Justin My Head

Brian slipped his phone back into his pocket and fingered the pack of cigarettes he felt there as well. He really wanted one, but he couldn’t exactly light up in the mall. Fuck, it was going to be a long night. He needed to head back to the precinct to meet Danny and do some paperwork to process the man they arrested for the murder of Kenneth Lawrence.

Turned out their big break came when the stupid bastard went back to the apartment building. The woman who saw him the night before told a detective he was outside and they chased him down. The patrolman chasing the suspect saw him throw a set of keys into the bushes. Once they caught the man, the police searched for the keys and found the missing set taken from Lawrence.

The man’s name was James Ferrante and he confessed to the killing. Ferrante had recently found out Lawrence had a fling with his sixteen year-old sister and taped them having sex. When Lawrence ended it with Susan, she told her brother to get back at him, knowing Ferrante would beat him up. What she didn’t realize was that telling him about the tape would be the worst mistake of her life.

Ferrante threatened Lawrence in an attempt to get Susan’s tape, but Lawrence told him to fuck off. Ferrante stabbed Lawrence in a rage, then convinced the dying man to tell him where the tape was in exchange for calling an ambulance. Lawrence told him, but Ferrante left him there to die.

Unfortunately, Susan found out Lawrence was dead before Ferrante could get to her. When he couldn’t get in touch with her, he feared she was at the apartment, making a scene. He returned to the building to stop her from exposing him to the police.

What was it with these girls and this asshole? Susan Ferrante turned her brother loose on her lover and then turned her brother into the police. Molly Taylor rejected her brother for her boyfriend and then turned her brother in as a suspect. And there were a dozen more tapes. How many more women were going to crawl out of the woodwork and make his life hell before this shit was over?

Now that they had the killer, Brian couldn’t wait to turn the whole fucking mess over to the D.A.. But first, he had to deal with Molly Taylor. Not that he gave a shit about her. She was over eighteen and willingly got involved with the asshole. But Brian couldn’t stop thinking about her brother. For some reason, he cared how it affected the artist.

But he couldn’t worry about that now. He needed to find Melanie and his son and tell them he had to leave. Luckily, his son found him again.

"Daddy, mommy’s got cocoa for you too."

Brian glared at her. "Does she now?" He wouldn’t put it past Melanie to think it was funny to make him drink that shit in front of their son. But his countenance softened when the woman handed him a cup of ‘white’ coffee. He smirked at her. "It wouldn’t truly be Irish now, would it?"

Melanie shook her head, her gaze intent. She couldn’t decide if he was kidding or if he really needed a drink. "What’s going on with you and Justin?"

Brian looked away and instead focused on his son’s creamy mustache. "Danny made an arrest, I need to go."

"The sister’s boyfriend that was killed?"


"What’s that got to do with Justin?"

Brian used his napkin to wipe Ricky’s face. "Nothing."

"So, what--"

"What’s with the twenty questions, counselor?" the man huffed, still averting his eyes. She could read him like an open book and he didn’t know what page he was on right now so he didn’t feel like sharing.

"Just answer the question, Mr. Kinney," Melanie teased. She knew there was something going on. Brian looked as guilty as their son when he got caught sneaking cookies.

"We questioned him this morning, but he’s obviously innocent."

"Try again. That wasn’t your cop face I saw when you were talking to him. That was your fuc—fun face." Brian scowled at her and she laughed. "Hope you didn’t show him that face. No wonder he took off."

"Let it go, Mel." His eyes were dangerous slits until he saw his son’s upset face. He gave the boy a weak smile to let him know daddy wasn’t really mad. "What do you care anyway?" he asked, keeping his voice level. "You aren’t exactly his biggest fan."

Melanie smiled sheepishly. "Just curious I guess. I never really gave him a chance, but we were talking before you showed up and I think I was wrong."

Brian raised an eyebrow. Melanie was never wrong.

The woman read his mind and mouthed, "Asshole." Brian rolled his tongue in his cheek and she continued. "I always thought he was taking advantage of Linds, but it turns out she’s been volunteering for all the extra work. You know how she is. I should’ve known she was doing it for us. She’s been so supportive of my practice."

Brian didn’t comment because he didn’t have time to argue about the bitch. She hadn’t supported Melanie. She bitched and moaned the whole time. But it wasn’t like Melanie had a choice, starting her own practice was the only way she could work and one of them had to have a job since Lindsay quit her job to concentrate on her ‘art’. Frankly, he never understood why Melanie wasn’t kissing Justin’s feet the whole time. The money definitely helped. Brian had been beside himself when they were struggling. He offered to give them the money, but they refused. Actually, he was sure Melanie would’ve taken it for Ricky, but Lindsay refused to accept anything from him unless it was a fat insurance policy. The bitch was probably hoping he’d die in a shoot out.

"And Justin’s very talented and generous. You wouldn’t believe the commissions she’s brought home from selling his work," Melanie continued.

"So what’s the problem?"

"Nothing. Especially now since we’re secure again and he doesn’t need her as much. It seems his recovery is coming along nicely and he’s getting a little claustrophobic from all the smothering."

Brian chuckled. "Yeah, I saw a bit of his cabin fever mentality this morning."

"I think he just needs to get out and get laid." She punctuated her statement by wiggling her eyebrows. "From what Linds says, he obviously hasn’t been with anyone since the guy in the car accident."

Brian’s eyes widened. Now they were getting somewhere. "What do you know about the accident?"

Melanie shrugged. "Not much. I didn’t really pay attention, you know. But I remember she said something about a boyfriend and a car accident." She frowned slightly. "Actually, now that I think about it, I don’t think Linds really knows much either. The kid’s been pretty closed-mouthed about it. Must’ve been bad. I mean besides the physical injuries. What do you think?"

But Brian didn’t hear her because he was trying to make the pieces fit together.


"Detective Kinney would like to speak with you, Mr. Taylor," Janine told him when she buzzed his office.

Justin stared at the croissant in his hand. Fucking déjà vu. "Tell him I’m in a meeting."

Brian heard his response and let himself into the man’s office anyway. He knew Justin wasn’t in a meeting since Janine had just told him so.

Justin looked up at him startled, an angry flush creeping from his neck to his hair. "I take it this is official business," he snapped. The arrogant bastard had no right to just barge in like that.

Brian’s temper rose in response. What the fuck was his problem? He almost turned around to leave…almost. "Yes," he replied tersely. "We made an arrest last night. I’m on my way to discuss the details with your sister at your mother’s home and thought you might want to be present for support."

Justin lowered his eyes to hide his embarrassment at his childish behavior. "I would…thank you."

"Do you need a ride?" Say yes.

Yes. "No, thank you. I’ll call my driver."


When Brian arrived at Jennifer Taylor’s condo, Mrs. Taylor answered the door and Molly and Justin were waiting in the living room.

"Detective Kinney, come in," the ice queen said.

"Thank you."

He stepped into the foyer, handing the woman his coat before moving into the living room. He quickly greeted the siblings before getting to business. "Miss Taylor, I understand you want your family with you during this time, but perhaps it would be better if we talked in private first."

Molly glared at him. "I have nothing to hide."

Brian stifled a sigh. Well, he tried.

"What is this about?" Justin asked impatiently. "You said you made an arrest, but you’re still talking to Molly like she’s a suspect."

Brian shoved his hands into his pocket and looked at a picture of the family on the wall. He wondered where Mr. Taylor was. Obviously not in the picture. "We have made an arrest, and Molly is not in any kind of trouble. I was only trying to make the news I have to share as painless as possible."

"What is the news, Mr. Kinney?" Cool as a cucumber, Mrs. Taylor gazed at him calmly.

"A man named Jimmy Ferrante murdered Mr. Lawrence because he found out Lawrence had sex with his sixteen-year old sister and videotaped the encounter. It appears she was upset about being used and discarded so she told her brother, knowing his temper would make him avenge her honor." He watched Justin closely when he mentioned the tape and he saw the exact reaction he expected.

"When was he with this girl?" Molly asked angrily.

Brian fought hard not to slap some sense into her. Of course she glossed over the important part and focused on her lover’s infidelity. That was pretty fucking trivial at this point.

"Moll," Justin said softly as Mrs. Taylor put her arm around her daughter’s shoulders. Brian saw the mother and son exchange a look and knew what was coming. Reality check.

"Was he videotaping other women?" the artist asked.




"No!" the girl shouted. "He didn’t. He wouldn’t! He loved me, he wasn’t some…some pervert," she cried.

Justin ignored her. "What now?" he asked Brian.

"It’s evidence."

He could see Justin cringe and knew what he was thinking. "It’s part of the collection that was confiscated at the apartment, but besides needing to know what was on each tape, there’s no reason for anyone to view it again. It has no direct bearing on the case. It just has to be held. You have my word."

Justin studied him for a moment and then nodded.

Brian looked at the two women huddled on the couch and hoped Molly Taylor was finally understanding what a mistake she made. Who knows what that asshole planned to do with those tapes. Brian suspected they were just trophies of his conquests, but he’d heard worse stories of girls finding themselves performing on the internet.

"Is there anything else, Mr. Kinney?" Mrs. Taylor asked.

Guess that’s my clue to leave. "No, ma’am," he replied smoothly.

"I’ll walk you out," Justin offered. Brian noticed the blonde teetered as he tried to stand, but didn’t make a move to help. And it was the first time since the day before that the young man smiled at him.

Jennifer Taylor stood and shook his hand. "Merry Christmas, Mr. Kinney."

Brian nodded, averting his eyes from the young woman who started sobbing again, lamenting loudly about her miserable Christmas without Lenny. Christ, did she know how lucky she was to have a family that loved her despite her behavior? He hoped to hell Ricky wouldn’t be like that at eighteen.

Justin removed Brian’s coat from the closet and handed it to the man. "I keep forgetting it’s Christmas in a few days."

Brian just put on his coat without answering.

Justin cleared his throat nervously, but couldn’t think of anything else to say.

The older man’s hand hovered over the door knob for a moment and then wrapped around it, but he stopped. What the hell. The case was over, he could ask now. If the kid said no, he’d just walk away.

"Justin, about last night. I was talking to Danny about the arrest. I didn’t mean to blow you off. I would still like to have dinner with you. If you’re interested."

He still wanted to? Justin blinked at him in disbelief. "I asked, didn’t I?" he finally responded, hoping Brian wouldn’t notice he was shaking like a leaf. If the man came any closer, he would for sure. He took a step back, but it didn’t stop the older man.

Brian was only inches away from the artist now as he was pressed against the door. He wasn’t getting away this time. "Yes, you did." He was mesmerized by the depths of the blonde’s blue eyes. "But you keep pulling away before I can do this."

Justin could feel the heat coming off the other man and he instinctively leaned forward to absorb as much as possible.

"That’s better," Brian murmured as he tipped the younger man’s head up.

The blonde saw two hazel orbs, dark and intoxicating, drinking him in and he let himself drown. His eyes drifted shut as he felt Brian’s fingers trace his jaw and anchor him as they wrapped around his neck. The artist’s lips parted, drawing in the breath Brian expelled against his skin as he moved closer.

The knock at the door startled them both and they instinctively jumped apart. Brian stifled a groan as Justin bit his tongue to keep from screaming. He jerked the door open to find Emmett and Lindsay on the other side.

"Hello, Princess--"

Emmett was about to ask how the young man was doing, since Janine said he left in a hurry with the detective, but he suddenly realized there was nothing to worry about. Although Justin had been quite despondent about the handsome detective the night before when he rushed out of the mall without a word, he seemed to be of a different mind today. Emmett glanced at the older man and knew the feeling was obviously mutual. He recognized that look on the detective’s face. His Georgie used to give him that same look when he was looking for a little sugar. And Princess was a sweet treat, of course the delish detective couldn’t resist.

"Detective Kinney, I presume," he drawled and held out his hand.

"Mr. Honeycutt," Brian replied and shook his hand.

"Oh, call me Emmett, please," the other man twittered.

"Em," Justin hissed.

"Yes, we don’t want to keep the detective from his duties," Lindsay offered coldly.

Justin stepped between them, pretending not to notice her attitude.

He didn’t know how much she’d heard about the investigation or the meeting at the mall from Melanie and Emmett and he didn’t want to have to deal with her animosity towards Brian right now.

Justin noticed Brian pulling his cell phone out again. Christ, did that thing ever stop?

"Excuse me," Brian muttered to the group as he stepped into the hallway.

Emmett raised an eyebrow. "It’s on vibrate?" he whispered. "How…nice," he purred.

Justin rolled his eyes at his friend before turning back to Lindsay. "What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t due back until tomorrow."

"I finished early and got a flight home last night. You’ll be happy to know it was a fantastic success," the woman told him.

"Great," Justin replied absently, watching Brian talk and jot notes. "Can we talk about this later?"

"Yes, of course. Janine told me what happened with Molly. It’s just awful! And Emmett was on his way to check on you, so I just tagged along to make sure you were alright myself. How are you holding up, Sweetie?"

"Fine," Justin assured her. "The murderer’s been caught. Brian was just filling us in on the case."

Brian? "Oh, that’s wonderful," she replied with an obviously forced smile.

"Justin, I need to go," Brian said from behind him.

The younger man turned to face him. "Right. Um…" Shit. He didn’t want to talk about dinner in front of Lindsay.

But Brian already thought of that. He leaned over the blonde, reaching across the artist to retrieve his gloves on the table. His back blocked their audience’s view as he lightly brushed his lips against Justin’s ear. "Later," he whispered.

Justin turned his head and inhaled the man’s scent and his senses swam. He couldn’t speak, but managed to nod slightly and Brian felt it as the blonde hair grazed his neck.

When Brian straightened, Justin somehow pulled himself together enough to open the door. "Thank you for coming," he said politely as he ushered the man out.

Brian said a perfunctory farewell to the group, his face a blank mask, and left.

Before his friends could start asking more questions, Justin slumped against the door. It wasn’t really an act though, his leg was still sore from the day before, especially since he was still walking without his cane to show Brian he could. He would really be paying for that later if he didn’t sit down soon and take a pill.

"I’m sorry," he sighed. "It’s just been too much for me. And I need to spend some time with my family."

He got the desired response when Lindsay clucked, "Of course," like a mother hen. "We can get together and talk later."

"No rush," Justin replied. "I know you need to spend some time with Mel and Ricky too. Just leave any paperwork or deposits with Janine and go home. Enjoy Christmas and we’ll meet on Monday."


Justin opened the door again and Lindsay led the way out. Emmett followed behind, but not before pausing to whisper, "What’s going on with Detective Delish?"

"Nothing now," the artist replied with a frustrated sigh, not wanting to think about the missed kiss.

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