Desert Adventures

Brian awoke with light streaming in on his face.  There was a crack in the curtains that allowed the errant rays to find him.


"Shit!" he griped and turned over away from the light.  "Ouch!" he griped some more.  His ass hurt.  That little blond twat had worked him over good.  He grinned in spite of himself.


"What are you so grumpy … about?" Justin asked rubbing sleep from his eyes and then catching a look at Brian's face.


"You've ruined my ass.  I'll have to stay in bed all day to recover," Brian said trying to keep a straight face.


"You wish," Justin threatened.  "Today you are taking me sightseeing."


"I can't move," Brian protested.  "No sightseeing today."

"If you insist on staying here today, then I'll have to have your ass several more times," Justin threatened snuggling over into Brian's warm embrace.


"And that would be a bad thing because…?"

"Not bad at all, but I would like to see some of this area, since we're here."


"Okay, okay," Brian said kissing the top of Justin's head.  Last night had been quite a night for both of them.  "We can go anywhere you want after breakfast," Brian promised.


"Could we drive up to Sedona?  They have an artist colony there and it's supposed to be so beautiful."

"If that's what you want," Brian conceded.


"I like being cherished," Justin said with a grin.


Brian groaned realizing that the balance of power had shifted last night.  Justin now knew he held all the cards.  "Twat!"


"Be nice.  I promise not to take advantage of you … at least while we're out of bed."


"Thanks heaps," Brian said with a bit of sarcasm.


"We need to shower," Justin said suddenly.


"No kidding.  We are quite rank," Brian said sniffing all over Justin's rather crusty chest.


Justin giggled.  Brian decided he liked that sound so much he would do anything Justin wanted.  He had missed the giggles and joking around and even the talking.  "Come, twat, we need to be went."

"Yes, master," Justin said getting up and heading for the shower.


Brian snorted.  He knew who the master was, and it wasn't him.


A couple of hours later they turned onto the road that led to the town of Sedona.  They crossed a river and drove alongside it among trees and huge red rocks.  It was breathtaking.


They found a parking space and wandered through the myriad of galleries that made up the center of the town.  Justin oohed and aahed over the art work and the creativity of the people who had produced it.  Brian looked at it skeptically thinking that Justin's work was much better.


Justin spoke to some of the artists who ran their own galleries.  He could engage them easily in conversation and then pick their brains about the latest trends in art or in their own specific work.  Brian marveled at how quickly Justin was able to talk to them on their level and they treated him like a new friend.  Brian began to get bored and went to find a coffee shop where he got a latte and sat outside to watch for Justin when he finally decided to exit the gallery he was currently in.

Brian was halfway through his latte when he saw Justin step out of the gallery and look around with a worried expression on his face.  Brian was tempted to let him stew for a bit, but he didn't think that would be a good idea considering the fragile nature of their latest reconciliation.  He stood up and waved calling Justin's name.  As soon as Justin realized where the voice was coming from his face lit up and he jogged across the square to Brian.


"I thought I lost you," he said coming up close to his man.


"You can't get rid of me that easily."


"Good," Justin said with a big grin.


"Do you want some lunch?" Brian asked.  "They make some good looking sandwiches here."


"That sounds great."


"You go get us something and I'll hold our table." 


The restaurant was filling up quickly as it was just after noon.  Justin returned with sandwiches and began gobbling his.  Brian took half of the one Justin had got for him and nibbled on it.  It was delicious.  When Justin finished off his sandwich Brian handed him the other half of his and Justin attacked it after grinning his appreciation.


"I found something we can do after lunch," Justin said wiping the remnants of his sandwich off his face.


"And what might that be?"


"The last gallery owner told me about this spectacular spot just out of town that way," Justin explained pointing.  "I thought maybe I could sketch it … and you could be part of the picture."

"That's what you thought, was it?" Brian asked with a smirk.


"You don't want to?" Justin asked innocently.


"This is your day.  I told you you could do whatever you wanted."

"Thank you," Justin replied giving him a smile.  "Let's go."

They drove out of town and sure enough they saw a spectacular rock formation.  Brian looked over at Justin as he pulled the car into a safe area.  The boy's eyes were huge and he was taking it all in, probably composing his picture as they got out of the car.


"Over there," Justin said pointing.


He grabbed his sketchbook and charcoals.  Brian followed like an obedient puppy dog.  He stood patiently as Justin looked at the formation from several different angles.


"Got it," he said.  "Can you sit up on that rock for me?" Justin asked batting his eyes at Brian and pointing to a large red rock.


"I can, but do I have to?"

"Please," Justin cooed.


"Fuck!"  Brian knew he had no choice.  He climbed up onto the rock.  "How do you want me?"

"Naked would be nice," Justin grinned.


"I don't think so."

"When did you become a prude?"

"I'm not a prude," Brian protested, "But I don't want anything to get … burnt."


"Understandable, but disappointing," Justin pouted.


Brian groaned.  "Do you really want me to get naked?"

"You don't have too," Justin said looking downcast.


Brian groaned again.  "I thought you came out here to sketch the landscape," Brian protested, but he started to unbutton his shirt.  "You could sketch me in the privacy of our hotel room."


"But this is so much nicer," Justin grinned getting his supplies ready.  "And we always seem to do other things in our room."


Brian sat down on the rock tossing his clothes to Justin.  Justin found a spot in front of the rock and sat down cross-legged.


"Lie down," Justin requested and Brian sprawled out in all his glory.


Justin giggled.  "As tempting as that view is I'd like to do your behind."




"Turn over and show me your butt.  "I think the rolling rocks and the lovely bulges of your butt will work nicely together."


"I don't have bulges in my butt," Brian harrumphed.


"You know what I mean.  Now stay still."

Brian lay on his side soaking up the sun.  He really hoped he didn't get burned, but he seemed to have little choice anyway.  He lay there basking in the warmth a bit like a cat in a sunny spot on the floor.  The minutes passed slowly and he had almost drifted off to sleep when he heard Justin say something.


"What?" he asked without moving.


"I said I'm done.  You can get up now."


"No, please don't," a voice called.


"What the fuck?" Brian said turning over.  Two other artists were sitting behind Justin and sketching furiously.  "Get me my clothes!" Brian demanded.


"Could you stay there for just a few minutes longer?" the voice of a woman called.  "I'm almost done."


"I don't think so," Brian groused not liking that his butt was now the subject of several pictures, not just Justin's.


"Brian, stay there, please," Justin asked.  He had been looking at the work of the other artists.  "Their work is so good.  I think you'll be pleased."

"How do you get me into these things?" Brian groaned but he turned back to his former position and stayed still.


"Thanks," he heard the woman say.


"Hurry the fuck up, and get me my clothes, Justin," Brian demanded.  He heard a giggle and thought about all the ways he was going to make Justin pay for this later.


After a few minutes Brian felt Justin lay his clothes across his legs.  He reached for his jeans and slid into them.  He sat up then and looked at the man and woman who had been sketching him.  He hopped down from the rock and pulled his T-shirt and shirt on.


"Come look at their work," Justin called.


Brian walked over and looked first at the woman's sketch and then the man's.  They were both very good but no better than Justin's.


"You make a wonderful model," the woman told him.  "Are you a professional?"

"Hell no."

"He's my boyfriend," Justin volunteered.


"Oh," the woman said.  "You're very lucky."


"I'll say," the man who had been sketching contributed.


"Let's go, Justin," Brian said forcefully and tugged on Justin's arm.  They quickly made their way back to the SUV.


"You're not mad, are you?" Justin asked when they peeled out of the parking lot.


"Hell no, I can think of nothing better than having my ass spread all over the galleries of Sedona."


"Brian, no one can recognize you.  They can't see your face."

"But my ass is famous."


"Even more famous in the future," Justin said with a giggle.  "Besides I thought it was your cock that was famous."


"That too," Brian agreed with a little chuckle.  He wasn't really mad anymore.  Justin was right that no one would be able to recognize him.  "Where to now?"


"I'd like to sketch along the river on the way out," Justin said hopefully.


"Without me in the picture?"


"Without you," Justin conceded.


Brian pulled up in a spot beside the river.  Justin immediately saw a composition that appealed to him.


"I'm going for a little walk," Brian said once Justin had started his drawing.


"Sure," Justin said absently.  He was engrossed in his work.


Brian walked along the river following the road and thinking about what had happened today.  Life with Justin was always an adventure.  He grinned in spite of himself.  He didn't much like the idea of his ass appearing in the galleries of Sedona but he knew he would do anything for Justin and the result wasn't really so bad.  He turned away from the river and walked into a passageway between the rocks on the other side of the road lost in his thoughts.


An hour later Justin finished his sketch and looked around for Brian.  There was no sign of him anywhere.  He called Brian's name but no one answered.  He vaguely remembered Brian saying he was going for a walk.  He wondered where the man could have got to.  He thought he remembered Brian heading to the right.  He went to the SUV and tried the door.  It opened and Justin saw the keys in the ignition.  He climbed in deciding that his best bet was to follow the river and look for Brian, maybe stop every so often to call in case Brian had left the road.


Justin drove for not quite a mile by the odometer with no sign of Brian anywhere.  He had pulled off the road a couple of times and got out of the SUV.  He shouted Brian's name at the top of his lungs turning in all directions.  There was no response.  He decided he would go a bit farther but if he didn't find Brian by then he was going back to the sheriff's office in Sedona.


A bit farther down the road Justin stopped again and got out to walk around and call.  He didn't think Brian would go this far without turning around to come back.  Where could he be?  No response came to his repeated calls.  He returned to the SUV and turned it around determined to drive slowly back and check any possible trails that Brian might have taken.


He stopped once to look down along the river wondering if Brian might have gone down there.  Nothing was visible but rocks and water and scrubby trees.  He continued back along the route when he suddenly saw a gap in the rocks leading out into the desert.  It hadn't been visible when he came the other way because of the large outcropping which effectively blocked the view of the entrance from the other direction.  He pulled the SUV into the opening judging that he could probably get it through if he had too, but he walked up ahead to see if he could see anything.


Far out into the desert Justin spotted a figure.  "Brian!" his mind screamed and then his voice followed.  Brian, if it was him, made no acknowledgement.  Justin wondered if he was too far away to hear or if it really wasn't his partner out there.  The dream he had had flashed through his mind and he knew what he had to do.


He climbed into the SUV and switched to four wheel drive.  The SUV managed to squeeze between the rocks.  Justin drove as fast as he could toward the retreating figure.  The terrain was bumpy and rocky but he took each jolt in stride feeling nothing but the need to get to that solitary figure.


Gradually the figure got larger as Justin bounced and lurched toward it.  Finally the man heard the noise of the vehicle and turned.  Justin saw Brian's beautiful face and Justin's smile rivaled the sun that beat down upon them.  He slammed the SUV to a halt and leaped out.  He ran the rest of the way towards Brian and threw himself into the arms of the man he loved.


"Sunshine," Brian gasped as they clung to each other.  "How did you get behind me?"


"What do you mean?  You were heading away from the river."


"I … was?" Brian asked looking around.  "I was following some vultures circling for awhile and I guess I lost my bearings.  I thought I was heading back to you," Brian said shaking his head.


"It was just like my dream," Justin explained his heart rate starting to slow to some semblance of normal.  "I screamed at you, but you couldn't hear me."

"Thank you for coming to get me," Brian said softly.  "I didn't even know I was lost.  I was heading for those rocks over there."


"Let's get out of here," Justin said taking Brian's hand and leading him back to the SUV.


"Do you know the way?" Brian asked.


"I came straight after you, so we just have to go back the same way," Justin said with a smile.


"You can drive," Brian said.  "I think I've had enough sun and adventure for one day, my little savior."



Brian awoke with Justin cradled on his chest.  They had returned to the hotel just after dark, ordered room service and fucked the night away.  Sometime during the night Brian had awakened with a start, dreaming about being lost in the desert.  He had pulled Justin onto his body and held the slim frame until the fear departed and he could return to hopefully a more peaceful sleep.  There had been no more bad dreams, at least not ones that he could remember.


Brian watched his lover sleep feeling the steady rise and fall of Justin's breathing.  He kissed the top of the blond head that nestled under his chin.  He wondered what might have happened to him in the desert yesterday if Justin hadn't come after him.  A shudder ran through him and he decided he didn't want to think about that anymore.


His hand slithered underneath the covers and he caressed Justin's back and arms.  He felt the boy let out a sigh of satisfaction and shift slightly.  That gave him a chance to take hold of Justin's morning hard-on which had been pressed against his leg.  He stroked it leisurely seeing Justin's mouth fall open in response.  He stroked a little harder and heard a moan escape those luscious lips.


Brian smiled.  He tossed back the covers and slid down the warm body so that he could get his mouth even with Justin's now fully erect cock.  He licked up and down the shaft and heard some mewling sounds escape his lover.  He finally sucked the mushroom head into his mouth and slid his tongue across the slit.  He felt Justin grab his hair and gasp.


He released the tasty tidbit from his mouth and asked, "How long have you been awake?"

"Since the covers disappeared," Justin said with a grin.  "But don't let me interfere with your playtime."

"You make me sound like Gus," Brian said.


"Nothing like Gus at all," Justin said rolling onto his back and stretching luxuriously.  "Please continue what you were doing before you were interrupted."


Brian grinned and nuzzled in Justin's pubic hair sniffing and blowing.  He heard Justin giggle.  He took hold of Justin's cock and licked it like a popsicle eliciting the correct moans and gasps from Justin.  He dove down the length of it sucking it down his throat and humming.  Justin arched up and cried out.  Brian worked his lips up and down sucking and releasing, tugging and licking, rough and gentle.


He felt Justin wrap his fingers around a handful of his hair.  It hurt but not enough to make him stop.  He bobbed up and down holding Justin's hips in place.  Justin's moans became louder and more frequent.  He was close.  Brian sucked the cock all the way in and swallowed around it.  He was rewarded with a loud cry from Justin and the man's creamy essence pouring down his throat.


He sucked every last drop before releasing Justin's softening dick.  He crawled back up the boy's body and kissed Justin's gaping mouth releasing some of his own spunk into the warm orifice.


They kissed for awhile and then Justin opened his eyes.  "What brought that on?" he asked.


"It was a thank you for rescuing me from the wilds of the desert."


"And just a little taste," and Brian winked at him, "of how much I cherish you."

"You are amazing," Justin gushed.


"I am?"


"You are."


"You're just overwhelmed by my new business."


"What new business?" Justin asked with a frown trying to figure out what Brian was talking about.


"I'm thinking of starting a morning wake up service.  I thought maybe I'd call it "Blowjobs R Us".  What do you think?"

"Only if you limit yourself to one customer," Justin stated.


"And who would that be?"

"You're looking at him."

"I think I could be persuaded to sign an exclusive contract."

"I thought you already had," Justin said with a smirk.


"Point taken," Brian admitted.  "Time to get up, little boy."




"We're going to Taliesin today."

"We are?" Justin asked with a grin.


"I talked to the concierge yesterday when you were gobbling breakfast.  Today is one of the days it's open for tours, so I signed us up."

"Thanks," Justin said truthfully.


"Nothing to thank me for.  I want to see it too."

They spent the morning taking the tour of Taliesin, wondering at the mind of Frank Lloyd Wright who could create such a place which would have been built in the middle of nowhere at the time of its construction.  Brian kept ducking his head at all the low ceilings which were a trademark of Wright's work.  When you exited from a low-ceilinged room, you usually stepped into a vast space, made to seem all the bigger by the confined space you had just left.


When they went back to the SUV Justin was bursting with enthusiasm.  "I wish I could be an architect and build something like that," he gushed.


"Your artwork will live on long after you're gone," Brian stated.


"You think so?"

"I know so.  You're very talented."

Justin beamed at him.  "I bet the pictures of your dick will be considered the best of my work."


"That goes without saying.  You know it so well."

Justin giggled.  "Which room did you like best?"

Brian thought for a moment but it was really no contest.  "I liked the drafting room with all those tables ready for action."

"What kind of action are you talking about?" Justin asked with a suggestive smile.


"Hmm," Brian said, "I was thinking about all the serfs at work, but you have added a whole new level of possibilities."


"Glad to be of service."


"I'll hold you to that later."

"Where are we going?" Justin asked as they sailed past the entrance to the hotel.


"It's a surprise."


"Ooh, I love surprises."


"Keep your undies on, princess," Brian admonished him.


Justin made a face at the term princess, but was too pleased by Brian taking him to a surprise place to really care.  "Hint?" Justin asked hopefully.


"No hints.  It'll spoil the surprise.  In the meantime what was your favorite room at Taliesin?"

"Hm, I liked the orientation room.  It was kind of like sitting inside a giant keg of beer."


"Yeah, that was cool."


Justin looked at Brian out of the corner of his eye.  The man had been so agreeable and so appreciative since their talk.  He wondered how long it would last.  When he told him what he wanted to do tomorrow that would be a good test of how far Brian had really come.


"Why are you studying me like that?" Brian asked his eyes still apparently on the road.


"Just … thinking," Justin replied.  "We still have to talk about the rings."

"I know, but let's not do it yet.  Wait a day or two."

"Sure," Justin agreed.  "I'm in no hurry.  I really like being here with you," Justin said sincerely.  He squeezed the top of Brian's leg feeling the need to touch his lover.


"I like it too … even when you put my ass on public display."

Justin giggled.  "You're not going to let me forget that any time soon, are you?"

"Not bloody likely."

"Hey, did that sign say 'Carefree'?"




"What's Carefree?" Justin asked as Brian turned off at the sign.


"Your surprise."

"What do you mean?"

"It's a town – very picturesque according to the concierge.  We have lunch reservations here at one-thirty which is just about now."

"Oh," was Justin's only reply.


Brian pulled into a parking lot beside a restaurant called Cantina del Pedregal.  "This is it," Brian said getting out of the SUV.  "Luncheon awaits, oh cherished one."


Justin giggled and followed Brian into the restaurant.  They had a pleasant lunch following the recommendations of their host.  There was a guitarist playing Mexican music and they had quite a bit of tequila followed by much more coffee to sober up.  At four o'clock they thought they were ready to leave.  Pepe, the owner of the restaurant, gave then a tourist map and suggested a route to go see the unique houses of Carefree.


Brian followed Justin's instructions as they traversed the route laid out by Pepe.  They were amazed at the houses that they passed.  Many were built into the rocks of the desert.  Some were so modern and strange that they could have been part of a sci-fi movie.  Some were unbelievably huge and others strikingly beautiful.


When they finally tired of searching out the houses, Justin thought they would head back to the resort.  Instead Brian took them slightly out of town to a drive with a sign saying Boulder Resort.  Justin looked in awe at the amazing building as they drove in.  It was all curves and natural shapes seeming to be part of and yet spring out of the rocks it was surrounded by.  They parked and entered the spacious lobby, all wood and tile and white stucco.  They followed signs to the bar and got a table. 


Brian suggested they stick to beer after the tequila they had had at lunch.  Their table overlooked the pool which almost seemed like a pond in the middle of the rocks, except for the obvious clear blue water.  Everything about this place was exquisite.


"Wow," Justin said taking a sip of his beer.  "This place is incredible.  I wonder how much it costs to stay here."

"If you have to ask, you can't afford it," Brian told him.


"I'm not sure I can afford the beer here.  You are paying, aren't you?" Justin asked.


Brian nodded and snorted.  "If I ever come back here, this is where I'd want to stay."

"Who wouldn't?"


"So, have you enjoyed your day of surprises?"


Brian smiled.  He was glad Justin had liked what they had done.  He had enjoyed it too.  "There's one more thing before we go back to the hotel."

"What's that?"


"You'll see after we have another beer."


Justin grinned knowing that was all the information he was going to get.


When they finished their beers they walked around the grounds a bit before heading back to the car. 


"I should have brought my sketchbook," Justin said gazing longingly at the rock formations."

"It's in the back seat," Brian replied, "but I have a better place for you to draw."


"What could be better than this?"

"You'll see."

They drove back into town Brian seeming to know where he was going.  The sun was setting but it only added more splendor to the rocks and buildings.  Brian pulled up in front of City Hall and handed Justin his sketching materials.


"Follow me," he said and proceeded around the building.


Justin walked alongside him wondering what they would see on the other side.  He saw some signs that said 'The Gardens'.  And that was exactly what they entered.  It was a series of covered tables with desert gardens and a small amphitheater and rocks and benches to sit on.  Justin gazed around trying to decide what to draw first.


"Choose something where we can sit comfortably," Brian suggested.


They sat on the edge of one of the raised gardens and Justin got to work.  He was totally engrossed in drawing one of the gardens and the rocks inside it.  He didn't even notice all the other people who were arriving.  Finally he flexed his hand which was beginning to tighten up from all the sketching.  He liked what he had done and closed his sketchbook.


When he looked around at all the people who had assembled, he raised his eyebrows asking Brian what was going on.


"They have free concerts here," Brian explained.


"You brought me to a free concert?" Justin asked in disbelief, stressing the word free.


"Tonight it's "Cold Shot and the Hurricane Horns", Brian stated reading from a piece of paper that he pulled out of his shirt pocket.


"What the hell is that?"


"A very good blues band apparently."


"The concierge?"


Brian nodded just as the small band came out onto the stage of the amphitheater.  They played a soulful tune that Brian said reminded him of some old Muddy Waters songs.  When they were finished that piece, a short man moved to the mike and introduced himself as "Small Paul" Hamilton.  He presented the other members of the group and they began to play again with Small Paul doing the singing.  Brian and Justin listened and enjoyed everything they played.  The concert lasted a little over an hour.


As they drove back to the hotel Justin snuggled against Brian.


"Today was the best day," he stated kissing Brian's cheek.  "Thank you for everything."

"I'm glad you liked it," Brian said sincerely pleased that his plans had worked out so well.


"Only one thing … no … two things could make it better."


"And what would that be?"

"Food and … you."

Brian tried to wipe the smile off his face all the way back to the hotel, but he knew the stupid grin was still there every time he glanced at Justin who wore his own silly grin.  This would be the best day because he was going to fuck his little blond angel into next week and then maybe let him come up for air long enough to have some dinner.  There was something about this desert air that he could most definitely get used to.

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