Justin pushed back the loft door and dropped his portfolio and backpack just inside.  He wearily pulled the door closed and looked around for Brian.  He didn't see the man anywhere.


"Brian?" he called.


There was no answer.  Justin wondered where he could be.  They had spoken on the telephone several hours ago.  Brian wanted Justin to come home.  Justin knew by the huskiness in Brian's voice that he was horny, but the artist had been in the middle of a painting project that was going really well and was due in a few days.  He hadn't wanted to stop.  He told Brian that he was busy and would be home around ten.  It was almost eleven-thirty now.  He had got caught up in his work and was very pleased with the almost finished painting that was drying in his studio space.


He wondered if Brian had gone out with the boys, to Babylon or Woody's.  That was fine if he had.  He rarely worried about Brian finding a trick.  He knew Brian loved him and was being faithful.  Their commitment rings still hung in the sculpture on the dresser.  Nobody had even noticed, although not many people were in their bedroom.  Times had changed.  There wasn't the steady flow of traffic through there that once had been.  Justin smiled to himself as he pulled off his clothes and headed for the shower.


He had almost got the last bits of paint off his hands when he felt a gust of cool air and strong arms encircled him.


"So you finally came home?" a soft voice asked.


"So did you," Justin replied.


"I had to do something, when you wouldn't come home and take care of my needs."

Justin frowned.  "Brian, you didn't go to the backrooms or the baths, did you?"


"Would it matter if I had?"

"Of course it would matter."

"Well, I didn't."


Justin let out a sigh of relief.  "I'm sorry I couldn't come before, but I needed to finish that painting."

"So can you come now?" Brian asked, reaching around to fondle Justin's semi-erect penis.


"I can always come for you," Justin stated with certainty.


Brian smiled and nuzzled his neck.  Justin felt Brian's erection pressing into the crease of his ass.


"Did you save that for me?" Justin asked.


"Only for you, baby."

Justin turned around and kissed his lover.  He was pleased and relieved that Brian had not sought release somewhere else.  He trusted Brian implicitly, but he also knew that Brian had demons that sometimes ruled his life.  He was not always as patient as he had been tonight.  He could have any man he wanted and there were always handy sources of pleasure.  The fact that Brian no longer partook of them made Justin extremely happy.


He slid gradually to his knees his mouth sucking along Brian's chest and stomach as he went down.  His mouth engulfed the cap of Brian's cock and sucked.  He heard Brian gasp.  The man wasn't kidding.  He was horny and it wouldn't take much to make him come.  He decided that Brian deserved a reward for his good behavior.  He swirled his tongue around the tip of the cock and took gentle and then more forceful pulls at it.  Brian's head arched back and he groaned.


Justin looked up at him as he licked all over the swollen dick.  Brian's eyes were closed and he had backed up against the wall of the shower for support.  Justin crept forward and suddenly sucked in the cock taking it all the way down his throat so that his face was buried in Brian's pubes. 


"Ahh, ah, ahhh!" Brian moaned.

Justin slowly released the cock sucking hard and then soft as he did so.  He again ran his tongue around the tip dipping into the slit and causing Brian to moan some more.  He bobbed furiously in front of his lover working his lips up and down the shaft and surprising Brian with the speed and pressure variations that he was able to achieve.  He felt Brian's fingers grip his hair and pull as the man shot his load down Justin's throat.


"Fuck!" Brian gasped as he slumped against the wall.


Justin stood up and held Brian kissing his lover and depositing a bit of cum into the waiting mouth. 


"That was fucking incredible!" Brian breathed, his eyes still closed.


"Good enough to wait for?" Justin asked.


"Good enough to keep me wanting only you," Brian admitted.


That earned him a sunshine smile as he finally opened his eyes.


"I think I finally got all the paint off me, so let's go to bed and you can practice some interesting techniques on me," Justin said kissing Brian once more.


"Deal!" Brian said wrapping his arm around Justin's waist as they stepped out of the shower.


An hour later they lay snuggled together on the bed.  They had fucked and sucked themselves into an agreeable state of exhaustion.  Justin raked his nails gently across Brian's chest as he faced him.


"What are you thinking about?" Brian asked.


"How nice this is … and how fucking long it takes me to get back and forth to the Institute every day.  I was trying to earn enough money this summer to get a car, but by the time I bought my books and supplies I only had a few hundred left."


"And you nearly worked yourself to death to get it," Brian said with a grimace.


"Not quite, but I was tired."

"Actually I wanted to talk to you about a car," Brian said.




"Hear me out before you say anything," Brian asked.  Justin nodded hoping against hope.  "I've been thinking about buying a vintage Corvette.  I've always wanted one."

"Lucky for you!  I have no car and you get the car of your dreams!"  Justin was in no mood to hear about Brian's next extravagance.


"I asked you to hear me out."

"Well, I don't want to hear about your fantasy car!  I'm tired and I have to get up early to catch the bus for my nine o'clock class."


With that Justin rolled over and pulled the sheet up around his shoulders.


"Justin?" Brian said softly.


"Leave me alone!  Sometimes you are so insensitive."




"Just stop!  Enough is enough!"


"Fuck you too!!" Brian said and turned away from his lover.  What the fuck had happened?  He'd show the little pisser who was insensitive.




Justin awoke to the sound of the alarm.  He reached over and gave it a whack.  When he flopped onto his back, he realized the bed was empty. 


"Brian?" he called.


There was no answer, so he knew Brian had already gone to work.  "Shit!"  He hadn't meant to get mad last night, but he couldn't believe the gall of the man, describing the dream Corvette he wanted to get, when Justin was trying to tell him how tiring it was to ride the fucking bus every day.  Brian really was a selfish bugger sometimes.


Justin threw back the sheet and went into the bathroom for a shower.  Once he was washed and dressed he headed for the kitchen to get some juice and a bagel before he left for class.  As he came down the steps, he could see something taped to the refrigerator door.  It was a picture of a green Corvette all shiny and looking like a million dollars.  Brian had stuck a Post-it note above saying:  "This will be my new car before the week is out.  Want to go for a ride?"


Justin ripped the picture and note off the fridge and threw them in the garbage under the sink.


"Fucker!" he said aloud, letting the jealousy and hurt wash over him.


He took a swig of orange juice from the container in the fridge, grabbed a bagel and ran out hoping he hadn't missed the bus that would be passing the corner any second now.




Justin lugged his backpack and the grocery bags into the elevator and rode up to the loft.  He hoped Brian wasn't home yet.  He had got over being mad at the man for throwing his new car in his face.  He had bought groceries and was going to make dinner for Brian to show that there were no hard feelings. 


He realized that Brian had every right to drive whatever kind of car he wanted.  He earned the money and he paid for Justin's tuition.  He should be grateful to Brian, not jealous and angry because he had no money for a car of his own.  That wasn't Brian's problem.


He put his key in the lock and pulled back the door.


"Hey," he heard Brian say.


"Hey, yourself," Justin replied lugging in a couple of bags of groceries and setting them on the counter.


"Need some help?" Brian asked from the computer desk.


"Sure, if you don't mind."

Brian came over and picked up the remaining bags from the grocery store while Justin got his backpack and books.


"You have a lot of food here.  Planning a banquet?"

"No, I thought I'd make you a special dinner, but you're home early."

"I can wait.  I'm not very hungry."

"How come you're home so early?"

"You know the poster I got you to design for the Gay and Lesbian Centre carnival?  The cut I get from the take at the carnival will pay for the 'Vette.  I finished all the plans early and came home.  When the gala is over this weekend I get the new car.  We'll be able to shop for groceries in style."

"Sure," Justin replied trying not to feel slighted by Brian's enthusiasm for his car.  He wanted to tell the man that he would still be riding the bus and lugging all these bags home by himself, even after Brian got his new car.  It wasn't going to make a particle of difference to his life.  Brian might take him out occasionally in the car, but he'd still be on the fucking bus every day.


Justin began taking everything out of the bags.  He did his best not to slam the door of the fridge as he put items in.  He wanted to scream.  He couldn't believe how insensitive Brian was being.  He put a box of cereal in the cupboard and slammed that door.


"Hey, take it easy on the furnishings!" Brian called.


"Sorry," Justin said.  "I wish it was your head," he muttered under his breath.


He got out the frying pan to cook the sole and slapped it down forcefully on the stove.


"Is something wrong?" Brian asked, still planted at the computer.


"No, no, everything's just fine," Justin said through gritted teeth.


He started the rice and went back to the door to put his school stuff away.  He could see Brian sitting at the computer oblivious to the work that Justin was doing, and just as oblivious to what he had gone through getting all those groceries home.


By the time dinner was ready Justin was fuming internally.  He wanted to tell Brian to go fuck himself and maybe get a brain along the way, but he bit his tongue.


They sat down to a dinner of sole, rice and broccoli.  It wasn't anything fancy, but it tasted good and was a nice change from all the takeout they had had lately.


"That was nice," Brian said.  "I like it when you cook."

Justin softened a bit at the implied compliment.  That was about as much as he got out of Brian most of the time.  "Glad you liked it," he said.


"Here, I'll clear the table," Brian volunteered.  He began gathering the dishes.  Justin watched.  This was the Brian he loved.  Why couldn't he be considerate like this all the time?


Justin got up and went to retrieve his backpack.  He had a test on Monday and needed to do a bit of studying.  He heard Brian start the dishwasher.  He really was a lucky guy.  Brian had his faults but he did so many things for him.  Justin knew he shouldn't be feeling resentment over the car.  He tried to let it go.


"Do you have much schoolwork?" Brian asked.


"I have a test on Monday that I need to do some studying for.  I'll be done in about a half hour.  That'll be enough for today."


"Okay," Brian said going back to the computer.


He called up the Corvette site that he had found.  They had pictures, information, local clubs and items for sale on this site.  He printed out a new picture of the 'Vette he was going to buy.  He had found the one he left on the fridge in the garbage, and knew only too well why it was there.  He scanned through the items for sale and ordered a couple of things.  It said next day delivery, so he had them sent to the office.  By the time he had done all this Justin had closed the book he was reading.


"Finished?" Brian asked.


"Yeah, for tonight."


"Good," Brian said sliding next to him on the couch.  "I want you."


Justin smiled.  "So what else is new?"


"Are you tired of me already?"


Brian kissed along Justin's jaw and across his sweet lips.  He inhaled the scent of his man, never getting enough.  He raised Justin's T-shirt and the boy's arms went over his head to allow Brian to take it off.  He was always ready.  Brian licked the naked chest giving special attention to each nipple.  Justin sighed in satisfaction.  Brian felt Justin unbutton his shirt and push it off his shoulders.  He allowed it to drop to the floor.  He took Justin's hand and pulled him to his feet.  He wanted this to be long and slow and the bed was the best place for that.  They kissed again, undoing each other's pants.  Arm in arm they walked up to the bed each thinking about the best way they could pleasure the other.


A long while later they lay staring at the ceiling, well fucked and pleasantly tired.  Justin rolled onto his side and ran his palm over Brian's chest.


"Are you up for more?" Brian asked with a twisted grin.


"If you are!"


"I think I need some rest," Brian admitted.  This kid could wear him out like nobody else ever had.


"Getting old?"


"Not so's you'd notice."

"You'll always be beautiful to me," Justin said softly.


"And you are so perfect yourself."

"Thanks," Justin said sincerely, loving it when Brian complimented him.


"I think we need to talk about this car thing," Brian said suddenly.


"You want to gloat some more about your new sex machine?" Justin asked sarcastically, not wanting to hear any more about the fucking 'Vette.


"Sex machine?"


"Well isn't it a phallic symbol for middle aged men?" Justin asked being deliberately cruel.


"Who's middle aged?"


"You're getting there, old man!"


"I am not!"


"Is this one of those midlife crises where you get a sports car and a new haircut and a new wife?"

"God, I hope not!"


Justin had to giggle at Brian's reaction.  Then he became serious.  "Look, Brian, I'm glad you're getting this car that you want so badly.  You deserve the best, but I'm really sick of hearing about it.  Can we let it rest until you actually get it?  Then I'll let you gloat about it for a week.  How's that?"

"What do you mean, gloat?"


"Just what I said."

"I'm not gloating.  I want to talk about it with you, but you keep telling me to shut up."


"Because I don't want to hear it."





They turned away from each other and stared at the opposite walls.


"Twat!" Brian thought.


"Asshole!" Justin thought.


It was going to be a long time before either one of them got to sleep.




The carnival that Brian had organized for the GLC was a whopping success.  They made tons of money and Brian's cut off the top would just about pay for the 'Vette.  Justin had somewhat reluctantly agreed to go to the carnival with Brian.  He appreciated the money Brian had paid him for the poster and it had been kind of fun working together on the project.  He secretly wondered if he should have asked Brian for a lot more money for the poster, since the man was getting enough himself to pay for the new car.


Their relationship was still a little strained.  Justin refused to discuss anything about the new car.  Brian had tried to bring it up one more time, but had had his head bitten off.  He had decided at that point that he would say no more about it.


The items Brian had ordered from the Corvette website had arrived at his office yesterday and he planned to give one of them to Justin after the carnival.  He would pick up his new car tomorrow around noon.  He could hardly wait to take it for a spin and see how it felt.  He had test-driven it only once.


When they arrived back at the loft, Brian was in high spirits.  He had a check from the GLC in his hot little hand and he would endorse it over to the owner of the 'Vette when he picked it up Sunday at noon.  He yanked the door to the loft closed and grabbed Justin to kiss him.  The boy responded as he usually did with complete acceptance and just the right amount of anticipation.


"I have a little present for you," Brian said.




"Want to see?"


"I hope you like it."

"I'm sure I will.  Is it something you won at Butt-hole Bingo?"




"At the Dildo Ring Toss?"

"No," Brian snorted.  "It didn't come from the carnival."


"So what is it?"

"Come up here," Brian said grabbing Justin's hand and pulling him toward the bedroom.  He opened a drawer in the dresser and drew out what looked like a black T-shirt.  "This is for you."

Justin stared at the T-shirt.  He could see a Corvette printed on the front.  "Fuck!" he blurted out before he could stop himself.


"What?' Brian asked.


"What is this for?"

"I thought we could wear them tomorrow when I pick up the new car."

"You did, did you?"

"Justin, for fuck's sake!  What's the matter with you?"


"You and this heap of metal that you're so keen to own is what's the matter with me!"


"Why?  I said you could ride in it and I'll maybe even let you drive it if you're a really good boy tonight," Brian said with a lascivious grin.


"Brian … go fuck yourself!  I'd suggest you use the car, but I don't think even you are a big enough asshole to take that up the ass."

Justin turned on his heel and headed for the door.


"Where the fuck are you going?" Brian called.


"Out!  Away from you!"

"Don't you fucking walk out on me!"


"Why not?  You do it all the time to me," Justin said pulling back the door.

Before he could get through the doorway Brian grabbed his arm and dragged him back inside. 


"This has fucking gone far enough!" Brian shouted at him.


"You're right about that.  If you'll get out of my way, I'll be gone and then you won't have to deal with me and my petty concerns."

"I don't think your concerns are petty.  If you would listen for a minute and quit telling me that you don't want to hear about my new car, you might get a pleasant surprise."


"What are you babbling about now?"

Brian reached in his pocket.  "Shut up and listen!"


Justin opened his mouth to argue but the look on Brian's face made him think twice.


"I have been trying to tell you for days what is going to happen tomorrow when we pick up the new car."


Justin scrunched up his face at the reference to the Corvette.


"Don't say a fucking word!" Brian warned.  Justin shut his mouth tight.  "You are coming with me in the morning to pick up the 'Vette.  Here's the keys to the Jeep.  You can drive the Jeep home and I'll drive the new car."


"Glad I'm of some use to you!" Justin retorted, then bit his lip as Brian looked ready to explode.

"After we get home, I want you to come for a ride in my new car."


Justin grimaced at him, wanting to tell him where he could go.


"Then, we can go for a ride in your new car," Brian said staring at his lover.




"I said we can go for a ride in your new car."


"What car?"

"If you will deign to do so, I thought you could keep the keys to the Jeep and it could be your transportation for school … and grocery shopping … and anything else you need to do.  I want you to have the Jeep."


"You heard me."

"I can't believe it!  When did you decide to do this?"

"I was trying to tell you the first night that I mentioned the Corvette, but you kept telling me you didn't want to hear about my new car."

"Well, I didn't, but you could have told me about my new car."

"I tried, but then you pissed me off.  I thought I'd let you suffer a little first."

"Bastard!" Justin beamed at him.  He launched himself into Brian's arms.  "I love you.  I love you.  I love you!"


"Jesus, you are so materialistic!" Brian shook his head in mock despair.  "Look what a little thing like a car does to you."

"You are so dead!  You put me through hell."

"So does this mean you'll come with me in the morning and wear your new T-shirt?"

"That would be a yes!"


"Good!  Now I want to fuck you but good."

"I have a better idea.  I'm going to fuck you're butt, and you are so going to love it."

"Oh yeah?"




"Then let's get started.


They made their way to the bedroom shedding clothes as they went.  Several sessions later Brian's ass was ready for a rest and they both needed a little down time.  Brian spooned against Justin's back.


"Those leather seats in the 'Vette are going to be hard on my ass tomorrow," Brian observed.


"You'll survive," Justin giggled.


"Yeah, as long as I have you."  He kissed Justin's cheek.


"I'm sorry I didn't let you tell me about the Jeep.  I couldn't get past my resentment that you were getting your dream car and I had to ride the bus."

"I understand, I think."


"I can't believe you're giving me the Jeep.  More than that …" Justin started, then paused.


"More than what?" Brian asked.


"I guess I'm more amazed that you heard what I was saying and did something about it.  You really are a wonderful man."

"In your eyes."

"It would be in everybody's eyes if you ever let on what you do."

Brian made a face.  "I don't want thanks."


"I know you don't, but sometimes it's good to hear it."

Justin turned to look at Brian's eyes.  He thought he saw a little bit of appreciation there for the kind words he had just said.  God, he loved this man.  He could feel his cock stiffen at the thought.


He started to get up from the bed.


"Where are you going?" Brian asked holding on to his hand.


"Close your eyes and I'll show you."


Brian dutifully closed his eyes, wondering what the little twat was up to now.  He could hear Justin rustling around, but didn't open his eyes.


After a moment or two Justin said, "Okay, open up."

Brian opened his eyes to see Justin's luscious bare bottom waggling over the edge of the bed at him.  He chuckled at the sight.  "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked.


"I'm wearing my present.  I thought we could go get the "Vette" dressed like this.  The leather would feel so cool on our bare asses."


Brian chuckled again.


"The view from the other side is even better," Justin said turning around.  The T-shirt came just to the top of his erect penis which stood bold and proud, saluting Brian.


Brian laughed again.  "You have the best ideas!"  He reached up and began fondling the straining member.  "Get back into bed.  We have lots to do before we go pick up that middle-aged phallic symbol in the morning."


"Symbols are very important in art," Justin said philosophically as Brian's mouth engulfed his cock.


"Shut up!" Brian said and got back to his delicious work.


Justin smiled in absolute bliss.  So much for insensitivity!

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