Kinney Have Your Heart, pt. 2

"Are you sure?"

No. Justin was terrified. And his stomach was a big knot. But he wasn’t letting this opportunity pass. If nothing else happened between them after this, Brian wanted him now, and that was more than he had ever let himself hope for after…Eric. Justin took a deep breath and nodded.

Brian could feel the tension rolling off the younger man and doubted the blonde’s honesty. But he also had a feeling if he turned the kid down now, Justin wouldn’t understand. Not that that was gonna happen anyway. He was sure everything would be fine once the artist relaxed. Better than fine. Once Justin understood Brian wasn’t turned off by his injury, he would relax and enjoy it. The older man smiled down at the blonde and kissed him again. The younger man was soon writhing beneath him again, panting for air when the detective finally released him.

But Brian wasn’t going to let him start second-guessing again. His mouth moved over the younger man’s chest and stomach, burning hot kisses against his skin. The older man’s hands were moving at the same time, smoothing over his ribs and hips, until they settled on Justin’s thighs. The blonde stiffened momentarily, but soon forget any protests as Brian’s mouth opened over the bulge in his pants and exhaled warm air into the fabric covering his cock.

Justin moaned as the heat spread around his groin. Brian continued to tease him through the cloth as one hand moved between his legs to cup his balls while the other quickly worked his pants open. Deft fingers then snaked inside and smoothly slipped his trousers and briefs down around his hips. The blonde only felt the cool air for a moment before the detective’s warm breath was on him again.

Justin keened as the older man nuzzled the base of his cock, burying his nose in the curly pubes. He ran a hand through Brian’s hair, looking down at the man at the same time Brian looked up at him. Eyes locked together, the older man slowly licked the shaft from base to tip. When his lips wrapped around the head, the blonde collapsed back against the pillows, willing himself not to scream as the detective sucked him in inch by inch. It had been so long, he knew he wouldn’t last long.

Brian felt Justin’s fingers dig into his scalp as the younger man’s hips nudged up. And he knew the blonde was going to come before Justin tried to warn him. But he wasn’t going to stop because that’s exactly what he wanted. The artist would be much easier to handle if he were relaxed from an orgasm. The older man sped up his strokes until his young lover arched off the bed and cried out, and then he took the erupting shaft deep in his throat and swallowed.

As Justin tried to catch his breath, he felt Brian pull his pants off. He had to quash the urge to cover himself again. It was too late. He could feel the older man’s eyes on him, and he squeezed his own eyes shut so he wouldn’t have to see Brian’s reaction to the ugly red surgical scars around his hip and knee. Or the circular scars from the rods they inserted to hold his leg together for the months it took to heal. But the scars the doctors gave him weren’t nearly as bad as the long jagged gashes on his calf where metal had ripped skin and muscle, or the rough discolored lump of tissue just below his knee where the broken bone had stuck out. The blonde felt the mattress shift as Brian suddenly stood. Justin turned his face into the pillow, wishing the bed would open up and swallow him.

The older man gazed down at the artist as he quickly dropped his own pants. Justin was a beautiful man, but completely naked he was breathtaking. Brian’s eyes roamed over the slender form, finally appreciating the pale creamy skin in stark contrast against the burgundy bedspread. He briefly wondered what the blonde would look like in his bed at home, bathed in blue. He couldn’t stop himself from looking at the younger man’s injury again. Christ, his leg looked like hamburger…now. He could only imagine what it was like a year ago. But even that couldn’t mar his beauty, it seemed to only enhance his appeal. It was a testament to his strength. The detective felt a renewed respect for the younger man. And overwhelming desire.

Justin gasped when Brian lay back down beside him, pressing his hard length against the smaller frame. "Expecting someone else?" the older man teased, his breath hot against the artist’s ear.

The younger man blushed. Brian turned the blonde’s head and kissed him lightly. "Still with me?"

Justin looked into the dark hazel eyes and his heart skipped a beat. He thought he should be the one asking that question. He smiled and nodded.

Brian kissed him again before nudging him onto his side. He let Justin settle himself comfortably before sliding behind him. Brian nuzzled his neck as his hand moved over the artist’s hip and caressed his round bottom. Fuck, the kid had the most perfect ass.

The younger man sighed and reached back to pull Brian closer. He ground his ass against the man’s cock and Brian groaned. The hard shaft slipped between his cheeks and Justin rocked back and forth.

The sensation was too much for his neglected cock and Brian had to still the younger man’s hips before he came right then, or worse, gave into the temptation and pushed inside unprotected. The detective reached under the pillow and withdrew the lube and condoms.

Justin laughed. "All I got was a mint on my pillow."

"I left a good tip," Brian smirked, putting lube on his fingers.

"Oh—ooh…" Justin’s head rolled back onto Brian’s shoulder as the older man rubbed his slick fingers against the blonde’s hole. The artist keened and squirmed against the digits. "Brian…"

The older man’s cock twitched in response. Brian nipped the blonde’s ear. "Say it again."

"What?" Justin asked as a finger slid inside. He gasped, forgetting the question, and moaned the other man’s name again.

Something about the kid’s voice, hearing him say his name, went straight to Brian’s dick. The detective growled, pushing deeper into the heat. "Again." He added a second finger, slowly stroking in and out as the tight ring stretched wider.

"Brian," the blonde sighed on command and was rewarded with a nudge against his prostate. "Oh, fuck…" he panted.

"Oh, yes," the older man promised and withdrew his fingers. He rolled the condom on his cock and slicked it with lube. "Ready?" he asked as he positioned himself at the puckered opening.

Justin tensed slightly. "Just…it’s been a while…"

Brian slid his arm underneath the other man’s neck, cradling him to his chest, and linked his fingers with Justin’s. He kissed his shoulder, neck and behind his ear. "Just breathe," he reminded the blonde and pushed inside. The younger man whimpered slightly and Brian paused to let him adjust. Fuck, he was tight. "Relax, Angel," he coaxed, the endearment just slipping out without a second thought. He felt Justin’s muscles loosen their grip and murmured, "that’s it," as he thrust in a little further. He paused again, "that’s good," and sank in a little more.

The younger man willed himself to let Brian in, pushing away the waves of panic that threatened to engulf him. He knew Brian wouldn’t hurt him. He just wanted to concentrate on this moment and focused on the other man’s touch. And it was like Brian knew exactly what he needed to keep his mind on just him.

Finally inside, Brian turned the blonde’s head and brought their lips together again. The younger man opened to him eagerly, sucking his tongue inside as well. The detective started moving, slow strokes with his hips that matched his tongue and made the artist sigh into his mouth.

And then Justin pulled away, rolling forward a little. He was careful to keep the weight off his knee, but he wondered if he would even feel any pain now. The new angle let Brian slide in a little deeper and Justin tightened his hold on the other man’s hand as the pleasure radiated through him. "Brian…"

Brian bit into the blonde’s shoulder to keep from begging to hear it again and started moving faster. He reached underneath his lover and grasped his cock, stroking with the same rhythm.

"Oh God," Justin groaned, "yes…mmm…yesss…" He came hard in Brian’s hand, gasping the man’s name between convulsions.

The older man thrust a few more times, the hot tunnel squeezing him tight and wringing his own orgasm from him as he replied to Justin’s cries. He collapsed on the younger man clinging to the heaving form beneath him. After a moment he realized he had to be crushing the blonde and rolled away. He discarded the condom and settled down next to his lover again. "Okay?" he asked.

"Uh-hmm," was the content reply. His hip ached a little, and his ass too, but in a good way.

"Come on," Brian nudged him, "get under the covers." The older man helped him get situated. "Do you need anything?"

"Another pillow," Justin mumbled around a yawn. The older man retrieved one from the closet and the blonde adjusted it between his knees.

Once he was settled Brian turned out the lights and spooned behind him. He slipped his arm around the younger man’s waist. "Okay?" he asked again.

"Yeah." Justin laced their fingers together and leaned back for a kiss.

Brian kissed his lips and throat and shoulder before settling down. He listened to Justin’s breathing for a moment until the younger man drifted off, then quickly fell asleep himself.


It seemed like it had only been a minute when Brian was startled awake again, but when he glanced at the clock, he was not comforted to see an hour had actually passed. He was wondering what woke him when Justin squirmed and mumbled under his breath. That must’ve been it. The older man rubbed the blonde’s back. "Relax, Angel, it’s just a dream," he tried to soothe but the other man just became more agitated.

Brian rolled over and flicked the light on. He learned to have a light on when he woke Ricky from a nightmare so the boy could see he was safe-- otherwise he just woke from one nightmare into another. And Justin hitting him in the nuts could definitely do more damage than the toddler. He rolled back over and noticed Justin had calmed. Was he awake? "Justin?"

When there was no response, he decided to leave the light on, just in case, and slid back into position behind the younger man. But as soon as he put his arm around Justin’s waist, the blonde started fidgeting again. And became more vocal. He was still mumbling incoherently, but Brian made out "don’t touch me" so he didn’t and Justin settled back down. Christ.

Brian rolled onto his back, careful not to touch the other man and huffed a sigh. What the fuck was going on? He debated whether he should wake the kid or not. He didn’t seem to be upset now so maybe he should just let him sleep.

The detective sat up and reached for his cigarettes. Then put them back down. He was eyeing the mini-bar for an alternative when Justin reached out and put his hand on his back.

"Brian? You okay?"

He turned to see the younger man squinting from the light. Yeah, sorry." He leaned over to turn the light out again, but Justin stopped him.

"You can leave it. Did you need something?"

Brian watched him carefully. Justin didn’t seem upset by the dream. In fact, now he was inching his way closer. "No, just couldn’t sleep. I didn’t mean to wake you," the older man responded, unsure what to say about the artist’s nightmare.

"You didn’t." Justin’s brow furrowed slightly, suddenly wondering what did. He remembered something… a dream lurking in the corner… but it was gone. He shrugged. "I just...woke up."

"I thought you were… you were talking in your sleep. Must’ve been a good dream," Brian pressed.

Justin blinked at him. "I don’t remember." Then he frowned. "I woke you up."

"No," Brian lied. If Justin didn’t remember, he wouldn’t push it.

The blonde knew he was lying. In the back of his head he wondered how he knew that, but his mind was also wondering why Brian was lying. Because he got what he wanted and now he wanted to be left alone. "Um…maybe I should go to my room."

The older man didn’t want him to go, but he didn’t want to push again. Maybe the kid needed to sleep alone and get some rest. They only had a few more hours anyway. "If that’s what you want," he hedged.

Yeah, that’s what he wanted. He definitely didn’t want to push himself on Brian. He felt a stab of pain in his chest and pushed it aside. He knew this was going to happen. It was just a fuck, a good time for the weekend, and he needed to remember that so he could walk away when they got home.

Brian watched the blonde’s face cloud over and instinctively cupped his cheek. "But it’s not what I want," he said before he could stop himself. Fuck, quit pushing.

Justin turned into his touch and leaned forward to rest his head on the man’s chest. "Me either." He wondered if he could possibly be more pathetic, wishing this could be more than it was, but then Brian kissed him and he thought maybe…

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