Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Justin picked Brian up at the airport when he arrived back from Indianapolis.  It was just after noon.  He drove them directly to the loft where Brian changed his clothes.  They gathered up anything else they thought they might need and added it to the bags that Justin had already packed.  As soon as they had everything they drove to Lindsay's to pick up Gus.


Neither one of them had mentioned anything about Indianapolis or most specifically Trip Bedford.  Justin figured that at some point during their fishing weekend with Gus they would get around to it.  Brian figured that the longer they avoided talking about it, the greater the chance Justin might not broach the subject, and the longer he would have to decide exactly what he was going to say, if Justin did force him to talk about it.


When they approached the munchers' house, Gus was standing on the front porch, his hand firmly grasped by his mother.  As the Jeep rounded the corner, Gus began to bounce up and down with excitement.


"Fishing!  Fishing!" Gus shouted.


It was all his mother could do to keep him from escaping and racing out in front of the Jeep.  When Brian finally stepped out of the car, Lindsay released her son and he raced to his father, flinging himself into Brian's arms.


"Whoa, Sonny Boy," Brian said as soothingly as he could.  "Calm down.  We'll leave in a few minutes."


"Fishing!" Gus shrieked, wrapping his arms tightly around Brian's neck.


Brian stood up with Gus clinging to him.  He was sure he could have let go of the boy and Gus would still have hung like a pendant from his neck.  His grip was viselike.


"Could you wind him up a little tighter for us?" Brian asked Lindsay sarcastically.


She chuckled.  "He's been almost uncontrollable ever since you told him you were taking him fishing.  I'm so glad you get to deal with him for the next three days."


"Thanks!" Brian sighed.  "Is his shit ready?"


"Shit!" Gus said, still holding on tightly to his father.


"Brian!" Lindsay admonished.  "Watch your language!  Don't bring him back here swearing like a trooper."


Brian grimaced.  "We're heading out into the wilderness.  I don't think we'll have time to worry about language," Brian said with a superior look on his face.


"Wilderness, my foot!" Lindsay responded.  "Just bring him back in one piece and without a foul mouth.


"I'll do my best, mother!"


Justin had been carrying Gus' bags to the Jeep while Brian and Lindsay bantered back and forth.  He came back onto the porch and Gus reached for him.  Justin took the little boy from Brian.


"Ready for fishing, partner?" Justin asked him.


"Fishing!"  Gus grinned and gave Justin a kiss.


"Gus," Brian said, "give mommy a kiss and let's blow this place."

Gus kissed his mother and gave her a big hug.  Then he took Justin's hand and waited to go fishing. 


"Take care of him, you guys," Lindsay said a little choked up.


"He'll be fine," Brian said, kissing her cheek.


Lindsay tried to smile at him.


"I'll look after both of them," Justin stated.


"Thank God, there's one adult in the group!" Lindsay chuckled, feeling better that Justin was going and had some sense of what he was doing.


Brian gave them both a withering look, grabbed Gus' hand and marched out to the Jeep.


"I think you insulted him," Justin said.


"I did?  You will make sure that Gus is okay?" Lindsay asked softly.


"Of course.  Don't worry!  We'll all be fine," Justin reassured her.


She gave Justin a peck on the cheek and he went to join the others in the Jeep.  Brian already had Gus buckled into his car seat.  He started the engine and gunned it without a backward glance.  Justin and Gus tried to return Lindsay's waves.


"That wasn't very nice!" Justin admonished Brian.


"Fuck her!  She pissed me off," Brian grumbled, keeping his voice low so Gus wouldn't hear.


"Don't spoil this, Brian.  Forget what she said."


Brian didn't answer, but he knew Justin was right.  As they drove in silence, he allowed his anger and ill will to subside.  By the time they were on the outskirts of Pittsburgh, he had pretty much returned to normal.  Justin had put in a CD and they listened to it for awhile.  When that was done, Justin and Gus sang some kiddy songs, and even got Brian to join in once or twice.  They did a lot of laughing and generally enjoyed themselves.  Finally Gus dozed off, lulled by the constant sound and motion of the car.


Brian kept glancing over at Justin.  After the tenth time Justin said, "What?  You're driving me nuts."


"You amaze me sometimes," Brian said.


"I know I'm pretty amazing," Justin boasted, "but what do you mean?"

"I was in a foul mood, dreading four hours of driving, then Lindsay ticks me off, and we're headed for God knows what in the middle of nowhere…" Brian griped.


"And your point is?"


"You have me smiling and singing fucking kiddy songs, and enjoying myself."

Justin smiled at him and didn't say anything.  This was the best part of being together.  They did enjoy each other's company, not just the fucking.  And when Brian actually said out loud that he appreciated what they had, Justin's heart burst with love and pride.


"Aren't you going to say anything?" Brian asked.


"You said it all!" Justin responded.  "I was thinking of a suitable reward for you for being so perceptive about how wonderful I am."


"Arrogant shit!" Brian smiled back at him.


They drove on for another hour until Gus woke up.  He was hungry and a little cranky.  Justin had been studying his map. 


"We're almost to the last town before the cabin," Justin told Brian.  "I think we should have some dinner there and stock up on a few things we'll need for the weekend.  The cabin's about a half hour past the town."


Brian agreed, wanting to get out and walk around a bit.  They found a greasy spoon, not too different from the Liberty Diner.  Gus wolfed down his hot dog and fries.  Brian had coffee and a roast beef sandwich, no mayo.  They didn't have turkey.  Justin had a huge hamburger and fries.  Brian shook his head at the two gluttons he was traveling with.


"What's wrong, Dada?" Gus asked seeing the expression on his father's face.   


"Where do you two put it all?" Brian asked rhetorically.


"Hungry!" Gus stated, as if that explained everything.  He continued to gobble his remaining fries.


"It's our youthful metabolism," Justin joked.


"Ass..." Brian started to say, but stopped remembering Gus' penchant for copying him.


"Hole," Gus completed his sentence, smiling angelically.


Justin almost spit out his last bite of hamburger at Gus' perfect understanding of Brian's mood and word.  "He certainly is your son," Justin teased.


Brian groaned.  "Was there ever any doubt?"

They finished eating.  The waitress directed them to the local grocery store where they got milk and a few other necessities to add to the cooler that Justin had bought for their trip.  They completed the last half hour of their trip singing and goofing around.  As Justin directed them into a driveway that was little more than a glorified path, Brian was glad the Jeep had four wheel drive.  He also had many misgivings about what he had gotten himself into.


At the end of the trail they were following stood a quite presentable looking building.  Brian was pleased, having expected something much worse.


"My uncle said they had done some work on the place," Justin said, looking around.  "They've added a new part to the cabin."  He pointed to one side of the building.  Justin walked over to the door.  He reached down by the steps and picked up a cement frog ornament.


"Bait?" Brian asked his tongue in his cheek.


"Key," replied Justin, pulling out a plug from the bottom of the frog and producing a key to get into the cabin.  He unlocked the door, just as Brian was getting Gus out of his car seat.


Brian set Gus down and he jumped up and down, shouting, "Fishing, fishing!"


"We have to unload the Jeep first," Brian told him.  He handed Gus a little bag and told him to take it to Justin.  Gus dutifully carried it up to the door that Justin had propped open.  Justin took it from him and Brian dumped his load of stuff on the porch.  "Come on, Gus," Brian said.  "There's more to carry."  Gus went with his father and each time Brian carried a load to the porch Gus carried a little bundle of his own.  Brian figured this was the best way to keep Gus busy or he'd keep them busy, and they'd never get settled in. 


When everything was out of the Jeep Brian carried the remaining pile into the cabin where Justin had put most of the stuff away.  Brian moved their bags into the bedrooms.  There was one bedroom that surely was for kids with a couple of bunk beds.  He put Gus' stuff in there.  Farther along the hallway in the new part of the building was a very nice master bedroom.  Brian dropped his and Justin's bags in there and checked the bathroom.  He wanted to see what an environmental porta-potty looked like.  It looked just the same as a regular toilet.  He couldn't see how this thing could be moved to empty it.  He went back out to the kitchen where Justin was putting things into the fridge.


"This place isn't so rustic," Brian observed.


"I know," Justin replied.  "They've really made a lot of improvements since the last time I was here."


"I don't think we even have a porta-potty."




"I was kind of looking forward to seeing you shovel the shit!" Brian grinned at him.


Justin groaned.  "Why do I put up with you?" he asked.


"You can't help yourself."


"Fishing," they heard Gus say wistfully.  The little boy was staring out the patio doors at a small lake behind the cabin.


They both stopped what they were doing and walked over to Gus.  The lake was very calm with the sun beginning to set over the far shore.  Brian put his hand on Gus' shoulder and his arm around Justin's back.  The three stood staring out at the lake.


"It's beautiful," Brian said softly.


"If the conditions are right, the lake turns pink when the sun goes down," Justin explained.


"Pink," Gus said.


"Let's go sit on the dock and watch the sunset," Justin said.


"That sounds good," Brian agreed.  "All right with you, Sonny Boy?"


Gus nodded.


Brian and Justin each got a beer and Justin poured apple juice into a cup for Gus.  Brian undid the security locks on the patio doors and they walked out. 


"They've built a gazebo," Justin said, pointing to a screened in octagon at the end of the deck.  "If the mosquitoes are too bad, we can sit in there, but let's try the dock first."


They walked out to the end of the dock.  Justin took off his shoes and socks and sat on the end dangling his feet in the water.  "Feels good," he said.  Brian followed suit, rolling up his jeans.  He took off Gus' shoes too, but the little boy's legs came nowhere near the water.  He didn't seem to mind though, happy to sit between his Dada and Justin and look at the lake.


The bugs weren't too bad.  There was a little breeze off the water and it was very pleasant sitting there.  They sipped their drinks and talked about fishing tomorrow.  Justin pointed out the small boat tied to the dock.  He said they could fish from the dock, but they would probably have more luck if they went out into the lake in the boat.  A butterfly flitted by and Gus giggled in wonder.  Brian watched his son, knowing that this weekend would be quite an experience for the little boy.  Hell, it would be quite an experience for him too.  He had never done anything like this before.  The sun was beginning to go down, and sure enough, the lake turned a golden pink.


"That's amazing!" Brian said, looking at the transformation of the lake into a magical domain.  The colors flickered and glowed.


"Amazing!" Gus whispered, staring out at the lake.


Brian and Justin looked at the boy.  He was pretty amazing himself.


"It's so beautiful here," Justin sighed.  "I always loved coming here when I was little."

"How long has it been since you were here?" Brian asked.


"I guess the last time was the summer I was fourteen."

"No wonder they have changed things.  That's six years ago.  Why haven't you been back?"


"My Dad was too busy to take time off, and Mom didn't want to come without him, even though her brother always asked her to."

"How does your uncle feel about you being gay?" Brian asked.


"He's okay about it, I think.  I don't see him too often, but he lent us the cabin, so he must not care."

The sun had just about disappeared and the pink was fast becoming a steely blue.  Gus leaned against his father, yawning.


"I think it's bedtime for someone," Brian said.  He stood up and picked up Gus.  He gave Justin a hand up and they walked back to the cabin, Gus half asleep on Brian's shoulder.  They got him into his pajamas, helped him brush his teeth, and tucked him into a bottom bunk bed.  The little boy was asleep before they left the room.


Brian and Justin went back to the living room.  They got another beer and sat on the couch which gave them a view of the lake.  The last bits of color were just disappearing.  Justin leaned against Brian's chest and sighed.


"Happy?" Brian asked.


"Very!" Justin declared.


"I was dreading roughing it, but this isn't so bad."

Justin snorted.  "This is hardly roughing it.  At one time there was no electricity or running water up here."


"What did you do?" Brian asked, wondering how you could live like that for even a few days.


"We made do.  Actually it was kind of fun.  Swimming instead of baths.  We had oil lamps and flashlights.  The kids had quite a system of signals using the flashlights.  We'd sneak out into the woods and smoke every now and then.  Two blinks of the flashlight meant the adults were asleep and it was safe to sneak out.  Three flashes outside meant put the cigarette out because somebody was coming."


"I had no idea you were such a degenerate at so young an age."


"And here you thought you had corrupted me and taught me all those vices."


"That's what your father thought," Brian said ruefully.


"Brian, you have never done anything to me that I didn't want you to do … except Ethan and the threesomes."


"I know now that I should never have made you come to the baths with me, but I really thought you were getting off on it."


"I did at first, but then I discovered it wasn't for me."


"You're going to tell me, if I ask you to do something you don't want to do?"


"I sure am!" Justin stated.  "So what happened in Indianapolis?"


Brian groaned.  "Nothing happened.  I had my meeting and I came home … to you."


"Did you see Trip?" 



"You're not giving me much information here."

"There's nothing to tell."

"Somehow I find that hard to believe."


Brian groaned again.  He had already decided to tell Justin the whole story, but he still dreaded doing it.  If he had learned anything from the Noel fiasco, it was that they were strongest when they trusted each other and told the truth, all of the truth.


"What did that groan mean?" Justin asked, suspecting there was more to the story than Brian had shared so far.

"Here goes," Brian said.  "You know the sketch of me in the leather pants that you sold in New York?   Trip bought it."


"What?  Fuck!"


"He knew you were in New York taking an art course.  I told him that when I told him I was in a relationship.  He went there on business and saw the show advertised."  Brian answered all of Justin's questions before he could ask them.


"Fuck!" Justin repeated, not knowing what to say.


"There's more," Brian added.


It was Justin's turn to groan.


"We went out to his favorite club and … and we both got smashed," Brian chuckled ruefully.


"What's so funny?" Justin demanded, a stricken look on his face.


"The club is called Smash," Brian explained. 


Justin didn't see anything funny about that.  "And what happened while you two were 'smashed'?"


"He kissed me.  We … kissed each other."



"But that was all.  I thought of you and I told him to get out."


"You did?" Justin asked.  He didn't know whether to be angry about the kiss or happy that Brian had told him to stop.


"I did," Brian said proudly.  "I knew I could be strong."


Justin could hear the pride in Brian's voice, and he realized how hard that must have been for the man.  From everything Justin knew, Trip was to die for, and he was very interested in Brian.  But Brian had turned him down, because he was thinking of Justin.


"I love you," Justin said and kissed Brian deeply.


"Let's go to bed," Brian said huskily.


"Not yet."


"Not yet?  Why?"


"We have to dig some worms first."


"Are you insane?"


"No.  If you want Gus to catch a fish tomorrow, we need some bait, so let's go outside and dig some night crawlers."

"Can't we do it in the morning, if we have to do it at all?  I want to fuck you."


"I want to fuck you too, but they're called night crawlers because they are active at night.  We need to dig them now."

Brian groaned.  "I knew I was going to hate this."

"Come on," Justin said taking his hand and tugging him up from the couch.  "It'll be faster if we both dig, and then you can fuck me that much sooner."  Justin wiggled his delicious bottom at Brian as he headed for the door.


Brian groaned again, but this time from desire, not misery.


It only took them a few minutes to collect a bottle of worms from the garden by the cabin.  Brian did more than his share of complaining, but he did help and wasn't too obnoxious about it.  Justin made sure the lid on the bottle of worms was tight, kissed Brian and raced to the bedroom.  He threw off pieces of clothing along the way, and was naked by the time he hit the bed.  He lay back in all his splendor, stroking his hardening cock, as Brian arrived in the room almost undressed himself.  He kicked off his jeans and threw himself on top of Justin.


"Shut the door," Justin told him before things got too heated.  "We don't want Gus walking in on us.


Brian reluctantly got up and shut the door.  "We'll be able to hear him if he gets up, won't we?"


"The walls are pretty thin, but we can open the door when we're through.

And Brian was on him again.  He took Justin's cock and stroked it to full erection.  All the while his other hand roamed Justin's body, his nipples, his balls, his ass.  Brian's mouth engulfed his lover's cock, sucking and licking, tugging and humming.  Justin thrashed about beneath him, ready to explode.


"Finish me off or fuck me!" he begged Brian.


Brian grabbed a condom which he had carefully placed beside the bed when they had first arrived.  He handed it to Justin who slid it over Brian's thick and pulsing dick. Brian's lubed fingers were already working their way into Justin's pucker and the boy's hand shook as he lubed Brian's shaft. 


"My little fisherman!" Brian whispered in that husky, sensuous voice that sent shivers up Justin's spine.


"I've already made my catch," Justin declared, claiming Brian's lips in a fierce kiss.


Brian's cock pushed past the first ring of muscle, and Justin expelled a breath into Brian's mouth.  Brian thrust again and was fully inside.  Justin bucked against him and the ride began.  It would be hard and fast, each straining to give the other as much pleasure as possible.  When they came, it was explosive and powerful and right.


They lay in each other's arms afterwards, holding on tenderly but tightly.


"I can never get close enough to you," Justin whispered.


"That was the reason I stopped Trip.  I remembered how you give me your whole being, how you seem to reach inside me, and you're the only one who will ever be able to do that.  You're all there is for me."


Justin reached up for Brian's mouth and kissed him with such joy and enthusiasm that he took Brian's breath away.  "I love you so much.  I should smack you for mentioning Trip right after we made love, but how can I be mad at you when you say things like that?"

"I…I just said it without thinking.  I didn't mean to spoil the moment."


"You didn't.  What you said was wonderful."


"Should I open the door or do you want to go again?"


"Again!" Justin declared, a grin spreading across his face.


"That's the other reason I stopped Trip.  He could never be as insatiable as you are."

"Why don't you quit while you're ahead?" Justin asked, not wanting to hear another word about Trip.


No more words were needed until they finally opened their door, and said goodnight to each other.




The morning dawned bright and clear.  Gus pushed back the door of his father's room and it hit the wall.  Brian sat up startled.


"Dada!" Gus said, running to the bed.  "Where were you?"


"I'm right here, Sonny Boy," Brian said, lifting him into the bed. "Were you scared when you woke up?"


"A little," Gus nodded.


"Well, we're right here.  Sleepyhead Justin should wake up any time now."


"Sleepyhead!" Gus repeated, giggling.


"I'm awake," Justin mumbled rolling over.


Gus leaned over and kissed him.  "I love you, Justin."


"I love you too, partner," Justin said returning the kiss.  "Are you ready to go fishing?"


"Fishing!" Gus shouted.  "Now!"


"Let's get cracking," Justin replied.  "The earlier we start, the better the chance we'll catch something."


They got up, had some toast and juice, and got ready to go fishing.  Justin packed some drinks and told Brian to get three fishing rods from a cupboard.  There was a small one which looked right for Gus.  They carried everything out to the boat and Justin started it up.  There was no noise from the motor.  Brian looked questioningly at Justin.


"It's an electric motor," Justin explained.  "They don't allow noisy motors on this lake.  All the property owners have agreed to that."

"It's kind of nice not to have to listen to boats roaring around," Brian said, as their small aluminum boat moved soundlessly out into the lake.


Justin made sure Brian put the smallest lifejacket on Gus.  They had all worn long sleeved shirts since they would be in the sun for a couple of hours.  Brian slathered Gus with suntan lotion and then did the same for Justin.  They all secured their hats as the boat moved a little faster.  Justin convinced Brian to use the suntan lotion too, and he covered his face with it as Justin steered to his favorite fishing spot.


Once they cut the engine, Justin opened the bottle of worms and took Gus' fishing pole.  He skewered a worm on the hook and showed Gus how to drop it over the side of the boat and move it around a bit to attract the attention of fish.  Gus grinned as he played with the pole, swaying it back and forth.  Then he giggled with absolute joy.  Brian and Justin smiled at each other, watching Gus fulfill his greatest desire.  Brian kept a hand on his shoulder because he wanted to stand up and Brian wanted him to stay seated.


Justin offered a worm to Brian to put on his hook.  Brian made a face and refused to take it.


"Chicken!" Justin said, putting the worm on for him.


Brian dropped his line over the side and Justin got his own ready.  They all sat in silence for a few minutes waiting for something to happen.


"When are the fish going to bite?" Brian asked.


"There's no guarantee they will."

"Oh?  Somebody will be disappointed if they don't," Brian said indicating Gus.


"Are you having fun, Gus?" Justin asked.


The little boy beamed at him.


"You like fishing?" Brian asked him.


Gus nodded.  "Amazing!" he said, using the word from last night.


The two adults chuckled, just as Gus dropped his pole in surprise.  Justin grabbed it before it disappeared over the side of the boat.


"You've got a bite," Justin told Gus.  He put the pole in Gus' hands, but held on to it as well.  He angled Gus around to stand between his legs and carefully showed him how to turn the reel and start to bring in the fish.  The little boy's eyes were the size of saucers and Brian wasn't sure his son was still breathing.  He looked mesmerized and scared and thunderstruck.  Brian watched in fascination as his two boys landed the first fish of the day.  He handed the net to Justin and they pulled a fair sized trout out of the water.


"Lunch," Justin said grinning at Brian.


The fish gave a few jerks and Gus jumped.  He didn't look too happy about this aspect of fishing.  Justin opened the cooler and placed the fish inside on the ice they had laid on the bottom.


"You just caught your first fish, Sonny Boy," Brian said, trying to reassure Gus.  "Good job!"


Gus grinned at his father.  Justin had put another worm on Gus' hook and dropped it over the side of the boat.  He smiled at Brian as Gus again began gently swinging his pole through the water.  They sat in silence for several minutes, nothing else biting.  Suddenly Gus jumped.  He didn't drop the pole this time, but he held it toward Justin who once again helped him.  This time it was a tiny fish that Justin said they should put back so it could grow up to be a big fish.  Gus agreed and they let it go.


Brian asked Gus if he was thirsty and they all had a drink.  Justin felt his pole pull down and knew he had a bite.  He got Gus to help him reel it in and they added it to the cooler.  Brian didn't look too happy.  He hadn't had a single bite.  Justin tried to encourage him, but he seemed more interested in watching Gus than fishing himself.


After a long while Gus got another bite and they pulled in a decent sized fish.  That made three fish which Justin said was plenty for lunch and probably dinner.  He suggested they call it a morning and head back to the cabin.  Brian agreed.


Justin and Brian cleaned the fish and put them in the refrigerator till they were ready to cook them.  They got the charcoal and fired up the barbecue, letting the coals burn down while they sat on the deck having a beer.


"How did you like fishing?" Brian asked Gus.




"You want to go again later?" Justin asked.


Gus nodded.


"I think we have a new Red Fisher," Brian chuckled.


"Who's Red Fisher?" Justin asked.


Brian groaned.  He wanted to think of Justin as an adult, but he was so young and just didn't have the same frame of reference for things.  "He was this guy who had a fishing show on TV.  He invited actors and semi-famous people up to Scuttlebutt Lodge, took them fishing and showed their adventure on his show."


"You actually watched that?" Justin asked in disbelief.


"Noooo!" Brian replied, but I saw a bit of it from time to time.  It was so bad it was interesting … sometimes."


"You did have a dysfunctional life before I came along to save you!"


Brian stuck his tongue out at Justin.  He heard Gus giggling.  "Don't you start, Sonny Boy!" Brian cautioned.  Gus gave him his most angelic look.  Justin was suffocating, trying to hold in his laughter.  Suddenly Brian burst out laughing too, and they all laughed until their sides hurt. 


Justin watched Brian.  It was rare to see Brian laugh like that.  Justin could only think of one or two times when he had seen such genuine enjoyment radiating from Brian.  If nothing else, this weekend had given them that.


"I thought you were going to be an old grump when you didn't catch a fish today, and here you are laughing until it hurts."


"You two crack me up," Brian observed.


"Well you're pretty funny yourself.  That Red Fisher story!  I bet you made all that up."

Brian gave Justin his best 'Who Me?' look, and they all started laughing again.


The fresh fish made a delicious lunch.  Gus gobbled down the fish as fast as Brian could make sure there were no hidden bones in a piece.  Brian got a few bites in between and they all declared it to be the best thing they had ever eaten.  They had cooked all three fish and they devoured most of it.


Justin leaned back, licking his fingers.  They had all discovered it was easiest to pull the fish apart with their hands, check for bones, and eat it with their fingers.


"What are you smiling at?" Brian asked, wiping Gus' face.


"This is the first meal where I have truly brought home the bacon, or the trout to be more exact," Justin said.


"You've made lots of meals at the loft."


"I know, but this one I caught, or Gus and I caught."  Justin smiled at the little boy who chose that moment to let out a big belch.  Brian and Justin chuckled and Gus grinned.  "I feel like I really am contributing to our life together."


"Don't ever think that you don't," Brian said seriously.


Justin appreciated those words.  He was always going to be younger than Brian and not as advanced in his career.  Brian would probably be the breadwinner for many years to come.  Who knew if he would ever make much from his artwork?  It was a pretty risky business.  He was glad to have this opportunity to provide for his family.  He hoped he would get other chances as time went on.


"It's too bad it's too cool to go swimming," Justin said.  "Early June the water is still really cold."


"I should get the munchers to put Gus in swimming lessons, so he could swim in the lake," Brian said.


"You'd come back here again?"


"I've had a great time so far!" Brian replied genuinely.


Justin beamed at him.  "I could see if we could get the cabin in July or August," Justin suggested.


"That would be fine, wouldn't it, Sonny Boy?" Brian replied.


Gus nodded.  "Fishing!" he said with his usual enthusiasm.


"Should we try again this afternoon?" Justin asked.  Father and son nodded at him.


They cleaned up from lunch and did try fishing later in the afternoon.  No one caught anything.  Justin explained that early morning was really the best time to fish.  They decided they would try again Sunday morning before they left.  They sat on the deck, taught Gus how to play Parcheesi, laughed and talked a lot.  It was an easy, happy day for them all.


Sunday morning Gus caught two more fish, and so did Justin.  Brian never had a bite, but he didn't seem to mind.  He loved watching the other two and their excitement over their catches.  They cleaned the fish and decided to take them home to Melanie and Lindsay.  Gus could be the provider for dinner that night. 


They started repacking the Jeep to get ready to leave.  Gus whimpered a bit when he realized what was happening.  Brian used the same trick of having Gus carry a little bundle of stuff to the Jeep with each load he carried.  That took Gus' mind off their impending departure.  Brian showed him that his fish were in the cooler to take to his mommies.  Gus was very happy about that.  He wanted to show them what he had caught.


When everything was cleaned up and locked up, Brian loaded his son into his car seat.  Gus looked at the cabin wanting to cry.


"We'll come back," Brian told him.  "You're a good fisherman, Gus.  We'll bring you back another time."


That seemed to cheer Gus up and he smiled at his father.  He reached out his arms for Brian to hug him.  He kissed Brian's cheek and said, "Thank you, Dada."


"Tell Justin that."


Gus held his arms out to Justin and told him the same thing.  Justin beamed his Sunshine smile.


They got into the Jeep and started down the path to the road.


"I can hardly wait until Thomas the Train goes big game hunting," Justin teased.


Brian groaned, and then smiled at his lover.  He and Justin and Gus could do anything, together.

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