Shickel You on the Spot, pt. 3

"We better go to breakfast before Cookie comes looking for us," Brian murmured against the blond’s temple. He was having difficulty fighting the urge to pull the nude man onto his lap and forget everything else.

"Why? We got stuff at my place." Justin was obviously reading his mind as he maneuvered closer in the water.

"I told her I would bring you over after I rescued you from Dr. Evil."


"She doesn’t like Aaron and came to tell me she thought he was a little too physical with his therapy." Brian smirked, but was watching Justin’s reaction closely.

Oh, she did, did she? The artist chuckled. Now he understood what the sniffing was all about. Brian was jealous. "This from the woman who still uses leeches," he joked, though returning Brian’s watchful eye just as closely. "What do you think?"

Not very subtle, twat. He knew what Justin was thinking. "She probably does," Brian agreed, dodging the bullet.

Justin’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he let Brian get away with it. Instead, he tried a different tactic. "Actually, I don’t think he’s physical enough," the blond replied. He suppressed a smile when Brian’s jaw clenched slightly. "Oh, he tries," Justin continued, pretending to ignore the older man’s obvious displeasure as he slid onto his lap, "but I need someone with bigger hands." He took Brian’s hands and guided them to his ass so the detective was holding one cheek in each palm. "You know, longer, stronger fingers to work deeper into the muscle. Really get at t—ahhh…"

"Like that?" Brian whispered as his fingers dug harder into the soft mounds. The blond whimpered and clung to his neck. Brian had never been one to use sex as an interrogation technique, but the younger man was making him do a lot of new things lately. "Why do you keep him around if he’s not doing the job properly?" the detective asked as he continued to knead.

Justin sensed the older man was still serious and tried to battle the lust-filled haze that was quickly clouding his mind. What was the question again? "He does. He’s the best around."

"Why doesn’t Cookie like him then? She seems pretty attuned to what’s best for you."

Justin blinked. Okay, thinking about the old German woman was a definite mood killer. He stilled Brian’s hands so he could concentrate. Something wasn’t right. "She caught him wandering around the house one day. She was convinced he was up to something, although all he was doing was looking for the bathroom."

"You sure?"

Justin nodded. "I was always getting lost when I was first here. Besides, so what if he was looking around a little. It’s an impressive place, but it’s not like he was planning to rob us." He saw Brian’s eyes flicker and he swore he could see the wheels turning. "Brian? What’s this really about?"

The detective couldn’t answer him, because he didn’t know. He just had a gut feeling that the therapist was after more than his fee, but he wasn’t sure if it was tied to Justin or the estate. Forcing his thoughts aside for the time being, he playfully squeezed the artist’s bottom again. "Next time you need your ass massaged you let me know."

The blond raised an eyebrow. "Jealous?" he finally asked, tired of beating around the bush.

Brian’s immediate reaction was to deny it, but he forced himself to evaluate his earlier reaction and after a moment, he could honestly respond that he wasn’t. He was protective, Justin was his now and he was responsible for keeping him safe, but not jealous. That would imply he felt threatened, but he didn’t. He knew Justin wanted him. Really wanted him. Not just to fuck, but to wake up next to. Now that caused a whole new riot of feelings he wasn’t ready to deal with so he pushed them aside and focused on Justin’s expectant face. It was clear the younger man was already convinced he had figured him out, so he decided to just let him believe it so they could move on.

"I just don’t think he should be massaging your ass when you’re paying him to rehabilitate your leg."

Justin tried not to smile, but failed miserably. "I doesn’t mean anything. He’s just a big believer in treating the whole body, keeping everything strong and balanced."

The detective raised an eyebrow. "Yeah? Then let’s see if your balance on my dick has improved any since last night."


An hour later, Brian watched with interest as Justin and Cookie skirted around each other in the kitchen. Justin was trying to be a hard-ass about her going to the cottage earlier, against his orders, but she defused him with blueberry pancakes, his favorite, and an obviously calculated manipulation on her part. Brian fought hard to stifle his grin as the blond’s bluster faded when the homemade syrup was poured on.

Cookie set a plate in front of Brian as well, but the man declined and only sipped his coffee. The imminent tirade Justin expected from the old woman was sadly lacking. He glared at his lover, rankled that he was obviously, and quite quickly, being replaced as her favorite charge.

The detective returned his gaze and just shrugged.

The artist’s eyes narrowed to dangerous slits. What had happened earlier this morning that would make Cookie turn into an obedient lap dog? Son of a bitch. "She saw you naked, didn’t she?"

Brian rolled his tongue in his cheek. "Jealous?"


They decided to go riding after breakfast and headed toward the stable. Brian carried two thermoses with coffee and hot chocolate to keep them warm and Justin brought along some carrots and apples for the horses.

Despite having never been on a horse, Brian took to it easily with Justin’s quick tutorial. They circled the paddock a few times to get him comfortable, then galloped the short distance over the open grounds to the tree-lined edge of the estate. Once out of the harsh January wind, they slowed to a leisurely walk, weaving the horses back and forth through the narrow woods.

Brian was completely in awe of the change that overcame the younger man. It was like being with a completely different person. He had a weird feeling that the blond had been a formidable horseman in a previous life. It was the only explanation, especially considering Justin hadn’t had any previous experience before Emmett met George and brought him out to ride on the weekends.

Not so strangely, watching the other man become one with the animal beneath him made the detective horny as hell too. By the time they reached the edge of the woods, he was just itching to yank the blond down and fuck him against a goddamn tree. Unfortunately, he knew it would be difficult for Justin to get down and back up again so he curbed his need…for now.

When they reached the farthest edge of the property, Justin stopped his mount and pulled out his thermos. Brian reined his horse beside him and sat silently watching. "What?" the blond asked as he wiped hot chocolate from his mouth with his gloved hand.

"I was just wishing we were riding the same horse," the older man murmured as he leaned over for a kiss. He let his tongue glide against the blond’s, tasting the chocolate…and peppermint Schnapp’s Cookie had added. He suddenly wondered what surprise awaited him with his coffee.

"Why?" Justin asked as he reluctantly pulled away.

Brian grinned as he pulled out his own thermos and tasted Irish cream with the dark blend. "We could be testing your balance again."

Justin stowed the thermos and took up the reins again, slowly turning his mare back towards the house. "That would be an exercise, riding your cock while riding a horse. But you know what I was thinking about?"


"Riding you," the blond replied as his horse lurched forward and raced back to the stable.

Brian was only stunned for a minute before he pursued.


When they got back to the stable, it was difficult for Justin to concentrate on caring for the horses with Brian’s hands all over him. He pushed the older man away once again and pressed a brush into his hand. "First, this stud," he ordered, pointing to the horse in the stall, "then this stud," he quipped as he tapped Brian’s chest. Before the man could protest, Justin was carrying his saddle away.

Once temptation was out of the way, Brian was able to throw himself into his duties and found he enjoyed the mundane task. He was so engrossed with the large animal, he didn’t realize Justin had returned until he was being tugged away. The blond’s hot mouth was on his, hard and demanding. Brian was barely able to stay upright as he was maneuvered to the next empty stall.

Justin kept the man off balance as he prepared to take him by surprise. He didn’t know how much time they had till the groom came back from his errands, but he was determined to make up for turning Brian down yesterday. He stripped off his gloves and tossed them aside to a hay bale. He pulled a condom and lube from his coat pocket and dropped them next to the gloves.

Brian groaned as he felt the younger man undo his pants. The artist’s cool hand slipped inside and gave his hard dick a squeeze before easing his pants down over his hips. The biting winter chill made him briefly reconsider this idea until Justin guided his hands to his own zipper and he felt the blond’s hot cock pulse beneath his fingers. He worked Justin’s pants down over his hips as well and was about to push him down into the hay when he was suddenly spun around and bent over a large bale.

"I’m ready for a good hard ride now," the blond whispered huskily in his ear.


Brian leaned on Justin and the younger man leaned on his cane as they slowly stumbled back to the cottage. Their legs felt like jelly and they would’ve have collapsed right then if they weren’t frozen solid. Once inside the warm house, they were still reluctant to peel the layers off until they thawed a bit and just sank onto the sofa as they were.

Justin leaned over and pulled another piece of straw from the older man’s hair. He couldn’t help kissing the warming lips. Brian looked sexy as hell with his hair tousled and matted with hay. The detective broke the kiss, his eyes drooping, and he let himself slide down to rest his head on the arm of the sofa. The blond thought he looked gorgeous and sated, like he’d just gotten the fuck of his life. Oh, yeah, he had. Even if Brian hadn’t admitted as much, Justin still knew from his response. Smiling to himself, Justin looked around the coffee table, wishing a sketchpad was within reach. He wanted to draw and remember Brian’s face as he dozed, but he was too exhausted to get up and get one. Instead, he lay down with his lover, resting his head on Brian’s chest.

The older man summoned all of his energy to pull his arms up around the smaller frame. He tipped his head down so his nose was buried in the soft blonde hair under his chin. He inhaled deeply, the sweet pungent scent of the hay assaulting his senses and making him feel it all over again. The coarse strands cutting into his palms as he fisted handfuls of it when Justin pushed into him. The heady aroma that surrounded him, filling his nostrils and lungs as he gasped for air, would forever be tied to the memory of the blond’s hot hard cock filling him, turning him inside out.

Brian felt his cock stir and sighed. Great. Every time he went near the stable now he was guaranteed to get a hard-on.

And ever playing ‘horsey’ with Ricky again was definitely out of the question.

Justin felt Brian shifting beneath him and tried to lift his head, but couldn’t, so he settled for reaching up and patting the man’s cheek.

Brian felt the soft leather of Justin’s riding gloves on his skin again and he was instantly hard. Christ, this kid would kill him eventually. Like a man possessed, he urgently nudged Justin aside and undid his pants. The blond was suddenly alert again and watched with interest as the hard member sprung free. "Touch me," Brian entreated before smashing their mouths together.

Justin knew what he wanted and slid his gloved hand over the thick layers of clothing until he reached bare skin. Brian groaned as he grazed over the hard shaft and wrapped his tight sac in a leathered palm. The artist tore his mouth away to look into the flashing hazel eyes. He loved watching the man’s reaction to his touch. To him.

And Brian never shied away from the scrutiny like he always wanted to. But the younger man was learning. It was getting easier to let Brian look inside him because now he had something he wanted to show.

He was in love with the detective.

But did Brian love him?


Eventually, they managed to make it to the shower and get cleaned up before taking a nap. A few hours later they wandered over to the game room and played some pool before going back to the cottage and making dinner.

Brian chopped the vegetables for the sauce Justin was making and then assembled a salad and garlic bread. The artist tended the pasta and his homemade marinara. When everything was ready, Brian started a fire while Justin set the table, lit the candles, and poured the wine.

They ate in peaceful, comfortable silence, their bare feet wrapped together under the table.


After dinner, they opened another bottle of wine and moved to the sofa. Justin put in a movie and they snuggled together. "This has been the best day I can ever remember," the blond sighed.

Brian mumbled in agreement, pulling him closer, and neither said much else except for an occasional comment about the movie.

It wasn’t until Cary Grant was about to find out why Deborah Carr hadn’t met him on top of the Empire State Building when the evening’s tranquility was shattered by the phone.

Justin was startled and jumped slightly. Determined to ignore it, he tried to focus back on the television, but then the answering machine picked up. "I thought I broke it," he muttered.

The volume was set so low he couldn’t hear the message, but he didn’t care either. However, Brian did. Something suddenly felt very wrong. The older man disentangled himself despite Justin’s protests and checked the caller id. Just as he suspected. "It was blocked," he told the blond.

"You don’t think…" Justin felt a cold pit open in his belly as the detective replayed the tape, turning it up so they could hear.

There was no voice, only a cuckoo clock chiming in the background.

Justin blanched. "My clock…Brian, he’s in my office!"

Brian stared grimly at the machine. "And he knows you’re here."

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