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Queer as Folk Fan Sites


Heels Over Head by Miss Miko







Brian O











Anime Sites

Katcom                               The Fuda 100
Literary Insanity  
The Blue Boy  
Kouri and Karasu's Fanfiction Firecat Fanfics
CLAMPesque Board  


Comics Sites

Nightwing and Tempest (slash)       DC Comics (slash)
Tempest (slash and non slash)               Titan's Tower (the BEST source for all things Titans)
Birds of a Feather (fanfic archive site with over 200 fics. Het)  


Lord Of The Rings Site



X-Files Sites  

The Basement At DitB   TER/MA


Hornblower Sites

Horatio Hornblower Fan Fiction Archive       Tales of Seaman and Romance (slash)




Harry Potter Sites

                              Swish and Fics                      Rushlights Harry Potter Fanfiction
  Cipher   The Hex Files


  The Sentinel Sites


852 Prospect


Starfox's Mansion



Multi-Fandom  Fic Sites

Full House Slash Archive                                 Fanfiction.Net
Adult Fan Fiction.Net Media Miner
Crack Van: Multi-fandom Mobil Addiction The Bard's Den
The Fanfic Vault Passing Fancies Lamardeuse's Site
In Medias Res Brothers in Arms



Original Sites

Fishnet                                                      Bent-Fiction

 Self Help Sites



   Sober Living     


Addiction and Disabilities


Finance Guide for People in Recovery

Laguna Shores Recovery

Anxiety Help


Alco Rehab

Signs of Teen Drug Use

Youth Drug Report


Diabetes Council-Low Carb Diet

Plants and Mental Health


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