Family Matters  


Brian arrived home from work around seven.  There was no sign of Justin, so he went up to the bedroom to change.  He was sure the boy would be home soon.  As he undressed, Brian reflected on their week back together.  Justin had completed his art course in New York and had returned to the loft to resume their life together.  Brian was thankful that they had survived the five months of separation seemingly intact.  He had had his doubts before Justin left, but he knew deep in his gut that it was the right thing for the boy.  He knew he had to let Justin have that chance to grow and change.


"Brian!  Brian!" Justin shouted, charging through the door to the loft.


"Up here," Brian called from the bedroom.  He had just started to button the jeans he had changed into.


Justin came scrambling up the steps and threw himself into Brian's arms.


"Whoa!" Brian laughed.  "Who wound you up?"


Justin kissed him and kissed him some more, a shit-eating grin plastered all over his face.  "Guess where I've been?"


"A crack house?"  Justin looked bewildered.  "You're high as a kite," Brian explained.

"Oh!  No, I went to see Jane Granville today and I got a job!" Justin gushed.


"You did?  What kind of a job?"


"The kind that has regular hours and benefits and decent pay!"


"That's the best kind to have.  What will you be doing?"

"She never really replaced Noel at her art gallery after all that trouble."  Brian grimaced.  "She's been running the gallery herself, but she wants more time off for the summer, so I'm going to be working there and running it on a day to day basis."


"Running it?" Brian asked.


"Well, not really running it.  Jane will still make all the decisions about the art and the prices and everything.  But I get to be there every day, help mount the displays and sell pieces of art to people who come in.  It's going to be great."


Brian smiled at Justin's enthusiasm.  It sounded like a glorified job as a clerk at the gallery, but he would never tell Justin that.  "So when do you start?"


"Tomorrow.  Isn't that great?" Justin continued to gush.


"Great!" Brian agreed.  "What about your job at the diner?"

"Oh, I'll still keep it.  I'll take more early morning or evening shifts for the summer so that I can be at the gallery during the day.  I should be able to make lots of money between the two jobs."


"Sure," Brian agreed, seeing the possible problems with Justin's new schedule. 


"What's wrong?" Justin asked, noting Brian's mood.


"When do you get time for yourself, and for me?"

"I'll always have time for you!" Justin declared.


Brian smiled at him.  "That's easy to say, Justin, but it may be more difficult than you think."


"I'm sure I can work everything out between Jane and the diner.  It'll be fine."


"If you say so," Brian agreed, knowing that it probably wouldn't be fine somewhere down the line.


"Want to fuck the newest employee of the Jane Granville Gallery?"


"Sure, when will he be here?"

"Briiiaaan!" Justin whined.


"Come here, you!" Brian said.  "I'm always ready to fuck you."  Brian's mouth clamped on to Justin's, rubbing his lips over the boy's delectable pout.  His tongue pressed into the warm cavern of Justin's mouth, tasting and exploring, sucking in the essence of his young lover.


Brian never got enough of Justin, of his body, of his mouth, of his being.  Since they had returned from New York things had been wonderful.  Justin no longer felt he had to walk on eggshells, worrying about upsetting his lover.  He truly had grown up while he was away.  He still had his youthful exuberance as he had just demonstrated.  Brian hoped he never lost that.  But he was perfectly capable of expressing his needs and telling Brian what he did and didn't want to do.  Brian respected his new sense of himself.  He had worried he might resent that Justin would no longer bend to all of his whims.  Instead he found that he could let Justin take the lead and make decisions for the two of them.  It was often a relief for Brian who spent all day making decisions at work.  He could let Justin plan things for them, always knowing that the boy had their best interests at heart.  Brian began to realize that this was what it meant to be part of a couple, to trust your heart and life to another person.


Brian moaned.  Justin had wrapped his legs around Brian's waist and he was bucking his groin against Brian's throbbing hard-on.  He reached behind Justin and pulled the boy's shirt up and over his head.  Justin did not release his grip with his legs.  He raked his fingernails down Brian's back.  Brian edged them towards the bed, still kissing Justin deeply and demandingly.  Justin gasped as their kiss finally ended.  He nuzzled Brian's throat, and then suddenly bit him on the neck.


"Ow!" Brian said, looking into Justin's eyes.


"Did that hurt?" Justin gazed back into the hazel eyes.  "I'm going to mark you as mine," he declared, and took another nip at Brian's throat, sucking on the spot.  Brian knew he would have a healthy hickey there tomorrow.


"You little animal!" Brian said, and threw him onto the bed.  He grabbed Justin's pants and stripped them off, pulling his shoes and socks and underwear with them.  Justin lay naked in front of him.  Brian had only his jeans on and he quickly slid those down.  "Let's see who marks who!" Brian declared.  He pounced on his young lover.  They rolled around on the bed fighting for supremacy.  Finally Brian spread his weight on top of Justin and pinned his hands above his head.


"Think you've got me, don't you?" Justin said.


"Uh huh!" Brian said, grinning.


Justin wrapped his legs around Brian and squeezed.  He felt the air expel from Brian's chest.  In that moment of weakness, Justin began sliding his body up and down beneath Brian, making sure his rock hard cock rubbed against Brian's with each movement.  "Shit!" Brian gasped, feeling an instant need to have more.  "I want you!" Brian whispered.  "Now!"


Justin reached for a condom and presented it to Brian, who had it on immediately.  Magically Justin held out the lube.  Brian grinned.  "Little shit!" he said.  Justin kissed him in response, and then Brian was inside him, in that warm safe place where he always wanted to be.  They rocked together, each knowing the rhythm and movements and responses that drove the other wild.  When they were finished, they lay in each other's arms, happy and fulfilled.


"It just gets better," Brian observed.


"It does, doesn't it?" Justin said, rubbing his finger over Brian's nipple.


Brian swatted his hand.  "Don't do that unless you're prepared for another go!"

"I'm ready!" Justin declared.  They both were. 


Round two completed, they lay together, happy, fulfilled and tired.


"I was hungry," Brian said sleepily.  "But now I think I need a nap."


"Me too," Justin said and they snuggled against each other, drifting off quickly after their vigorous workout.


When they woke an hour later, they were both starving.  They ordered takeout and sat eating it on the couch.


"Lindsay wants us to take Gus for the weekend," Brian said.


"Ohhhh!" Justin responded, drawing out the word into several syllables.


"What's wrong?"


"I…I told Jane I would work Saturday and Sunday," Justin explained.  "I wanted to show her that I could be available whenever she needed me."

"I see."

"You're not mad, are you?"


"I'm perfectly capable of having my son for the weekend with or without you around.  We'll be fine," Brian said, trying to keep the annoyance out of his voice.


"I'm sorry.  I…I could ask her to make other arrangements," Justin suggested.


"What for?  I said we'd be fine."

"But I like being with Gus too."


"I know you do," Brian said, softening a little.  He knew Justin felt badly, because Gus loved to play with him.  "Maybe I'll take Gus shopping for some artwork on Saturday.  Know a good gallery where we might spend the afternoon?"


"I love you," Justin said, smiling at his partner.


"And you should!"


Justin looked at Brian and felt his heart swell with love and pride.  How could he ever have doubted that Brian loved him?  Brian was still brusque and didn't tolerate fools well, but he would bend over backward to make things good for Justin.  Hell, he even bent over frontward sometimes too.  Justin grinned at the thought.


"What the fuck kinds of thoughts are running through that brain of yours to produce a grin like that?" Brian asked, noting the smile plastered on Justin's mug.


"Want me to show you?" Justin challenged.


"Yes, although I may regret saying that," Brian said warily.


"Are you done eating?"  Brian nodded.  "Good, because you're going to need lots of stamina."


"I am?"


"Oh, yes."


Justin was quickly clearing the dishes and Brian grabbed their wine glasses.  Here was another area Justin had taken charge of recently.  Brian was pretty sure he was going to get his ass fucked but good.  He could hardly wait.


When they had cleaned up and stuck all the dishes in the dishwasher, Justin took Brian's hand and led him up to the bedroom.


"Do you have any idea what I'm going to do to you?" Justin asked.


"I think so," Brian replied, giving him a quick kiss.


"Not good enough!" Justin declared.  "I want a really good Brian Kinney kiss before I do anything else."


"Like this?" Brian asked.  He proceeded to devour Justin's mouth, gently rubbing along his lips, then sucking voraciously, then nibbling tenderly, then shoving his tongue down Justin's throat.  Justin wasn't sure how long the kiss lasted, but his head was spinning when Brian finally allowed him to come up for air.


"Just like that!" Justin gasped.  He started removing the few clothes they had put on before eating dinner.  When they were both naked, Justin stared into Brian's eyes.  "I love you so much," he said.  "I thought I loved you before, but every day I find I love you more."

"I'm just so fucking irresistible!" Brian grinned at him.


"I'm serious, you know."

"I know," Brian said softly.


"So," Justin observed, looking at Brian's already stiff cock, "are you ready?"




"Lie on your stomach," Justin said, pushing him onto the bed.


Brian obliged.  He closed his eyes in anticipation of feeling every delicious thing Justin was going to do to him.  He felt Justin straddle his legs and rest his weight on the backs of his thighs.  The boy leaned forward and ran his hands across and up and down Brian's back.  He kneaded the muscles in Brian's shoulders, and then leaned forward to begin a line of kisses from Brian's neck to the top of his ass.  Brian felt him slide down his legs.  He pressed Brian's legs apart and stationed himself between them.  He kissed and nipped the insides of Brian's thighs.  The man groaned.  His tongue ran up and down the crack of Brian's ass, passing teasingly over his pucker and then licking down to his balls.  The man groaned louder.


"Be patient," Justin whispered.  "It will be worth it."

He continued using his tongue around and over the various parts of Brian's ass.  He kissed and sucked and chewed at his hole, his balls, his cheeks.  Brian loved the sensations Justin was causing, but soon he needed more.  At the moment he decided this he felt Justin's tongue force its way into his hole.  "Aaah!  Aaah!  Aaaaahhh!" he keened, as Justin pumped his tongue in and out.  He almost came, from the unexpected and much desired assault.  Justin worked his tongue in and out until Brian didn't think he could stand it anymore.  At that moment he heard Justin tear open a condom package.  He knew that sound so well, and he chuckled out loud.


"What?" Justin asked.


"You know me too well," Brian whispered.


And Justin was inside him in one swift motion.  "Justin!" Brian almost screamed at the exquisite pain and pleasure.


"Yes?" Justin asked sweetly, waiting for his lover to relax and allow him full entry.


"Fuck!" he heard Brian groan.


"That's what I'm going to do!"  And that's exactly what he did.  He worked Brian's ass, finding and hitting Brian's prostate at will.  Soon he had the man whimpering and begging for completion.  He reached under Brian's body and grabbed his cock.  A few well timed tugs and they were both coming.  Stars flashed behind Justin's closed eyelids and then blistering light swallowed him.  He lay spent on Brian's back.


After awhile Justin heard Brian groan and he pushed himself up, finally pulling out of his lover.  He flopped onto his back, breaths still shallow and rapid.  He felt Brian roll over onto his back too.


Brian stared at Justin.  "Have you been practising?  Should I be jealous?"

"I never practise with anyone but you.  But you do know practice makes perfect."

"That was pretty damn close to perfect!" Brian stated.

"It was, wasn't it?  Did you get swallowed by the light at the end?" Justin asked casually, molding his body up against Brian's.


Brian stared at him.  "I … did, I think," Brian said with wonder in his voice.


"Don't think it, just feel it.  I felt like that light melted us together.  There was no me, no you, just us, just one."


Brian kissed the top of Justin's head, holding this amazing and complex young man against his heart.  "How did I get lucky enough to find you?"


"You know a good thing when you see it standing on Liberty Avenue."


"I guess I do."


"Are you okay with me working on the weekend?"

"I told you Gus and I would be fine.  But, that's what I meant about making life complicated trying to work all those jobs."


"I see what you mean.  I guess there still are a few things that you know more about than I do."


"You think?" Brian asked, his tongue firmly planted in his cheek.


Justin swatted him gently on the chest.  "I want to contribute to our finances.  I want to at least pay part of my own way."

"I know you do, and I don't blame you.  But don't let the quest for money take over all your time.  There are more important things."


Justin gave him a look.  "Now who's been hanging around Ben?"




"Did you hear yourself?" Justin asked.


"I'm not too old to admit that I can learn a few things.  Our time with each other has value too."


"That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard you say!"  Justin kissed him.


"Don't spread around that sweet business," Brian warned him.  "I have a reputation to uphold."


"Your secrets are safe with me."


"I know," Brian whispered.  "And so am I.  For the first time in my life," he thought.




Saturday morning Brian picked up Gus from his mommies. The little boy jumped up and down when he saw his father at the door. 


"Dada!  Dada!" he greeted Brian. 


Brian picked him up and gave him a kiss.  "Hello, Sonny Boy, ready to spend the weekend with your old man?"


Gus nodded and looked around.  "Where's Justin?" he asked.


Brian told him he would see Justin later in the afternoon.  He gathered up all of Gus' equipment which thankfully seemed to be getting less as Gus got older.  They set off for the diner for lunch.


Brian held Gus' hand as they entered the eatery.  It wasn't too crowded, being early for lunch and late for breakfast which is what Gus and Brian would be having, in that order.


"There's Gorgeous Gus!" Debbie crowed as soon as she spotted them.


Gus grinned.  He loved the way this lady made a fuss over him and called him that funny name.  "Debbie!" he chirped, reaching up for her to give him a hug and a kiss.


"You are such a charmer!" she said.  "Just like your old man."


"Why thank you, Deb.  I didn't realize you had noticed," Brian smirked.


She gave him a swat across the chest.  "Asshole!" she stated.


"Asshole!" Gus giggled.


"Deb!" Brian groaned. 


"Oops, sorry!" she said. 

"I'm blaming you if he says that in front of his mothers," Brian threatened.


"They'll think it was you anyway," Debbie chuckled, knowing Brian would be the one to catch shit over Gus' bad language.


Brian saw the boys in the back booth and walked over with Gus.


"Look who's here!" Emmett grinned.  "Sweetie pie and his daddy.  Come up here, Sugar Dumplin', and sit next to me."


Gus climbed up next to Emmett and Brian sat down beside him.  Ted and Michael were seated across from them.


"Where's Justin?" Ted asked.  "We don't often see you on the weekend without him."


"Working," Brian stated.


"I didn't see him here today," Michael said, looking around.


"He has another job," Brian said.


"Where?" Michael wanted to know.


"At the art gallery where he was part of that 'Young Artists' show."


"Oh, so he's starting to support you in your old age," Ted observed.


"Fuck you!" Brian responded.


"Fu…" Gus began.


"Don't you dare, Gus!" Brian cut him off.  "That's grown-up language and you can't say it until you're grown up."


"I'm grown up!" Gus replied.


"Not yet, Sonny Boy."


"Pancakes?" Gus said.


Ted snorted.


"What's the matter with you?" Brian asked.


"That kid is so your son.  He changed the subject from something he didn't want to deal with, just like you do."


Brian made a face at him, but he knew Ted was right.  Was that another thing he needed to change?  He seemed to have done a lot of changing lately, but he hoped most of it was for the better.


They finished having lunch and breakfast with the boys.  Gus had jabbered away.  The boys were off to the gym for an hour and invited Brian and Gus to come with them.


"I don't think that's a good place for Gus," Brian said, debating the prospects of going.


"Why?" asked Ted.  "Afraid he'll cramp your style in the steam room?"


Brian was about to say "Fuck you!" again, but thought better of it.  "There are too many things Gus could get hurt with.  I'd have to watch him every second."


"You are a good dad!" Michael told him.


"I try to be, despite some people's opinions."  He stuck out his tongue at Ted.  When he looked down at Gus, the little boy quickly retracted the tongue he had just stuck out at no one in particular.  "Shit!" Brian thought.  "I am going to have to be so careful.  The little monkey apes everything I do."

The boys headed off for the gym.  Brian and Gus went to the loft to unload Gus' stuff and get him settled in for the weekend.  Brian had to admit that it was much easier when there were two of them, one to hold on to Gus and the other to carry everything.  Eventually they were organized to Brian's satisfaction.


"So, Sonny Boy, what would you like to do today?" Brian asked.


"Fishing," Gus replied.


Brian groaned.  Gus had wanted to go fishing ever since he had heard the Thomas the Train story about how Thomas went fishing.  Brian couldn't understand how the fuck a train went fishing, but Gus was fixated on doing the same thing.  "How be we go to the park and see the ducks," Brian suggested.  This was something Gus had liked before.


"Fishing," Gus said.


"Let's go to the park today, and we'll visit Justin at his job later.  We can talk to him about going fishing soon.  Okay?"


"Fishing," Gus said.  Brian looked at him, thinking that his son was just about as stubborn as him, and infinitely more adorable.


"Come on Gus," Brian said taking his hand.  He hoped once they got to the ducks in the park, Gus would forget about fishing.


Gus and Brian arrived at the Granville Gallery around four.  They had had fun at the park, walking and sitting and throwing popcorn to the ducks.  Brian knew Justin was finished work at six, and hoped they could all go to dinner together.


"Hey, partner," Justin greeted Gus, picking him up.  Gus gave him a kiss.  "I'm so glad you came to see me."  Gus wrapped his arms around Justin's neck and grinned at him.  "Let's go on a tour," Justin said, and then proceeded to take Gus around the gallery pointing out some of his favorite pieces. When they had finished their grand tour, Justin stopped at the office and showed Gus where he had covered the coffee table with paper and laid out paper, crayons and markers.  Justin seemed to have already instilled a love of drawing into Gus.  The little boy bounced up and down and then got right to work on his first picture.


"You're going to make an artist out of him," Brian observed.


"Is that a bad thing?" Justin asked defensively.


"Not at all.  If he turns out anything like you, that will be just great!"


Justin smiled his Sunshine smile.  Sometimes Brian was so kind and so supportive.  He wondered if Brian realized when he was doing it.  "Probably not," Justin thought.  So many things with Brian were instinctual, while so many others were calculated.  He was one complicated hunk of manhood and Justin loved every inch and every aspect of this complex man.


Brian basked in the glow of Justin's smile.  Sometimes he said things that produced that look on Justin's face, and he was always happy when it happened, sudden and unexpected.  It was like a reward for something he had done or said, and most of the time he never knew what it was that would set it off.  He just loved it when it happened.


Justin reached up and gave Brian a big sloppy kiss.


"Um hmm," someone cleared his throat behind them.


Justin jumped back, remembering he was at work.  A middle aged man dressed in denim stood looking at them.  "I hope I'm interrupting something," he said, trying to be humorous."


"Not at all," Justin countered.  "May I help you?"


"There's a painting over here that I'm interested in.  I'd like some more information about the artist," the man said.


"Certainly," Justin replied in his most professional voice.  He went with the man to the other side of the gallery.


Brian watched them move away.  The man glanced back over his shoulder and smiled at Brian.  "Gay," Brian thought, "and he's even trying to cruise me."  He shook his head and went into the office to see how Gus was doing.  The little boy was hard at work at the coffee table.  He had drawn two pictures which he held out to Brian with a smile.  They were both more or less the same and Brian groaned when he saw them.


"What's wrong, Dada?  Don't you like them?" Gus asked with a worried look on his face.


"They're … nice, Sonny Boy.  You keep drawing.  I need to talk to Justin." 


Brian got up and went into the gallery to find his partner.  He had to wait a few minutes, as Justin was still talking to his customer.  Brian kept pacing behind them, and Justin knew something was wrong, but he couldn't be rude to a potential customer.  Finally the man shook Justin's hand and walked towards the door, giving Brian a big smile.


"Looks like you've made another conquest," Justin told him.


Brian made a face.  "I'm worried about Gus," Brian said, pacing back and forth.


Justin looked toward the office and could see Gus happily drawing.  "Why?  He looks fine.  Did he eat a crayon?  They're non-toxic, you know."


"It's not about a fucking crayon!  I … I think I've corrupted him."


"What the fuck are you talking about?" Justin asked in disbelief.


"He showed me what he drew," Brian said.  "It looks like three men with enormous erect penises.  He couldn't know about threesomes, could he?  He was never at the loft when we … you know.  Was he?"


"No, of course not!  There must be some other explanation," Justin said reasonably.


"I don't know.  It's pretty clear, even from his scribbly artwork.  Come and see."


They went back into the office.  Gus was finishing up another version of the same picture.  Justin stared at it as the little boy held it up for him, a big smile on his face.  It certainly looked like three people, men, of varying sizes standing side by side, a huge

penis pointing out from each one.  "Is that Goldilocks and the three bears?" Justin asked, trying to come up with a more plausible explanation for Gus' drawing.


"No," Gus said.


Brian was still pacing, a scared look on his face.  Justin remembered that in art class you always asked the artist about the art.  Often things weren't what they seemed.


"Gus," he said, "tell me about your drawing."

"You, me, Dada!" Gus said, pointing to each figure, as if that explained everything.


Brian groaned.


"What are we doing?" Justin asked Gus.


Brian groaned again, obviously not wanting to hear the answer.


"Fishing!" Gus said.


"Fishing?" Brian gasped.  "Shit!"


"Shit!" Gus giggled.


"Gus!" Brian cautioned.


Gus smiled angelically and picked up his crayon to draw another picture.


Brian hustled Justin out the door.  "How did you know it was fishing?"


"I didn't.  I remembered that in my art classes you never assume you know what the artist has drawn, because nine times out of ten, it isn't what you think."


"You are so smart!" Brian said, kissing him warmly.


"I know.  You are lucky to have me around to save your bacon all the time.  What would you ever do without me?"

"I don't know, and I don't want to find out."


"Why is Gus drawing us fishing?" Justin asked.


"Thomas the Train went fishing and Gus wants to go too.  I promised him we'd talk to you about it today.  I don't know shit about fishing.  I hoped maybe you did."


"I've been a few times."


"Do you think we could take Gus fishing some time soon, before he draws one of those pictures for his mothers?  They'll have a fit, and I bet they won't bother to ask him what it is.  They'll just come after me with a meat cleaver."


Justin chuckled.  "My uncle has a cabin where I've gone fishing a few times.  Maybe we could take Gus there for a weekend."


"That would be great, but soon.  Will you be able to get some time off work?"


"I'm not supposed to work every weekend.  I just said I'd work this one to show Jane that I was willing to be available.  Let me talk to her and to my uncle."


"Sounds good," Brian said.  Justin could hear the relief in his voice.  "Make sure you gather up those pictures and don't let him take them home with him."

"Why not?"


"I don't want anybody else to see them."


"Oh, too bad!"


"Why?" Brian asked.


"I thought maybe, after Gus went to sleep tonight, we could do something with erect penises ourselves.  We could use Gus' pictures for inspiration."


"We don't need inspiration," Brian stated, scooping Justin close to him and kissing him eagerly.


"Hmm, we could keep them for your old age when you might need pornography to get it up."  Justin grinned at him.


"You little shit!" Brian said, squeezing him.


"Shit!" said Gus coming out of the office with his next drawing.


Brian groaned.  "I am so dead when I take him back to his mothers!"


Justin squeezed him back and whispered that he would love him even if Melanie cut off his balls.


Gus looked at them, a smile on his face.  He held up his latest drawing of three men with enormous penises, and said, "Fishing!"  

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