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Shadows of Love

A Vampire love story

New June 1st 2010


Queer As Folk Fanfiction

Individual Stories



Broken Memories

A tragic event.

Through My Eyes

A freaky thing happens to Brian and Justin.

When The Bough Breaks

Gus is missing.

The Nature of Things

Justin's gone again and Brian doesn't know why.


Soul Untouched

Brian meets Justin but Justin is with someone else.  What will he do?

Silent Awakening

Justin wakes up from another coma and remembers nothing of his life with Brian.

A Perfect Sin

Brian and Justin meet in an alternate Universe where Brian is the son of a local preacher and finds his one true love in the very church his father preaches against his lifestyle.

A Simple Twist of Faith

Brian and Justin meet under very different circumstances.

A Beautiful Oblivion

Brian and Justin meet under extremely different circumstances.

I Want You to Know

Brian and Justin start over after a startling declaration from Brian.


Endless Nights

A stalker tries to destroy Brian and Justin's love.


Scattered Ashes

Brian has learned to love - but will he break Justin's heart because of it


Into The Light

Brian learns that he is HIV+, and everyone has their own reaction.


One Fateful Night

One fateful night leads Brian and Justin on a journey neither expected.


As the Sun Sets Over Paris

This is the sequel to One Fateful Night.

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