Business Trip  


Brian put down the phone.  He was going to have to go to Indianapolis on Wednesday.  How was he going to explain this to Justin?


He and Justin had been so happy lately.  It really felt like they were together in every sense of the word, in a committed relationship.  Brian never thought he would admit that, even to himself.  They laughed, they worked, they talked, they ate, they loved, and they fucked.  Life was great.  Now reality was poking its ugly head back into their blissful existence.


"I should know better than to think I can be happy for any more than a day or two at a time," Brian mumbled to himself.  "Cynthia, come in here," Brian said into the intercom.


"Yes, boss," she said, appearing at his door almost immediately.


"I need you to make airline reservations for me to go to Indianapolis on Wednesday," Brian stated.


"Will do.  Early morning flight?" she asked.


"Sounds good.  I'll be coming back Friday."


"What time?"


"Get me back as early as you can."


"Do you know what hotel you want to stay at?" she asked.


Brian groaned internally.  "I won't need a hotel," he said, trying to sound nonchalant.


"Oh?" she said, instantly curious.


Brian didn't really want to explain, but he knew she wouldn't let it rest.  "I'll be staying with Mr. Bedford," Brian stated.


"Father or son?" Cynthia asked with concern in her eyes.  She liked Mr. Bedford, the father.  He was a lovely man.  And young Mr. Bedford, Trip, was too delicious, but she knew he was gay, like so many other delicious young men she had met.


"Father!" Brian replied emphatically.


Cynthia knew there had been sparks between Trip and Brian.  She had felt them from across the room, when the two had first met.  She knew Brian was happy with Justin, happier than she could ever remember him being, and she didn't want anything to ruin this newfound contentment.  She had to ask.  "Do you think it's wise to be going to Indianapolis right now?"


"I don't have any choice," Brian scowled.  "Mr. Bedford has come up with a design for a new lounge chair that he thinks will revolutionize the chair industry.  He wants to use it in the next phase of their ad campaign.  He wants me to see it, and he doesn't want to fly yet, so soon after his heart attack.  I have to go."


"I understand," she said, feeling sorry for the position this put Brian in.


"So, just get the fucking reservations, and stop worrying about me."

She smiled at him.  He knew her almost as well as she knew him.  They were a great team and always watched each other's backs.  She was sure he would do the right thing, she hoped, maybe.


"I'll do the right thing," he muttered as she left his office.  She smiled to herself.




Justin had dinner on the table when Brian arrived at the loft.  It smelled wonderful.  After a quick kiss, Brian changed his clothes, wondering how he was going to tell Justin about his impending trip.


Once they sat down and started eating, Brian opened his mouth to get it over with, when Justin beat him to it.  "I have something to tell you," he said.


"I have something to tell you too," Brian replied, "but go ahead.  You first."

"I spoke to my uncle about getting his cabin to take Gus fishing.  We can have it this weekend.  They're all going to be in the city for some family do with his wife's relatives.  After that they are using the place for most of the summer.  We wouldn't be able to get it for at least another month, unless you want to sleep in a tent and be there with the whole family."


"Pullleeease!" Brian dragged out the word.


"I didn't think so, so I told him we'd take it this weekend.  I thought we could leave Thursday night if you could get Friday off.  That would give us more time up there, because it's a good four hour drive to the cabin."


Brian groaned.  "Justin…"


"Don't tell me!  This weekend is no good for you.  Why?  What's going on?  Can't you cancel?"  Justin bombarded him with questions.


"If you'll let me get a word in edgewise …" Brian began.


"Sorry," Justin said.  "Go ahead."  He looked skeptically at Brian.


"I have to go on a business trip Wednesday.  I won't be back until some time on Friday, but I'll try to get back in good time and we could leave as soon as I returned," Brian said hopefully.


"Oh," Justin replied, mulling this over.  "Well, that won't give us as long up there, but it will still work.  Less time for you to get cranky about roughing it in the woods."

"Just how rough are we talking?" Brian asked, suddenly realizing that he was taking himself off into the wilds of some godforsaken place.


"It's … rustic," Justin said carefully.


"What the fuck does that mean?"


"They don't have all the amenities that we have here," Justin explained, gesturing around the loft.


"I didn't think we were going to a four star hotel!" Brian stated.  "Just what amenities does this fucking place have?"  When Justin didn't answer immediately, Brian asked, "A toilet?"


"Yes … um … yes."


"What was that hesitation for?"


"They have a toilet," Justin replied firmly.


"An outhouse?" Brian asked with a look of terror on his face.


"No, not an outhouse.  It's in the house.  But … you have to empty it every day."


"Empty it?  How the fuck do you do that?"

"Well, I haven't been there for several years, but if I remember correctly it's an environmental potty that is moveable and you dump it out in the woods."


"Jesus Christ!" Brian sputtered.  "Tell them to forget it!"


"Brian!" Justin responded.  "I'll empty it and do any of the other shit jobs too," he sighed.


"Shit is right!  Couldn't we just drive up there, fish for an hour and drive back?"


"I … guess so.  But I thought you might like to spend a little time out in nature with Gus and me.  I thought it might be fun, but if you can't live without your luxuries …," Justin let his words hang in the air.


Brian groaned.  "You are getting too fucking good at this housewife guilt shit," Brian admonished.


"Does that mean we can go for the weekend?"


"All right, but you have the shit jobs!  I don't want to hear about potties or bodily excrement or God knows what else.  Understood?"


"Deal!" Justin said.  "I'll let my uncle know we're going."


Brian knew he was going to regret heading out into the backwoods, even with Justin.  He didn't do rustic, and he knew he was going to hate every fucking minute of it.  He pushed his worries aside to deal with the more immediate worry of telling Justin where he was going on his business trip.


"Where are you going on your business trip?" Justin asked, as if he was responding to Brian's unspoken thoughts.


"Indianapolis," Brian said, and waited for the reaction.


"Oh?" Justin said, his head brimming with questions that he was afraid to ask.  The old Justin would have suppressed them all, but the grown-up Justin asked, "Trip?"


"Business trip!" Brian replied obtusely.


"Trip Bedford!" Justin stated, staring intently at his partner.


"He'll be there."


"Is he the reason you're going?"


"No, his father has a new design for a chair that he wants used in the next ad campaign.  I'm going to see the chair."


Justin snorted.  "That's a good one!  You're going to see a chair, not a very hot, highly intelligent, really nice, gay man that you are attracted to and who's attracted to you?"

"That's right," Brian said.


Justin had never met Trip Bedford, but Ted and Emmett had.  They had told Justin about the totally hot man that Brian had danced with at Babylon.  Justin knew that Brian was very attracted to Trip.  After they returned from New York, they were supposed to have talked about Trip and what he meant in their lives, but they had been so happy that Justin had almost forgotten about it.  Now he knew they would have to deal with it.


"Brian, remember that talk we were supposed to have," Justin began.  He heard the man groan.  "We have to," he said simply.


"I know," Brian replied, "but that doesn't mean that I have to like it."


"How do you feel about going to Indianapolis?"


"Justin, nothing has happened between Trip and me.  We're just friends, and nothing is going to happen."


"I believe you," Justin said.


Brian knew that Justin did believe him.  It was just that sometimes things weren't in Brian's control, especially things that affected his dick the way Trip Bedford did.  "I won't let anything happen," Brian promised. 


"I know you'll try."


"You don't think I can be strong, do you?"


Justin stared at him.  Brian was a very strong man who inspired strong feelings, and as much as he liked to think he was always in control, quite often other people put their strong feelings for Brian to work and went after him.  Sex was such a necessity to Brian that he found it hard to fend them off when they offered what he needed, and provided such a necessary service for him.  Being far away from home, would only compound the problem.


"Remember Noel," Justin said.


Brian grimaced.  "You don't have to remind me, but Trip is nothing like Noel."


"But you have the same attraction to him, and he isn't a fucking sleaze ball like Noel.  In fact, from what I hear, he's really nice, which makes him all the more appealing."

"Justin, you're the one I want."


"Remember that when your cock starts twitching at the sight of Trip," Justin said ruefully.


"Why don't you fuck Trip right out of my head?  That will keep me on the straight and narrow while I'm gone."


"I can do that," Justin said with as much confidence as he could muster.  "Want to start now?"


"I'm ready."  Brian grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a kiss.  "Make me forget about anyone but you," he challenged.


They went up to the bedroom, leaving the mess to clean up in the morning.  Justin had other more pressing spousal duties to perform tonight.




The next morning neither one of them could walk with ease.  Both their asses had received a thorough workout, to say nothing of their cocks.  As they stumbled into the shower, Brian grabbed Justin and pressed him against the glass.  "I'm going to fuck you again," Brian whispered in that husky voice that sent little jolts of pleasure up Justin's spine.


"Oh yeah?  Are you sure you can handle it?" Justin challenged.


Brian's hard cock was already finding its way to Justin's hole.  The boy felt it press against him and smiled over his shoulder at Brian.  He reached back for a kiss which Brian returned with love and lust.  Brian soaped Justin's back, running his hands all over the boy's body and ending with a finger in his ass.  Justin gasped, but pressed back for more.  He heard Brian rip open a condom and smiled to himself.  Nobody turned Brian on like he did.  He was going to make sure everyone, including Trip Bedford, paled in comparison.  He felt Brian position himself at his already well fucked pucker.  He reached behind him and took hold of Brian's dick, giving it a tug.  Brian moaned.  Justin leaned back into his man, and when Brian thrust forward into him, he thrust back just as hard, taking all of Brian's cock in one motion.  They both sucked in a breath at the sudden movement, and unexpected pleasure.


"I love you!" Justin declared.


"Show me!"


Brian began to thrust and Justin met each with a backward movement of his own.  They pounded against each other, gasping for breath and trying not to suck in the cascade of water that engulfed them.  Grunts and groans gave way to moans.  Brian reached for Justin's cock.  He pulled the boy against him, stopping his thrusts. 


"I love you, Justin Taylor!  Never, ever, forget that!" Brian declared.


He rammed into Justin again and stroked his cock with each thrust.  Momentarily they were both coming.  Justin staggered against Brian who grabbed at the wall for support.  Neither was very steady on their feet.  Brian kept Justin impaled on his cock and supported both of them as he leaned against the wall of the shower.  Once they had begun to recover from their orgasms, Brian pulled out of his lover and turned him around.  He got rid of his condom and let the water pour over them for a couple of minutes before he turned off the shower.


He took Justin's hand and led him out into the bathroom.  He picked up one of the towels and tenderly dried off his lover.  Justin returned the favor.


"Do you think it will be safe for me to go to Indianapolis now?" Brian asked, tongue in cheek.


"Maybe," Justin replied, "but there's still tonight.  We can make certain you don't forget what's waiting for you here."


"You are such a taskmaster!" Brian chuckled.


"It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it."


"Only you, baby, only you."


Brian found himself in Justin's arms, the boy kissing him ferociously.  He did love Justin more and more every day.  Trip Bedford was an interesting and very attractive man, but he wasn't Justin.  Brian was sure he would remember that in Indianapolis.




Brian's meeting with Mr. Bedford went very well.  He was quite impressed with the new chair and was tempted to order one for the loft.  However, he wasn't sure that Justin would be pleased with a reminder of Trip so close at hand. 


When they were finished with business for the day, Mr. Bedford ordered his car to take them back to his home where Brian would be staying during his time in Indianapolis.  It was an expansive and luxurious mansion on the outskirts of the city.


"You have a beautiful home, Mr. Bedford," Brian told him.


"Why don't you call me Jerome?" his host replied.


"Of course.  It was nice of you to invite me to stay here with you.  I could have taken a hotel for two nights."


"Nonsense.  We have lots of room.  You'll be much more comfortable here.  I'll show you to your room.  Dinner will be at eight in the dining room."


"Thanks," Brian said and they went upstairs to get him settled in.


Just before eight Brian made his way downstairs having showered and changed into slacks and a sweater.  He found Jerome in the study off the main entrance hall.


"Dinner should be any time now.  We're waiting for Trip," Jerome told him.


Brian hoped his face didn't show his apprehension at hearing that the son was joining them for dinner.  He had begun to hope that he might get through the trip without having to face Trip.


Suddenly the doorway was filled with a smiling face.  "Brian!" Trip said, stepping forward to shake Brian's hand, genuinely glad to see him.


Brian felt that little jolt of electricity.  "Trip," he replied, not knowing what else to say.  The man was as gorgeous and intriguing as he remembered him.


They went in to dinner at the urging of Jerome who said he was quite hungry.  During dinner there was lots of talk about business and Brian learned that it was Trip who had dreamed up the concept for the new chair.  Was there anything that this man couldn't do?


When they finished dinner all three men went back to the study and had a brandy.  Small talk filled up the time.  Brian felt Trip's eyes on him more than once, but he did his best not to stare back.  Finally Jerome excused himself, saying he was tired and seemed to need a lot more sleep since his heart attack.  After Jerome left, Brian thought maybe he should get out of there too. 


"I think I'll turn in," Brian said.


"Have another drink with me first," Trip asked.


Brian wanted to escape, but he didn't want to be rude, and he really did enjoy Trip's company.  "I'm not much for brandy," Brian said, trying to excuse himself gracefully.


"How about some Jim Beam?  That's your drink, isn't it?"


"All right," Brian agreed.


Trip went to the liquor cabinet, but turned back to Brian, saying, "We don't seem to have any here.  Come up to my apartment.  I'm sure I have some there."


"Your apartment?" Brian asked, following Trip who had already made his way to the stairs.


"Since Dad had his heart attack, I've set up an apartment in the east wing.  My condo is in the city, but Dad has felt better having me here."


Brian was trailing behind Trip, trying to think of a way to get out of this.  "I don't really need another drink.  I should maybe go back to my bedroom," Brian said stopping in the hallway.


"We're almost there," Trip laughed.  "Relax!  I'm not going to compromise your virtue."

Brian smiled at this open admission of the attraction they felt for each other.  He could be strong, and Trip was promising not to start anything.  Trip opened a door and led Brian into his apartment.  It was a very masculine room with lots of leather furniture and mahogany wood.  Brian glanced around admiringly, then stopped dead in his tracks.  Above a small table on one wall was the sketch of him in his leather pants sauntering down the hallway of Justin's dorm in New York.


"How the fuck did you get that?" Brian asked, too surprised to care about his language with a client.


"I was in New York briefly the weekend of the art show.  I stopped by one afternoon to see if you were there and to meet Justin.  Since you weren't there, I had to settle for the next best thing," Trip said, gesturing to the portrait.


"How did you know about the show?" Brian asked, concerned that Trip had this picture of him, but also flattered that he did.


"You told me that your partner was in an art course in New York, and I saw the show advertised when I was there.  As soon as I saw your picture, I knew I had the right Justin.  He's very talented, but then he has a wonderful subject."

Brian knew he was blushing.  Trip handed him a glass of Beam and he downed it in one gulp.


"Another?" Trip asked.


Brian nodded and handed the glass back to be refilled.  "I can't believe you have that sketch.  It was sold the afternoon we took Gus to Central Park."

"Who's Gus?" Trip asked.


"My son."

"I didn't know you had a son."


"Well, I'm glad to see there are a few things you don't know about me," Brian stated.


"You know that I find you very attractive."


"I feel the same way, "Brian admitted, "but I'm in a committed relationship with Justin."  He smiled proudly to himself.  He had gotten that sentence out without one hesitation.  Justin would be proud of him.


"I understand, and as I told you before, I wouldn't interfere with that.  But I also like you very much.  You're an intelligent, interesting man.  I hope we can be friends."


"I'd like that," Brian said, downing the next glass of Beam Trip had handed him.  As soon as he did, he thought he better slow it down or his good intentions might evaporate in the steady stream of Beam he was inhaling.


"Care for another?" Trip asked.


"I think I better get some sleep," Brian replied, handing his empty glass to Trip.


"Can you find your way back to your room, or shall I come with you?"


Brian didn't think that was a very smart idea.  "I'm sure I can find my way.  Good night, Trip," he said, quickly leaving the room and heading down the hall.  He entered his bedroom, closed the door behind him and locked it.  He leaned against the door and let out a long breath that he had been holding since he left Trip's apartment.


"I can do this," he whispered.  He picked up his phone to call Justin.  He really needed to hear his voice right now.




When Brian came down for breakfast he found Trip at the table and no sign of Jerome.


"Morning," he said to Trip.  "Is your father sleeping late?"


"He's not feeling too well.  He had a restless night, so you're stuck with me today," Trip said nonchalantly.  Brian hoped Trip didn't notice his reaction. This was not a good thing.


"What do you have planned?" Brian asked. 


"I have a photographer lined up to do some shots of the prototype chairs.  I thought we could use your input to get some shots that might be good for your campaign, or at least in our catalogue."


"Sure," Brian replied.  At least they wouldn't be alone.


Brian and Trip spent the day together, talking about business and getting to know each other.  They had lunch at the factory in the cafeteria.  Brian had to admit the food was quite good and many of the employees stopped by their table to speak to Trip.  It seemed that they had great respect for Trip and his father.  Many asked about the senior Mr. Bedford's health since he wasn't with them.


"You seem to have a class act here," Brian observed.  He didn't know too much about factories, but he thought the people seemed rather happy and content with their lot there.  He knew from his own father that many people were a lot less pleased with their working conditions.


"Thanks," Trip replied, "Dad would be happy to hear you say that.  He has always believed the heart of a good company is its workforce, and he has done his best to make the working conditions and benefits top of the line."


Brian nodded.  That just verified his good impression of the Bedfords and their company.


They spent the afternoon with the photographer and got some shots that Brian thought were good.  He suggested the one to use in the catalogue and asked for some blowups to be sent to Pittsburgh.  He would use them in the print campaign.


As the day wound down Trip suggested they have dinner in the city.  He knew a nice restaurant.  Brian had little choice but to agree.  The food was good and they both had plenty of wine.  When they were finished, Trip wanted to take Brian to his favorite club, since he had been to Babylon with Brian.  They called a taxi, neither wanting to drive after the drinks they had had with dinner.  Trip also called to check on his father and get his car and driver to pick them up from the club at midnight.


The club was called Smash and was a smaller version of Babylon.  Brian knew from vast experience that one club was much like another, and their purpose was always sex.  He and Trip danced and had more drinks.  Brian knew he should slow down, but he was having a good time and he didn't want to think about his responsibilities. 


When the car picked them up, Brian remembered vaguely that they were both a little unsteady.  He thought he had leaned against Trip a lot, and it seemed perfectly natural, and nothing had happened.  They arrived back at the mansion and again leaned on each other as they staggered up to Brian's room.  Once in the room they both slumped down on the bed.


"I should be going," Trip said, trying to regain his feet.


"Yeah," Brian agreed.


The next thing he knew they were kissing, a long and totally pleasurable kiss.  Brian didn't know who had started it, but it was what they both wanted.  Trip moaned into Brian's mouth and Brian felt his dick harden.  "Justin," the thought flashed through his mind, and he rather reluctantly pushed Trip away.  Suddenly he was a lot more sober.  He wasn't going to do this.


"Time for you to go," he said to Trip and helped the man to stand.


Trip looked at him longingly.  "You're sure?"




"Too bad," Trip responded, staggering slightly as he made his way to the door.


"Trip, that kiss should never have happened," Brian said softly.


"I know, but we both wanted it.  Maybe we won't remember it in the morning," Trip said.  Both of them knew there wasn't much chance of that.


Trip closed the door behind him, and Brian locked it, more to keep himself in than to keep anyone out.  He knew Trip wouldn't come back.


"Fuck!" he muttered.  "That was close."




When Brian went down to breakfast in the morning, he was dreading a confrontation with Trip.  He remembered most of what had happened last night, but more, he remembered what didn't happen.


Jerome was seated at the table in the dining room.  There was no sign of Trip.  Brian let out a sigh of relief.  He took some coffee and a bagel from the sideboard.


"Is that all you're having?" Jerome asked.


"I don't eat much," Brian replied.


"You look a little hung over."

"A bit," Brian agreed.


"I guess Trip took you to some clubs."




"He's not feeling up to snuff this morning either.  He wanted me to tell you goodbye, and that he hopes to see you soon.  He's still in bed."




"Brian, nothing happened last night, did it?"


Brian was pretty sure what 'nothing' Jerome wanted to know about.  "No," he said, "nothing happened."


"Good.  I love my son, and he's a wonderful man, but he doesn't always make the best choices."


Brian thought he understood what the man was telling him.  "I'm in a relationship, and I'm not going to screw it up."


"That's good.  I really enjoy working with you and I know Trip does too."


"The feeling's mutual," Brian replied, thinking of other feelings that were mutual as well.


Jerome stood up.  He shook Brian's hand and said, "The car will take you to the airport as soon as you're ready."



Brian went up to his room to gather the rest of his things.  He wasn't going to see Trip before he left, and maybe that was just as well.  He had a long flight home to think things over and decide exactly what he was going to tell Justin about his business 'trip'.


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