Miss Debbie's Escort Service

Chapter 4


Brian was sitting contritely at the round table with Justin and six other people he didn't know and didn't care to know. Justin knew them all and did most of the talking. After Justin had introduced Brian to everyone, several of them had tried to engage Brian in conversation. The first thing they had asked was what he did for a living. Brian immediately answered that he was an advertising executive. Justin had merely smiled and the conversations had gone on. Brian's lack of long answers gradually meant that he was ignored, since he didn't contribute anything to small talk at the table.

Brian had been looking around the room watching people try to impress each other when he felt a foot against his leg, and it wasn't coming from Justin who was sitting on the other side of him from the foot. He turned and looked at the fortyish woman who sat beside him.

"I believe your foot is crawling up my leg," Brian said to her.

"Like it?" she grinned. She'd obviously made good use of the open bar.

"I'm gay."

"I know."

"Then kindly stop."

"I'm just enjoying the evening."

"I need to go to the restroom," Brian said to Justin before he said something really awful to the woman sitting beside him. "Want to come?" He raised his eyebrows suggestively a couple of times.

"No thanks," Justin chuckled. "I'm good."

Brian made his way out into the hallway and followed the signs for the restroom. He stood in front of a urinal and had just relieved himself when one of the stall doors opened and out walked Gardner Vance, his former boss.

"Kinney?" Vance said surprised.

"How are you doing, Gardner?" Brian sneered. He had enjoyed taking clients away from Vangard, Vance's company where Brian had worked before opening his own agency.

"I'm just fine," Gardner grinned. "Business is good."

"For me too," Brian smirked knowing that just a few days ago he had taken one of Vangard's biggest clients away from that company. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm at a wedding. Craig Taylor is one of my clients and his daughter was married today."

"I see," Brian said slowly. This certainly complicated things.

"What about you?"

"Same wedding."

"Really? And how do you happen to be attending this wedding?"

"Dating the son."

"Well, don't try taking Taylor Electronics away from my firm. I've known Craig for years."

"Lucky you," Brian replied. He wanted less than nothing to do with Craig Taylor.

"Well, I better get back," Gardner said drying his hands. "Coming?"

"In a minute." Brian watched Vance walk out the door. He didn't want to be seen with Vance or people might start asking Gardner about him and then he would have a big problem with his fake name.

Brian waited until he thought Gardner would be back in his seat and then he slipped back into the ballroom. They were clinking glasses for Molly and Kyle to kiss once again, as Brian arrived at his table and got Justin to switch seats with him. The old bat who had been rubbing his leg looked annoyed, but Brian doubted she would try the same thing on Justin.

They had eaten shrimp cocktail and salad and were now mostly through the main course when Justin decided to use the restroom. Speeches would be next while everyone ate dessert and had coffee. Brian glanced around the room wondering where Gardner Vance was sitting. He hadn't seen him.

Justin returned and the speeches began. Brian tuned them out not knowing any of the people involved. Suddenly Justin was up at the mike saying wonderful things about his sister and calling her Mollusk like he had in the reception line. He also said that she called him Jester. Brian decided he'd file away that piece of information for later. Then Justin was done and he was sitting beside Brian beaming while people clapped. Brian clapped right along with them.

Justin placed his hand over Brian's and looked into his eyes. "Thanks for this," he said softly. "Everything's going great so far."

As the words came out of Justin's mouth Gardner Vance advanced on their table. The speeches had now concluded and dancing would soon begin. Gardner placed a hand on Brian's shoulder and asked him to introduce him to his date. Brian was slightly stunned, but he introduced Justin.

"It's nice to finally meet you, young man. I know how much your father had hoped you would carry on with his business, but I guess you have other interests."

"Yeah, other interests," Justin said non-committally.

"Well, nice meeting you, Justin. Good to see you again, Brian." Gardner wandered away.

"What a freaky little man! How do you know him?"

"I used to work for him," Brian said without thinking.

"Work? You mean you were his escort?" Justin asked with disbelief.

"Something like that," Brian said quickly wishing he had kept his mouth shut.

"You wouldn't think he'd want to speak to you at a place like this."

"Will you be ashamed to speak to me if you meet me somewhere in the future?" Brian asked wondering how Justin would answer that.

"Of course not, you'll be my ex-boyfriend by then. I'll just tell people we had a short but interesting time together," Justin grinned.

Brian felt himself blush. What this guy did to him was very surprising and … slightly disturbing. "Shall we dance?" Brian asked to change the subject.

Molly and her husband and the in-laws had already had their obligatory dance. Justin and Brian took to the floor. They were playing some old song that Justin didn't recognize, but he felt himself pulled into Brian's strong arms. He closed his eyes and let his partner whisk him away. They danced around the floor with Brian spinning him around and moving against his body with a sure rhythm. Justin's cock was hard as a rock, and every once in a while Brian's movements would make him brush against it. Justin would let out a little gasp.

As the song came to an end, Justin felt himself lifted off the floor and spun around. When Brian set him down, he dipped him way back and then leaned in and almost kissed him. Their lips were millimeters apart. Justin gasped as Brian lifted him up and people applauded. They hadn't realized that they had become the center of attention. They had been too wrapped up in each other.

Brian smiled and took a bow. Justin followed suit feeling slightly embarrassed but pleased that people thought they had danced so well that they deserved applause. They made their way back to their table.

Molly came over and sat down beside Justin. "You guys were great out there. It looks like you must have practised a lot."

"Um … no," Justin said.

"We fit together really well," Brian added. And they did.

"He's a great dance partner," Justin beamed.

Brian felt his already hard cock stiffen even more. "Backatcha!"

"So Brian, when are you going to come to our new apartment for dinner?"

"Do I get invited too?" Justin teased.

"Of course, silly. Brian?"

"After the honeymoon, I hope," Brian smirked.

Molly blushed. "Yes, after."

"Are you leaving soon?" Justin asked.

"I think so. The big wedding night, you know!"

"Have a great time. Where are you going?"

"Kyle won't tell me but it's someplace warm."

"Great. Love you, Mollusk."

"Love you too, Jester."

Molly went off to change her clothes and get ready to start her new life.

"Brian, I think I want to leave now."

"Sure, if that's what you want. It's not eleven o'clock yet. You have more time."

"I know. I think I've had more than enough of all this."

"Then, let's go."

Brian ushered Justin out of the ballroom. Justin didn't feel like talking to his parents or waiting to see Molly leave. He suddenly felt kind of numb. He was thinking about Dean and that always made him sad.

In the Corvette Brian headed for Justin's apartment. He wondered what had sucked all the life out of Justin so suddenly. It started when Molly was talking about going on her honeymoon, starting her new life. And then it hit Brian. Justin was thinking about his own life, what might have been … with Dean.

"You know, as weddings go, that one wasn't too bad," Brian smirked.

Justin had to chuckle. "From the man who hates wedding, I'd call that a ringing endorsement.

Silence followed for a while. Then Justin spoke. "Why didn't you kiss me?"


"When you dipped me on the dance floor, I thought you were going to kiss me. But then you didn't."

"I didn't want to collect my bet in front of your family."

"Your bet?"

"Don't play coy. You owe me one kiss and I intend to have it."

"I forgot," Justin lied. He had been dying for that kiss all evening.

They pulled up in front of Justin's apartment building. Brian cut the motor.

"Do you want your kiss here, or would you like to come up for a drink?" Justin asked. "I think I have some beer."

"Let's go up," Brian said. He liked the idea of being in Justin's apartment.

Inside the small apartment Brian was immediately struck by the artwork. "Are these paintings yours?"

"Yep, all the stuff I thought was going to make me a millionaire. Or at least feed me."

"You're very talented," Brian said and he meant it.

"Thanks. I now have one convert."

"I predict someday you'll have many, many more."

"Thanks for saying that," Justin smiled as he handed Brian a beer. "Want to sit down?"


They sat on the couch and Brian noticed the sketchbooks spread across the coffee table.

"May I?" Brian asked picking up one of them.

"I guess."

Brian began flipping through the sketches. Justin did a lot of faces, but also animals and scenes. There were some flowers and interesting views of the tiny apartment. There was one of a jacket hanging on a hook on a door.

"I really like this one," Brian said.

"Take it."


Justin pulled it out of the sketchbook and handed it to Brian. "Consider it your tip."

Brian grimaced. He had almost forgotten that he was working. "Thanks," he said as he took back the book and continued looking at the sketches. He recognized Molly and Jennifer, but none of Craig. There were other people he didn't know, and then the last sketch of a young man. "Is this Dean?" he asked gently.

Justin nodded and Brian could see tears welling up. Before he stopped himself, he pulled Justin into his arms and held on tight. He felt Justin gulp a couple of times.

"I miss him so much," Justin murmured.

"I know, but maybe it's time you let him go."

"I can't," Justin said in a strangled voice.

Brian pushed Justin away enough to look into his eyes. He saw hurt and longing and overwhelming sadness. He wanted to kiss it all away. Brian's lips locked with Justin's and Justin froze at the unexpected contact. Brian refused to release him, and he pressed his lips harder against Justin's. Brian's tongue probed for entry. Justin was still resisting slightly so Brian kept kissing waiting until Justin relaxed.

The kiss went on and on and Justin felt himself getting slightly lightheaded … or something. He was also very hard. His hand came up and grasped the back of Brian's head pushing them closer together. His mouth opened at the same time and Justin felt Brian's tongue caress and explore. He moaned into the kiss, harder than he had ever been. Finally Brian broke the kiss leaving them both gasping for air and panting from desire.

"That was some kiss," Justin managed to say.

"It was worth the wait," Brian admitted.

Justin's blue eyes stared into Brian's hazel ones and then they were kissing again. Somehow they got from the living room to Justin's bedroom peeling off each other's clothes as they continued to kiss. When they fell back on the bed still locked in each other's arms their need for each other was all consuming. Hands groped and felt and learned. They found the spots that elicited groans and sighs and whimpers.

Brian knelt between Justin's legs stroking on a condom. The blue eyes looked up at his full of lust and also fear.

"Take it easy, Brian. It's been a long time," Justin whispered.

"I won't hurt you."

Brian squirted lube and prepared everything, and then as gently as he could he eased his cock into Justin. He watched Justin's face as he grimaced in pain at first and then saw the look of complete joy as they were finally joined and enjoying each other's bodies.

Exercising all the self control he had learned over the years, Brian did his best to make this the best fuck Justin had ever had. At the same time it became the best fuck Brian had ever had. He had never poured so much caring and tenderness into this act before. He had never poured himself into it like he was doing with Justin.

When he knew he couldn't hold out much longer he leaned down and kissed Justin softly. "Thank you," Brian whispered.

Justin looked up at him in wonder. He had no idea what Brian was thanking him for. He should be thanking Brian for making him feel things he hadn't felt in over two years, things that he had thought he would never feel again, and things that he never even thought were possible.

Brian picked up his rhythm again reaching for Justin's cock and stroking him off. They came almost at the same moment. Orgasms that made them feel like they were crashing into the sun or floating helplessly in space. Time stopped and the world went blank.

Some time later Brian rolled away and looked up at the ceiling. His heart was still racing and he was only able to take small hurried breaths. He glanced over at Justin who had a look of wonder and contentment and joy on his face.

"Justin," Brian whispered.

"Don't talk. Let's rest for a minute."

Brian pulled the covers up and he felt Justin roll against him. Brian held onto the slim body knowing that he never wanted to let it go.

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