Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Brian leaned back in his chair in his office.  He had a meeting in fifteen minutes.  He had thought he had a lot of meetings before, but since he made partner, the fucking meetings had increased threefold.  He had so much more to do that he barely had time for his old clients.  He liked designing new campaigns, and having less and less time to do that bothered him.  He still wanted control over his accounts, even though he had learned to delegate, somewhat.  He did have good people working under him, Cynthia and Kevin especially. 


He needed to hire someone to replace Jack, but he had been putting that off.  He hated the idea of Jack being dead, and replacing him meant that he was well and truly gone, forever.  Jack's death had shaken him.  He had been sad and depressed for days.  Finally, after he had talked to Jack's wife and she had given him some good advice and a smidgen of her positive attitude, he had started to feel more like himself.


"Brian, you have a call on line two," Cynthia's voice interrupted his musings.


"Who is it?"


"Trip Bedford."




"I could tell him you just stepped out," she offered.


Brian was tempted to let her do that.  "I'll take it," he replied sucking in a deep breath.


"Trip?" Bran said, as he connected with this man who was so tantalizing to him.


"Hey, Brian!" Trip said enthusiastically.  "Haven't talked to you in ages."

"Not since that ill-fated kiss," Brian thought.  "How are you and your father?" he asked aloud, trying to keep the conversation aloof and businesslike.


"Kicking along like we always do.  I'm coming to Pittsburgh in a couple of days to see what you've done with the new chair campaign.  Hoped we could get together."


"We're a little behind with the campaign.  One of my assistants died suddenly a couple of weeks ago."


"No shit!  That's too bad."


"Yeah, he was a nice guy and a good worker.  Anyway, we're a little behind," Brian said, hoping this news would keep Trip away for a while longer.


"Do you have anything to show me?  I have to come to Pittsburgh anyway on some other business.  I just thought I'd check in with you."


"We have some rough ideas, but nothing polished."


"That'll be fine.  I want to get a feel of where we're going with this."


"Sure," Brian replied with his usual non-committal word.


"Great!  I'll see you Friday."



Now he had another thing to worry about.  He would have to tell Justin that Trip was coming.  Keeping that bombshell to himself would just be asking for trouble.  Fuck, life was never easy.


He gathered up his latest papers for the meeting that would be starting momentarily.  He hoped this meeting didn't kill anyone like the meeting that had finished off Jack.  Although, it would make life a lot simpler if it offed him.  He shook his head.  Only problem he wouldn't have a life if that happened, and he wouldn't have Justin. He left his office hoping this meeting didn't give him too colossal a headache.




Justin was late getting home from the gallery, so they had take-out.  They had eaten mostly in silence with Justin trying to start a conversation now and then, but Brian refusing to be drawn in.


"What's going on, Brian?" Justin had to ask as they cleared away their dishes and the remnants of their food.


"I have something to tell you."

"Oh?"  Justin tried to be nonchalant.  When Brian said he had something to tell him, it usually meant something bad, at the very least something he wouldn't like.


"Trip Bedford is coming to town on Friday."



"I'll have to meet with him and probably entertain him."


"Can you handle it?"


"Of course I can, you little twat!  Can you?" Brian challenged, really asking if Justin was going to be jealous and make his life a misery until Trip left town.


"I'm fine.  You've told me that you won't let anything happen between you two, and I believe you."




"Why are you telling me this anyway?"

"I don't want any secrets between us.  I want you to know that I'm seeing Trip.  I don't want it to be like I'm doing something behind your back," Brian said seriously.

Justin smiled at him, that wonderful smile that warmed his heart and spread through his body.  It also went straight to his cock.


He shifted around trying to ease the pinch of his jeans.  He had something else to broach with the young man before he fucked his brains out.  "I was wondering what you thought about inviting Trip here for dinner Friday night."


"What?  Are you serious?"  Justin couldn't believe his ears.


"Yes, I am.  Trip wanted to meet you in New York, remember.  His father was gracious enough to ask me to stay in their home when I was in Indianapolis, so I'd kind of like to return the favor."


"You don't want him to sleep over too, do you?" Justin asked sarcastically.


"Hmm, there's a thought," Brian joked.  The look on Justin's face told him to drop that idea, even as a joke.  "I'm kidding!"


"You fucking better be!" Justin retorted with no good humor whatsoever.


Brian decided to be serious.  "I thought if Trip saw us together, how we are, he'd realize that there is no hope and truly back off."


"Did something else happen that you haven't told me about?"


"No, just that kiss, but both of us know that we are attracted to each other.  I just want him to see that I'm with you."


Justin stared at him, apparently sizing up the situation and gauging the truth of Brian's words.  There was no sunshine smile when he said, "Dinner it is!"


"You mean it?"


"I said it, didn't I?"


"I think it will be for the best," Brian said, moving closer and hugging Justin.  His hand found Justin's crotch and squeezed.  "I want you," he whispered in the boy's ear.


"Later," Justin replied.  "I have to decide what the fuck to serve this man I've never met who wants to go to bed with my lover.  How about chicken penne spiced with a little arsenic?"



"To quote you, 'I'm kidding'."


"Good.  You had me worried there for a minute.  Come to bed, please," Brian asked, trying to pout the way Justin did sometimes.


Justin burst out laughing at the look, but it was the 'please' that really got him.  "My work is never done," Justin said with an exaggerated sigh.


"What do you mean?"


"Now I have to fuck Trip Bedford out of your head once again.  You really are high maintenance, you know," he joked.


"But I'm worth it!"


"You certainly are!"


Justin wrapped himself around Brian's body, as only he could.  He pressed all the places that Brian loved, and kissed the man deeply.  He felt Brian's stiff cock jump against his thigh and he knew he had him where he wanted him, filled with desire for only him.


Justin dropped to his knees and began unbuttoning Brian's jeans.  He pushed them down and saw Brian's cock tent out his jock.  He smiled up at Brian whose eyes were cloudy with lust.  He released the throbbing dick from its confinement.  His tongue licked the slit tasting the first bit of precum.  He heard Brian groan in satisfaction.  His lips encircled the cap, sucking and pulling slightly.  He felt Brian push forward into his mouth wanting him to take more.  He was happy to oblige.  He sucked Brian's long, thick cock down his throat and buried his face in the man's pubes.  He breathed deeply absorbing the smell of his lover.  He snorted into the soft hair and felt Brian shiver.  His lips began their work, up and down the shaft, his head bobbing in front of Brian.  Sometimes he wondered why Brian liked his blowjobs so much.  The man must have had thousands of them, most of them from men much more experienced than he was.  He twisted his head around and back as his lips continued to move up and down the shaft.  His hand cupped Brian's balls and squeezed gently.


Brian moaned.  Of all the thousands of blowjobs that he had had, none could match Justin's.  His mouth was so soft and his lips were so full and yet firm.  He knew all the things that drove Brian crazy.  He had gradually built his arsenal from months of practice, but he had been good, oh so good, right from the first time.  Brian felt Justin squeeze his sac and almost came.  He fought it, not wanting it to be over yet.  The other thing that Justin did was to fuck him with such guilelessness.  Justin had learned all the tricks, but his blowjobs were never calculated, no two ever the same.  There was always something unexpected or new and Brian loved that.  Justin was ever the creative genius.


Suddenly Justin stopped and stood up.  Brian snapped back from the edge of his orgasm and looked at the young man.  "What?" he asked.


Justin's hand sought Brian's dick and stroked.  His lips locked onto Brian's.  Brian opened his mouth to give Justin access.  As he pressed in, Brian could taste himself on Justin's tongue.  He moaned into Justin's mouth.  The boy dropped down to his knees and sucked his rod with increased vigor.  Brian felt Justin grasp his balls and give a strong tug on the tip of his cock.  His balls rose up and as Justin deep throated him again, he felt his orgasm build and explode into the boy's mouth.  He came and came and came.  Justin swallowed it all, milking him dry.


"Jesus, Justin, you leave me weak in the knees," Brian managed to whisper, clinging to his young lover for support.


"Come to bed, old man!  We have much more to do."


Brian allowed himself to be led up to the bedroom, knowing his pleasure had just begun.




Friday morning Justin made sure Brian received another excellent sexual adventure in the shower before he allowed his man to go off to work and spend the day with one Trip Bedford.  He was taking all the precautions he could to make sure that Brian appreciated what they had and what he wouldn't get from Trip.


Brian was a little worried about facing Trip.  They had not spoken since the kiss in Indianapolis.  Brian wasn't sure how things stood.  He had told Trip to leave after the kiss and the next morning Trip had sent notice that he was too hung over to come down to breakfast.  Brian had left the city without a face to face meeting with the man.  Trip had sounded fine on the phone, his usual cheerful self.  Maybe he had been able to put the whole thing out of his mind.  Brian had tried his best to do the same, and mostly he had forgotten about it until Trip's phone call.


"Morning, Boss," Cynthia greeted him as he arrived at the office.


Brian grinned at her.


"Somebody's been having a good day already," she said with a smirk.




Cynthia chuckled.  Brian was so transparent sometimes, usually in things to do with Justin.  That kid sure knew how to make her boss happy.  Cynthia's face sobered.  "He'll be here at one.  Do you want to take him to lunch?"

They both knew who she was talking about.  Brian let out a breath.  He wouldn't have to deal with Trip till this afternoon.  "He's meeting one of his suppliers this morning.  There was an e-mail when I got here this morning."  Cynthia always knew how to answer his questions, often like now, before he even asked them.


Brian had a lot of work to do and the morning actually flew by with only a few thoughts about Trip's impending appearance.  Cynthia buzzed him just before one and he knew the man had arrived.  Brian walked out of his office to greet Trip in the reception area.  He thought that would be better then meeting him alone in his office.  He wanted to get the lay of the land on more neutral turf.  Cynthia had made reservations for them at the restaurant across the street. 


"Trip," Brian said extending his hand.  He hoped he wouldn't, but he still felt that electric attraction as soon as their hands touched.


"Brian," Trip replied, a little catch in his voice, but the warmth very obvious.


"Are you hungry?"


"As a horse." 


"And hung like one too, I bet," Brian thought.  He quickly pushed that unwanted thought away.  Brian cleared his throat.  "Cynthia made us reservations for the restaurant across the street.  I can fill you in on what we're doing with your chair while we eat."


Brian led them to the elevator and down to the street.  They crossed the road and went into the restaurant.  Trip ordered a martini and Brian decided to join him.  Gin wasn't his favorite drink but all liquor did pretty much the same thing.  A few sips of the drink gave him the courage to say, "Justin and I would like you to come to dinner at our home tonight."


Trip gave Brian a look, like he couldn't believe what he was hearing, but without his eyes getting too wide.  "That's very nice of you, but not necessary."

"Yes, it is necessary," Brian responded.  "You wanted to meet Justin in New York and we missed you.  I'd like to thank you for having me stay at your home in Indianapolis.  So just come.  Besides Justin is an excellent cook."


"He cooks too?" Trip asked a grin on his face.


Brian felt himself blushing and quickly downed the rest of his martini.  Trip signaled the waiter for two more.


"We could have salad for lunch and save some space for Justin's dinner," Brian suggested.


"Fine by me."

They talked a bit about the chair campaign, ate their salads at a leisurely pace and ordered coffee for dessert.


Over the coffee, Trip asked, "Are you sure you want me to come tonight?"


"Why would I ask you if I didn't want you … there?" Brian added, hoping Trip didn't hear that hesitation and all it implied.


"I don't know.  It might be a little awkward."


"We do have an attraction to each other," Trip said simply.  "We did kiss."

"I told you that the kiss should never have happened.  We were drunk.  I've told Justin about it and you don't need to worry that he's going to poison your food."  Brian was immediately sorry he had said that, remembering Justin's crack about penne with arsenic.  He prayed they weren't having penne for dinner.


"I didn't think about poison," Trip laughed.  "Does Justin want this dinner?"

"I suggested it, but he agreed."

"Okay then, I'll be there.  I need to go to my hotel and make some calls.  I have some loose ends to tie up.  The promos for the new chair sound like what we're looking for, so go ahead with it.  I'll see the finished product the next time I'm in Pittsburgh."


Brian signed for lunch and they walked out to the street.  Trip flagged a cab, promising to be at the address Brian had given him by seven.


"I hope this isn't a bad idea," Brian muttered to himself as he crossed the street to go back to his office.




Brian arrived at the loft at six-thirty.  He had scrambled around to finish some things and get home before Trip got there.  The last thing he wanted was Trip and Justin alone together.  He shuddered at the thought.


When Brian shoved the door back, he could see Justin sitting on the couch apparently drawing.


"Shouldn't you be cooking?" he asked.


"Hello to you too!" Justin retorted.


Brian dropped his briefcase at the desk.  Now that he was in the loft he could smell something quite mouthwatering emanating from the oven.  "Can I help you do anything?" Brian asked.


Justin looked up from his sketch.  "You really are worried about this dinner, aren't you?"


"Why do you say that?" Brian asked as nonchalantly as he could.


"You offering to help in the kitchen means either you're worried or else it's the first sign of the Apocalypse."


Brian snorted.  He hoped he wasn't as obvious as Justin had let on.


"Go get changed unless you want to eat in your suit."


"I'll change," Brian said noting that Justin looked particularly good in his sky blue sweater and gray slacks.  "He's not as casual about this dinner as he wants me to believe," Brian thought to himself.


Brian had his suit off and was pulling up some slacks when Justin climbed the steps to the bedroom and watched him.  "What?" Brian asked.


"I want you to know that I'll be pleasant to Trip, but I'm not going to like him, and I didn't poison the food."


Brian laughed.  "Come here," he said softly.


Justin went slowly toward him and found himself wrapped in Brian's arms, a delicious kiss planted on his lips. Brian bent him over backwards and ended the kiss with a little tongue.  Justin felt his cock harden.  Brian finally released him.


"Shit!" Justin said.


"What?" Brian wanted to know.


"Didn't you feel it?  You got me all excited and Trip will be here any minute."

"Do you think we have time?"


"No!" Justin said emphatically.  All he needed was to be half-dressed and well fucked when Trip arrived.  That wasn't the kind of image he wanted to project.  He wanted to be cool and collected and sophisticated for this man that he had heard so much about.  He wasn't sure he could pull that off.  On second thought maybe half-dressed and well fucked wasn't such a bad look after all.  He shook his head and willed his cock to be still.


Brian was watching him, half naked himself.  He noticed the conflicting looks pass over his lover's face.


"Will you get dressed before he arrives!" Justin ordered rather testily.


"Yes, sir!" Brian responded, saluting.


Justin chuckled and went down to the kitchen to check on dinner.  He had made chicken breasts in an herb sauce with vegetables that he was roasting in the oven with the chicken.  It smelled good and would be ready in about a half hour.  That would give them time for drinks and salad beforehand.  He smiled.  He could do this.


Just then the buzzer sounded and he jumped.  "Shit, I need to get a grip," Justin chastised himself.  Brian was still in the bedroom, probably primping, so he went to the door.


"Hello," he said into the intercom.


"Trip Bedford here."


"Come on up.  Top floor."


Justin slid the door back and went to check that he had the liquor set out properly on the counter.  He glanced around.  The table looked lovely, if he did say so himself.  The apartment was neat and austere as always.  He was ready.


"Brian!" he called.  "Trip is on his way up."


"Coming."  Brian appeared on the steps dressed in brown slacks and a chocolate colored silk sweater that looked good enough to lick off his body.


"Fuck!" Justin thought.  "He looks too good."


They both could hear the elevator stop and Justin realized he was holding his breath.  He willed his feet to start moving towards the door.  He met Brian there as Trip stepped out of the elevator.  Justin could see why everyone was so impressed with Trip.  He was a beautiful man, not as beautiful as Brian, but beautiful nonetheless.


"Brian," Trip said with a genuine smile on his face. 


"Trip, I'd like you to meet Justin.  Justin, this is Trip."


Trip held out his hand and Justin shook it.  He felt very young and unworldly all of a sudden.  He didn't like that feeling at all. 


"Come on in and make yourself…comfortable," Justin said.  He had been going to say 'make yourself at home', but that seemed too much like what Trip really wanted to do.


"Thanks, Justin.  It's nice to finally meet you.  I've heard so much about you.  Did Brian tell you that I own one of your drawings?"


"Yes, he did.  I'm not surprised that you bought one of Brian.  They tend to be my best work."


"You have others?"


"He's always drawing me.  God knows how many sketches he has made," Brian added squeezing Justin's arm possessively.


"I can understand why," Trip said.


"I just bet he can," Justin thought.  "Brian, are you going to look after drinks?"


"Right," Brian agreed.  "What would everybody like?"

Brian made the drinks and they chatted for a few minutes.  Justin noticed that Trip's eyes rarely left Brian, only looking at Justin when he spoke or when Brian said something about his lover.  Justin felt like he was being sized up by this man, but also excluded from what was going on between the other two.


"Let's move over to the table and have some salad," Justin suggested.


They got up and moved to the table.  Trip complimented them on how attractive everything was.  Brian poured wine and they ate their salad.  Suddenly Justin realized that Trip was staring at him.  He did his best not to squirm.


"The salad's very good, Justin," Trip said.  "May I ask how old you are?"

"Why?  Are you surprised by all the things I can do and still keep my youthful appearance?"  He knew there was a tone of sarcasm in his voice, but he couldn't help himself.


"Actually, yes," Trip said bluntly.  "You seem so young, but so accomplished, artist, chef, lover."


Justin tried not to blush.  "I'm not as young as I appear."


"He's almost twenty," Brian contributed.


Justin was glad Brian had not said nineteen, relegating him to teenager status.  "I'll get the main course," Justin said standing and gathering up the salad plates.  He went into the kitchen and saw Trip bend close to Brian, saying something he couldn't hear.  He dished up the chicken and vegetables and brought their plates to the table as quickly as he could.  "Did I miss anything?" he asked pointedly.


"I was just asking Brian how he found you," Trip replied.


Justin thought that made him sound like a stray dog that Brian had picked up on the street somewhere.  In a way he was.  "What did you tell him?" Justin asked looking directly at Brian.  He wasn't sure that he wanted Trip to know anything more about their relationship.


"I told him that I saw you standing under a streetlamp and I knew you were the one for me from that moment on."


Justin blinked.  That was a lie and Brian never lied.  He didn't know whether to be pleased that Brian had used this version of the story or worried that Brian had felt he needed to lie.  "Took you long enough to tell me that I was the one," Justin couldn't help but say.


"Do tell?" Trip said wanting an explanation.


"He fought me for months and told me to get lost for most of the first year that I knew him."

"Really?"  Trip was definitely interested in Justin's statement. 


Justin had a quick thought that maybe he should keep his mouth shut.  Wasn't Brian fighting Trip and telling him to keep his distance?  He didn't want to give Trip any more encouragement.  "But we're together now.  That's all that matters," Justin said, reaching across to touch Brian's hand.


Brian smiled back at him, Trip watching their interaction.  "It must be a warm, secure feeling being in a committed relationship," Trip said.


"What … what did you say?" Justin asked.


"I said it must feel good being in a committed relationship.  I've had a couple of relationships, but nothing you would call committed."


Justin was staring at Brian.  His heart was pounding and he found it hard to swallow the mouthful of food he was chewing.  What was going on here?  His brain couldn't deal with this.  He managed to swallow finally, but he was no longer the least bit hungry.  He noted that the other two seemed to be finished so he forced himself to stand and start removing the plates.  He leaned on the counter in the kitchen and waited for the strange feeling in his brain and his heart to pass.  Finally he felt he could stand on his own.  He brought coffee to the table and somehow managed to ask Brian to pour.  He knew his own hands would never be steady enough to do it.  He went back to the kitchen and took the fruit flan out of the fridge.  He brought it to the table and went back for the dessert plates.  He leaned on the counter again, trying not to hyperventilate.  He wasn't sure how long it took, but gradually he willed himself to breathe normally and stop shaking.  He went back to the table and began cutting the flan.  Brian and Trip were talking about something, apparently unaware that there had been anything wrong with him.  He smiled as he dished out the cake, hoping that was an appropriate expression to have on his face.


The rest of the evening was a blur for Justin.  He remembered that they had moved over to the living room at some point, and had more coffee there.  He had showed Trip his sketchbook and what he was working on at the moment.  He seemed to remember that the man had been very complimentary.  Mostly he sat in a daze and let Brian and Trip talk.  Finally Trip thanked Justin for the delicious meal and said he should be going.  They went out to the landing and waited for the elevator.


Trip's last words as he got into the elevator were, "You're very lucky, both of you."  Then the elevator had started down and he had disappeared from sight.


Brian and Justin went back into the loft and Brian shut and locked the door behind them.  He turned to look at Justin.  "That went really well, don't you think?"

Justin stared at him.  "When the fuck were you planning on telling me?" he demanded.


"Telling you?  Telling you what?"


"That we're in a committed relationship!"


"I … I … I …"


"You have to come up with something better than that!"


"I … I thought you knew."


"Are you fucking insane?"


"But … but you knew I was trying to be … faithful when you were in New York."


"I know that two days after I left, you had two men in our bed.  Is that your idea of committed?"


"No, but I did much better after that."


"Just what is your definition of committed anyway?"


"You know … exclusive."


"I know that's what it should mean.  Are you telling me that we are exclusive?"

"I guess so."

"Since when?"

"Since a couple of weeks before we came back from New York."


"Seriously?"  Justin couldn't believe he was hearing this.



"And when the fuck were you planning on telling me this?"

"I suppose I just did," Brian said with a nervous little laugh.


"Correction!  Trip told me!"




"Don't you fucking 'oh' me!  How could you decide something like that without discussing it with me, and then tell this…this…this man who wants in your pants, tell him before you even tell me?"


"Justin, I never thought …"


"That's exactly it!  You never think!  You never think about anyone else but yourself."


"Justin …" Brian didn't know what else to say.


"Why do you do these things?  Are you ever going to talk to me before you make life-altering decisions?"


"I … I hope so," Brian managed to get out.


"You hope so?  Does that mean that you want to?"


"I always do the wrong thing.  It's always my fault.  I'm no good at this," Brian said in a barely audible voice, looking like his world was collapsing around him.  He slumped down onto the couch, his head falling back and his eyes closing to keep in the tears that were forming there.  "I shouldn't even try," he whispered in defeat.


Justin watched and his heart melted.  "No, Brian, don't say that.  I want you to try.  I want to be in a committed relationship with you.  I'm proud of you for trying to be exclusive."


"You are?" Brian asked opening his eyes.  "I thought I was doing a good thing," he said in a small voice.


Justin sat down beside him and wrapped his arms around Brian's neck.  "I love you.  It was a good thing, but you need to talk to me."


"You know I'm no good at talking."


"I know, but we're still working on your training in that area.  We'll make a conversationalist out of you yet."


Brian gave a half-hearted snort.  He pulled Justin closer burying his face against Justin's neck.  "I can carry on a decent conversation.  It's this intimate stuff that I'm no good at."

"You're doing pretty good right now," Justin said, kissing along his cheek.


"Am I?  I didn't mean to make you mad.  I had to know that I could be committed before I told you.  You know I don't make promises that I can't keep."


"Is that why you didn't say anything?"  Brian nodded.  "Then why did you tell Trip?" 


"He said something to me in Indianapolis about how we both felt the attraction between us.  I told him nothing would ever happen because I was in a committed relationship.  I remember thinking at that moment that you would be so proud of me because I said it without any hesitation."


"You did?  I am proud of you."


Brian kissed him, squeezing Justin's body into his own.  They could both feel their cocks harden under the close contact.  Justin pushed himself away from Brian.  He wasn't ready to fuck and forget just yet.


"We have to discuss one more thing," Justin said very seriously.


"What?" Brian groaned.


"Why did you tell Trip that the night you saw me under the streetlamp on Liberty Avenue you knew I was the one for you?  That's a lie."

"Is it?"


Justin's blue eyes stared into his hazel ones.  "What does that mean?" Justin asked, holding his breath.


"I've thought about that night many times.  I wanted to fuck you and I wanted my life to continue as it was.  It suited me just fine.  If so, then why did I take you to the hospital with me?  Why did I let you name my son?  Why did I let you keep coming back?"

"Because I was persistent."

"That too, but I knew right from the outset that there was something special about you.  I wasn't ready to admit that or to deal with it for a long time, but I knew."


"I love you.  I so love you!"

"Am I forgiven for telling Trip?"



"Can I convince you?"




Brian began kissing Justin's neck and face and lips.


"Are you getting convinced?"


"Keep working on it."

"Anything you ask."


"See how easy this intimate talk can be."


"I'm learning," Brian said, taking Justin's hand and pulling him up to the bedroom.  He'd finish convincing him in their bed.

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