Bedtime Story

"Fuck, Justin!"  Brian was exasperated.  He had agreed to take Gus for the weekend thinking that it would be a chance for the three of them to spend some time together and have a relaxing couple of days.  Now Justin had told him that he was working at the diner all day Saturday and at the gallery on Sunday.


"I'm sorry," Justin said lamely.  "I knew I had to work Sunday when you told me about the weekend, but I thought you could bring Gus to the gallery and we could still have some time together."

"What about the diner?"

Justin grimaced.  He knew Brian wasn't going to like this.  "Debbie has a date with Horvath.  He's taking her to a wedding.  It will be the first time she meets some of his family.  She tried everyone, but nobody would take her shift on Saturday.  They all had big plans for the weekend."


"We could have had big plans too," Brian said sarcastically.


"I'm sorry!"  Justin didn't know what else to say.


"Fuck sorry," Brian said matter-of-factly.


"I'll still be here in the evenings both days.  We can do something with Gus then," Justin said hopefully.


"Right!  We'll be able to cram so much into that half hour between when you get off work and Gus goes to bed."


Justin knew Brian was exaggerating, but he was right, there wouldn't be much time between the two.  "Shit!" Justin said.  He felt like crying, but he told himself that it would only make him look pathetic, and it probably wouldn't soften Brian's attitude.  Justin sat staring off into space.  There wasn't anything more to say.  He had made these commitments and he would stick with them, even if Brian didn't like it.


"I'm going to Babylon for a couple of hours," Brian stated, getting up from the couch and heading up to the bedroom.

"Brian, it's after ten."

"Are you trying to tell me I have a curfew?"

"No … no.  I just thought that it's kind of late.  By the time you get there …"


Justin did not complete his sentence knowing that it would sound even more pathetic.  Brian thought nothing of staying up till all hours of the day or night.  He could still manage to get up the next morning and be brilliant at work. 


Brian was putting on his tight black jeans and a sleeveless black shirt when Justin went up the steps to see what he was doing.


"Want me to come?" Justin asked, trying to make up with his lover.


"Not particularly!"


Justin was hurt.  It wasn't like Brian to turn him down and in such a rude fashion.


"Fine," Justin replied.  "I'm going to bed.  Don't wake me up when you come in, that is, if you come in."  He began taking off his clothes as Brian grabbed his keys and slammed out of the loft.


Brian arrived at Babylon to find none of his friends there.  He got a beer from the bar and went up on the catwalk to survey the scene.  He had been standing there for a few minutes when he could feel eyes boring into him.  He glanced around the dance floor, looking for someone who would be staring back at him.  Finally he saw the man.  He was young, not as young as Justin, but young.  He had black hair and big dark eyes that never wavered from Brian's face.  Brian had never seen him before.  He must be new to Babylon.  He was definitely cruising Brian.  Brian felt his cock give a little twitch of anticipation.  He looked away knowing that he shouldn't be doing or thinking the things that were sweeping through his brain and body.


When he looked back, he couldn't find the man anymore.  He let out a sigh, more of relief than regret.  Now he wouldn't have to deal with turning the guy down, if he had been strong enough to turn him down, that was.


"Hey," a soft voice said from behind him.


Brian turned to look into the same pair of eyes that had been staring at him from the dance floor.  "Hey," he replied trying to give no encouragement.


"Want to dance?"


"Not particularly."


"Come on," the man said.  "One dance?  I'm Greg."


"Well, Greg, I think you're barking up the wrong tree."

"Why?  You're gay, aren't you?"


Brian chuckled.  Obviously this guy was new to Pittsburgh, not just Babylon.  "Rumor has it."

"Then come on and have one dance."

Brian sized up this guy.  If he had been looking for a trick, this would be no reject.  He was a little shorter than Brian, but had that lean, semi-cut body that appealed to Brian.  He wondered what he had come to Babylon for, if not to dance with such a man.  He knew he had come to escape Justin for awhile, but why shouldn't he have a dance as well.  "You're on," he said and headed down to the dance floor.


They began gyrating to the music.  The guy was a good dancer.  As the music continued he inched ever closer to Brian until his groin was grinding against Brian's.  Brian could feel the effect this was having on both their cocks, but he didn't care.  It felt good to be on the dance floor and have this handsome young man desire him.  He had almost forgotten what an adrenaline rush that could be.


When that song ended they were very close together, sweaty and turned on.  As soon as the next song started, Greg began dancing and bumping provocatively against Brian.  Brian did nothing to stop him, just reciprocated.


All of a sudden Brian felt an arm slide down his chest and push him back so that he broke contact with Greg.  He had been lost in the moment, so when he looked up into familiar blue eyes he was momentarily stunned.


"Hey, what do you think you're doing?" Greg asked.


"Fuck off!" Brian and Justin said in unison.


Greg shook his head and mumbled, "Fuck you both," as he headed to a different part of the dance floor to look for a new partner.


Justin laid his arms on Brian's shoulders and ground his groin into Brian's.  They moved together as only they could.  Brian leaned in and sucked on Justin's lower lip.  That soon grew into a deep and lingering kiss with dueling tongues and gasping lungs.


"Come home with me, now!" Justin demanded.


"Let's go," Brian said, taking his hand and heading for the exit.


Brian drove at Indy speeds to get them to the loft in as few seconds as possible.  They raced up the stairs and had most of their clothes off before Brian could get the loft door locked.  Justin threw himself at Brian wrapping his legs around the man's torso.  Brian walked them up to the bedroom, carrying Justin like that and kissing him all the while.  They tumbled onto the bed, Brian on top, kissing and exploring like they had been separated for months.


"Fuck me," Justin whispered.


Brian grabbed the lube and worked his fingers into Justin's pucker.  Justin stifled a scream as Brian's none too gentle fingers stabbed into his hole over and over.


He felt Brian stop, and he knew the man was putting on a condom.  His eyes searched Brian's face until he looked at him.  Brian positioned his cock and plunged in with one swift and rather painful stroke.  Justin grunted and cried out.  Brian pulled back and rammed in again.  He knew he was taking out his frustrations on this willing body but it felt too good to stop.  He continued his assault.  Justin's fingernails dug into his shoulders and he realized the boy was fighting back, returning the passion and anger that they had both felt.  The collision of their bodies became more and more severe as they pounded into each other.  Justin was gasping and moaning and whimpering, or was that him?  They were lost in the intensity of this act, joined as one, breathing as one, moaning as one, coming as one.


Brian finally opened his eyes.  He could feel Justin's heaving breaths beneath him, matching his own.  "Fuck!" he groaned, rolling onto his back and sliding his cock from Justin's body.


"Double fuck!" Justin replied gasping.


Brian raised his head and looked at his lover.  Justin still gasped for air, his mouth open to suck in as much oxygen as he could get.  His eyes were closed and his chest was covered in his own come.  Brian reached over and ran his hand through the come, feeling the pearly white liquid already beginning to grow thicker.  He rubbed it over Justin's chest, then licked it off, sucking on the boy's nipples as he did so.  He saw Justin's cock jump at his actions.  He smiled.


"Fuck, Brian!  I can't take anything else for a minute or two."


"I know, baby.  I'm just playing," he said, kissing Justin and depositing some of his come into that luscious mouth. 




"Maybe we should go to Babylon more often.  That was exciting."

"You want to kill me?"

"Didn't you like it?" Brian asked.


"Of course I did.  It was sensational."


Brian chuckled.  "So I haven't lost my touch."

"Did you think you had?"


"Sometimes it seems like we fight about nothing and it gets kind of boring and … mundane."

"Anything to do with you is hardly mundane," Justin declared.


"That's good to know.  Why did you come to Babylon?"

"Couldn't let you find someone else."


"I'd never do that."


"Oh yeah, who was that guy you were dancing on top of?"

Brian snorted.  "Greg, I think.  He was just someone to dance with.  That's all."

"It sure looked like he was after you.  I could barely squeeze my arm in between you."

"He was a good dancer, but not as good as you."

Justin kissed him, knowing that the tiff was over and Brian would be all right now.  "Let's figure out what we can do about spending some time together this weekend."



Brian picked up Gus Saturday morning and brought him to the diner for brunch.  Justin took his break so that he could sit with them and eat something.  Justin gave Gus a kiss and his plate of pancakes.  After Gus had gobbled up most of them, he looked at Justin and said, "Come to the museum with us, Justin?"

"I wish I could, Gus, but I have to work."

"Oh," said Gus not looking very happy about that reply.


"You and Dada will have a good time there, and I'll see you at the loft for dinner.  Okay?"


"Okay," Gus agreed.  "Play with me then?"

"You got it, partner," Justin said.


Brian and Gus left to go to the museum to see the dinosaurs one more time.  Justin went back to serving his tables and wishing he could be with his lover and Gus.


At the museum Brian took Gus through the dinosaur exhibit.  The little boy had learned the names of most of the dinosaurs.  He would say the name and then get Brian to read him the little blurb about that particular species.  Brian could tell that Gus took in most of what he read to him and wondered how soon Gus would have it memorized or be reading it himself.  He was a very bright little boy.


As the afternoon wore on and they had covered all of the dinosaurs, Brian decided to take Gus for an ice cream cone.  They drove to Baskin and Robbins and Gus got a chocolate cone.  It was a warm day so Brian gave in and got a pistachio cone for himself.  He shared with Gus who had chocolate all over his face, but decided he liked pistachio too. He ate most of his father's as well as his own.  Finally Brian threw the remnants of the cones away and cleaned up the little boy.


He walked Gus back to the car and put him in his car seat.  Pretty soon he would be too big for it and they would have to move up to the next kiddy type seat.  Gus looked a little tired so Brian decided to take him back to the loft and maybe get him to take a nap.


Gus lay down on the sofa and Brian brought him his books that he had selected for his weekend visit.  He picked Thomas the Train, of course, and Brian read him the story.  Gus' eyes seemed to be wanting to close but the little boy was fighting it.  Brian read on in a soft voice and soon Gus' even breathing indicated he was asleep.  Brian stretched and went up to the bedroom.  He brought down one of the pillows and laid it beside Gus to secure him on the couch and prevent him from rolling off.


He moved to the kitchen taking the phone with him.  He hit the number of the diner and Justin answered. 


"When will you be here?" Brian asked.  "Gus is having a nap, but he'll be hungry when he wakes up."


"Um … there's a slight problem.  Kiki called and she's going to be a little late for her shift.  I have to stay till she gets here."

Brian groaned, but tried not to get too mad.  "Gus will be disappointed."


"I know, and I'm sorry, but there's nobody else to cover."


"What should I do about dinner?"

"Why don't you order pizza?  Gus loves it.  I'll probably grab something here, but I could heat the pizza up, if I'm hungry when I get home."


"What time will that be?"


"I'm really not sure.  Whenever Kiki gets here, I guess."

"Fuck, Justin, you promised Gus that you would play with him tonight."


"I know.  Tell him I'm sorry and I'll make it up to him tomorrow."

"You better," Brian said, not being very charitable about Justin's situation.


Justin knew Brian was ticked, but there was nothing he could do about it.  "Later," he said and hung up.


Brian was pissed.  He knew Gus would be in a bad mood when he woke up and Justin wasn't there.  He tried to think of things he could do to entertain and distract Gus until Justin got home.  He rummaged around in the DVD drawer to see what kiddy movies he could find.  After a short search he found the animated "Lion King" that Justin had picked up on sale a week or two ago, saying that Gus might like it.  He set it out as a last resort. 


Brian walked over to his computer.  He had some work he could do, and since Justin was absent and Gus asleep, he decided he might as well do that.  Maybe Justin would be home by the time Gus woke up.


Gus slept for a little over an hour.  Brian was thinking about waking him up, because too long a nap meant that he would be impossible to put to bed in decent time. 


"Dada," Gus said looking over at Brian working at the computer.


"Hey, Sonny Boy," Brian smiled, "did you have a good sleep?"

Gus nodded.  "Peepee, Dada," Gus said sitting up.


Brian immediately grabbed his son and carried him up to the bathroom.  He set the boy down in front of the toilet.  Gus stood on the little stool they had there for him to use and pulled his pants down.  Brian watched his son pee into the toilet, concentrating very hard to do it right and not miss.


When Gus was finished, he pulled up his pants and pushed the stool over to the sink to wash his hands.  With that all accomplished he turned and smiled at his father.


"Good boy!" Brian congratulated him.  His son got more and more grown up every day.


"Where's Justin?" Gus asked.


Brian groaned inwardly.  "He's not home from work yet," he said trying to be cheerful.


"When will he come?"


"I'm not sure."


Gus looked ready to cry.


"Are you hungry?" Brian asked hoping to turn his thoughts to something else.


Gus nodded.


"Would you like pizza?"


Gus nodded again.


"Cheese and pepperoni?"


Gus nodded.


"Let's go order it," Brian said taking Gus' hand and leading him down to the kitchen.  He set the boy on one of the stools in front of the counter and searched through the drawer of take-out menus until he found the pizza one.  He ordered Gus' pizza and a vegetarian one.  He knew Justin would eat either of them.


When Brian was finished, he looked at Gus wondering what they could do until the pizzas arrived.


"Thirsty, Dada," Gus said.


Brian got his Winnie the Pooh plastic cup with two handles and poured some apple juice into it.  Gus sucked on it greedily, and it was gone in a flash.  "You were thirsty," Brian commented, and poured a little more juice into the cup.  As he was putting the juice back into the fridge he saw a bag of baby carrots that Justin must have bought.  He brought it out and ripped it open, taking a handful of carrots out and putting the rest back in the fridge.  He gave them a rinse under the tap and put them in a little dish which he set in front of Gus.


Gus grabbed one and started eating.


"Chew carefully, Gus," Brian said.  "Would you like to watch a movie?" he asked hopefully.




"Justin will be here soon," Brian said hoping that would be true.


He helped Gus down and went to put "The Lion King" in the DVD player.  Thankfully Gus liked it and he was engrossed until the pizza came.  They left the movie on while they ate.  Gus managed two good sized pieces of his pizza and Brian picked at the vegetarian one, wishing that Justin was there.  He was sure it would taste a lot better if the blond was sitting beside him gobbling pizza and commenting on the animation of the movie.


When the film was over, Brian suggested that Gus draw some pictures about the movie to show Justin when he finally got home.  Gus was happy to do that, always loving to scribble and color and draw.  That kept the little boy happy for awhile.


By 8:30 Brian was getting ticked and Gus was more and more whiny wanting to know where Justin was.  Brian began suggesting that Gus go to bed, but the boy was not in the least tired.  He wanted to play with Justin before he even thought about sleeping.


Brian took out the Thomas the Train toys that he had stocked up on for when Gus was there.  He sat down on the floor with Gus and they played with the various cars and the figure of the stationmaster.  Gus muttered away describing everything the trains were doing.


Brian asked, "Where is Thomas going?"


"To the diner to pick up Justin," Gus replied.


Brian smiled.  "If only it was that easy!"


"Thomas can carry lots of people," Gus explained.  "He'll get Debbie and Michael too."


"That's nice."

"Then we'll go to Mama and Mommy's house and pick them up."

"You're going to have a full train," Brian told him.


Gus nodded.  "We can get 'Mantha too."

"Who's Samantha?" Brian asked supplying the missing syllable to the name Gus had tried to say.


"My friend at school."

"Oh," Brian said.  He hadn't heard about Samantha before.  "Do you like Samantha?"


Gus nodded.  "She plays with me.  I like her."

Brian looked at his son.  "Do you play with other kids too, Gus?"

"Sometimes, but I like 'Mantha best."

Brian had often mused about the sexuality of his son.  He wondered what being brought up by two dykes would do to the kid's psyche.  He also wondered if Gus was confused by his own relationship with Justin.  Maybe he was too young yet to care about any of that.  The fact that his son's best friend was a girl didn't surprise him either, but it didn't answer any of his questions.


After Thomas had picked up his cargo of people, Gus told Brian that they were going to New York.


"Why New York?" Brian asked, wondering if Gus remembered his trip there.


"We can visit Tyrone and Daisy and Luigi," Gus stated.


Brian was amazed that the little boy remembered the trip and the names of all the people he had met there.  "Would you like to go to Central Park and ride the Carousel again?"


Gus nodded.  "But first we see Daisy."

Brian chuckled.  It stood to reason that a horse would be the first thing that Gus would want to visit in New York.  Gus babbled on some more about the trip and what they would do.  When Brian glanced at the clock, he realized it was almost nine-thirty and Justin still wasn't home.  Gus should have been in bed an hour ago.


"Let's go have a shower, Gus, and I'll put your jammies on."


"No!" Gus replied, knowing this meant he was going to get put to bed.  "Justin!"


"We'll put on your pajamas and then we'll wait for Justin.  Okay?"


Gus looked rather uncertain about this, but he did like showering with his father.  He liked it even better when Justin showered with them too.  He always played fun games with the soap and held Gus up right under the showerhead.  "Okay," Gus said rather tentatively.


Brian stripped off their clothes and turned the shower on.  While he was checking to make sure that the water wasn't too hot for his son, the little boy disappeared.  "Gus," Brian called.  There was no answer.  "Gus!" Brian called more loudly and in a sterner voice.  There was still no answer.  Brian knew his son had to be hiding so he went into the bedroom looking around for the boy.  There was no sign of him there.


After checking the living room and not finding the little boy, Brian headed for the kitchen.  As he rounded the end of the counter, he saw Gus crouched down looking the other way.  He pounced, grabbing his son, and flipping him up in the air.  At first there was no sound from the boy, as he was taken by surprise.  Then he squealed in fright and wonder and delight as his father tossed him up again and again.   


"Had enough, Sonny Boy?" Brian asked lowering him down to his chest.


Gus grabbed him around the neck still giggling from the shock and fun of Brian's actions.  "Love you, Dada," he said kissing Brian on the cheek.


Brian hugged him tight and whispered, "I love you so much, Gus."  He was thinking of all the times as a little boy he had wanted his parents to say that to him.


Gus kissed his father again, seeming to study the sad look in his father's eyes.  "What's wrong, Dada?"


"Nothing, Gus, nothing.  Let's get that shower."


Brian carried Gus up to the bathroom and stepped into the shower, still holding the little boy in his arms.  He let the water hit them a bit, then stepped back.  Gus giggled.  He did the same thing again and Gus giggled harder.  He held the boy out into the flow of water and let him get thoroughly drenched.  Gus sputtered and spit out the water he had sucked into his mouth.  Brian held him close till he recovered.


"Again, Dada!" Gus ordered. 


Brian smiled and held his son under the flow, up close to the showerhead.  When he pulled Gus back, the boy gasped for air and coughed.  Brian worried that maybe that had been too much. 


Just then Gus giggled and yelled, "Again!"


Brian laughed.  Gus was definitely his kid, looking for the thrill, never willing to back off.  He held Gus under the spray one more time.  When he pulled him back this time, he held him tightly and whispered, "That's enough, Gus."  He didn't want the boy to get too over-excited.  He grabbed the soap and gave it to Gus who lathered his father's shoulders and face.  Brian set Gus down and stepped into the flow to rinse it off.  He turned around and lathered up the little boy.  Gus giggled and squirmed.  Brian had trouble finishing his task.  Hanging on to a soapy body wasn't easy.  Finally they both rinsed off and Brian turned the water off.  He stepped out and wrapped a towel around his hips.  He placed a towel around Gus' shoulders and picked him up, snuggling the towel under his chin.


Gus laid his head on Brian's shoulder as his father rubbed his back and arms to dry him off.


"Getting Sleepy?" Brian asked softly.




Brian knew Gus was probably tired, but he wasn't willing to give in.  He still wanted to play with Justin.  When the little boy was dry, Brian helped him into his pajamas.  He combed Gus' hair and fluffed his own. 


"Want a drink, Sonny Boy?" Brian asked.


Gus nodded sleepily.  Brian carried him down to the kitchen and got them both some water.  Gus had a big drink.  Brian was getting really angry that Justin still wasn't home.  It was after ten o'clock.


"Come lie in the big bed, Gus and I'll read you a story," Brian coaxed.


Gus whimpered a bit, but allowed Brian to take him up to the bedroom.  Brian laid his son on the bed and pulled a light summer sheet over the small body.  He picked up "Winnie the Pooh" and began reading from where he had left off the last time Gus was there.


Gus listened for awhile showing no signs of going to sleep.  When Brian paused for a moment to see if Gus was getting sleepy, the little boy said, "Dada."


"Yes, Gus?"

"Tell me a story from your mouth."


"From my mouth?" Brian repeated, not sure what Gus meant.


"Not from a book, from your mouth."

Brian realized that Gus was asking him to make up a story of his own, not read him one from a book.  He groaned.  He was no good at this kind of thing.  This was Justin's forte.  Where the fuck was that kid anyway?


"Please, Dada."

Brian knew he was going to have to try, so he wracked his brain for an idea.  Then it came to him.

"Once upon a time," he began. 


Gus smiled at him.  That gave him courage to go on.


"Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Brian."

"Just like you, Dada?"

"Just like me, Sonny Boy.  The handsome prince was the master of his domain.  He had many subjects who worshipped him from near and afar.  He was very powerful, but also very lonely, only he didn't know that yet.  One night he was at another boring ball, dancing with all the fair … maidens.  He could have his pick of any of them, but they all seemed so much the same.  No one really interested him.  He decided to leave the ball, because there was nothing there for him.  He stepped out into the street feeling discouraged.  There before his eyes stood the most beautiful…princess imaginable.  The princess had lovely blond hair and the most amazing blue eyes that the prince had ever seen."


"Just like Justin?" Gus asked.


"Exactly like Justin," Brian replied.  "So the prince walked over to the princess who stood in the light of…the moon.  He leaned close to the princess and asked, 'Have you had a busy night?'  The princess shook her head.  Prince Brian said, 'I can change that.'  The prince took the princess' hand and they mounted his steed and rode back to his castle.  Just after they got there, the phone rang and Prince Brian and the princess raced to the hospital because a new little prince had just been born.  The princess helped Prince Brian to name his new son Prince Gus."


"Just like me?" Gus giggled.


"Uh huh," Brian said.  "Once they had named the baby, Prince Brian took the princess back to his castle once more.  The princess loved to be kissed by Prince Brian and decided to stay with the prince always.  Prince Brian realized that he loved the princess and he would never have to be lonely again if he allowed the princess to stay."


"Did the princess stay?" Gus asked.


"So far."


"That's good."

"Yes. It is," Brian agreed.


"Did they live happily ever after?"

"That remains to be seen, but I think there's a good possibility that they will."


"I like your story, Dada," Gus said, yawning and closing his eyes.  Brian leaned over and kissed his cheek.


"I like your story too," Justin said coming up the steps to the bedroom.


"How long have you been there?" Brian asked.


"Long enough."


Brian tried not to blush as Justin came over to give him a big, wet kiss.  "About time you got home," Brian whispered.


Justin pulled away to give Gus a kiss, only to discover that the little boy was fast asleep.  He looked sheepishly at Brian.


"My boring story put him right out," Brian said.

"I don't know.  I found it pretty mesmerizing."

"Only you would."

Brian stood up and squeezed Justin close for another kiss.


"I smell like grease.  Let's get in the shower," Justin said.


"I've already been in there with Gus.  I'll turn into a prune."

"Let's risk it.  There are things you can do in there with me that you can't do with Gus," Justin whispered.


Brian let Justin lead him back into the shower where they had an interlude that would never appear in a book of fairytales, at least not the traditional kind of fairy tales.  Justin did his best to make up for missing the day with Brian and Gus.  When they were finally finished they moved Gus to the couch and climbed into bed.  Brian reached for Justin's cock and was about to start the next episode of their own bedtime story when Justin's hand stopped him.


"What?" Brian asked.


"Tell me the bedtime story that you told Gus?" Justin asked.


"Are you kidding?"  Justin's smile told him that he wasn't kidding.  "I thought you heard it already."


"I missed a bit at the beginning, and besides, I think it's going to be one of my all time favorites that I'll want to hear over and over again."


Brian smiled back at him, and while his hand gently stroked Justin's hardening cock, he began, "Once upon a time…"

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