Candidate 12

The Candidate

Part 12

Brian lay in bed staring at the ceiling. He was exhausted after spending the day making the rounds of the talk and news shows. Overall it had gone well except for the last interview with that Kelly cunt. He knew there was something he didn't like about her as soon as he met her.

He needed to always remember that there were people out there who believed the same things that Stockwell did. They could be anywhere, in any position. He had to be prepared and not get taken by surprise as he had with that bitch. He could never let his guard down.

Except with Justin. He turned his head to look at the beautiful young man who slept beside him. They had fucked like rabbits when he came home. He needed Justin's faith and security and he had found all that and more. This was the first time since Justin had been in the hospital that they had got down and dirty. Justin, maybe sensing that Brian needed him in some primal way, had urged the man on to take him hard and fast. The next time was hard and long. After that it was hard and … fill in any appropriate adjective. They had done it every which way to Sunday as long as it was prefaced by hard.

He should be asleep, but he couldn't seem to manage that. Something was rattling around in his brain. He wished he could figure out what it was that was nagging at him. There was something that he just couldn't put his finger on. He knew it was important, but he couldn't quite grasp it.

Brian sighed and turned on his side. His arm automatically went across Justin's hip and he snuggled against his back. He wondered when he had learned to like snuggling. A little grin played across his lips. Justin had taught him so much, including how comforting snuggling could be.

He felt Justin scrunch back against him and his cock got hard just from that involuntary act. The boy was sound asleep, but even in that state he gave himself to Brian, totally and unselfishly. Brian wondered how he had been lucky enough to find this delicious creature. His life would be so different without him, so lonely.

He kissed along Justin's neck, not really wanting to wake the boy, but needing the contact. He felt Justin stir and a hand went round his semi-erect penis. Brian smiled.

"You up, little boy?" Brian asked.

"No, but you are," Justin whispered sleepily.

"It's your fault."

"Why's that?"

"I brush up against your ass and I'm immediately hard."

"I could tell you not to brush up against it, but neither of us would like that," Justin giggled.

He rolled over and into a deep, penetrating kiss from his partner. "Don't you ever get enough?" he mumbled between kisses.

"There's no such thing as enough."

"I think you've proven that point over and over again tonight," Justin moaned as Brian's lips sucked his hard little nipples. "Aren't you tired?"

"Yes, but I can't sleep."

"Therefore, neither can I," Justin stated.

"I'll stop if you want me to," Brian said straightening up from the trail he had been blazing down Justin's chest and stomach.

"Are you insane, man?" Justin asked flinging back the covers to reveal his hard, leaking cock.

"As insane as you are."

"That's why we're so perfectly suited," Justin whispered and then gasped as he felt Brian's lips suck on the tip of his cock. "Ooohhhh," he moaned.

Brian's tongue slid through the slit pushing the precum along and into his mouth. "Umm," Brian moaned. "You taste so good."

Justin arched up off the bed as Brian circled his tongue around the cap and then sucked hard. He took the throbbing shaft in his hand and licked up and down the sides. He sucked along the prominent vein drawing gasps of pleasure from Justin. He blew over the tip and suddenly engulfed most of the shaft with his mouth. He hummed causing Justin to scream out his name. He felt the boy grab his hair and pull, looking for anything to prevent himself from coming.

He eased up wanting to prolong Justin's pleasure. The boy opened his eyes and gave a little smile of gratitude. Brian attacked again sucking the cock all the way in and burying his face in Justin's pubes. He blew out through his nose, forcing warm air over that sensitive area. Justin arched up again shoving his cock impossibly farther down Brian's throat. Brian swallowed around it and was rewarded with a roar of pleasure from Justin and waves of cum shooting down his throat. He swallowed it all and sucked the tip dry. He rewarded his little boy with a kiss and a deposit of his own essence.

"Whew!" Justin gasped. "That was some way to wake up."

"You don't even have to be awake," Brian teased. "You get off so easily."

"So do you," Justin retorted.

"I have much more control than you do."

"Want to bet?" Justin asked.

"What? Are we playing 'I Can Top That' now?"

"Who's playing?" Justin demanded and had Brian's cock in his mouth before the man could say another word.

Justin plied his trade with learned and instinctive expertise. He had Brian coming in a few short minutes. He kissed the man returning the favor that Brian had done for him a few minutes earlier. Justin rolled onto his back and glanced over at his partner.

"I win," Justin said.

"Who cares," Brian said still trying to get his breath back. "But really, I won."

"Asshole!" Justin gave him a gentle swat.

"Twat!" Brian grinned back at him.

"I love you, Brian. Do you think you can sleep now?"

"I'll try. I promise to leave you alone."

"Don't ever do that," Justin replied, only half kidding.

They looked at each other in the moonlight that filtered through the curtains. Unspoken love flowed between them as Justin turned on his side and easily dozed off. Brian wished he could do the same, but that incomplete thought was still buzzing in his brain. It would be a long, sleepless night.


Brian looked a little the worse for wear the next morning. He really hadn't slept at all, only dozing fitfully. He wished he could figure out what was bothering him.

Justin on the other hand looked wonderful. He had managed to get a good night's sleep despite the strenuous sex and being awakened in the wee small hours of the morning.

"Somebody looks well fucked," Brian said with a smirk.

"I have no complaints," Justin grinned.

Brian grinned back.

"I have something to show you," Justin said.

"Oh, what?"

"I've been thinking about this ever since you announced you were going to run for mayor, but I couldn't get it just right. Yesterday while you were gone I finished it," Justin said proudly.

He walked over to the desk and lifted up a poster board with a serious-looking picture of Brian on one side and part of the American flag on the other. It said Brian Kinney – Mayor, like he had already won. The words Honesty and Integrity were placed beneath that. Down near the bottom it said "The Candidate" with the stress on "The".

"Do you think you can use it in your campaign?" Justin asked.

"It looks great," Brian had to admit, "But don't you think the flag thing is a bit over the top?"

"No, or I wouldn't have put it in there. Every candidate appeals to the patriotism of the electorate, that is, every smart candidate," Justin said giving Brian a knowing grin.

"Point taken. I'll get them printed up today."

"You do like it, don't you?"

"It's great! Your work is always great. Hey, should we don our gay apparel and go forth into the darkness tonight to plaster them all over town?"

"Just like old times?" Justin grinned.

"Just like old times."


It was just after one a.m. and Brian and Justin were almost back to the loft. They had been out for a couple of hours slapping up Justin's poster all around Liberty Avenue and surrounding areas.

Charles had made a rush order to get the posters printed and had sent them off with some of Brian's supporters to stick up in other parts of the city. Brian and Justin had asked for a supply and said they would take care of their part of town. Charles had tried to discourage them, but they wanted to do this in remembrance of what they had done to Stockwell. It had been fun working together then and now.

Charles had loved Justin's poster as soon as he saw it. He said it would appeal to everyone which a good campaign poster should do. He agreed with Justin that the flag was always good to include. He especially liked the use of the words Honesty and Integrity, saying they were the hallmark of Brian's campaign.

Brian climbed the steps to the front door of the building housing the loft. He knew Justin was tired. He had been foolish letting the boy talk him into this, and keeping him out so late. Justin should be in bed asleep.

He had just inserted his key in the lock when he heard someone yell, "Hey."

Justin grabbed Brian's arm in a viselike grip. As Brian turned to see who had yelled, he saw the look of panic on his partner's face. "Hobbs," Brian thought as he pulled Justin close and looked around to see who had spoken. "It better not be that fucking asshole," Brian cursed to himself. "I'll kill him."

A figure stepped out of the shadows across the street. Someone had obviously been waiting for them. As the man stepped further into the light, Brian could see that it was Stockwell. He was almost glad that it was him and not Hobbs.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing lurking around my building?" Brian asked with his teeth clenched. He still held on to Justin wanting to protect the boy at all costs.

"Something wrong with your little friend?" Stockwell asked venom in his words.

Brian didn't like the tone of voice or the strange way the question came out. Did Stockwell have something to do with Justin's "accident"? Not many people knew what had happened to Justin at the Italian Club that night. One of them was Chris Hobbs and Brian had filled him in on the aftermath when he had paid Hobbs that little visit.

"I was hoping you would get the message the other night. There are a lot of people who want you out of this race," Stockwell stated.

"Well they're not about to get their wish," Brian stated flatly.

"I think they will eventually."

"Well, you'd be wrong. You have no idea how stubborn an Irishman can be."

"And what about your trembling friend?"

"What about him?" Brian asked suddenly worried.

"Didn't he get hurt the other night?"

"How the fuck do you know about that … unless you had something to do with it?"

"I'm still the chief of police. I have ways of finding out anything I want to know."

Something was sparking in Brian's brain. He almost had the answer, but not quite.

"I don't give a shit who you are! You better stay the fuck away from both of us."

"Things are only going to get worse, Kinney. Why don't you cut your losses and drop out?"

"I don't think so," Brian said not half as sure as he had been a few minutes ago.

"You may live to regret that decision," Stockwell stated and started to walk away.

"Is that a threat?" Brian called after him.

"Could be," Stockwell shot back. "But try to prove it."

Brian looked down at Justin who still clung to his arm and decided that the best thing he could do was get Justin inside and to bed.

"Are you all right?" Brian asked.

Justin nodded but didn't release his grip on Brian's arm. Brian finished opening the door and they rode the elevator up to their floor. By the time they were inside the loft Justin had lost the look of panic, but he was still pale.

"Go get into bed. I'll bring you some water," Brian told him. He went to the fridge and took out a bottle of water. He went up to the bathroom and got some headache pills for Justin. "Take these," he said, "and drink plenty of water. They'll keep you from getting one of your headaches."

Justin nodded and downed the pills and most of the bottle of water. He lay back on the pillows and looked up at Brian.

"I'll quit if you want me to," Brian said as he removed his clothes and climbed in beside Justin.

"I don't want you to quit. We have to stop people like Stockwell. We can't let them win. If you drop out, Allan Billings will win the election, and he's about as close to Stockwell in beliefs as you can get."

"But look at how this upset you, and after what happened the other night …" Brian let his voice trail away.

"I'm all right. When I heard that voice yell at us, it was too much like the other night, too much like what Hobbs did. It scared me."

"Bingo!" Brian said.


"I think I just made the connection that has been roaming around in my brain, but I couldn't piece it together."

"What are you talking about?"

"Remember when I couldn't sleep the other night." Justin nodded. "I kept thinking there was something that I was missing, something important."

"So what have you figured out?" Justin asked with a yawn. The headache medicine was starting to kick in.

"We can talk about this in the morning. You need your sleep," Brian said not wanting to have to explain to Justin about his visit to Hobbs. He knew the boy wouldn't be happy with him.

"No, tell me. I'm not asleep yet, and now you've got me curious."

Brian groaned. "The afternoon that you were asleep and I went out to do an errand?" It was a question.

"I remember."

"I went to … Robert Morris University."

"You didn't?" Justin said sitting up and staring into Brian's eyes. "I told you to let it go."

"I know but I couldn't let the little fucker get away with what he had done. He's gotten away with things too many times already."

"You didn't beat him up, did you?"

"No, I didn't beat him up, but I wanted to. When I saw him, I yelled that you were still alive. I wanted him to know that you would always survive whatever he tried to do."

Justin ran his hand along Brian's arm. He could hear Brian defiantly telling Hobbs that he hadn't won. He smiled at Brian.

"His response kind of took me by surprise. He said, 'Is he all right?', like he was really concerned about you. When I said you were, he said that he was glad. I was so busy yelling at him that if he ever came near you I was going to take a baseball bat to both his legs and then his balls, that it didn't really register what a strange response that was."

"You told him you were going to take a baseball bat to his balls?" Justin asked with a giggle. "Ouch!"

"Will you listen to the important part?" Brian demanded. Justin wiped the smile off his face. "Don't you think it's strange that he was glad that you were all right? Didn't he tell you that he wished he had finished you off?"

"Yeah, that's what he yelled at me. So why wouldn't he have wanted me to be lying dead on the pavement?"

"Precisely. Unless he only meant to scare you and your getting hurt really was an accident. I think he was worried that the police were going to be involved again."

"But why come after me at all? Why not just stay away from me?" Justin asked.

"Unless someone put him up to it, to scare you and therefore me, and cause me to drop out of the race."

"But who …? Stockwell!" Justin said.

"Right, Stockwell."

"But why would Chris risk everything to help Stockwell. I don't think he cares much about politics."

"But he cares about paying for his schooling. Didn't you say that he mentioned it was costing his parents a fortune to send him to university?"

"You think Stockwell paid him?"

"The story of the bashing was recently in the paper and Chris Hobbs' name was all over the article. Stockwell could easily track him down. You heard him say that as police chief he could get any information he wanted. If he propositioned Hobbs, but made it clear he didn't have to hurt you in return for money, it was a win/win situation for both of them."

"But I did get hurt."

"So Chris was worried that he was in trouble all over again. That's why he was relieved that you were all right, and that it was me and not the police that had come looking for him at the university."

"Holy shit!" Justin replied. "I can't believe they would go to all those lengths."

"Doesn't it seem strange that you got attacked outside at the very time that I was being attacked verbally inside? What better way to get their point across that we're both vulnerable, and I should drop out!"

"That's … sinister," Justin said slowly.

"Yes, it is, and it's a true corruption of the electoral system."

"But we can't prove any of it."

"Not yet, but I'm going to talk to Melanie in the morning and see what she says about it. I'll get Charles working on it from his end too."

Justin gave him a kiss and then yawned again.

"Go to sleep," Brian ordered.

"After what you just told me, I don't expect to get much sleep. I'm going to be rolling this around in my brain all night."

"Sorry about that," Brian said giving him a kiss.

"Hell, fuck me, and maybe I'll be tired enough to crash!"

"Certainly, sir."

Justin giggled in that way that went straight to Brian's cock.

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