Justin realized he was humming a little tune as he headed into the gallery for work.  This weekend Brian had told him that they were in a committed relationship.  He had never in his wildest dreams thought that Brian would agree to that.  Hell, agree to it, it had been his idea!  If only Brian had talked to him about it first before making that declaration to Trip Bedford of all people.  Justin tried to ignore that major lapse.  He had decided he was going to let it rest.  He should just be thankful that Brian, for whatever reasons, had decided that Justin was the one and only for him.


He tried to wipe the dopey grin off his face.  He had been unable to stop smiling all weekend and he knew he was getting on Brian's nerves, but he couldn't help himself.  They had fucked again and again after Trip left.  Neither one of them could get enough of the other.  It was like they had moved to a different plane with their fucking.  It was sometimes intense, sometimes slow, sometimes tender and sometimes animalistic.  They had done everything to each other all weekend long.


Justin slid carefully into the chair in the office.  His ass was going to need a day or two to return to some semblance of normal.  He grinned.  So was Brian's.


Brian had left this morning before Justin woke up.  Justin had been a little disappointed to wake up alone in bed after such a fantastic weekend together.  He picked up the phone and hit Brian's number at work. 


Cynthia answered, "Brian Kinney's office."


"Hi, Cynthia, it's Justin."

"Hi, Justin.  What did you do to him this weekend?"


"What do you mean?"

"He's had this goofy grin on his face all morning, and he hasn't barked at me even once."

"Count your blessings," Justin told her.


"I am, believe me, I am."

"Is he available?"


"I think so.  I'll put you through, and by the way, whatever you're doing, keep it up!"


"I promise," Justin replied grinning from ear to ear.


"Justin," Brian's voice came on the line.


"None other."

"How's your ass?"


"A tad tender.  And you?"


"I always thought I had a comfortable chair in my office, but I'd kill for a nice fluffy pillow right about now."


Justin giggled.  "That was some weekend, although I didn't like waking up alone this morning.  I had a few things that I wanted to do to you. I dreamed about them last night."


Brian smiled.  "Save them for tonight."

"If I can wait that long."

"Well, you better not come anywhere near here or I'll have your ass in the reception area in front of the whole office staff."


"Kinky," Justin giggled.


Brian chuckled.  "Did you need something, or are you just checking to make sure I remember the definition of committed?"

"I just called to tell you that I love you."

"Back at you."

Justin smiled to himself.  It was still hard to get an 'I love you' from Brian Kinney.  He said it sparingly, but usually at the most incredible times.  "See you for dinner," Justin said.


"Later," Brian replied and hung up.  He smiled and leaned back in his chair, only to receive a sharp twinge from his sore ass.  "Shit!" he muttered.


Once he found a more comfortable position, he allowed his mind to wander to the events of the weekend.  He had almost ruined everything by telling Trip that he was in a committed relationship.  How could he have been so stupid to tell someone else before he told Justin?  He shook his head.  He was so damn useless at this whole relationship shit.  He wondered if he would ever get it even close to right.  He doubted it, but Justin had forgiven him … again and again.  He knew he was grinning like an idiot but he couldn't help himself.


He cleared his throat and tried to get back to work.




About two-thirty Emmett wandered into the Jane Granville Gallery looking for Justin.  He saw Justin talking to a customer in front of a sculpture, so he meandered along looking at paintings until Justin was finished.  Finally he saw the woman head for the door and he moved over to where Justin still stood.


"Make a sale?" Emmett asked.


"Probably not," Justin replied.  "I've learned the hard way that most people who seem really interested in a piece buy it immediately.  Their promises to come back tomorrow are usually pretty hollow."

"Funny, it's the same in the clothing business."

"Really?  I wouldn't have thought there was that much similarity."

"A sale's a sale," Emmett observed philosophically.


"So, what are you doing down here?" Justin asked.


"Came to see you."

"Oh, why?"

"Do I have to have a reason?"

"I bet you do."

"Well, actually I do.  Do you think you could design a poster for a charity event and maybe Brian could have them printed for us?"


"What charity event?"


"The hospice is holding a fifties dance to try to raise money to renovate the attic of the building they're in.  They could have three more beds if they did, and they want to name that floor after Godiva."


"Oh, Emm, that's nice."

"Yeah, it will mean that her memory lives on."

"I'll talk to Brian.  I'm sure he'll help."


"Thanks, Sweetie, I appreciate it.  You're good at getting Brian to do things.  Mostly he blows off any kind of charity stuff."

"He's not as tough as you might think," Justin said smiling mysteriously.


"What's that look for?  You look happy, really happy!"  Emmett looked at him appraising his appearance.  "What's going on?" Emmett wanted to know.


"Nothing.  Nothing," Justin said trying to stop grinning.


"Come on, Sweetie, spill!  You can tell me."

"Actually I can't."


"Now I know there's something juicy you're keeping from me."

"I can't tell you.  I promised."

"See if I tell you the next time I have some really good gossip," Emmett said huffily.


"Emm, all right, but you have to promise that it stays between you and me.  You can't tell anyone else.  Okay?"


"Of course.  My lips are sealed," Emmett said pretending to lock his lips and then throw away the key.


Justin knew he shouldn't do this, but he so wanted to share his good news with someone.  "Brian and I are … are in a committed relationship," he blurted out.


"What?  Did my ears hear correctly?  Committed … as in exclusive … as in monogamous … as in no one else … as in …?"

"Shit, Emm, yes.  That's what I said."


"I…I…I'm just trying to get my mind around the idea of Brian Kinney being monogamous."


"It is kind of hard to believe, isn't it?" Justin said with a broad grin on his face.


"Oh, Sweetie, I'm so happy for you!"




"When did this happen?"


"I just found out this weekend."

"Found out?  You mean you discussed it this weekend, right?"

"Not exactly.  Brian has been doing it for almost two months."

"You mean that Brian Kinney, the stud of Liberty Ave. has been with only you for almost two months?"

Justin nodded, grinning from ear to ear.


"How the mighty have fallen!" Emmett mused.  He was immediately sorry he said that when he saw Justin's face drop.  "I just meant that nobody would have ever thought that Brian would come to that point in his life.  You certainly have tamed the wild beast."


Justin still looked worried, so Emmett decided to keep his mouth shut.  He seemed to be making things worse with every statement he made.  "I didn't want to tame him," Justin said sincerely.  "I like Brian the way he is.  This was his decision," Justin tried to defend himself.


"You mean he did this voluntarily?  You didn't have to beg or plead?"


"He just told me that he had been exclusive for the last two months."


"And you didn't know until he said that?"


"He didn't discuss it with you?"  Emmett looked a little skeptical.


"He said he needed to prove to himself that he could do it before he told me."

"I'll be damned!"


"It is a little hard to get the mind around, even for me," Justin admitted.


"So how did he tell you?  Did he get all romantic with flowers and wine?  Did he give you a ring?" Emmett asked looking at Justin's hand.


Justin blushed crimson.  How could he explain how he had received this life-altering information?  Emmett and everyone else would think they were insane.  "No, nothing like that.  It just kind of came out."

"What does that mean?" Emmett asked, noting that Justin was blushing, probably all the way down to his toes.  "Did he tell you in the middle of fucking your brains out?  That would be so Brian Kinney!"


"No, not exactly."

"Come on, Sweetie, you've told me this much.  Dish!"


Justin knew he was getting deeper and deeper into shit he shouldn't be discussing.  He and Brian had decided not to tell anyone.  It was to be their private business, their secret, until some time in the future when they would both feel comfortable telling their family and friends.  He had broken that trust already.  Brian would have a bird if he knew.  "I've already told you more than I should have," Justin said.


"Is it supposed to be a secret?" Emmett asked.  "What kind of committed relationship is it when nobody knows about it?"


"It's our kind!" Justin said defiantly.


"Brian's kind, you mean."


"So what?  That's what we decided to do."


"I bet you would have called everyone as soon as he told you, if you had had your way."


"Probably," Justin had to admit.


Emmett relented.  He could see that Justin was in turmoil about what he had already said.  Emmett wanted more information but he didn't want to upset his friend.  "Justin, you don't have to tell me any more if you don't want to.  I told you I wouldn't say anything to anybody else and I won't."

"Thanks, Emm.  It's a relief to have somebody to talk to."


"But…you could tell me the rest if you want," Emmett offered.  "It won't go any further."


Justin considered his options for a moment.  "Come on in the office," he said.  Justin got them some water from the little fridge and they sat on the couch.  "I really need to talk."  He then proceeded to tell Emmett about having Trip for dinner and how it was really Trip that told him about them being in an exclusive relationship.  Justin could see Emmett's eyes getting bigger and bigger, but Emmett managed to keep his mouth shut and let Justin finish the story in his own way.

When Justin was finished his saga about confronting Brian after Trip left, and then the incredible weekend they had had together, Emmett's only reply was, "Holy shit!"


Justin smiled at Emmett's reaction.  He could just imagine what the rest of their friends would say if they heard what he had told Emmett.  "We never do anything in the usual way," Justin said by way of explanation. 


"That's for fuck sure, but we are dealing with Brian Kinney here.  Is it any wonder?"

"You won't tell anyone, will you?  Even Ted?"

"Not a soul.  My lips are sealed."

"Thanks, Emm, I really needed to talk to someone."


"Any time, Sweetie, and you will talk to Brian about the poster?  Here's all the vital information."  He handed Justin a piece of paper.  "I better get going," he said and with a kiss and a hug he was gone.


Justin sank carefully into the office chair.  He hoped he hadn't made a colossal mistake by telling Emmett, but he wanted someone to know and be happy for him.  He felt good about that, but not so good about breaking his promise. 




When Justin told Brian about the poster, his lover made a lot of bluster about not being part of the gay community, not being part of any community.  He wanted to know why people like Emmett always expected him to do stuff like this for free.  Justin listened to all of his complaints and then asked how long it would take for him to have the poster printed up after he designed it.


"Two, maybe three days," Brian said, and Justin knew he was going to do it.


Justin got to work that night drawing up some preliminary sketches for the poster.  The dance was going to have a fifties theme and Justin wasn't too sure exactly what that entailed.


"What sorts of things go with the fifties?" Justin asked Brian.


"How the fuck should I know!  I'm not that old!"  Brian was ticked at the implication that he would know or possibly remember the fifties. 


"I didn't mean that you lived through the fifties, but you know a lot about a lot of things.  All I can think of is Elvis," Justin explained.


Brian sighed.  He remembered seeing a copy of a magazine not so long ago and it was all about the fifties.  "Well, Elvis and rock and roll came along in the fifties.  There were saddle shoes and poodle skirts and buzz cuts.  The cars were huge and had big fins on the back."  That just about exhausted Brian's list.


Justin looked at him like he was speaking a foreign language.  He groaned, knowing he was going to have to try to explain what saddle shoes and fins on cars and poodle skirts were.  He went to the computer and did a quick search.  He found a site that dealt with fifties memorabilia and called Justin over.  In a very short time Justin had drawn up a rough draft of his poster showing a vintage Plymouth convertible with big fins and a guy and gal in suitable attire sitting on the trunk.  He had a 45 record with "Love Me Tender" on the label in one corner and all the info about the dance in the opposite corner.  It looked great.


"Jesus, Justin!" Brian said looking at the work he had produced so quickly.  "That looks spectacular.  I should have you working on my team at Vangard."

Justin beamed his sunshine smile at Brian.  He loved it when Brian spontaneously complimented him like that.  Then he knew that Brian really meant it, when it came out so suddenly.  "Someday," he replied with a smile.  That got him a delicious kiss from the older man.


"Just one thing," Brian said, "shouldn't you have two guys or two gals sitting on the car?  This is a gay dance."


 "I suppose, but we want both gay and lesbian to attend the dance," Justin explained.  "They don't have to be a couple, just two people from the fifties."


"Sure."  Brian still sounded a little skeptical.


"Can we go to the dance?"


"What dance?" Brian asked knowing full well what Justin wanted.


"The fifties dance, you twat!"


"Why would you want to go to something that you know nothing about?"


"It could be fun," Justin coaxed.


"It could also be pathetic."


"Brian, please," Justin begged.  "It's for charity and I'd really like to go."

"All right.  How can I refuse that face?  But I'm not wearing a poodle skirt."


Justin giggled.  "You could wear your leather jacket like the Fonz.  That was the fifties, wasn't it?  I could grease your hair back."


"You leave my hair alone.  It takes me hours to get it in this disarray.  I don't want any goop on it.  No Brylcreem for me."


"A little dab'll do ya!"


"Where did you hear that?"


"I think I heard my Dad say that one time.  Why?"


"Shit!  Are you trying to make me feel ancient tonight?"

"You're not so ancient," Justin replied hugging Brian around the waist.  "Let's go to bed and I'll show you how young and vital you are."

"My ass can't take too much tonight."

"Mine either."


"There are other things we can do," Brian said raising his eyebrows suggestively.


"Show me," Justin challenged.


Brian demonstrated some techniques that Justin was sure didn't come from the fifties, more like from the twenty-fifth century.




Justin greased back his hair, but didn't like that look.  He swirled it around trying to make a jellyroll that he had seen in a book on the fifties that he had picked up from the library at PIFA.  They had lots of fashion books in the library.  Somehow Justin was sure that the fifties wasn't high on the list of great fashion eras.


He didn't really have enough hair at the front to get the look he was trying for, but it would have to do.  He looked down at his jeans which he had rolled up at the bottom and the plain white t-shirt.  It wasn't bad.  Anyway, it would have to do.


He wondered why Brian was so late getting home from work.  He knew they were going to the dance at eight.  Maybe that was it.  He didn't want to go, so he was stonewalling and not coming home from work. 


Just then the loft door slid back and Brian walked in.  Justin came down the steps from the bathroom where he had been fussing with his hair.  Brian stopped in his tracks and looked at his lover.  "You look … ridiculous!" he said.


"Brian!  Don't be mean.  I look like someone from the fifties."


"Thank God, that's a long gone era.  I thought the eighties were bad."


"Did you eat anything?  You need to get ready so we can get to the dance before it's over."

"Keep your rolled up pants on, kid.  I need a shower, and I'd like a little company."


"We don't have time.  It's nine-thirty now!"


"I had a lot of work to tidy up before the weekend.  Come shower with me?" Brian asked nuzzling Justin's neck.


"No, go get ready!" Justin ordered.


Brian did not look pleased but he released Justin and went quickly up to the bedroom.  Justin heard the shower go on and went to sit on the couch.  He leaned his head on the back of the couch and yawned.  He had worked several extra shifts at the diner so that he could get tonight off and all day tomorrow.  Between the diner and the gallery and Brian he had little time for himself.  He didn't want to admit it, but Brian had been right when he had told him how hard it would be to work two jobs and still have time for himself and his relationship.


"Justin, Justin!" 


Justin felt his shoulder being jostled and looked up into hazel eyes that were concerned.  "What?" he asked.


"You fell asleep while I was taking my shower.  Maybe we shouldn't go tonight, if you're this tired."


"I'm fine," Justin said standing up.  "It was just a power nap.  Hey, you look good.  Just like the Fonz."


"Only taller, and I don't have my motorcycle revved up."

Justin laughed.  "Let's go!"


They arrived at the GLC just after ten.  Everybody else was already there.  They found the table where the gang was seated.  Horvath was there with Debbie.  He didn't look too ridiculous with his hair slicked back.  Everybody had gone all out with their costumes.  Lindsay had managed to get a real live kickass poodle skirt from her mother. When she told everyone where she got it, Brian said, "Don't say she never gave you anything."

Lindsay stuck her tongue out at him, but Brian just grabbed Justin and pulled him onto the dance floor.  They were playing an old Buddy Holly tune called "Not Fade Away".  Brian got into the song immediately.


"I like this old song.  Too bad Buddy Holly died so young."


"He did?  How old was he?"


"Shit, that's almost the same as me."


"And his music was great.  You know the song "American Pie"?  When it talks about 'the night the music died', that's the night that Buddy's plane went down."



"Um hum.  Did you know that Buddy Holly not only sang but played a mean guitar?"


Justin looked at him like he was from outer space.  "You're a freak!  How do you know all this stuff?"


"I read."

"So what was special about his guitar playing?"

"He played a Stratocaster with a stiff wrist at breakneck speed."


"No limp wrist for him, huh?"  Justin giggled.


Brian gave him a look and said nothing more.  Justin was sorry to have shut Brian up like that, but he was too tired to care.  He liked dancing with Brian, but he would rather be in bed asleep if he was truthful about it.


They danced a few more dances to music that seemed to Justin like it came from the last century, which he realized it actually did.  Brian seemed to really like it and so did Emmett and Deb and Vic.  Finally he and Brian got a drink and went back to the table.


Michael and Ben were there.  Ben looked hot, dressed not unlike Brian.  Michael looked even more geeky than usual.  He always seemed so kiddish and the fifties look just accentuated that.  Justin slumped into a chair and sucked on his beer.


"You look tired, Justin," Ben noted.


"I worked some extra shifts to get tonight and tomorrow off, so I'm a little pooped."


"That's too bad when you're supposed to be having fun," Michael said.


"He's young.  He'll be fine," Brian declared giving him a kiss.


Justin smiled at him.  He didn't want to admit that at the moment Brian was right about him taking on more than he could handle.  He didn't know how Brian did it, working till all hours and still having lots of stamina to go clubbing or fucking.  Brian never seemed to need as much sleep as he did.


"Come on, kid.  Let's dance some more," Brian said.


Justin allowed Brian to pull him up from his chair and onto the dance floor once more.  He did his best to keep up with the older man.  He was relieved when after two or three songs, Brian marched him back to the table.  He collapsed into his chair.


"Sunshine," Debbie said, "maybe you should go home and get some sleep.  You look exhausted."

"I'm fine, Deb," Justin tried to convince her and himself.


"Whew!"  Emmett slid into the chair next to Justin.  He and Ted had been dancing up a storm.  Justin looked at him with a bit of a worried look on his face.  Emmett leaned toward Justin and whispered, "I'm keeping my promise."

Justin smiled and looked relieved.  "Thanks, Emm," he whispered.


"Thanks for what?" Brian asked.  Nothing got by him.


"Um…for working on this dance," Justin covered.  "It's great!"


"Yeah, we have a good turnout.  Should raise a bundle for the hospice," Emmett added.


"Right," Brian said looking from Emmett to Justin and back again.  "Let's have one more dance and then I'll take my baby home and put him to bed."


Justin smiled in relief.  He liked that plan.  They danced to "Jailhouse Rock", waved goodbye to everybody and headed out to the Jeep.  Justin climbed in and leaned his head against the headrest.  He stifled a yawn.


"Are you all right?" Brian asked.


"Tired," Justin admitted.


"Well, not too tired for a little activity when we get home, I hope?"


"Never too tired for that."




They drove to the loft in silence, Justin doing his best to stay awake and not yawn too noticeably.  When they finally arrived at the loft, Justin headed immediately for the bed.  He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his clothes.  He slumped down onto the bed only to find Brian on top of him, licking his ear, his hard-on pressed insistently in the crack of Justin's ass.


"Umm," Justin moaned barely awake.


"Feel good?" Brian asked.



Brian began licking down Justin's back to that delicious valley at the top of his lover's ass.  His tongue licked across Justin's pucker and he felt the boy start.  His tongue began to probe that delicious hole, receiving appropriate moans and whispers from the body under him.  He leaned over and reached for a condom.  As he bit the foil and ripped it open he heard a snore escape Justin's open mouth.


"Fuck!" he muttered and threw the condom across the bedroom.  Brian got up from the bed and stared at his lover.  He was horny and his raging hard-on wanted to ravish that delectable ass that lay tantalizingly in front of him.  He shook his head and walked into the bathroom.  Whacking off in the shower was hardly the ending that he had anticipated for tonight.  He started the shower and stepped inside, slamming the door.  He didn't care if the noise woke up the sleeping Justin.



Justin woke to daylight and stretched luxuriously.  He looked around.  The bed was empty and so was the loft if his ears were telling him the correct story.


"Brian?" he called.  There was no answer.


He tried to remember what had happened last night after the dance.  He remembered that he had fought to stay awake in the Jeep.  After that everything was blank.  His ass certainly didn't feel like it had been fucked.  Shit, had he fallen asleep?  He glanced at the clock.  When it finally registered that it was telling him that it was 2:40 in the afternoon, he sat bolt upright.  He had slept away almost all of this day off that he had worked so hard to get.  He couldn't believe that he had been so stupid, or more correctly, so tired.


He shoved himself up from the bed and went into the shower.  He needed to find Brian.  He could just imagine how pissed Brian would be, both over last night and the fact that he had been out like a light for most of the day today.


He showered quickly and had just wrapped a towel around his hips when he heard the door slide back.  He plastered on his best smile and stepped out of the bathroom.


"Hey," he said.  "Where have you been?"


"Did you finally get up?"


"Yeah, sorry about that."

"I guess you really needed the rest," Brian said hardly looking at him.


"I feel much better now," Justin replied trying to put a positive spin on his sleeping the day away.  "What have you been doing?"

"Went to breakfast with the guys, worked out at the gym, went to see Gus, whacked off in the shower …"  He let those words hang in the air.




"Is that all you fucking have to say?"

"What do you want me to say?  I'm sorry if I fell asleep.  I couldn't help it."



"Brian, I had to work extra to get last night and today off," Justin tried to explain.  "It really tired me out."

"So you got last night and today off.  You were barely able to keep your eyes open at the dance last night.  You fell asleep in the middle of me rimming you.  Your so called day off is almost over because you slept it away.  Tell me; was the extra work worth it?"


"I … I guess not."

"I tried to tell you two jobs was too much.  We don't need the money, but I do need your ass!"


"Is that all you're worried about?"


"Isn't that enough?"


"Jesus, Brian, one night I fall asleep and you freak out."

"This is supposed to be a partnership, especially now that we're in a committed relationship.  What good is that if you sleep your way through it?"

"Are you going to throw that in my face every time something happens?"

"Maybe it would have been better if you never found out that piece of information."

"Don't say that!" Justin said fearing Brian was going to take it back.


"Why?  Worried that you'll have to explain to Emmett how our committed relationship fell apart so fast?"


"How…how did you know?"

"I'm not fucking stupid!  When I see you and Ms. Honeycutt huddled and whispering, there are only so many things you can be talking about, and how great the dance was wasn't one of them."

"I'm sorry, but I needed someone to talk to and Emmett promised he wouldn't tell anyone else."


"He fucking better not!"


"He won't, and I won't tell anyone else either."


Brian looked at him.  Justin wondered if Brian was remembering all of the other broken promises that he had made.


"Did you tell anybody?  Michael?"  Justin hoped the answer would be yes, but he was pretty sure that Brian wouldn't have told anyone.


"No, when I say something, I mean it."

That hurt.  Justin knew he deserved it, but it still hurt.  He was about to get angry and tell Brian off, when he realized that he didn't want to fight with his man.  He went down to where Brian stood by the couch.  He put his arms around Brian's neck and softly kissed his luscious lips.  Brian stood rigid and unyielding.  Justin kissed a bit harder and felt Brian's lips soften against his.  He increased the pressure of the kiss and his tongue sought entrance.  He felt Brian's cock jump.  He pressed his body into Brian's and felt the man's mouth open and accept the probing of his tongue.  He felt Brian's hands wander over his back and shoulders, and then his towel was gone and he was hard and Brian was kissing him back.


Finally he released Brian from the kiss.  They both needed some independent breaths.  He started removing Brian's clothes.  The man nuzzled his neck and whispered, "You smell so good straight from the shower."


"Thank you, but there's nothing straight about me."


Brian chuckled.  "Except your dick at the moment."


They both looked down to see two very hard cocks, each wanting relief.


"Come back to bed," Justin said removing the last of Brian's clothes.


"Are you going to spend your whole day off in bed?"


"Yes, but I don't plan to sleep."


"That's the best news I've had in several days."


They held hands as they went back up to the bedroom.  No more words or promises were said for a long time, just moans and gasps.  Each knew they would probably have another sore ass, but that was a small price to pay for the hours of pleasure and love they gave to each other.

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