Date Night

"Brian," Justin began, running his hand over Brian's chest.  They had just made love and were both sated and happy.  This was one of Justin's favorite times, lying in Brian's arms, not yet ready to sleep.  It was the best time to have Brian's undivided attention and to broach subjects that were often too delicate to bring up during daylight hours.  He was less likely to get a snarky retort from the man.  Often he was able to achieve exactly what he wanted if he played his cards right.


"Mm," Brian responded.  He knew this was Justin's favorite time to speak his mind.  When they were both well fucked there was less likelihood of an argument.  He knew he often gave in to Justin's requests at these times when he would never consider them otherwise.  He didn't mind though.  He liked making Justin happy.


"Do you remember our date nights?"


"I thought you wanted to erase them from your memory.  Why are you bringing up that ancient history?"

"I don't want it to be ancient history.  I want to re-institute date nights."


"Are you nuts?  You told me you would never go to the baths again, or do threesomes or foursomes."


"I don't.  I didn't mean those kind of date nights!"


"And what kind do you mean?"


"The kind where we go to dinner and maybe the theater, or at least a movie."

"Muncher type dates you mean?"

Justin giggled.  "It doesn't have to be like the Munchers.  I would like to do queer dates where we spend some time together out in public."


"But we can do much more interesting things in private," Brian countered, beginning to stroke Justin's cock.


"We can do that too, but I'd like to go out sometimes to places that aren't Babylon or Woody's"


Brian looked at his lover seeing the seriousness in Justin's eyes.  "Is this one of those things that I'm really supposed to listen to, because you really, really want to do it, and if I don't listen, I'm going to pay big time later?"



Brian chuckled.  He had taken the habit of using that disclaimer when he thought Justin was deadly serious about something, especially about something that he personally thought was silly.  When he said it, Justin would answer simply, "Yes" or "No", and Brian would know whether Justin wanted him to follow through on what was being discussed.  Occasionally the answer was no, but most of the time, like now, the answer was yes.  "Okay, where do you want me to take you for our 'date night'?"


"Surprise me," Justin said, beaming his sunshine smile at his lover.  He leaned over giving Brian a delicious kiss and running his hand up and down Brian's stiffening cock.


"Are you sure you want me to?" Brian asked.


"Why wouldn't I?"

"I don't exactly have the best track record with surprises," Brian said ruefully.


"What do you mean?" Justin asked really not getting what Brian was driving at.


Brian groaned.  "The hustler, the prom…"  He let his words hang in the air.


"Shit, Brian!" Justin said.  "You wouldn't get me another hustler, and what happened at the prom wasn't your fault."


"I'm just warning you," Brian cautioned.


Justin gave him a hasty, worried look.  "Saturday night," Justin said, "you surprise me!  I trust you."

"Okay, but don't be shocked if I screw up."


"You?  Never," Justin teased.


Justin was giving Brian's cock some serious attention now and he could feel the man's arousal growing.  Brian pulled him tight and squeezed, eliciting a grunt of satisfaction from both of them.  Justin rolled on top of Brian and pressed his own hard cock into Brian's groin.  Brian thought maybe Justin was going to fuck him.   He had quite grown to like that aspect of their lovemaking, but he didn't want to let Justin know how much.


However, Justin surprised him by straddling Brian's legs and reaching for a condom which he proceeded to roll onto Brian's engorged dick.  He took the lube and slathered the latex-coated rod, smiling down at Brian.


"I'm going to ride you," Justin declared grinning, "hard!"


Brian grinned back.  Justin loved to ride his cock and he was very good at it.  He had learned through much practice how to give both of them the maximum pleasure.  When he added the word 'hard' to his statement, Brian knew it was going to be something special.


Justin leaned forward kissing Brian, his tongue demanding entrance and dueling deliciously with Brian's.  At the same time he shifted his weight from his knees to his feet and squatted above Brian's throbbing dick, as he ended the kiss.  Brian reached for his cock, steadying it at Justin's pucker.  He felt Justin lower his body onto the rock hard rod.  When the cap of Brian's cock penetrated, Justin threw his head back in abandon.  He let out a lusty moan of such pleasure and satisfaction that it went straight to Brian's groin and the man almost came just from the sound.  Justin took all of the thick shaft, sliding down gently until he was sitting on Brian's groin, fully impaled.


He just sat there for a moment or two, staring into Brian's eyes, enjoying the feeling of being filled up.  Justin had not had that many lovers, but no one ever filled him the way Brian did, not just because of the size of Brian's dick, but because he knew this was where he belonged, with this man.  


Brian gave complete control over to Justin.  He waited while the waves of pleasure at being so joined coursed through their bodies.  He knew Justin would take them on a wild ride.  The boy lifted up suddenly, clenching his anal muscles and dragging himself up Brian's cock.  Brian groaned in satisfaction.  Justin grinned.  When he reached the point where only the cap of Brian's dick was trapped inside him, he stopped and released his muscles, sinking back down until he was fully impaled once more.


He felt Brian's hips buck up beneath him.  "Be patient," he whispered.


"That's usually my line," Brian groaned.


"I've learned from the best."

Brian smiled.  He felt Justin contract his muscles again and begin a slow, twisting slide up his dick.  He wanted to scream at the exquisite pleasure he felt as Justin rotated his hips and used his muscles to tug on his pulsing cock.  He let out a raspy groan as Justin waited at the top before sitting back down and impaling himself once more.  Brian couldn't help himself; he pushed up against Justin's ass, wanting to go deeper and possess his boy totally.  Justin let all of his weight rest on Brian, not permitting him any real upward motion.  He clenched his muscles again and began the next slow, excruciatingly wonderful torment of sliding himself up Brian's cock.


"Jesus, Justin!" Brian groaned rolling his head back and forth.


"Like that?" Justin asked.


"God, yes, but I don't know how much more I can take."


"Then let's move on to stage two."


Justin upped the speed with intermittent tightening and loosening of his anus.  His own control began to diminish as Brian's cock hit his prostate and jolts of pleasure coursed through him.  Brian grabbed Justin's hips and held on, to steady the boy, but also to allow him to thrust up into Justin.  They gasped and groaned and moaned and called out each other's names.  Suddenly they were coming in blinding waves of ecstasy that rocked each of them to the core of their being.


Brian opened his eyes, having lost track of time and space and his name.  Justin lay on his chest breathing rapidly, eyes tightly closed.  Brian could feel his dick still up Justin's ass and he was sure there was no better place for it to be.  He ran his hand gently down Justin's back.  The boy opened his eyes and looked at his lover, some semblance of reality coming back to him.


"You okay?" Brian asked.


Justin nodded.  "That was something else!"


"Why do you want to go out on a date when we can stay home and do that?"

"Call me crazy, but I do."


"You're crazy, but after that I'll do anything you want."


"Hm, let me see," Justin teased, mentally making a list of all the things he had ever wanted Brian to do.


Brian could see the wheels turning.  "Are you making a long list?" he asked tongue in cheek.


"All I want is a special night every now and then, a special night with my special man."


"God, I love you!"


Justin beamed at him.  All he really wanted was for Brian to say what he just said in that genuine easy manner that happened so rarely.  Everything else was merely icing on the cake.  "Maybe we can do something like what we just did, when we get back from our date," Justin said kissing Brian's face.


"Sounds like a plan!"




The next day Brian decided he better make some arrangements for their date before he ran out of time.  He had no idea what would be a special night out that they would both enjoy.  He wracked his brain trying to come up with something.  He knew lots of restaurants and he could pick a good one, but he knew Justin wanted to do more than just dinner.  He thought of several possible activities for their date but discarded them one after the other as being too ordinary, too boring, too uninteresting.  He sighed.


"Cynthia, can you come in here for a minute, please."

She appeared at his door almost immediately.


"Sit down," he said gesturing to the chair on the other side of his desk.


"Am I being fired?" she asked only half kidding.  He rarely called her in and asked her to sit down.  He usually left her standing in front of him while he barked out in the briefest of sentences what he wanted done.  She sat rather tentatively waiting to see what he would say.


"Why would you ask that?"


"No reason.  Forget it." she said seeing that he had no intention of getting rid of her.  "What can I do for you?"


Brian gave her a quizzical look, but decided to drop it and get the information that he wanted.  "Um, are you dating anyone right now?"


"Yes … yes, why do you ask?"  She had no idea where this was going.


"If you were going out on Saturday night where would you go?"


"Excuse me?" she said puzzled by this line of questioning.


"You heard me.  Where would you go?"

"I don't know.  I think maybe we'd go to dinner.  Why?"


"Is that all?"

"Yes, if it's not a special date or occasion, that's probably what we'd do."

"Oh," Brian responded.  "Where would you go if it was a special date?"

"I don't know.  I guess we'd look in the paper and see what's playing around town, pick something from there."

"Of course," Brian smiled, "why didn't I think of that?  Do we have today's paper around somewhere?"

"There's always one in the lobby," she replied.


"Would you get me the entertainment section and bring it here, please?"


"Sure," she said looking even more confused.  She went out to the lobby and returned with the section Brian had requested.


"Thanks," he said.  "I'll let you know if I need you to do anything else."


She gave him a look like he had just stepped off a spaceship from Mars and left the office.  Brian flipped through the paper and then he saw it.  That would be perfect.  "Cynthia, come back in here!" he ordered.  She reappeared almost immediately.  "Get me two tickets for that for Saturday night," he said pointing to an ad in the paper.  "Make them the best available."


"Okay," she said taking the paper out to her desk to do as he requested.


A few minutes later she buzzed him to say that he had two orchestra seats in Row M for Saturday night.  He could pick up the tickets at the box office beforehand.  Brian smiled as he mentally made arrangements for the rest of their date on Saturday night.




All week Justin dropped subtle hints about Saturday night, not wanting to ask outright if Brian had made plans and praying that he hadn't forgotten or changed his mind.  Brian refused to say anything about what he was planning.  He either ignored Justin's hints or simply gave a terse non-committal answer.  By Saturday morning Justin was going crazy with worry and expectation.


Brian told Justin that he was going to the gym for a couple of hours and then was having lunch with the boys.  Justin looked crestfallen as Brian made no mention of their date. 


"Haven't you forgotten something?" Justin asked.


"I don't think so," Brian responded.




"What about tonight?"


Justin saw the flicker of a smile pass across Brian's face and he knew the man was teasing him.  "You shit!  You're tormenting me!"


Brian grinned.  "A little bit," he admitted.


Justin put his arms around Brian's neck.  "So are you going to tell me where we're going?"




"Come on," Justin pleaded.



"Well, at least tell me what to wear."


Brian went up to the closet and pulled out Justin's gray slacks and a sky blue silk sweater.  "Wear this," he said.  "I'll pick you up in front of the gallery at six."


"So it's some place nice?" Justin said fishing for more information.  


"You'll see."


"Tell me more."



"Brian!" Justin whined.


"Be wearing those when I pick you up," Brian said.  "There won't be time to change afterwards.


"Are you going to tell me what we're doing?" Justin asked, hoping against hope that Brian would reveal his plans.


"No," Brian said and walked out the door to go to the gym.


Justin was slightly annoyed that Brian wouldn't tell him anything about their date, but he had told Brian to surprise him.  He sincerely hoped it was going to be a good surprise.  Justin left for the gallery shortly after, carrying the sweater and slacks that Brian had selected for him carefully folded in his backpack.  It was going to be a long day wondering what was ahead.


Brian went to the gym and then had lunch with his friends.  He never said anything about the date, opting to keep their private life private, between him and Justin.  He caught Emmett looking at him strangely a couple of times, and wondered how long the man would be able to keep it quiet that he and Justin were in a committed relationship.  He had to hand it to Emmett.  He had lasted longer already than Brian would have originally given him credit for.  Maybe their secret was safe with him after all.


Justin had a great deal of trouble concentrating on work at the gallery.  He was thankful that it was a fairly busy day.  When he was talking to potential customers, he didn't have time to think about what Brian had planned for them.


Finally at 5:45 Justin locked himself in the washroom and quickly changed his clothes.  Nobody came into the gallery thankfully, and he was able to get ready without interruption.  He wished there was a shower, but he had to make do with washing his face and hands and splashing on some cologne.  He ran a comb through his hair and decided he was presentable for wherever Brian was taking him.


Minutes after he came out of the washroom he saw the Jeep pull up in front of the gallery.  He quickly gathered up his backpack where he had stowed his work clothes.  He locked the front door of the gallery behind him and climbed into the Jeep.  Brian squealed away without a word.


They only went a few blocks before Brian pulled into an underground parking garage.  Justin had looked at Brian a few times, but the man refused to return his gaze.  He said nothing.  Justin realized his heart was pounding in his chest.


Brian pulled into a parking space and they stepped out.  Brian looked at Justin and smiled his approval at how his lover looked.  He took the boy's hand and led him out of the parking garage.  They crossed the street and entered a French Restaurant called Chez Michel.  The maitre d' showed them to a secluded table near the back.  Once they were seated and had begun to look at the menu, Justin decided he had to say something.


"This is a nice place, Brian," he began.  "Have you been here before?"

"No, somebody recommended it to me once, but I've never come here.  I thought we should experience something new for both of us."


"I like that idea," Justin said smiling at him.


Brian looked pleased with Justin's reaction to the restaurant.  He ordered a bottle of red wine when the wine steward came to their table.


"Oh Brian!" Justin gushed staring at the menu.  "They have escargots!  I remember them from Emile's. They were so good.  Can I have some?"

"You can have whatever you want, Sunshine."


The steward brought their wine and poured a bit for Brian to taste.  He nodded his approval and the steward filled both their glasses.  Brian picked up his glass and raised it toward Justin.  "To a pleasurable … and successful date … the first of many to come," he said and clinked his glass with Justin's.


Justin took a sip of the wine.  "That's good wine," he noted.  He couldn't help but smile to himself that Brian's toast had implied that there were more dates to take place in the future.  He hoped everything went well tonight, because the possibility of going on a date with Brian every now and then was his fondest wish.


"Have you decided what you want to eat?" Brian asked.


"I think so."


Brian nodded toward the waiter and he came to take their order.  Justin wanted to try duck a l'orange after his escargots.  Brian ordered a salad and filet mignon.  They chatted about what had happened to each of them during the day and thoroughly enjoyed the food.  When they had finished up the main course, Brian reached across and took Justin's hand.  Justin wasn't sure what Brian was going to do.  Brian merely turned his hand over and looked at Justin's watch.


"We need to go," Brian said.




"You'll see."


"No dessert?"



Brian quickly paid the bill and they headed out.  As they moved along the sidewalk, Justin put his hand into Brian's and felt the man squeeze it gently in acknowledgement.  They rounded the corner of the street and Justin saw Heinz Hall across the way.  Brian headed in that direction.  The sign over the front doors read "Riverdance".


"We're seeing Riverdance?" Justin asked in amazement. 


"You got it."


Brian claimed their tickets at the box office and they found their seats.  The show began soon after and Justin and Brian were both mesmerized with the speed and grace of the dancers, the beat and swirl of the music, the glow and charm of the lights and costumes.  They couldn't help but tap their feet to various dances.  The time sped by and before they knew it, it was intermission.


Brian took them to the lobby where they got a glass of wine and Justin gushed about how much he was enjoying the show.  Brian smiled at his youthful enthusiasm, but he had to admit that he was having a great time too.


The second half of the show went by even faster than the first.  When it was over, there was a standing ovation for the dancers.  Brian and Justin joined in enthusiastically.  By the time they left the theater it was after ten-thirty.  They walked back to the Jeep, Justin jabbering away about how the girls could make their feet move so fast while keeping their arms and upper body motionless.  The men moved so gracefully and leapt so high.  Justin had decided that he was going to do a series of sketches based on the show they had seen. 


Brian smiled, happy that he had made a good choice for their date.  They got in and Brian drove the Jeep to one of the big hotels in downtown Pittsburgh.


"Are we staying here tonight?" Justin asked.


"I hadn't planned on that," Brian said.



"Wait and see."

They took the elevator to the top floor where there was a revolving restaurant.  They were seated by the window where they could watch all of Pittsburgh slowly pass beneath them.


"What do you want for dessert?" Brian asked.


Justin chose "Death by Chocolate" and Brian ordered two cappuccinos to go with it.  They sat in silence for a few minutes watching Pittsburgh slowly sweep by beneath them.


"You could almost believe this was New York or any other big city when you see it in the dark with the lights on moving slowly," Brian observed.


Justin laughed.  "Are there any more qualifiers you could add to that statement?"


"Hm, being so far above it helps too."

Justin laughed again.  "You are merciless."



"I've had a great time tonight, Brian."

"Actually so have I."

"You mean it?" Justin asked earnestly.


"I mean it."

Justin beamed at him.  "So date night wasn't as horrible as you thought it might be?"

"I didn't think it would be horrible.  It's just not something I'm used to doing, and the few times I've tried it haven't been raving successes."


"A little outside your comfort zone?"


"A bit, but sometimes it's good to stretch yourself."

"I hope we can do it again," Justin said hopefully.


"That might be arranged," Brian conceded.


The coffees and cake arrived.  Justin had a big bite of his dessert and grinned with satisfaction.  "This is so good!  Try a bite."


Brian opened his mouth slightly and Justin took that as his signal to feed the man a piece.  Brian ate it slowly, licking his lips to get the last crumbs.  "Jesus, that has enough calories to add fifteen pounds."

"But it's scrumptious," Justin countered.


"Yeah, it is."

Justin smiled.  "Want another bite?"


"Maybe a tiny one," Brian gave in.


Justin fed him another piece, taking a big bite for himself.


"I'm going to have to give you some workout when we get home to burn off all those calories."


"I'm ready," Justin grinned devouring the last bite of his dessert.  Brian thought he looked like he wanted to lick the plate but knew better than to do that in polite company.  "Why did you pick Riverdance to go to tonight?" Justin asked out of the blue.


"Fuck, Justin, this is Pittsburgh!  It's not like I had unlimited choices."

Justin giggled.  "I realize that but why did you pick it?  There were other choices."


Brian looked thoughtful.  "I've heard a lot about it, but never seen it.  It was playing here tonight, and I thought it might be cool to get in touch with some of my Celtic roots."

"You really liked it, didn't you?"

"I did, more than I thought I would."

"Have you ever thought about going to Ireland, to visit your ancestral homeland?"


"Once or twice?"

"Really?  I think that would be neat.  Do you know where your family came from originally?"

"I think somewhere near Limerick."



Brian snorted.  "They were dirt poor.  It's not like we'd find the castle they left behind."


"I know, but it would still be nice to see Ireland.  I hear it's very beautiful."

"Are you volunteering to go with me?"

"Are you asking me to go with you?"  Justin's eyes had gotten very big.


"Sounds that way."

"I'd go anywhere with you, Brian.  You know that.  Ireland would be amazing."

"Maybe we should think about that for a vacation sometime."

"I'm game if you are," Justin said, refraining from screaming and shouting with joy that Brian was describing an actual vacation that they might take together.


"Are you finished with your cappuccino?"

"Yes, why?"

"Because I want to take you home and fuck the shit out of you!"

"I'm ready," Justin said giving Brian his radiant sunshine smile.  "And Brian, thanks for tonight.  I've had a wonderful time."

"So have I, Sunshine.  Let's go."

When they arrived at the loft about twenty minutes later, Justin jumped out of the Jeep ready to show Brian how much he had appreciated their date.  Brian made no move to get out.  Justin opened the passenger door again.  "Aren't you coming?" he asked.


"I guess so," Brian said, finally making a move to leave the Jeep.


Justin looked at him worrying that something was wrong.  He took Brian's hand and they rode the elevator up to their home.  Once inside Justin threw himself into Brian's arms. 


"I've been planning all night how I'm going to give you a special thank you for our date."

Brian kissed him, but not with great enthusiasm.


"What's wrong, Brian?" Justin asked, worried.


"I've been expecting something bad to happen all night, at least a flat tire, something to ruin our perfect date."


"It was perfect, wasn't it?  And nothing bad has happened."  Justin tried to reassure his lover.  He hadn't realized how worried Brian had been about the outcome of this date.  "We're home and safe and I'm ready to be fucked!  What more can you ask for?"


"Nothing, Sunshine.  I have everything I'll ever need right in my arms." 

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