Miss Debbie's Escort Service

Chapter 10


When Justin turned off the alarm the next morning he looked over at Brian who was stretching and trying to wake up. They had fucked long into the night. They were so good together.

"What are you smiling at at this ugly hour of the morning?" Brian asked.

"I was thinking about last might. It was intense."

"Intense is a good word for it," Brian admitted. He had never felt anything so intense as what he and Justin did. It blew him away.

"You said you needed to leave early," Justin said. "You better get going."

"Yeah," Brian agreed sitting up.

"I still want to see your place," Justin said.

"How about tonight?" Brian asked as he dressed.

Justin smiled. "That sounds great. You know, I don't even have your phone number." Justin frowned realizing how little he really knew about Brian. At first he hadn't wanted to know anything about Brian and his work, but know that they had gotten so close, the man still remained pretty much of a mystery.

"Here's my cell number," Brian said writing it on a pad on the nightstand. He had almost pulled out one of his business cards, but had remembered in time that he was Brian Novotny not Brian Kinney. "We need to have a long talk tonight," Brian said as he grabbed his coat.

"I'd like that," Justin said giving Brian a kiss as he ushered the man out the door. "Maybe I can figure out what we're doing and who you really are," Justin muttered to himself as he went to take a shower.

Brian managed to be on time for his meeting with Remsen. When Justin arrived he went directly to the art department. Mitch was already there.

"Has the boss seen the revised boards?" Justin asked. He was hoping Brian Kinney would like them as much as he did.

"Not yet," Mitch replied. "He's in a big meeting with Remsen Pharmaceuticals."

"Oh? Sounds important."

"Their account provides millions in revenue for this firm. It was snagging Remsen that enabled Brian to start Kinnetik."


"So let's hope that meeting goes well, and then Brian can be blown away by these boards." Mitch nodded to the boards lined up along the wall. "Hey, maybe you could come with me when I show them to Brian. The color change came from your suggestion in the interview."

"I'd love that," Justin said.

Some time later Mitch answered his phone and came out into the work area to pick up the boards. Justin looked over hopefully expecting to be asked to help. When Mitch said nothing Justin walked over to help him organize the boards.

"Sorry, Justin," Mitch said as he hoisted the boards into his arms. "Brian's in a hurry and he wants these immediately. I guess you'll have to meet him another time."

"Okay," Justin replied. He was disappointed as he watched Mitch carry the boards down the hall to Mr. Kinney's office. He wondered what the boss was like. It would have been nice to be there if Brian really liked the boards. Then he might have got some of the credit. Oh well, maybe that would happen next time, Justin told himself as he went back to his table.

When Mitch returned, Justin was happy to hear that the boss loved the boards. Mitch even said he had told Brian about Justin's part in their re-creation.

As the day drew to a close, Justin decided to try the phone number Brian had given him and see if he could actually reach his lover. While it was ringing Justin thought about what he would say.

"Hello," Brian's voice came back to him.

"Is this Novotny's Escort Service?" Justin asked with a giggle.

"I guess you could call it that," Brian smiled as he rotated his chair away from Ted's prying eyes. They had been discussing some financial issues.

"I'd like to book Mr. Novotny for a date tonight," Justin cooed.

"And just what services will you require?" Brian whispered.

"The works."

"I like the sound of that, but do you think you can afford the works?" Brian chuckled.

"I have this great new job. I can afford it."

"Where would you like to meet?"

"I'll be outside Kinnetik in ten minutes," Justin stated.

"Can you make it twenty, and I'll be waiting?"

"You got it, big boy," Justin laughed.

"Later," Brian replied as he shut the phone. He turned back to Ted. Ted was staring at him like he had grown a second head. "Close your mouth, Theodore, and get the new guy added to payroll," Brian ordered.

"Are you leaving?" Ted asked based on what he had heard.

"I'm on my way out of here in a few minutes. And it's none of your business."

"Sure, Bri, sure," Ted replied.

Brian quickly cleared off his desk and headed outside. He started the Corvette and circled the block arriving just in time to meet Justin coming out of Kinnetik. Justin was alone so Brian stopped and Justin hopped in. Ted watched from the doorway as what could only be the new guy that he had been instructed to add to the payroll drove away in a Corvette exactly like Brina's. Ted shook his head wondering what the fuck was going on.

"So was your second day as good as your first?" Brian asked as Justin kissed his cheek. Brian was starting to like this form of endearment. In fact he liked everything about Justin Taylor.

"It was good," Justin replied.

"Merely good? How come?"

"Well, I helped fix some boards that Mr. Kinney wanted. Mitch said that he would take me with him when he showed them to the boss, because it was mostly my idea about how to change them."

"That sounds like a good thing," Brian said already well aware of what Justin's problem was.

"It would have been, but the boss was too busy so Mitch had to rush them to Kinney and I couldn't go."

"And Mitch took credit for them?" Brian asked.

"No, no, nothing like that. He said he told Mr. Kinney that I had been a big help."

"Then that's good."

"I guess, but I would have liked to have met Mr. Kinney and heard his opinion of the boards."

"Yeah, I guess that would have been better," Brian replied as he turned down another street.

"Where are we going?" Justin asked looking around. They were definitely not heading to his apartment.

"You'll see," Brian said and kept driving. After a while he pulled to a stop next to a curb and climbed out. Justin followed looking around.

"Where are we?" Justin repeated.

"Follow me," Brian ordered.

Justin trailed Brian up to the main door of a building which Brian unlocked and they proceeded inside. "Is this some sort of factory?" Justin asked as they boarded the freight elevator.

Brian said nothing. They arrived at the top floor and he unlocked the door to the loft. Justin followed him inside.

"Wow!" Justin said. "This place is amazing. What a great kitchen!"


"This … this is where you live?" Justin asked surprised.

Brian nodded. "You wanted to see it yesterday but we got … sidetracked."

"Yeah, we did. I could be sidetracked while we're here," Justin admitted still looking around. Suddenly he found himself in Brian's strong arms and he was pulled unceremoniously up to the bedroom. "My, what a big bed you have," Justin giggled as Brian proceeded to undress him.

"The better to eat you with," Brian growled as he had almost finished his task.

With a gentle shove Justin landed on his back on the big bed. Brian tore at his clothes trying to get them off as fast as possible. Justin looked around noting where the bathroom was. Suddenly he was flattened by a flying Brian Kinney and he made a whoosh sound as all the air was knocked out of him.

"I'm going to ravish your ass until you can't stand up," Brian promised.

"I bet you can't do that, big guy," Justin laughed.

"After all the things we've done, you doubt me?"

"Um … never," Justin said as he felt Brian's stiff cock between them. "But when you're done I'm going to fuck you right back."

Brian lifted his head stopping his feast on Justin's neck long enough to give Justin a Kinney glare. "I thought we had already put that one to rest," Brian growled not liking to be interrupted.

"You may have, but I haven't given up."

Brian groaned and started kissing Justin to shut him up once again. That seemed to be the best method where the talkative young man was concerned. When they finally came up for air an hour or two later, Justin moaned.

"How's your ass. Can you stand up?"

"I'm sure I can, but I have no desire to at this moment," Justin explained.

Brian snorted. "Likely story."

"I'm starving. You could have fed me before you ravished me," Justin complained.

"I was in a hurry."

"You're always in a hurry," Justin stated with a grin. "What do you have in the fridge?"

"Go find out."

"You just want to see if I can stand up." Brian smirked. Justin made a face at him and gingerly hauled himself off the bed. "See," he said defiantly as he stood rather unsteadily beside the big bed.

"Okay," Brian said, "you've proved you can stand up. Now get back in bed."

"I'm hungry," Justin said as he took some steps towards the stairs. He stepped carefully down and headed for the kitchen. "Fuck!"

"What? Did you hurt yourself?" Brian asked as he jumped up.

"You weren't kidding when you said all you had in your refrigerator was poppers and beer."

"Hand me a beer," Brian chuckled as he came up behind Justin.

Justin handed him one. "Your fucking apartment isn't any warmer than mine," Justin said with a shiver. He wrapped his arms around his naked chest.

"It is so," Brian retorted pulling Justin against him. With an evil smirk he let his beer fall to rest in the small of Justin's back.

"Fuck!" Justin shrieked and batted it away. In so doing he sent the bottle flying out of Brian's hand and against the steel fridge door. It shattered into a thousand fragments.

"Don't move," Brian ordered.

"I'm sorry," Justin said looking scared. "I didn't mean to do that."

"Stay still," Brian repeated. He grabbed the end of the island and half jumped half vaulted to the other side. He ran upstairs and slid on his boots. He grabbed a pair of his running shoes for Justin and came back down. He handed the shoes to Justin across the counter. "Be careful not to step anywhere else until you get those on. I don't want to have to pick pieces of glass out of your feet, or spend the evening in emergency."

Justin did as he was told and soon had the shoes on. Brian had a broom and dustpan and soon they had cleaned up all the glass.

"I'm so sorry," Justin said once again.

"It's not your fault. I shouldn't have touched you with the cold bottle especially after you said you were freezing. It was stupid."

"It's okay," Justin said, "but I'm still starving and you look so hilarious naked with your boots on and a broom in your hand."

"Don't laugh at the hired help, or I'll swat you with my broom," Brian threatened with a leer that said more about what he was looking at which was Justin's dick than about how mad he was.

"I'd hire you any day," Justin laughed. "Oops, I already have."

"Look in that drawer," Brian said pointing with his broom. "It's full of takeout. Pick something you like." Brian went to put the broom and dustpan away.

Justin was looking through the takeout menus when Brian returned. "Wow! You have quite a selection."

"Nothing but the best for my guest," Brian smirked.

Justin smiled, but he hoped deep down he was more than a guest to Brian. "How about Chinese?" he asked. "I haven't had that for a long time."

"That's fine. Decide what you want and I'll call it in."

When that had been done, Justin suggested that he would be a lot warmer with some clothes on. He pulled on his slacks and shirt.

"I liked you better naked," Brian said having pulled on a sweat suit.

"I like you better naked too, but hot moo goo guy pan on the dick is very unpleasant."

Brian snorted. "You have a point."

"Why did you bring me here tonight?" Justin asked out of the blue as they waited for dinner to arrive.

"You asked."

"That was last night and I got the distinct impression that you were avoiding bringing me here."

"What made you think that?" Brian asked.

Justin raised an eyebrow. He had known what Brian was doing all along. "I'm not stupid, Brian. I see how you dodge questions. I still don't understand how you can be an escort when you have spent every night this week with me. No people who hire you want to go out with you at six a.m."

"You don't know that."

"I do. One might, but five?"

"Maybe I only take one escort job a week."

"I guess if you let them fuck you, you could earn enough to live on like that. But not enough for a place like this."

"You think you're pretty smart, don't you? Got it all figured out."

"Hell no. I have more questions than I have answers. Care to enlighten me?"

Brian hesitated. This was his chance to come clean. He just wasn't sure he was ready. If Justin got angry, he wasn't sure what he would do. He needed more time. The buzzer told them that dinner had arrived.

Much later they fell asleep in each other's arms. Between fucking and food and kissing and food and fucking and beer they managed to make the night disappear and no answers were given.

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