm, moist, perfect against mine. I could never get sick of this, ever. I press my body against his until he falls back onto my bed, taking me with him. His hands slide up the back of my shirt, his strong, large hands. He caresses my skin with a gentle touch as his tongue invades my mouth. He invades my senses, all of him. I want to crawl inside of him and never leave. This feels like…home.

His tongue feels like warm velvet, strong and determined. I move my tongue with his, mimicking his actions and adding a few of my own. I explore every centimeter of his amazing mouth, claiming it as mine. He sucks and nibbles on my top lip before pulling away to kiss my neck again.

"Am I a good kisser?" I find myself asking. I roll my eyes at my own stupidity. Go Justin. He flips us over so he's on top and props himself up over me with his hands. He gives me a questioning look and raises one eyebrow. Maybe he thought I was kidding. Then he leans down and runs his tongue up my jaw to my ear.

"Amazing," he breathes. "But surely you knew that."

"No." I didn't. How could I? "I've never kissed anyone before."

I would have smacked myself, but he was pinning my arms down.

"Seriously?" He sits up. He seems shocked. Is he not going to want me because I'm not experienced? Oh god. I'm too young for this kind of rejection. "I was your first kiss?"

Yes, fucker.

"Uh huh," I breathe. He gets that smirk on his face, the one that makes me feel like I'm falling. He looks smug, pleased with himself, and oh so sexy. I tilt my head up and kiss his neck. He still smells like cigarettes. It makes me want a smoke. It makes me want him more. He pins me back against the bed and flicks his tongue across my upper lip.

"Did you like it?" He asks.

Is he fucking insane? Of fucking course I did.

"Yes," I manage to breathe out. This guy has a way with making your vocal chords go on strike. He smiles and kisses me softly. Then he runs his hand down my body an cups my groin. Oh holy fucking shit. If I wasn't hard before I sure as hell am now.

"You're hard," he whispers in my ear. I gulp. Uh, just a little. "Want to experience another first?"

"Yes?" Shit. That wasn't supposed to sound like a question. Be strong, be assertive. "Yes." I push my hips up into his hand a little and he smiles. His lips cover mine again, and this kiss is harder, deeper, fucking intense.

I can't breathe. I can't think.

And I don't want to, as long as he keeps kissing me like this. His tongue duels with mine fiercely. My dick is harder than it's ever been. I can feel pre-cum soaking the tip, wetting the front of my underwear. Then I feel the button of my pants being undone.

My eyes pop open. Oh god.

He pulls the zipper down slowly, and every click of its teeth echo in my ears. He pulls my pants down a little. I'm frozen, afraid to move. My breathing gets heavier and my dick gets harder. He senses my tension and pulls away from the kiss. His pupils are dilated, his cheeks are flushed, and his lips are swollen. That's all because of me.


Then I feel his fingertips slide under the waistband of my underwear. He strokes the skin there softly. He's still staring at me.

"Do you want this?" He asks.

Oh fuck. I want it. All of it. Give it to me.

"Want what exactly?" I sound scared. I am. His eyes soften and he kisses me tenderly.

"This," he whispers. He pulls my pants and underwear down until my hard cock springs free. The cool air hits it and I gasp. His eyes never leave mine as he wraps his strong hand around my dick and squeezes. He swipes his thumb across the tip, pressing it against my slit. He starts to move his hand up and down slowly as he stares deep into my eyes.

Oh. My. Fucking. God. This feels amazing. I can't take it. I curl my toes and bite my lip. He sees me do it and pumps harder.

I jerk myself off all the fucking time and it never feels like this. It's like tickling yourself. It just doesn't feel the same. Focus, Justin. Don't cum yet.

I let out a loud groan. Fuck that.

"Brian. Brian." I grab his arm but he doesn't stop. He's still staring into my eyes. His eyes look green in this light, and so beautiful.

"Cum," he says in a sexy whisper. That's all it takes. I arch my back. I moan. I cum. He cups his hand over the head of my cock and catches every drop. I close my eyes and try to control my erratic breathing.

That was…unbefuckinglievable.

When I open my eyes, he is still staring at me. And he's licking my cum from his fingers. I think I may have another orgasm.

"Have you ever tasted yourself?" He asks. I shake my head. He nods and licks another finger clean. "You should. It's delicious." He runs his pinky across my bottom lip, coating it in the sticky liquid. He sucks his pinky clean and leans down to kiss me. His tongue pushes my cum into my mouth. The taste is bitter, yet addictively sweet. He kisses me for a long time. While our mouths are fused together, I kick off my pants, underwear, and shoes and he unbuttons my shirt. He pulls the sides of my shirt apart and I take it all the way off and toss it aside. Brian stands up and looks down at me, naked and spread out on the bed.

Naked. I am completely naked in front of someone for the first time. My dick is hardening again already, reaching for my belly. I am so fucking scared, so excited. He grabs the hem of his shirt and I smile. He pulls it over his head and then unbuttons his jeans. I stare at him in awe.

It should be a crime to be so beautiful.

He pushes his jeans off all the way and my breath hitches in my throat. His dick is huge. That' supposed to go…no way.

My eyes travel from his cock and back up his body. His hard, youthful muscles turn me on even more. His skin is tan, golden. He is so tall, so gorgeous, so mine.

He crawls back on top of me and I moan as his skin touches mine. It feels like heaven, but better. I run my hands up and down his back, watching in amazement as his muscles ripple beneath my fingertips.

He kisses down my chest and slides his tongue over to my hard nipple. I moan loudly and arch up into him as he sucks it into his mouth, worrying the nub between his teeth. He lavishes my body with kisses, sucking hard enough in some places that I know I'll have reminders to look at in the mirror.

I moan and writhe beneath him. I slide my hand between us and grasp his cock in my hand. It's so thick, so warm. Pre-cum bubbles from the slit and I collect it on my fingers. I lift his head and smear it across his lips and lick it off. What I say next surprises even me.

"Teach me how to suck your dick," I hear myself mumble against his bruised lips.

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