Miss Debbie's Escort Service

Chapter 9


Justin sat in the lobby of Kinnetik. He had called Mitch that morning and was expecting to meet with him in just a few minutes. When he had called in the morning, Mitch had wanted him to come right over, but he didn't want to blow off the job he had in case he didn't get this new one. So they had arranged to meet after work. Mitch said he would be there until six pm and Justin had arrived a little after 5:30. He had checked with the receptionist who said Mitch was in a meeting that had run long, and would be available in a few minutes.

Flipping through a magazine, Justin's mind automatically went to Brian. They had fucked away a good portion of the night. It was incredible how they fed off each other, the passion and heat almost consuming them when they were together. Justin shivered at the memory.

Brian had left early in the morning saying once again that he was going to be late for work. Justin frowned unable to reconcile that statement with what he knew Brian did for a living. They had agreed to meet at seven at Justin's apartment since if all went well Justin would be going for an interview after work.

So here he was, admiring the bold image that the Kinnetik headquarters projected. It was a kind of strange office space, not like the usual ad offices in one of Pittsburgh's high-rises. Justin wondered if he would like working there if he got the opportunity. He had seen a lot of people leaving for the day and most of them seemed pretty happy and content with where they worked. He hadn't heard much griping other than one guy who was complaining that the boss had had some kind of hissy fit about some boards that hadn't been up to snuff. Justin wondered if that was the meeting that this Mitch was in.

Suddenly a slightly harried, but nice looking man, approached Justin. "Mr. Taylor, I'm Mitch Kennedy." He held out his hand and Justin stood, shaking it. "If you'll follow me, my office is back in the art department, and you can have a look around before the interview."

Justin followed the man down the hallway past an open door that led into some kind of meeting room. As Justin had passed that doorway and was headed the other way, Brian came out of that room. He glanced at Mitch walking away and immediately realized that it was Justin with him. His dick stood up and saluted, but his head told him to get out of there, because he didn't want Justin to find out who he was this way. Brian wanted to tell Justin when the time was right.

Meanwhile Mitch gave Justin a quick tour of his art department, and then took Justin into his office. They discussed Justin's education, qualifications and current job. Mitch seemed impressed with everything except the current work placement. Justin tried to explain to Mitch, as he had to Brian, that he had not had many opportunities at jobs like this one, because he didn't have the right circle of contacts to help him get a foot in the door. Mitch didn't seem impressed with that at all.

Mitch explained the nature of the opening at Kinnetik, including the salary which Justin found very much to his liking. Mitch said that he had always found PIFA graduates to be excellent artists. Justin thought that was a hopeful sign. Mitch then lifted up a board advertising a hair care product. He asked Justin to look at it and suggest what might be improved with color, font, placement, etc.

Justin knew this was a crucial test in his quest for this job. He studied the board carefully and then suggested that the background color was all wrong. If they used a pale blue it would make everything else pop. The green they had there now, downplayed the other colors too much. Mitch smiled. That was exactly what Brian had been ranting about a few minutes earlier. Now he had an even better color selection. Brian had just said blue, but he knew exactly what Justin was getting at.

"That's very good, Mr. Taylor," Mitch said. "I'm impressed."

"Thanks, and call me Justin, please."

"Okay, Justin, I can't offer you the job without clearing it through Mr. Kinney, the owner, but I will certainly recommend you."

"Wow! Thanks for the endorsement," Justin said standing and shaking Mitch's hand once again.

"I can walk you out," Mitch said.

"That's not necessary," Justin replied. "I'm sure you want to finish up and get on home. I can find my way out."

"I'll let you know about the job tomorrow or the next day at the latest."

"Thanks again," Justin said and he started walking along the corridor towards the lobby. He glanced into the meeting room liking the sleek furniture he saw in there. Yes, he could definitely enjoy working here. He stopped at the glass door that led off into a huge office. That must belong to Mr. Kinney, Justin decided. It looked definitely intimidating.

He walked past a nice looking blonde lady who said, "Hello," and smiled at him. And then he was outside in the fresh, cold air. His heart felt light and he smiled at the sky because it was clear, and dark and cold, and he could see lots of stars. Then his thoughts went immediately to Brian. He needed to get home so he could tell Brian all about his interview and this company where he might be working in a few days.

As he started along the sidewalk to the street where he could catch a bus, someone called, "Hey, handsome."

Justin turned and looked back to see Brian in his Corvette with the window rolled down. Justin ran across the street and around the car. Brian had already shoved the passenger door open for him.

"What are you doing here?" Justin asked as he climbed in, a smile as big as Pittsburgh all over his face.

"Looking for you."

Justin smiled even more. "But how did you know I'd be here?"

"I have spies everywhere."

"Oh, your friend at Kinnetik? He's not Mitch, is he?"

"No," Brian said. Mitch was his employee not his friend.

"It doesn't matter," Justin beamed. "I had a good interview. I think I got the job."

Brian grabbed Justin and pulled him into a warm embrace. "I hope so," Brian whispered.

"Um … I think we need to get home … fast. There's not a lot of room to fuck in this car."

Brian released his lover and quickly sped away. He didn't want Mitch to see them together if he came out of Kinnetik.

Several rounds of fucking later Brian and Justin lay side by side in Justin's bed.

"You know," Justin said thoughtfully. "I think something just changed."

"Changed? What are you talking about?"

Justin heard something in Brian's voice that made him glance at the man. The look on Brian's face told him that he thought Justin meant that their fucking wasn't as good as before. "What we just did was great, but…"

"But what?"

"It's kind of hard to explain."

"Well, try."

"Before, it was great, mind blowing, fantastic, being with you."

"And now it's not?"

"Brian, shut up and listen," Justin grinned. "Now it's better! I felt like we really are connecting, that we've gone beyond escort and client."

Brian felt himself wince at those words. He never felt that Justin was his client after that first day, but apparently Justin had. Of course, Justin didn't know the truth. "I thought we went way past that when I came back here that night you found my tie."

"We did, but this was even better. It looks like I'm getting a new job, and it's all because of you. I love that you helped me. It made everything we just did so much sweeter."

"I don't do sweet," Brian said, the words just leaping out of his mouth in the way he always defended himself from such foolish accusations.

"You don't think you do sweet, but I know better," Justin chuckled.

"You do, huh?"

"I do. You're a great big marshmallow below that tough exterior."

"Jesus, now I feel like I need to lose weight, as well as polish up my tough guy exterior."

"You don't have to change anything. I lov … like you just the way you are," Justin said changing love to like at the last second. He remembered the last time he used that word, and the effect it had had on Brian. He frowned. He didn't like censoring his thoughts and feelings, but somehow that seemed to be necessary with Brian.

Brian heard the change of word and something inside him regretted that Justin had felt the necessity of doing that. "Not many people like me the way I am. Most people think I'm an arrogant asshole … and mostly they're right."

"Are not! You are a kind and generous man. Hell, I could be in debt to the tune of several thousand dollars if you had chosen to go by the letter of our initial agreement. Instead you've just helped me find a great new job."

"You haven't started the job yet. How do you know it's going to be great?"

"I just have a feeling," Justin smiled. He was so happy, the job, Brian, everything.

"You go by your feelings a lot, don't you?"

"Of course," Justin said like there was no other way to live.

Brian frowned. He couldn't say the same, but he had become much more attuned to his feelings … and Justin's since they had come together. He wondered if that was a good thing. Justin seemed so happy at the moment, and yet he had been grieving for two years before Brian had met him. Those kinds of emotions Brian didn't need. It was easier to just close himself off from all hurt and anguish. He refused to let those touch him. Although, sometimes they still did if he was really honest about it.

"You're awfully quiet," Justin said after a bit.

"Just thinking."

"Care to tell me what about?"

"Maybe some other time," Brian said. He wasn't ready yet.

"I can wait."

Brian knew he would wait too. He was going to have to make some big decisions about Justin Taylor, especially with the likelihood that Justin would be starting work at Kinnetik in the next day or two. "Let's fuck," Brian said rolling on top of Justin. That seemed to be what they did best at this point, and it was much safer for Brian than continuing this conversation.


Two days later Justin Taylor was scheduled to start at Kinnetik. Brian had been informed by Mitch that he had offered the job to Justin and he had accepted. Mitch had wanted to know if Brian would like to meet Justin the first day he started at Kinnetik, but Brian had pleaded a very busy day and said he would meet the new employee in due course. That would be after he had time to explain things to Justin.

Brian was spending every night at Justin's and then rushing off in the morning to go home, shower and get to work before he was too late. The day Justin was to start at Kinnetik was no different, except that Brian left earlier than usual since Justin wanted time to prepare and put forth his best appearance with his new co-workers and boss. Brian had smiled to himself when Justin told him that. Brian knew there was no way Justin could have any better appearance to his boss than when he was totally naked and lying beside Brian or under him or bent in half…

"Hey, you're hard again," Justin grinned as he looked at Brian just before they got out of bed. "What are you thinking about?"

"I was picturing you all dressed for work and toiling away at your drafting table. I would swoop in and rip your clothes off and fuck you till the table smashed to pieces beneath us."

"Oh fuck! Now I'm hard too," Justin moaned. "We've got time for one more."

They had made time.

Brian had been very careful to scan the lobby at Kinnetik when he went in that morning. He certainly didn't want to run into Justin as he entered. That would be unbelievably awkward. Seeing no sign of his current lover, Brian quickly went to his office and buzzed Cynthia for coffee. He told her he would be busy working on a campaign all day and that he didn't want to be interrupted unless it was something very important. That done, he felt he could work in relative peace without the likelihood of Justin somehow meeting him there.

Justin had asked Brian if he wanted to meet him at Kinnetik after work. Maybe they could celebrate or something. Justin had been confident that he was going to love his new job. Brian decided to call Justin just before five o'clock. Brian had been stuck in his office all day and he was ready to get out. He picked up the phone.

"Hey," Justin's voice positively purred.

"You sound happy," Brian smiled.

"I've had the best day."

"That's wonderful. Are you done yet?"

"I could be in about three minutes," Justin said. "Where are you?"

"I'm in the parking lot," Brian said as he quickly threw everything into his briefcase.

"I'll be there right away," Justin promised.

Brian grabbed his coat and briefcase and headed into the lobby.

"Brian," Cynthia's voice stopped him.


"Just wanted to remind you that you have an early meeting with Remsen tomorrow."

"Right, seven-thirty," Brian said glancing nervously down the hall. All he would need would be Justin coming out and finding him talking to Cynthia.

"Yeah, I thought I should remind you since you've been coming in later the last few days."

"Okay, I got it. I'll be here," Brian said as he raced out the door.

Cynthia watched him go and wondered what the hell was going on with him. She could count on her left thumb the times Brian had left work at five o'clock. She was standing there shaking her head when Mitch came walking out with what she assumed must be the new artist that had been hired.

"Cynthia," Mitch said, "this is Justin Taylor. This was his first day here at Kinnetik. Cynthia is Mr. Kinney's right hand man," Mitch joked.

"Thanks Mitch," Cynthia replied as she shook Justin's hand. "Good to have you on board."

"I'm really happy to be working here. I loved my first day," Justin said enthusiastically.

"That's what I like to hear, and so does Brian."


"Brian Kinney, he owns this place."

"Oh, right," Justin stammered. "I didn't know his first name was Brian. My boyfriend's name is Brian," Justin smiled.

"That's a coincidence," Cynthia said. "Well, I hope tomorrow goes as well for you as today did," she said with a smile as she walked away.

"She seems nice," Justin said as he and Mitch left the building.

A horn honked and Justin looked up expecting to see Brian in the Corvette.

"That's my wife," Mitch said. "She's picking me up."

"Good night, Mitch, see you in the morning," Justin said looking around. He couldn't see Brian anywhere.

Mitch climbed into the car and they drove away. Justin walked along the street looking for Brian. Suddenly he heard a horn and Brian pulled up beside him. Justin opened the door and got in.

"Where were you?" he asked as he leaned over and gave Brian a kiss. "I thought you were waiting outside."

"I was, but I couldn't get a parking spot," Brian lied. "So I drove around the block until I saw you." He had driven off when he saw Mitch's wife arrive.

"It doesn't matter so long as you're here," Justin said with his beautiful smile.

"Do you like Italian food?"

"I love it.

"Then I know just the place to take you for dinner."

They enjoyed a great dinner at a place far away from Kinnetik and Liberty Avenue. Brian occasionally took clients there, but he didn't expect to see anyone else he knew.

Justin babbled on all evening about his job and how he had helped with a hair care board. It looked really great according to Justin. Brian hoped so. He was supposed to see the revised boards the next day.

When they walked out of the restaurant, Justin said, "Brian, could we go to your place instead of mine?"

"My place?"

"Yeah, you know, where you used to sleep until a few days ago when you took over my bed." Justin grinned at him.

"Twat," Brian replied. He wasn't sure how to answer Justin. Finally he said, "I guess we could, but what will you do about work tomorrow morning?"

"You could drop me off."

"What about clothes?"

"Oh, yeah, I guess we could go to my place and I could pick some up."

Okay," Brian agreed knowing that once they got to Justin's he would fuck Justin into the mattress and they wouldn't be going anywhere. Maybe after that he would tell him the whole story of who he was.

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