Blondes on the Brian

"You don’t really think Molly Taylor did it, do you?" Logan asked trying to put a positive spin on things for his friend. "I don’t. She’s just too…" he gestured with his hands, as if trying to feel the right word. Finally he gave up and just slapped his knee. "Anyway, once this is all cleared up you can take the brother out. I know this fantastic Italian restaurant that’s perfect for a first date. And don’t you roll your eyes at me," he pointed a stubby finger at his partner. "Gay or straight a date’s a date, and Anna loved it. She fell in love with me the minute we sat down."

Brian really liked Logan’s wife, but if he had to hear this story once more… ah, hell, he decided to let his partner babble on to keep him occupied and just tuned him out.

Brian conceded the other detective could be right, Molly Taylor could be innocent although he had a feeling there was more to her story than she was letting on. But even if she wasn’t the killer, they might have to squeeze her a bit, and he was sure that still wouldn’t win him any points with the young artist.

Not to mention his other apprehensions about the blonde that he was keeping to himself. He trusted Danny Logan with his life. But his personal life was another matter. Sure Danny and the rest of the squad knew he was gay. And they knew he was estranged from his family but very close to a handful of friends. But no one knew he had a son. And he sure as hell wasn’t going to tell his partner that the bitch who raised his kid worked for Taylor.

Granted he didn’t pay much attention to Mel’s ranting about Lindsay’s latest endeavors, but when he went to retrieve the blonde’s cane, he saw a picture of the young man surrounded by a group of people, one of whom was his best friend’s lover, Lindsay. Then all the pieces fell into place, but he still couldn’t believe the artist he met today was the demon from hell Mel described him as being. He knew from first-hand experience that Lindsay was Satan’s number one minion and he didn’t think there was room in the fiery pits of hell for another bitchy blonde.

What fucking shitty luck. This was the first guy he’s been attracted to in months. Okay, so he got laid a lot. Not like Danny thought, Ted wasn’t sending twinks from the site his way, but he managed to meet men in a variety of places. But this was the first time since that doctor a few months ago that he wanted to spend time with someone before fucking them. And definitely see them again afterwards. And he already had two strikes against him. One, he was working a case directly involving the artist, and two, Lindsay probably poisoned the young man against him. Once Justin Taylor found out who he really was, the blonde wouldn’t give him the time of day.

Brian made a mental note to ask Mel what she knew about Justin Taylor. Of course he’d have to keep her obvious animosity for the artist in perspective, but she should be able to fill in a few blanks since Lindsay had been working at the gallery for…what, about a year now? Wasn’t that about the time the blonde was hurt?

Shit. Mel’s animosity would be pointed at him for not listening to her ranting about the gallery and Taylor the first hundred times. Christ, he didn’t want to put up with her hormonal rage today.

Fuck it. What was he trying to do anyway? Chasing that ass was already giving him a headache. The artist was way too young for him anyway. He was about to turn 40 in a few months and he was lusting after a twenty something. How pathetic. Not to mention the blonde’s defensiveness regarding his recent accident was not something Brian needed to get involved with. He was not known for his sensitivity regarding other people’s feelings. That’s why he was a good cop, but a shitty lover.

"…So you take him there and you’re guaranteed to get laid." Danny promised. "But before you can make reservations, we need to get this business sorted out. Okay, let’s see where we’re at," he mumbled to himself and Brian knew he was putting facts in order in his head and wouldn’t interrupt unless spoken to. After a moment Danny asked, "I take it Taylor didn’t know anything about his sister having a key to the apartment?"

Brian had drifted back to thinking about the artist and shook his head to reply and dislodge the memory of Justin Taylor leaning against him. His warm skin had the soft scent of vanilla. The man licked his lips absently as he wondered how it would taste…

"Well, that’s not really a surprise, considering they didn’t get along," Danny concluded.

"Actually, I think he had a point," Brian argued, forcing himself to concentrate on the case again. "If Lawrence gave her a key, she would’ve been waving it in his face to prove he was wrong about her boyfriend. Did you talk to O’Connor? Did his boys find the keys?"

"No. He said they tore the place apart, but there was nothing in the apartment. They were about to check the rest of the building when I called."

"Fuck." Brian slapped the steering wheel in frustration. They needed to find Lawrence’s keys. He hoped they had just been misplaced, but now he suspected the keys were key. How fucking ironic.

Did Molly Taylor kill him, then take his keys to let herself back in the next morning and ‘find’ the body? Had she hidden his key ring to cover the fact that she didn’t have her own key, but had to use his? It was easy to claim they were misplaced, or taken by the killer.

Or was she telling the truth and there was another killer? What did they want with the keys? The apartment hadn’t been robbed or vandalized. And Lawrence’s car was still in his parking spot. What else was on the key ring? Unfortunately, no one knew.

They had verified with the landlord that he had a key to get in the building, his apartment, his mailbox and his storage unit. That left car keys, office keys… two other officers were checking out the ad exec’s office…and what else?

"Did Meyer and Bell check in yet?" Brian asked.

"I talked to them while you were playing doctor with Mr. Taylor," he replied, ignoring Brian’s scowl. "I think you might’ve missed your calling by the way, you have a fantastic bedside manner," Danny continued ribbing. He chuckled at Brian’s twisted countenance. "Bell said they were in the middle of searching Lawrence’s office, but it didn’t look like anything was out of place." Having been partners with Brian for almost 5 years now he knew what Brian really wanted to know. "They did confirm he should’ve had," Danny pulled out his notepad again, "4 keys—one to get in the building, one to use the elevator after hours, one for the executive conference room, and one for his office."

Brian nodded. Meyer and Bell knew what they were doing. If there were any clues at that office, they would find them. But he didn’t think there would be any. You didn’t stab a man so you could steal his key to the elevator. Or an account, or money…it was too sloppy. No, it was something else. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it was eating at his gut.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the vibration against his chest. Brian pulled out his cell phone and checked the caller id. "O’Connor," he told his partner. "Kinney."

Danny watched his partner’s face contort as he listened to the forensic technician detail something they found.

"Fuck me, you’ve got to be kidding," Brian groaned. O’Connor said something else that suddenly turned the detective’s scowl into a broad smile. "What?" he asked in disbelief as he turned to Danny with a big grin. "Holy shit…yeah, we’ll be there in ten." He snapped the phone closed and made a u-turn to head back to Lawrence’s apartment building. "O’Connor found a collection of videotapes in the storage unit and a couple of bloody fingerprints on one of the tapes."


Emmett set a steaming cup of coffee in front of Justin and settled down across the table from his friend. The two men were at the mall to finish a last bit of Christmas shopping. Although Justin wasn’t physically up to navigating through the hordes of people, Emmett knew he needed a break and the artist could never turn down an opportunity to watch children waiting to see Santa.

Once Janine called Emmett and told him about the chaos at the gallery that morning, the man hurried to rescue his friend from the ugly scene with his mother and sister. He knew Justin wasn’t in any shape to deal with Jennifer’s smothering or Molly’s hysterics. The poor boy was just getting his life back together after the last year and he didn’t need any more setbacks. Emmett worried about him constantly and had finally started to think things were getting back to normal since Justin was back at the gallery. The blonde definitely seemed in better spirits lately. Until today.

Emmett insisted Jennifer drive Molly home and take care of her while he and Justin dealt with the police and tried to find out anymore information. He really had no intention of getting involved in the detectives’ investigation, but it gave him a good excuse to separate Justin from his family. And it made Molly happy to think her brother suddenly cared about her dead loser boyfriend.

"What are you doing, baby?" Emmett asked when he realized Justin hadn’t even noticed he returned.

Justin looked up from his sketch and smiled. "I just noticed Melanie and Ricky are in the line to see Santa. I thought Lindsay would like it since she can’t be here."

"They take pictures for the parents," Emmett replied coolly. When Justin’s smile faltered Emmett felt bad. "I just don’t like to see you waste your talent on that bitch," he nodded at Melanie, "when she’s never said a kind word to you."

"But Melanie is Lindsay’s partner. I don’t know why she doesn’t like me, but Lindsay is my friend so I have to try to be civil. It’s the least I can do since Lind’s was such a help while I was in the hospital. She still is."

"I know," Emmett sighed. He didn’t really know either woman very well, but Justin’s former art professor had been quite helpful when he was hospitalized after the accident. If she hadn’t read about his accident in the newspaper and come to visit, Emmett didn’t know what would’ve happened. Not that the gallery really mattered, but the woman did a great deal to keep Justin’s spirits up, especially when he lost interest in his art for a short time.

It was a stroke of luck that the favorite professor Justin had lost contact with during the years he spent in Europe after graduation walked into his hospital room that day. As they caught up with each other’s lives, it was like the old bond had never been broken. Justin told her about his experiences in Europe and his return to Pittsburgh to be with Emmett after George passed away.

And Lindsay told him about leaving her teaching position to raise a child. And although she enjoyed being a full-time mother she missed the art world and was trying to find a part-time job. She said she wanted to have something to keep her busy when Ricky started pre-school and they did need the second income again since her partner, Melanie, was forced to open her own law practice. A senior partner at Melanie’s firm was caught embezzling from the firm to sustain his coke habit. The firm went bankrupt and the remaining lawyers were left out in the cold. No one would hire them because of the implied drug use that followed them all. Melanie did have a small nest egg from her father that got her set up, but money was tight, especially with a toddler that ate like a horse and grew like a weed.

Given his current circumstances, Justin didn’t want to let Emmett down with the gallery, and his heart broke for his other friend and her family so with Emmett’s blessing he decided to offer Lindsay a job as his assistant. She could set her own hours around the appointments made with clients, and he offered her a very generous percentage of the sales she made on his artwork as well as a salary.

"There," Justin declared with a final flourish of his pencil and held it up for his friend. Emmett gushed over it as he always did and Justin stood to take it to the little boy.

"Where you going?" Emmett asked, although he already knew. "Sit down, baby, you need to rest your leg. Especially since Moll knocked you down. Besides, I want to hear more about the hunky detective Janine was drooling on."

Justin brushed his friend’s hand away. "I’m fine, Em," he replied petulantly at being coddled because of his leg. He then hurried over to Melanie and Ricky, leaning on his cane more heavily as the pain blossomed through his leg, before Emmett could ask again about the detective. He finally got those hazel eyes out of his mind and he didn’t need his friend stirring up those feelings again. His reaction to the older man disconcerted him considering he hadn’t been interested in anyone since…Eric. Since the accident.

"Melanie," he greeted the woman. When she turned he shivered from her cold glare, despite already being overly warm from his exertion. "Hi…um…I saw you and Ricky," he waved to the 4 year-old who shyly waved back from behind his mom’s leg, "and couldn’t help…you know, drawing this. I hope you like it." He handed Melanie the sketch and held his breath.

Melanie took the sketch with a perturbed sigh and wasn’t even going to look at it before shoving it into her bag until she saw her son’s twinkling eyes staring back at her. "Oh…Justin…" she stared at him a moment before looking back at the likeness of her son sitting on Santa’s lap. "It’s really great…thanks." She rolled it more carefully than she had previously intended too and gingerly set it in her bag.

The artist let out his breath and smiled. "You’re welcome. I know Lindsay couldn’t be here and I thought she would like it." Oh, shit. Wrong thing to say.

Melanie’s eyes darkened again as she pushed her son up a few steps as the line moved forward. "Yes, she will. I know she regrets not being here, but it’s not like she could do anything about it is there?"

Justin shifted uncomfortably. Was it alright to say anything about that? What the hell, he had nothing to lose with the woman now. "I hope the trip is a success for Lindsay’s sake. I know how much you’re…counting on the sales to help with…um…things. But be assured, Mr. Krause has been a steady buyer and he really liked Lindsay when he came to the states last year. He’s sure to purchase several more pieces and I promise she will be properly compensated for travelling so close to the holidays in addition to the commission she earns."

The woman’s head jerked around and she deliberately lowered her voice although it was clear she was angry. "We don’t need your hand-outs," she snapped. "We need our family together for the holidays."

Justin blushed. "I-I didn’t mean to…Melanie, please," he pleaded. "I understand how you feel, and I meant no disrespect. Lindsay insisted she needed to go and I tried hard to help her. I thought it would make Ricky’s Christmas better as long as she made it back in time. I’m sorry," he mumbled as he started to turn away. "I’m so sorry."

"She insisted she go?" Melanie asked in surprise.

Justin nodded. "She said you were working so many hours and she wanted to have a little extra savings for the holidays so you all could relax and enjoy them. It’s none of my business really, I know. I don’t want you to think she talks about your personal matters with me," he quickly added, "but she asked me for this favor and I couldn’t refuse."

Melanie was studying him intently. "She told me it was important for her to go because you needed her."

The blonde shook his head. "No, I wanted to do business with Mr. Krause again, but it could’ve waited. I would’ve understood if it needed to wait until after the holidays." He smiled slowly. "But she’s a good friend and has taken helping me very seriously."

"No shit," Melanie muttered.

Suddenly understanding where Melanie’s dislike of him had been coming from Justin quickly set about relieving her concerns. "I’m sure that was part of her reason for insisting she go," he assured the woman. "Even though I’ve recovered, everyone still thinks they need to hold my dick to take a piss." That got a slight smile from the woman, despite her warning look towards the boy between them. Justin gave her an apologetic look for cussing in front of the child, but Melanie didn’t seem to upset about it. "I’m hoping they’ll eventually stop smothering me, and that’s part of why I wanted to talk to you today as well," he fibbed.


"Yeah. I know Linds means well, but I’m not the lost student she took under her wing ten years ago. I appreciate her help, but I’ve already got a mother. Actually two," he quipped, jerking his thumb at Emmett who was still keeping a close eye on his friend from their table. Melanie smiled again and Justin knew he was on the right track. "Don’t get me wrong, I still want her to be my assistant, but--"

"Not your mother," Melanie finished for him. "Got it." She suddenly found herself liking this young man and she wondered why she couldn’t see it before. ‘Because you were jealous’ her inner voice replied. "Look, Justin, I’m sorry…you know, about before," she added guiltily. "I just thought…I should’ve known you weren’t taking advantage of Linds. She does it to herself, she’s too generous for her own good. But I’m glad she could help you, and now maybe we can help each other. I know she loves her job with you, but I think it’s important that she spend more time at home, you know. I know that’s selfish, but I can’t help it."

Justin ruffled the little dark head in front of her. "I don’t think that’s selfish at all. I’m just sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner. I didn’t realize…"

"Nothing for you to apologize for, really," Melanie cut him off. "And thanks again for the sketch. It’s really lovely."

"You’re welcome. Well I guess I should--"

"Daddy!" Ricky suddenly squealed and launched himself at a man coming up behind them. Justin froze. Ricky’s dad was here? And the boy knew him? That didn’t make sense. Lindsay told him the boy’s father was a just a sperm donor that had no part in their lives. He couldn’t help but be curious about the guy. Then he saw the same hazel eyes he’d been attracted to earlier in the day staring back at him and his heart skipped. Oh, fuck.

Brian scooped up his son. "Hey, Sonny Boy, told you I’d be here." He turned to give Melanie a peck on the cheek and stopped when he saw Justin Taylor standing beside her. Shit.

"Hey, Bri," Melanie greeted him as he finally kissed her. The detective noticed she was a little on edge. Did it have something to do with the younger man? He knew they didn’t get along and wondered what was going on.

Suddenly Mel took a deep breath and put her hand on Justin’s arm. "Brian Kinney, I’d like you to meet. Justin Taylor. Justin, this is Ricky’s dad, Brian."

Justin looked shell-shocked and Brian couldn’t blame him. He couldn’t believe he was in this mess himself.

Brian donated the sperm to impregnate Melanie because she really wanted a child and they had been best friends, the three musketeers with Ted, since college. Lindsay was actually the one who wanted to be a mommy but she couldn’t have children so Melanie agreed to put her law practice on hold and have a child, if Brian would be the father. And he’d been assured he wouldn’t be responsible for the kid in anyway. He even signed over his parental rights to Lindsay. He didn’t really care and he hoped it would go a ways to improve his relationship with Mel’s partner. Again, not that he cared much, but Mel did and he tried for her. He really did. But how did that bitch Lindsay thank him? By trying to push him from Melanie’s life. From Ricky’s life. She made it perfectly clear they were a family now and there was no need for him, or Ted for that matter, in her lover’s life.

However, motherhood did nothing to shrink Melanie’s gigantic brass balls. That’s why he loved her. Despite Lindsay’s protests, and many times just behind her back, Mel insisted Brian and Ricky have a relationship. She wasn’t demanding he be a father to the child, but she wanted to be sure Ricky had a man he could trust in his life. And she knew Brian would always take care of their son if she couldn’t, regardless of his initial indifference. He actually loved his son more than he imagined was possible.

And he didn’t know why, but Brian cared very much that Justin understood that.

"We’ve already met," Brian explained to Melanie. "At the Shickel Gallery this morning."

Finally, Justin found his tongue. "Yes. My sister’s boyfriend was murdered and Detective Kinney came to…is there any news?"

Brian cringed inwardly. Oh, yes, there was news. But not anything he could tell the young man now. And he was pretty sure the artist didn’t want to hear what they’d found out. "No, nothing yet, but I’ll let you know as soon as we have any leads," he lied smoothly. "And please, call me Brian. I apologize for not recognizing you as Lindsay’s friend sooner."

Melanie groaned at the mention of her lover’s name.

"You seem surprised, Mr. Taylor--"

"Justin," the blonde cut in.

Brian smiled. "You seem surprised, Justin. I take it Lindsay hasn’t mentioned me. Well, as you can see, Lindsay doesn’t know about my affair with Melanie. And now that you’ve stumbled onto our little secret I’m going to have to silence you. Permanently," he added with a sinister laugh that made the little boy in his arms giggle.

"Brian," Melanie griped.

But Brian’s joke had the desired effect with Justin. The blonde smiled. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, it’s just…I was under the impression…" He didn’t want to say anything to cause another riff with Melanie, or to put him on the detective’s bad side so he backtracked. "I hadn’t seen Lindsay for years so I didn’t know she had a child until I moved back to Pittsburgh just before…a little over a year ago." He knew he was babbling but he couldn’t help himself. "Then Lindsay came to see me and we started working together, but I haven’t had a chance to really get acquainted with Melanie or Ricky because I was hospitalized for so long so I apologize for not knowing who you were when we met this morning."

Brian raised an eyebrow at the young man’s effective cover up. "Really? Here I thought you were going to tell me Lindsay said I’m an asshole and once I donated the sperm she didn’t want me anywhere near my kid."

"Brian, please," Melanie hissed. She didn’t need Justin telling Lindsay that he saw the three of them together. She didn’t want to fight first thing when Lindsay got back. She turned to Justin nervously. "Justin, I’m sure Lindsay has explained a little bit of our situation to you, and I’m sure this looks bad, but I just--"

"Mel," Justin waved her off. "It’s none of my business. Like I said, I may be Lindsay’s friend but I haven’t been around for a while so I don’t pretend to know anything about her life besides the small bit I’ve been privileged to be part of. But I think it’s great that Brian is part of Ricky’s life. He obviously loves his daddy very much." He reached over and brushed stray hair from the boy’s eyes as he snuggled against his father’s chest. Justin felt a small twinge of guilt for betraying his friend because he knew Lindsay didn’t like this man, otherwise why would she have told him he was such a jerk when he obviously wasn’t? But he couldn’t help himself, he did like Brian.

Just then they were at the front of the line and it was Ricky’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap next. Brian set his son down and pulled a camera from his jacket pocket. "I know they take a picture, but I just thought…" he turned the camera nervously in his hands, "I could have one too."

Melanie laughed at his shyness around his son. "Watch it, Kinney, you’re getting soft in your old age."

Brian glared at her but refused to look at Justin’s reaction. Thanks, bitch. Why don’t you tell him just how old I am? He gave her a shove as the elf gestured for them to approach Santa. "Just go," he growled.

He waited for them to get settled and took his own shot as the elf took a picture of Ricky on Santa’s lap. Then Ricky started to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Brian was trying to edge closer so he could hear his son.

"Why don’t you go up too," Justin suggested. "Stand next to Santa with Mel and I’ll take a picture of you all together."

Brian grinned and handed him the camera. Their fingers brushed together and Justin felt a jolt right to his core from the contact. And Brian didn’t let go right away. He rubbed his thumb across the back of Justin’s hand and their eyes locked together. "Thanks," the older man replied and Justin could only nod. Then the detective was bounding up the stairs to Santa’s chair.

Justin waited for Brian to coax Melanie into posing for the picture before lining up his shot. Just when he was about to take the picture Emmett startled him.

"Who is that tasty morsel?" he purred in the blonde’s ear.

Justin stifled a giggle and took the picture before his models moved. He also burned the image into his mind to draw later. Brian and his son.

"Well?" Emmett nudged him impatiently.

"He’s the detective," the blonde replied.

"Oooohh," the older man trilled.

"Stop it," Justin hissed as Brian looked at them curiously. "He’s also Ricky’s father and Lindsay hates him."

"What about Melanie?" Emmett asked curiously.

"I think they’ve been friends for a while. They seem pretty close. I mean if she had his kid. Which could explain why Lindsay doesn’t like him."

"Jealous?" Emmett asked, excited to hear about a bit of gossip.

The artist shrugged. "Maybe. Seems to be a trademark for them. I finally figured out what Mel’s problem is. She was jealous Linds was working so much. With me. Thought I was taking advantage of her. I told her that wasn’t the case and I didn’t need so much help anymore, and she seemed to accept it. I think we’ll get along now."

"That’s nice," Emmett responded flatly. That wasn’t as juicy as he’d hoped. But as he watched the trio hamming it up with Santa, his mouth started watering again. "So ask him out," he encouraged the blonde, turning the conversation back to the delectable detective.

Justin paled at the idea. "I’m not interested in him like that, Em."

Emmett snorted. "Baby, please. I saw that little touching exchange. If it had been any hotter I would’ve needed to hose you down."

Now color rushed back to the artist’s cheeks as he blushed. "That’s not true," he retorted hotly.

"Fine, whatever," Emmett backpedaled. He knew his friend was lying, but he understood how nervous Justin would be about dating again so he decided to try a different approach. "You should still ask him out. Pump him for information about the case. Keep Molly happy."

Justin didn’t have time to respond before the family came back and Emmett pranced back to the table to wait.

Brian took his camera back from the blonde. "I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you from your friend," he said regretfully.

Justin shook his head. "Not a problem. That’s just Emmett."

"Oh." Brian smiled. "Good."

Justin’s heart fluttered. "Brian, I wanted to ask you something."


"Daddy!" Ricky tugged on his pant leg. "You pawmised hot cocoa."

"Yes, I did Sonny Boy. You and mommy get in line and I’ll be right there."

Satisfied Ricky scampered away with Melanie in tow, finally leaving the two men alone.

"Um…" Justin swallowed hard to get rid of the lump that suddenly formed in his throat. "I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me."

Brian fought hard to keep from kissing the man right there. Christ, he was like a horny teenager. "Will you show me more of your work?" he asked, hoping he appeared more casual than he felt. "Melanie showed me the sketch you gave her and I think it’s fantastic. I’d like to see more."

Justin took that as a yes and relaxed a bit. "You saw a building full of it today," he teased playfully.

"Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention earlier. I had other things on my mind."

Justin was about to ask what things when Brian held up his hand and pulled his phone from his pocket. He glanced at the caller id and gave the blonde an apologetic smile. "I have to take this, can you wait a minute?"

"Sure," Justin replied.

Brian walked away a few feet and answered the phone. Justin saw him frown slightly as he talked. Then Brian was just listening for a few moments and he kept his eyes on the artist. Justin shifted uncomfortably under his scrutiny. Why was he staring? The older man’s eyes traveled up and down his body, and Justin felt as if he was being undressed. He felt each layer being peeled away until he was naked. It was the same feeling he had that morning when Brian had ran his hands over his body, checking him out after he fell. Checking his leg. Justin suddenly felt his stomach drop. Was that why Brian was looking at him so closely now? Wondering about his leg? Nooo…Justin tried to make eye contact with the man again, but he noticed Brian was suddenly avoiding looking at him. That was it then. Brian had been mentally weighing the idea of dating a cripple and obviously decided against it. Fine. Justin ignored the pain in his chest as he forced himself to accept it. He knew this was a bad idea anyway. This is what it will be like from now on. No one would want to be with him again.


Brian wondered what he did to end up in hell. The kid asked him out and he practically said yes until he was saved by the proverbial bell, or ringing phone. Justin was still technically a suspect, especially considering the tapes they found in the storage unit. Getting involved with him right now would be a major fuck up. Now as he paced a few feet away from the artist, listening to Danny tell him exactly what he did not want to hear, he wondered how he was going to get out of this mess without making it worse. Although truthfully, he didn’t want out, he just wanted to postpone it until later if possible. He needed to buy some time. But as his brain was rationalizing the right thing to do, his eyes would not obey and kept staring at Justin. Fuck, he wanted that kid. He was fucking beautiful.

"Brian are you listening to me?" Danny yelled in his ear. Shit. Focus, Kinney.

"Yeah, I heard you. You found the tape with Molly on it. Hang on a second."

He couldn’t keep staring at Justin and talking about his sister in a sex tape. He had to get rid of the kid so he could figure out what to do. He walked back over to the blonde and noticed the artist’s demeanor had changed. Brian wondered if his face was giving anything away. He didn’t want the blonde to suspect anything was wrong so he tried to get his enthusiasm back. "Justin, about dinner--"

"Whatever," Justin replied dryly. That was all he needed to know he was right. He was a fool to think Brian Kinney would be interested in him anyway. But that didn’t mean he had to humiliate himself anymore by listening to whatever excuse the man was going to make up. Squaring his shoulders and holding his head high, Justin simply turned and walked away. Despite the pain it was causing, he deliberately did not use his cane. He wouldn’t look like anymore of an invalid in front of that asshole.

The detective just watched him go, anger tingeing his disappointment. What the fuck just happened? Fuck it, he didn’t have time for the blonde’s childish behavior right now. "Little twat," he rumbled under his breath as he went back to his phone call.

"Tell me you got a match on the prints," he barked at his partner.

"Better," Danny huffed. "We got the guy."

Brian closed his eyes and willed his temper back down. It wasn’t Danny’s fault, but he couldn’t stop himself before he snapped, "Why didn’t you fucking say so!"

"I did," Danny shot back, "but you weren’t paying attention."

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