Miss Debbie's Escort Service

Chapter 8



"Brian," Justin said his voice full of relief and hope and longing. "I missed you all day."

"I missed you too."

"Are you coming over?"

"Do you want me to?"

"What do you think? I've been waiting for you to call ever since I got home from work."

"I'm just leaving work. I'll be there in half an hour."

Justin made a face and hesitated to reply. He hated the thought that Brian would be leaving a person he escorted … and maybe fucked, and then he would be coming to him. He just hated that.

"Justin, are you still there?"


"Is something wrong?"

"Can you get here any sooner? I need you."

"You are an impatient little twat," Brian chuckled.

"Only when it comes to you."

"Be there soon," Brian said as he hung up the phone.

Brian gathered up the papers on his desk and shoved them into a folder. He would deal with the rest of it tomorrow. He shut down his computer and walked out to Cynthia's desk.

"I'm leaving. Why are you still here?"

Cynthia looked at him about to make a smart remark, and then she thought better of it. Something was going on, and she would keep her mouth shut until she knew what it was. "I'm getting ready to leave," she replied.

"Good, see you tomorrow," Brian said with a smile as he walked out the door.

Now she knew something was definitely up. Brian never left without giving her instructions about something. Today he had simply walked out. She shook her head in wonderment as she started to clear her desk.

Brian stepped into the hallway leading to Justin's apartment. He saw the door open before he heard Justin's little cry and found his arms full of the person he had been craving all day.

"Justin," he whispered, but it came out as almost a moan.

"Oh, Brian, Brian," Justin whispered his face buried against Brian's shoulder.

"Let's get inside," Brian said half carrying Justin who refused to let go of him.

"I wanted you all day. I missed you so much," Justin whimpered.

Once through the doorway of the apartment Brian just kept going, straight to the bedroom. Both of them knew what they wanted and it wasn't going to wait.

The impact of their coming together took their breaths away, just like it had from that first moment that they knew they were going to fuck. What surprised the both of them was how the intensity continued to grow. Their need for each other was increasingly scary to each of them, but this wasn't the time to think about that.

Clothes evaporated and necessities appeared and they were together as only they could be. Sweaty and breathless they exploded together and then lay spent on Justin's bed.

"Fuck!" Justin whispered. "I feel like I've been hit by a truck, but not in a bad way.

Brian chuckled in the darkness. "The same truck got me too."

"What is this, Brian? It's kind of … scary. I can barely think all day long because all I see is your face and your body and…"

"My dick?"

"That too. I can't concentrate when you're not beside me. I feel like I'll die if you don't hold me."

"Come here," Brian said and he found his arms full of his beautiful blond lover.

"What are we going to do?"

"Maybe if we fuck all night long, we can get it out of our systems," Brian said only half kidding. This scared him too. He had never had to deal with anything like this.

"Do you want to get me out of your system?" Justin almost whimpered against Brian's chest where he was being held gently but very firmly.

"I didn't mean that. I just thought we could … you know … dampen the desire a little bit."

"We could try, but I doubt it will work."


"I just know how much I want you … all the time."

Brian stroked Justin's back and realized that he felt pretty much the same way. This had somehow gotten way out of hand. And he knew he was helpless to stop it. Fucking would at least take his mind off it, and he was hard again from Justin pressed so close to him.

Hours later they both came again, for who knew how many times, and then rolled apart.

"I didn't think I could do that again, but I did," Justin gasped.

"I'm fucking exhausted and I never say that about sex. You have officially worn me out."

"I have to say the same. I'm sure my cock and my ass are on strike from this moment on."

"Then we accomplished our goal," Brian said smugly.

"Hey, you're right. You're so smart," Justin said as he leaned over and gave Brian a soft kiss which became a harder kiss which became a devastating French kiss, and then they were hard again and at it like rabbits.

"Fuck, I thought we were getting somewhere," Brian gasped as soon as he could talk.

"Me too, but I guess it's not working. Can we just go to sleep for a while?"

"We could try," Brian said softly closing his eyes. He felt Justin's hand slide into his and he smiled. "That's not helping."

"I know, but I feel like I need to be connected to you."

"Do you always do what you feel?"

"That's a strange question. Don't you do what you feel? Usually I do. Why do you ask?"

"I usually control or deny feelings. It's … easier that way, less messy. That's why this should not be happening."

"Then why is it?" Justin asked truly wanting to know.

"It's beyond my control."

Justin had only an inkling of how hard those words were for Brian to say. "Maybe it's fate. Maybe we're destined to be together. It was certainly destiny that I called Miss Debbie and she fixed me up with you."

"Yeah, destiny," Brian repeated.

"Don't you think so?"

"I don't know what the fuck is going on."

"But we could find out together," Justin suggested.

"I think we're going to have to because I can't leave you."

"I like the sound of that," Justin said as he rolled against Brian and they began their explorations once again.

They slept a little and fucked a lot, and as dawn was cracking Brian realized he was going to be late for work. He was never late for work. Justin was sleeping on his chest. That seemed to be his favorite spot. Slowly Brian lifted Justin's arm and tried to ease out from under the blond.

"Don't go," Justin muttered.

"I have to. I'm going to be late."

"For what?"

"For work."

"How come you escort people so early in the morning? I always thought it was at night when people wanted to go out."

"Um … about my work," Brian said hesitantly. It was time to tell Justin the truth.

"Never mind, I understand that you have to go. I have to get up too."

"Um … Justin."

"Yeah," Justin said forcing himself up and yawning widely.

"There's something I need to tell you."

"Okay, I'm listening, but I need to take a shower."

"I … um … I … I have to go." Brian knew he had chickened out.

"But you'll come back tonight, won't you?"

"I'll be back," Brian said knowing that he could never stay away. He threw on his clothes so that he could get back to the loft and dress properly for Kinnetik. He would call Cynthia when he got to the car and tell her to hold down the fort until he got there.

"Brian, last night was wonderful," Justin said throwing back the covers.

The sight of naked Justin was almost too much for Brian. He wanted to rip off his clothes and ravish the man once again. He needed to get out of there. "I'll call you after work."

"I'll be waiting," Justin replied keeping his distance. He was sure if they touched neither of them would be able to stop themselves from fucking once more.

Brian hastily left the apartment and headed for the loft. He was going to have to make some other arrangements if this continued, and it seemed like it was unstoppable.

The day gradually wore away at Kinnetik. Brian kept thinking about Justin and what he was going to do about the man who was becoming all consuming in his life. Brian knew Cynthia had questions about him leaving early and arriving late, but so far she had refrained from giving him the third degree. He didn't know how long that would last. Ted seemed more than interested in what Brian was doing these days, and that was another cause of worry.

Just before the end of the business day, Mitch stuck his head in Brian's office. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Come in," Brian said hoping this wouldn't take long. He wanted to get to Justin.

"I think I've found an artist for the art department."

"You have?" Brian asked raising an eyebrow.

"One of the artists knew somebody who was looking for a job. Her name's Marcia Alexander and she seems very competent."

"Have you hired her?"

"No, not yet, but she seems like a good candidate."

"I see."

"What about that guy you wanted me to interview? He never called me."

That was because Brian had been so busy fucking Justin that he had forgotten to tell him about the possible job. "Fuck!" Brian reacted. "I forgot to let him know."

"Well, could you have him call me tomorrow, or I think I should take this girl. She seems very good."

"I'll let him know," Brian replied.

He looked at his watch wondering if Justin would be home from work yet. Not likely, he decided. Maybe he should go over there and tell Justin about the job immediately. He could wait outside the building until Justin arrived. The first thing he would say to Justin had to be about the job. He couldn't let anything else interfere, and that included his dick. Justin deserved this chance.

Brian once again cleared his desk and went out to talk to Cynthia. "I have something important to do, and I may be late again tomorrow," he said.

"Care to tell me what's going on?"


Cynthia raised an eyebrow. "Okay, boss," she said knowing better than to probe when he used that tone of voice.

"See you tomorrow."


Brian walked out of Kinnetik leaving Cynthia with the distinct impression that the Earth had just shifted on its axis, at least the Earth she was familiar with.

When Justin came walking along the street from his bus stop, he was overwhelmed to see Brian leaning against his Corvette waiting for him. He raced down the street slamming into Brian as he kissed the lips he had been hungering for all day.

"I never dreamed you'd be here," Justin whispered with his arms around Brian's neck and his lips a hair's breadth away from Brian's. "Actually I did dream it, but I never thought it would be true. It is really you, isn't it?"

"Pinch me," Brian laughed so full of joy at seeing Justin that he didn't know what the fuck he was saying. "Ouch," he reacted as Justin took him literally, pinching him through his coat which really didn't hurt much at all. "You need to stop now. I have something really important to tell you."

"Come on upstairs and you can tell me there."

"No, no, I have to tell you now. I should have told you yesterday, but as soon as you get your hands on me I can barely remember my own name."

"It's Brian Novotny, but it doesn't matter at the moment."

Brian groaned inwardly. He had created this big lie and it was all getting to be too much. He pushed Justin away. "I have some news for you, so listen."

"What?" Justin asked looking scared.

"It's good news. There's a job opening at an ad firm called Kinnetik. Have you heard of it?"

"Who hasn't? It's the new and best agency in Pittsburgh."

Brian smiled. He liked to hear that. "So, here's the name of the head of the art department at Kinnetik. His number is on there. Call him first thing tomorrow morning."

"But … how do you know about this job?"

"I … I have a friend who works there," Brian hedged. He did have a friend, sort of, Ted, who worked there. "But you need to call in the morning or it might be filled."

"Thank you, thank you," Justin said kissing Brian's lips. "I love you so much." Brian stiffened at the mention of love. Justin felt the difference and wondered why. Maybe it was too soon to say those words, but that was what he felt. "Thank your friend for me, and I'll definitely call in the morning."

"Good, now let's go fuck."

And they did.

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