Chapter 2

And I thought I wasn't going to like Pittsburgh.

It's not that far from Philly, but far enough. I remember kicking and screaming, all in a very manly way of course, protesting our inevitable departure. But to no avail. We arrived in glorious Pittsburgh yesterday, and I was told I'd be starting school today. Not just any school.

Private school.

I remember standing in front of the mirror this morning, frowning at the uniform. Clothes make the man, as I always say. But now I'd just be the same as everyone else. I wouldn't be a spectacle, wouldn't stand out. I found that refreshing just as much as it pissed me off.

So I pulled up in front of the school in my trusty steed, also known as my Jeep. First period had already ended. I had put off going as long as possible. I strode into the double doors, exuding sex and confidence. I was going to take this school by storm. That's what I told myself at least.

It was a passing period when I arrived, and I was thrust into the masses. I was the new kid.

At first, it sucked.

I got a few raised eyebrows, and the girls all ogled me. Which would have been cool, if I had any interest in pussy whatsoever. The guys were all second rate, which blows, and not in that good way. I walked into the office, my studly swagger perfected. It used to look like a drunken stagger. I have advanced.

Studly isn't a word. I'm making it one. Because I'm Brian Kinney and I want to. Take that, Webster's.

The receptionist lady was a bitch. I told her who I was and what I was doing there, and she threw me a schedule and told me to sit down and wait for the counselor. I looked over the schedule, basic classes. Boring classes.


The counselor was this tired looking man that looked like he lost faith in humanity around three hundred years ago. If I had to put money on someone blowing up the school, I'd put it on him. It's a little unsettling when your counselor looks crazy.

After his little welcome to our school song and dance, he went back into his office and shut the door. He didn't look at me once. My, people are friendly around here.

I stepped out of the main office and noticed the halls were empty. And I had no idea how to find my classrooms. I looked left, and then right, and locked eyes with a very attractive blond boy.

Holy shit.

There he was, leaning against his locker in the middle of an empty hallway. I could tell he was trying to look confident and bored. His blond hair fell in his blue eyes. I could see the blue from far away. He even made the stupid uniform look sexy. I could tell from first glance he was gay as the sky is blue. I smiled.

Things were definitely looking up.

I strolled up to him and said hello. His eyes looked glazed over and his perfect lips were parted slightly.

Yeah, I'm sexy.

When he showed me that he was handcuffed to his locker, I just about lost it. It was just such a random, unexpected sight. I laughed until my vision grew blurry. Then I sobered up.

Don't want to piss off pretty blond boy, might ruin my chances.

When he told me someone actually did that to him, I found myself wanting to beat the guy to a pulp. Strange.

Then he said he wanted me to go pick up the key so he could check out my ass. I almost laughed again. I could tell he wasn't saying it to be flirty or sexy, it was an accident. I could see it in his eyes. I just had to fuck with him a little. The look on his face was priceless.

Then he slipped and fell into me, grabbed me. His hair was like silk against my neck, the weight of his body felt perfect against me. He felt so warm, even through our matching uniforms. I had to do it.

How could I not kiss a mouth like that?

It was a little forward maybe, but hey, he enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. His lips were so fucking soft. While we were kissing I unlocked the handcuffs, and he didn't even notice. So I kissed him harder, loving the control I had over the lithe little body. The things I could do to that body.

When the bell rang, I just walked off. I was too in shock to do anything else. The rest of the day kind of just floated by in a haze. There were classes, there were introductions, there were hellos, but there was nothing like Justin and his kiss.


That brings us pretty much up to date. I'm sitting here, in my sparse bedroom. It's empty, lifeless, cold. Pretty much like my life. I'm in desperate need of some warmth.

As I change out of my uniform, I can't stop thinking about Justin. His hair, his lips, his eyes, his body. I want to see that pale body splayed out on my black sheets. I want to hear the noises he makes as I fuck him. I want to taste every inch of his skin.

And now…I want to jack off.

So I do, but it feels empty. I have it bad for this kid. I really need to stop thinking of other teenagers as kids. It might get me into trouble some day. It's not my fault most teenagers are bumbling idiots. Except for Justin. The lad is a genius, I can tell.


I shake my head get off of my bed, buttoning my jeans back up. I need to get my mind off of that blond. I don't even know him. But I kissed him. And it was the best kiss of my life.

I stroll down the stairs and wander around our new living room. Then I hear my dad call me, or bellow for me rather. I run out the door and grab the box from him and take it into the garage.

Did I just see a flash of blond?

No fucking way.

I set the box down and stand up slowly. I walk backwards out of the garage, afraid to turn around. I see my dad go through the front door and I take a few more backwards steps.

Then I realize I probably look retarded, and that I never look retarded. So I turn around and come face to face with a girl with curly black hair. I jump backwards, surprised by her.

She just smiles at me and waves. I raise my eyebrow and cross my arms.

Who the fuck are you and why are you in my driveway?

"I'm Daphne," she says, as if that explains everything. I notice she is wearing a St. James uniform. It looked so much better on Justin. Ah, Justin.

"And my best friend lives next door to you. I just wanted to say hi."

Oh shit, she's still talking. My bad. I shake my head and refocus my attention on her.

"Hey Daphne. I'm Brian."

"I know."

What the fuck?

"You've already met my best friend."

"And who would that be?" She smiles and walks behind the moving truck. I lean forward a little bit, wondering what she's doing. She reemerges, pulling on an arm, trying to drag somebody out from behind it. Please god don't let it be some giggling schoolgirl with a crush on me.

She tugs one last time and a blond comes stumbling out, blushing. My blond.

"Justin," I gasp, irritated at how happy and surprised my voice sounds. He looks up at me and smiles sheepishly. He waves, and it's so fucking cute. "You're my new neighbor?"

"It looks that way," he responds, bouncing from one foot to the other. He's still in his uniform, except now he has his tie undone, and the strip of material hanging from his neck. The top two buttons of his shirt are undone, and it isn't tucked in.

I think I may cream my pants.

I walk over to Justin and grab the ends of his tie, pulling him towards me without thinking. Then I remember my dad was walking in and out, so I let him go. He looks disappointed. I cock my head towards my house and shrug. He nods and smiles. "Later," I mouth to him. He blushes.

"Do you guys have anywhere we can go to hang out?" I need my hands on Justin now. Daphne will just have to deal. Justin seems to share my predicament.

"My parents won't be home 'til late. We could hang out there."

"It's a plan." I spin them around and hook my arms around their shoulders. As we walk, I let my right hand slip down under the collar of Justin's shirt, desperately needing to feel his skin. I let out an inaudible moan as my fingertips slide along his creamy skin. I want to feel all of this skin on me, against me, under me, in me.

And I fully intend to. That's a promise.

Justin's house is nice, cozier than mine. Pictures of his family adorn the walls. Daphne is even in some of them. Justin leads us up a flight of stairs to his bedroom. They both just plop down on the floor, so I follow suit. I lean against the side of the bed and look over at Justin. I lean over and grab the ends of his tie again, pulling him close.

"Come here." My voice is lower than I intended. Justin stares at me for a second before crawling forward. I pull him forward until he is sitting between my legs. He pulls off his blazer and leans back against me, his back flush against my chest. I place my hands on his stomach, slowly rubbing them up and down.

That's better.

I look over at Daphne, who is grinning. I smile back and toy with the buttons on Justin's shirt. I want to take it off, but that can wait until I get to know my new friends.

"So, Brian. What brought you here to Pittsburgh?" Daphne asks me, all exuberant and interested. I sigh and squeeze Justin a little tighter.

"The grass is greener here I guess. I don't know." It's true, I really don't. We just up and moved. "My parents just decided. We moved from Philadelphia." Justin slips his hand into mine and squeezes it. I forgot I was talking.

"So what's your story?" Justin asks me. I can't really see his face from this angle. I use my free hand to tuck his hair behind his ear. My story?

"Um, I don't really have one. My name is Brian Kinney. I just turned seventeen, and I'm a junior. I was the starting quarterback at Philadelphia High." Their eyes widen. Shit.

"I've heard of you!" Justin exclaims. "You were in the paper." He turns to look at my face.

"Girls were talking about you forever. You're the hot quarterback from Philly." Daphne tells me. I roll my eyes. I don't even like football.

"It really isn't that big of a deal. I won them some games."

"And the state championship," Daphne thoughtfully reminds me. "You were the only sophomore to ever be varsity quarterback. You're practically a legend. Are you going to play for St. James?"

"Hell no," I huff. "I hate football." Justin turns and looks at me funny. Daphne gives me a similar look. I sigh. "It was just something I did my first two years of school to get my dad off of my back. He wanted me to do something butch and manly. Football really isn't my thing." It really isn't.

"What is your thing?" Justin asks. I sit back and think about that for a second. I answer truthfully.

"I don't really know." He nods and snuggles back against me. Snuggling? I need to get a grip. "So what are your stories?"

"I'm Justin Taylor. I am at the tender age of sixteen, and I'm a sophomore. I'm an artist. That's pretty much it." There's so much more I want to know. I want to know his favorite color, his favorite food. I want to know how he takes his coffee and what position he sleeps in. I want to know his deepest darkest secrets and desires, and I want him to know mine.

It's official. I've gone insane.

"I'm Daphne Chanders. I'm also a sixteen year old sophomore, and I must be going." She stands up and grabs her backpack.

"Why?" Justin asks. He doesn't really seem to care. He seems much more interested in running his hand up and down my leg. Same goes for me.

"Lots of homework." Justin tenses. "Not for any of your classes. Have fun you two." She winks at me and lets herself out. She's awesome.

"What shall we do to entertain ourselves?" I ask playfully. Justin laughs nervously. He is so adorable. I wonder what he's done, how far he's gone. I wonder if I'll get to teach him anything new. I have a strong feeling that I will.

I place a soft kiss to the back of his neck and stand up. I sit on the edge of the bed and he stands and faces me. I grab his hips and pull him towards me until he's practically straddling me. His face comes closer to mine and I lick my lips.

Now, about that promise I made earlier.

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