Miss Debbie's Escort Service

Chapter 11


Justin awoke with someone's arm lying across his hip. He shifted and felt the arm pull him back. He smiled as he realized that Brian was keeping him close. He felt all warm and toasty and protected.

"Morning," Brian mumbled against Justin's neck.

"Is it morning already? I have to pee."

"Don't go," Brian said holding on a little tighter.

Justin sighed a happy sigh and leaned back against Brian. He could stand to stay there a little longer before his bladder got really insistent. "What are we going to do today?" Justin asked. "It's Saturday."

"Another Saturday, another wedding." Brian felt Justin stiffen in his arms.

"Do you have to work?"

Brian groaned inwardly. Justin was still expecting him to be escorting someone. "I was teasing. I'm all yours."

"Seriously?" Justin asked turning so he could look into Brian's eyes.


"What do you normally do on Saturday?"

"I … I often go to the gym for a couple of hours."

"That's where you get those nice strong arms," Justin cooed squeezing Brian's upper arm. Brian flexed and Justin giggled.

"The better to hold you with," Brian whispered.

"And where did you get those lovely lips?"

"I exercise them too," Brian said. "Like this." He started kissing Justin until Justin could barely think straight.

"I really need to pee," Justin gasped.

"Fine, go, leave me all alone."

"You are such a drama princess."

"That's queen to you," Brian smirked as Justin disappeared into the bathroom.

When Justin returned Brian decided that it was finally time to tell him the truth.

"Justin, there's something I've been meaning to tell you."

"There's something I want to tell you too."

"And what might that be?"

"I'm falling in love with you," Justin whispered holding his breath to see how Brian would react. "Actually I take that back. I am in love with you."

Brian stared into the blue eyes. He wasn't sure how to react. Some part of him was scared shitless and wished this moment would disappear. Some other part felt all warm and good that Justin could love him. "If I honestly knew what the fuck love was, I might say the same thing back to you," Brian said speaking straight from his heart for once in his life.

Justin's smile had grown bigger with each of Brian's words. "I'd be happy to teach you about love."

"I think you already have."

Brian rolled onto Justin and they made love with Justin showing Brian all the ways that love was different from fucking. The strange thing was that they both knew that Brian already understood the difference. He had been in denial about love for so long that Justin instinctively knew that they needed to take this slow.

When they were done Brian suggested that they go to the diner for a late breakfast.

"Is this your favorite hangout?" Justin asked as he dressed.

"Favorite might be pushing it a little," Brian chuckled. "It's where I have hung out for years. My best friend's mother owns it. She used to be a waitress there."

"Oh, will I get to meet her?"

"No," Brian replied. "She has another business, but she still owns the Liberty Diner."

"What about your friends? Will they be there?"

Brian hadn't really thought about that. Some of them might be, although more than likely they would be at the gym for a while yet. Brian decided he didn't care if they met Justin. Soon everyone would know that they were together. The smile on his face grew bigger as he thought about their shocked faces.

"What are you smiling at?"

"I hope some of them are there," Brian replied.

"Are they escorts?"

"No, not one of them." None of them escorted, except in emergencies when Debbie needed them.

Justin smiled at that. He was glad Brian had friends who did something other than escort. "You ready?" he asked.

Brian nodded and they headed out. When they got to the diner none of the boys were there, so they found a booth and ordered breakfast.

"You know," Justin began his mouth stuffed with bacon and pancakes. "I was thinking."

Brian groaned. "What now?"

"Hey, mister, none of that," Justin grinned. "Since you helped me get my great new job, why don't I see if I can get you a job at Kinnetik too?"

Brian spit some of his coffee onto his plate of eggs. "What the fuck as?"

"As an advertising executive," Justin said confidently.

"You've worked at the fucking place for three days and you're going to advise them on hiring executives? Not bloody likely."

Justin chuckled. "I know, but I think you'd be great at advertising. You already know quite a bit."

"Do I?" Brian asked amused.

"Everything I mention about Kinnetik or my job you understand. I think advertising is in your blood. And then we could work together." Justin smiled. "And you wouldn't have to escort anymore."

"That really bugs you, doesn't it?" Brian smirked.

"Yes, it does." Justin frowned.

Brian took a deep breath and opened his mouth to tell Justin the truth once and for all.

"Hey, hey, hey," Emmett called as he and Ted walked into the diner. "Where have you been hiding lately and who is this tasty morsel?" Emmett slid into the booth beside Justin and Ted sat down next to Brian.

"This is Justin. Justin, Ted and Emmett," Brian said with a scowl.

"Justin?" Ted said with a frown. He felt like he should know who this guy was. "That name sounds familiar for some reason. Have we met?"

"I don't think so," Justin said finishing his pancakes.

"Sorry, ladies, but we were just on our way out," Brian said giving Ted a strong shunt with his hip. Brian might have been ready to reveal his secret to Justin, but there was no fucking way he was going to do it in front of Temmett. Ted let Brian out and Emmett did the same for Justin.

"Hope to see more of you, sweetie," Emmett called as Brian paid for their breakfasts and they left the diner. "Who the fuck was that? They seemed really chummy. Could he be a trick? Brian never takes his tricks to breakfast. I wonder what's going on."

"Fuck if I know," Ted replied. But he intended to find out. There was something very familiar about that Justin, but he couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

Brian and Justin went back to Justin's apartment to get some clean clothes. While Justin was grabbing some stuff, Brian sat down on the couch. He noticed his red tie lying on the floor near the door where it had been dropped a few days earlier. Justin wasn't much of a housekeeper, but he did have other assets. Brian got up and went to the door to pick up his tie.

"You never did get that back, did you?" Justin laughed as he walked out of the bedroom carrying a duffel bag with some clothes.

"We got busy with other things," Brian smirked as he carefully folded the tie. "Let me take that," Brian said gallantly. He set the tie down on the end table and hoisted Justin's bag onto his shoulder. "What the fuck have you got in here?"

"I didn't know what we would be doing for the rest of the weekend, and I brought some clothes for work on Monday."

"You're going to stay that long?"

"Um … you mean you don't want me to stay?" Justin asked uncertainly.

"No, twat, I want you to stay," Brian smiled.

"Then let's get going."

The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. Justin found the loft much to his liking even if it wasn't as cozy as his little apartment. By the end of the weekend he knew the ceiling of the bedroom intimately having had much time to study it when his eyes weren't closed or he wasn't screaming out Brian's name as he came.

Sunday afternoon they both could feel their impending separation as the weekend drew to a close.

"Brian, can we go to the supermarket?" Justin asked around four o'clock.

"What the fuck for?"

"For bread and meat and cheese and vegetables."


"I thought I'd cook you dinner."

"You don't need to cook. We can order in."

"We've done that all weekend. Don't you want a nice home cooked meal?"

"I never found home cooked to be all that pleasant."

"What … what does that mean?"

"Some time when you have a month I'll tell you the saga of the Kinney family. It'll turn you right off home cooked meals."

Justin frowned. "I'd be happy to listen to anything you want to tell me, but I'd really like to cook something for you."

"Then get that fine ass of yours into some clothes and we'll go to the fucking store."

"Thank you," Justin said launching himself into Brian's arms and kissing all over Brian's face.

"If you keep doing that, we'll never get to the store."

Justin giggled. "They're open for a couple of hours yet. We have time."

"That's why I fucking love you, Justin Taylor."

They both looked at each other taken by surprise at the words that had just come out of Brian's mouth. The silence hung over them as Justin stayed in Brian's arms, his hands locked behind Brian's neck.

"You're not going to take that back, are you?" Justin breathed against Brian's neck.

Brian almost had as soon as the words had escaped, but he knew deep down that he didn't want to take them back. He pushed Justin back far enough to look into the blue eyes, and he shook his head. Justin's smile rivaled the sun.

"I love you, love you, love you," Justin said loudly. He wanted the whole world to hear him.

"Let's just keep this between the two of us for now," Brian said with a small smile.

"Then you better fucking kiss me to shut me up. I feel like I'm going to explode."

Brian chuckled as his lips found Justin's. Other body parts meshed together and they barely made it to the supermarket before it closed.

Justin was cooking some of the groceries that he had insisted on buying. He had set Brian to work making a salad. He figured it would be pretty hard to fuck up a salad if Brian was really as bad a cook as he claimed to be.

"Have you thought any more about what I suggested earlier," Justin asked as he seasoned the chicken and put it in the oven.

"Which suggestion, the one about fucking my ass?" Brian smirked.

"Have you reconsidered that one?" Justin laughed.

Brian waggled his eyebrows and then shook his head. "Maybe … some time way in the future."

"I'll hold you to that very vague commitment," Justin chuckled.

"So was that the suggestion you were talking about?"

"Actually, no, I meant the one about getting a job in advertising."

"Oh, that one," Brian replied. Maybe now was the moment to reveal who he really was. "I … I have a job…" Brian began at which point he managed to slice into his finger instead of the tomato he had been cutting up. "Fuck!" Brian yelped as he stuck his hand under the cold water in the sink.

"Band-Aids?" Justin asked.

"Bathroom under the sink."

Justin raced up and returned with a Band-Aid that he quickly applied to Brian's thumb.

"See," Brian said wiping up the counter. "This is why I never cook."

"You weren't cooking, you were slicing."

"Thanks for making that distinction. My thumb feels so much better as a result."

"Go, set the table. I'll finish up with this."

"Did I bleed in the salad?" Brian asked looking in the bowl.

"I don't think so."

"Why don't we pitch it and start over," Brian said dumping the whole thing in the garbage. He washed the bowl and set it out to be refilled. "Would you like some wine? I think I can handle that without hurting myself."

Justin snorted. "Watch out for those corkscrews. They can be vicious."

"Twist off top," Brian laughed.


"No, I can handle a corkscrew," Brian conceded. "I've had more practice with wine bottles than with chopping vegetables."

"Now, that I believe."

Brian handed Justin a glass of wine. "Here's … to us," Brian smiled. He had managed to say that with only a slight hesitation.

"To us," Justin grinned as they sipped their wine. Justin's smile made saying the words very worthwhile.

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